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  1. We just signed up for YouTube TV. $42 with tax. Get the news, local networks, sports including CBS, Nat Geo and Disney. Plenty of channels for a fraction of the price. We had been with DTV since 2002 and already are wondering why we didn't switch earlier. I would have done Philo for $20 and an antenna but we can’t pull in the local stations because of the mountains.
  2. Will Caroline be playing? If so, you will win easily. If not...
  3. I would say do very well in conference play. There is too much talent in the conference and I think a lot of teams will be better next year. I doubt anyone will have as good a conference record next year as what we saw this year by the top 2-3 teams.
  4. I think you have some valid points. While USU has been playing fairly well, I would not be surprised to see Nevada Reno given an 8-9 seed and USU at a 10.
  5. Fresno is no pushover. This will be a hard game.
  6. I think almost the entire conference will be much improved next year. The Aggies only lost two MWC road games this year and I doubt that will happen to any team next year.
  7. I started this mess and mess it has become. I am bowing out of this thread. I think MUG has made enough $$$ off of it so we don’t need to feel guillty for letting it go. Let’s focus our energies on the evil P5 schools. BTW, you are welcome SJSU for diverting attention from you the last few days. Out.
  8. I agree with you. We need to let the players play (Which clearly was not going to happen at the last game). It would be interesting to find out why the NCAA felt they had to change the rule. Anyone know?
  9. You should thank yBu. Our janitorial staff are byu mechanical/civil engineering grads. Our grounds crew is their dream promotion.
  10. Because I started this, I will summarize everything as follows: Hair and the the league’s findings? Nothing really happened so please move along. Besides, USU and UNR are going to the Big Dance in case you didn’t know. Did I miss anything? Out. Edited to add that why did this video come to mind when thinking about Hair trying to figure out what to do.
  11. He got touched and the fan should have been kicked out of the game. But to claim that justifies what happened after the game? Give me a break.
  12. They struggle with geography. For instance, they think they are Harvard even though they are in Utah and Harard is in MA.