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  1. Will Provostan be assimilated into Oreho? Or vice Versa?
  2. Can’t wait to go to the beach in crescent city, Idaho , kick back and eat a baked potato.
  3. CSU is going to be very good for a while. Those guards look great and you have a couple of bigs coming along. Scary.
  4. I am gonna miss Sam Merrill next year.
  5. Thank all that’s holy we won that game. I have baked potatoes purchased for baked potato bar for tommorrow and just about had to throw them all away.
  6. My gawd for the floping. Its like watching WWE.
  7. If Boise wins I will never eat an Idaho potato again.
  8. He just tweeted that he is going to the NFL draft. Which was pretty much expected.
  9. Get used to it. This is the new reality in college football. Player makes it big and moves on to a bigger school via transfer portal. Once the money component is added to all this through “Image and Likeness Sponsors” it will only get worse. Your next.
  10. I love that USU gets to be the under dog! We always play better as the under dog.
  11. Great Job SDSU! Thanks for Defending the MWC from the heathens. Boise and USU couldn’t pull it off. Looks like BYU is back where they belong in the middle of the pack of the MWC.