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  1. He just tweeted that he is going to the NFL draft. Which was pretty much expected.
  2. Get used to it. This is the new reality in college football. Player makes it big and moves on to a bigger school via transfer portal. Once the money component is added to all this through “Image and Likeness Sponsors” it will only get worse. Your next.
  3. I love that USU gets to be the under dog! We always play better as the under dog.
  4. Great Job SDSU! Thanks for Defending the MWC from the heathens. Boise and USU couldn’t pull it off. Looks like BYU is back where they belong in the middle of the pack of the MWC.
  5. Pretty typical stuff down there been going on for years.
  6. We told you , don’t do it!
  7. #buildthewallaroundutahcounty
  8. Everybody runs better when they’re running from the cops. He may be the starter after this game.
  9. I don’t think the cuffs will make a difference on the field . I bet he still go’s for 100.
  10. OK , Ogden Jokes? Necrophelia? Trucker jokes? (K they are kinda funny). Are we gonna have to endure this all week? I have a serious question . Does Boise get both of its world famous QBs back this week? Who is gonna start? Oh and is Boise at a disadvantage on Green naturally colored turf? After playing on the grape jelly? And if USU actually pulls this off and beats DMV U what are you guys gonna do for us.? I am not talking about sexual favors.
  11. Are you looking to transfer schools? There is an easier way to go about it. I’m not sure those guys can help. OH , and we don’t have room in our parking lot for a whole fleet of leased semi’s like your fans drove down last time. Couldn’t use the toilet at the local flying J for 2 weeks after either. Go Aggies!
  12. 1.Boise 2. Air Force 3. USU 4- San Diego State 5-Wyoming 6-Hawaii 7-Fresno 8-Nevada 9-CSU 10-San! 11-UNLV 12- New Mex Several Huge games next week that may determine this thing once and for all. As well as bowl eligibility Boise at USU SDSU at Hawaii CSU at WYO Nevada at Fresno State Good luck this week in preparing your ani for next Saturday.
  13. Good game WYO that is a good tough defense! Those guys bring it.
  14. I have a very close family member who attempted suicide about 2 years ago and has had a remarkable turn around. She is now enrolled in a great school, has lots of friends and is thriving. She explained it to me this way.”Paraphrasing” I thought I had no value and that no one wanted me. I felt like God didn’t care about me as an individual, and that I had no future. On top of all of that , all I cared about was what everyone else thought about me, I never took the time to get to know myself. Social media took over my life and all I cared about was being liked and getting likes. When I asked her what changed , She said I let God into my life Lots of prayer and pleading and from that point I felt like , If I have value to God then I should value myself, and from my self-love others could see that I loved myself and they loved me for it. Two years later She is now studying to be a high school counselor and her entire mission is preventing teen and adult suicide. She has tons of friends and life is her oyster. I know the God message is a bit edgy for this board. But that is what she told me. Regardless of the God equation people have to learn to love themselves first and that self-love will manifest. Social media and our 24/7 non stop society prevents people from knowing and loving themselves. “Alone time” time with no media apparatus just thinking or working or heaven forbid reading has been declining at an alarming rate and is creating a schism between people. Time spent one on one with others just talking is doing the same. This (Suicide) is the epidemic/great plague of the next 100 years. Sorry I feel strongly about it as I just about lost someone I loved very much. I don’t want it to happen to anyone. So put down the phone or other device and re-connect please and make sure those you love do the same.