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  1. ^^^^ Idaho's version of fry sauce is a cheap imitation. Utah (State) has the real stuff. It took Utah to make Idaho potatoes palatable with the development of funeral potatoes too. Although, to be fair, we do appreciate Boise grads driving truckloads of potatoes down to Utah for us to eat. https://www.eater.com/2016/8/6/12054512/fry-sauce-ketchup-mayo-utah-condiment
  2. ^^^^^^ Dude, fry sauce was invented in Utah. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fry_sauce We win by 21 now under my revised gastronomy predictor factor.
  3. Ice cream. Ours is better. Yours tastes like it was made at a truck stop. Thus our players will play happy. Seriously, I see this as a 21 point Boise win.
  4. Yes. They were talking about on ESPN during the game.
  5. Not much more to say. U of U furloughs every employee in athletic department, coaches and AD included kutv.com/news/local/u-of-u-furloughs-every-employee-in-athletic-department-coaches-and-ad-included
  6. My kids are on the school baseball team and they are a go so far.
  7. ^^^^^^ How can they afford to drop football or go down a level with their new stadium? The debt alone will require they keep FB IMO.
  8. That will help save BYU's season, assuming we have one.
  9. Really. I don't even know where you can get that except at an Italian restaurant.
  10. I didn't know they settled for 2.6M. Aggies loved Tark. We seriously thought about hiring at one of point after he left UNLV.
  11. My daughter feels the same who is debating medical school or APRN.
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