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  1. I for one as a USU fan LOVE that BYUis independent! I hope it stays this way forever or longer. And if playing a MWC (closet) schedule is the warm blanket that enables them to do that then great! Let’s do it! It makes me happy I get to watch the Aggies win most of the time. And BYU lose most of the time and usually that’s a double win for me. Plus we don’t have to play them for any game of consequence just a filler game. No MWC divisional or title games on the line. I am sure Utah feels the same way. I am really excited to watch the BYU USC , Washington and was for the Utah game. Its like watching NASCAR for the crashes. I guess that’s what Stunner calls having a hard on or being a hater. I guess BYU fans cheer for Utah when they aren’t playing them...????? Nah I don’t think so. Keep doing what your doing BYU don’t ever change!!!
  2. This a play for big markets. Bigger market=More Business Image sponsors= Better Players If you are in a smaller market like Laramie or logan or are irrelevant in a bigger market. (About 90%) of the MWC under these Cali rules your are hosed. At least now there is a bit of parity for kids who just wanna play immediately and win at their level. This will spur crazy amounts of transfers upward. Transfer portal will be busy. The minute someone “breaks out “ they will move up to bigger markets/bigger dollars. Welcome to the world of G5’s being farm leagues for the P5.
  3. I have no problem with athletes getting compensated for their likeness. The problem is they aren't qualified to negotiate these kinds of deals with business's which means. I guess in California athletes can now have an agent in college? Or the athletes are going to get hosed again. Say Hello to the blood sucking lawyers. Parents and stakeholders taking control of athletes. If you think things are dirty now. Give it a little while. Likelihood of Transfer portal entry based on better likeness deals at other schools , negotiated by agents? Or parents? How about recruiting visits with Likeness sponsors lined up for that extra push? For that special player. Casino's , liquor, and cigarette/ vaping brands sponsoring athletes? Looks OK according to this. Wait until a few attorneys get there hands on the priviledged few players who are offered money for their likeness's. Its about to get really dirty and ugly. You ain't seen nothing yet. I would guess maybe 1%-3% of college athletes are going to even get compensated as they are the face's of their teams. The rest wont get anything, now theres a great way for a star QB to endear himself to his lineman and team. No Bueno, they will need a better system. This won't work, too complicated for people who are unqualified to use it. Lots o lawsuits going to be flying around in short order.
  4. California , Oregon and Washington and their little brother Colorado going down the same path hand in hand. At least I can smoke a couple of refers over there and ignore what is going on. I blame Larry Eustachy.
  5. BYU to the AAC! I love it! How do we get this done?
  6. Thank Goodness! I needed that!
  7. BYU to the AAC! I love it! With their incoming yearly Heisman winner and 1984 national championship they will be a huge draw for those poor schools. They can start to build rivalry’s with Wichita State and East Carolina! ESPN will love it! Plus I am sure they can keep 1st-3rd tier rights to all their games! Plus they can cut out their MWC schedule and we can get some real competition! Its a win win win win! How do we make this happen? PS. The standards are lower in the AAC so the honor code violations won’t be a problem either. And They have a TV truck!!!!!
  8. I cannot take the smile off my face right now. I bought a 50 gallon drum of lube for the coming season when I thought the big "Q" was leaving now its for sale cheap. Any takers?
  9. Who you need is... DR. DRE That guy could provide love counseling with the best of em.
  10. Never understood this thread until now. But I finally understand. Its the innapropriate touching. Sorry Guys. Lets talk it out...
  11. Threeaces12, That is lazy, shody, non specific, work and it isn't up to the standard of insults for this board. I would suggest you go back in the archives and look for the most epic (100 page long) thread to ever grace this board. Named "Why is USU so hated on here". So you can learn how its supposed to be done. After that come back and post. Insult is an art form, just like the rest of the performance arts. See Stunners posts in this thread, they are like a fine whine , nuanced (you have to think), a bit whiny (makes you want to lash out), self serving (BYU is the bestest Everest) and cutting at the same time. Come back when you have something new, original and truly insulting to offer. You can get there, it will just take practice. BTW for an (Idaho) Boise State school of trucking fan to Slam on the State of Utah, just for being Utah is biting the hand that feeds you. We invented Idaho! Idaho is a poor imitation of Utah at best. BTW I can say this truly because my Wife and in laws are from Idaho. She is one of the 1 percenters who escaped across the border. And she never looked back.
  12. K, I only have one question for all you Haters. “Why exactly is USU so hated on here?” Of course it won’t matter after we kick Boise’s Arse on Saturday. Amd BTW I am sneaking my own Aggie Brand Ice Cream into the erector set on Saturday. (I can tolerate a lot of crap but not sub standard Ice Cream.)
  13. Good Lord, So here is my choice 1. Re Read this entire thread . Or 2. Gouge my eyes out so that I can never read anything ever again. Tough Choice
  14. Hmmm, Seems like I have heard this before. The Hate seems to ebb and flow based on our record. I have tried to convince the powers that be to take an Aggie Ice Cream truck to every away game (incudling Hawaii) and try to drown the hate out with Ice Cream, I think it would work, don't you? It is impossible not to smile with Ice Cream in your mouth. If this happened I think we would be by far the most loved team in the confereance. We could even create some flavors for each team. Like the Poo and Pee cone (Chocolate and Lemon) for Wyoming. The Loser Cone.... For BYU... Not sure what flavor combo that would be. Etc. ETc. I know this post is Stunner Bait... But We just haven't heard from him for a long time and I am worried about him.. With the happenings lately in Provo.. They have GOT to beat boise this weekend or he may be on suicide watch.. An Ice Cream cheer up cone would be his only hope at that point..