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  1. BYU to the AAC! I love it! How do we get this done?
  2. Thank Goodness! I needed that!
  3. BYU to the AAC! I love it! With their incoming yearly Heisman winner and 1984 national championship they will be a huge draw for those poor schools. They can start to build rivalry’s with Wichita State and East Carolina! ESPN will love it! Plus I am sure they can keep 1st-3rd tier rights to all their games! Plus they can cut out their MWC schedule and we can get some real competition! Its a win win win win! How do we make this happen? PS. The standards are lower in the AAC so the honor code violations won’t be a problem either. And They have a TV truck!!!!!
  4. I cannot take the smile off my face right now. I bought a 50 gallon drum of lube for the coming season when I thought the big "Q" was leaving now its for sale cheap. Any takers?
  5. Who you need is... DR. DRE That guy could provide love counseling with the best of em.
  6. LOL, Should have said typical for his ilk. I spend lots of time there and have lots of good friends from there.
  7. Typical South eastern Idaho ,hornory, Bitchy, PMS’Y, BYU/Boise guy ........ got it....... posts makes sense in context now..... Moving on...
  8. Man your life sounds really tough.... Listen USU and Nevada get a little time in the sun right now. Fresno will be back and have yours. This is part of being in a conference, nobody in the conference ultimately wins without great teams to compete against. This year it was us that was Cinderella , next year we get to be Darth Vader (see Nevada this year). I only have one question... Why is USU so hated on here??????
  9. SDSU and new mex both battled hard. This is a lot tougher conference than people give us credit for.
  10. How many of the SDSU cheerleaders Have kids but aren’t married?
  11. (Aggies x SDSU )/Refs I think that is more accurate.
  12. Just kidding ......shots just not falling....