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  1. Never understood this thread until now. But I finally understand. Its the innapropriate touching. Sorry Guys. Lets talk it out...
  2. Threeaces12, That is lazy, shody, non specific, work and it isn't up to the standard of insults for this board. I would suggest you go back in the archives and look for the most epic (100 page long) thread to ever grace this board. Named "Why is USU so hated on here". So you can learn how its supposed to be done. After that come back and post. Insult is an art form, just like the rest of the performance arts. See Stunners posts in this thread, they are like a fine whine , nuanced (you have to think), a bit whiny (makes you want to lash out), self serving (BYU i
  3. K, I only have one question for all you Haters. “Why exactly is USU so hated on here?” Of course it won’t matter after we kick Boise’s Arse on Saturday. Amd BTW I am sneaking my own Aggie Brand Ice Cream into the erector set on Saturday. (I can tolerate a lot of crap but not sub standard Ice Cream.)
  4. Good Lord, So here is my choice 1. Re Read this entire thread . Or 2. Gouge my eyes out so that I can never read anything ever again. Tough Choice
  5. Hmmm, Seems like I have heard this before. The Hate seems to ebb and flow based on our record. I have tried to convince the powers that be to take an Aggie Ice Cream truck to every away game (incudling Hawaii) and try to drown the hate out with Ice Cream, I think it would work, don't you? It is impossible not to smile with Ice Cream in your mouth. If this happened I think we would be by far the most loved team in the confereance. We could even create some flavors for each team. Like the Poo and Pee cone (Chocolate and Lemon) for Wyoming. The Loser Cone..
  6. Great Game WYO! Just got back from my trip up there. Your D is Legit. Luckily our D and special teams played great today. Love struggled with pressure all day. That true frosh QB looks like a gamer. Hope Bowles will use him. That play where he saved the rifle off of the table where it was going to get knocked off was the play of the day. It always feels good to get out of there with a W . Tough place to play. BTW. We had a great time in Laramie , we met lots of great people and had a great time. Very accommodating fans and facility’s are beautiful, gorgeous campus, can
  7. K, Thanks Fella's So Eat at the ITF, avoid the bathrooms (or at least put the paper thing on the toilet seat), walk the campus . Stop the dive, and screen play. Score shitloads of points. Avoid the piss bomb's. Bring home the rifle. As long as I don't see any BYU gear or CSU gear in the stadium should be a great day. Am I OK to dress all in blue and wear my Aggie Gear? Or am I gonna get my Ass Kicked? Also, is the naked dude in the barrel still running around? I saw him accidently roll down the stairs at Maverick stadium a few years back, It
  8. He is 12, we do at least a couple of USU football road trips a year. He hasn't been to War Memorial before so he is pretty fired up to see a new stadium. We are going up the day before (I have some business in Rawlins) staying the night in Rawlins and driving over in the AM. What type of food is IPF?
  9. K, so no one answered my question. My son and I are going to this game. Where should I be eating in Laramie? Want some local cuisine!? Want to rub shoulders with some Wyo fans. Preferably within walking distance to the stadium. Game is at 12:30 so thinking 11:15 early lunch and walk over.
  10. Air Force and UNLV both scored first on us. It seems as if our Defense has to adjust a bit before stopping teams. The 2nd and 3rd quarter is when we have been in Rythm and really killing teams. We have a good D not a phenomenal one. i think Wyo may go out fast and score and after adjustments we will take it to you. The other TD is in 4th qtr garbage time. Our 2’s aren’t up to snuff right now. Against BYU of course we just completely and utterly destroyed them from the word go😵. Which of course was to be expected as we own them. There was no offense to adjust to. B
  11. Actually, I am looking forward to this game quit a bit. I love defense, I know WYO has a good D. Who should I be watching on D? At What positions? Any Future NFLers? I will admit I haven't been paying a lot of attention to WYO, even though they are my second fav team in the conference, I did see the last half of the WYO BSU game. Also, as I am making the trek, where can I eat in town that is good and not get sick or get propositioned by cowboys. I have seen in the movies that this happens at times up there. And I would not be comfortable with that.
  12. Actually , I wouldn't be surprised to see this be a close game. Going to Laramie scares me. Some of the best things and worst things in my life have happened in Laramie. Scratch that, just some of the worst things, I was trying to be nice.
  13. You are being far to conservative AggieSox, These Wyoming fellers need to get a little more excited for this game. Its for the rifle! My prediction is End of the first QTR Tied 7-7 End of the second QTR USU 21-7 Half time … Overflowing bladders lead to Urine bombs... End of the 3rd QTR USU 28-10 End of Game USU 35-17 USU- 400 YDs Offense WYO-200 YDS of Offense The rifle is coming home to Logan.... Jim Bridgers Favorite place.. What say You Wyoming fans?
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