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  1. Well as for me I think he is...
  2. The “U”won’t play us so I’m glad Oregon will. Exact same deal was offered to the U but they said “No”.
  3. Great spot for love can sit at the feet of the master for a while. Rodgers is a great QB. Love can learn a ton from him. Green Bay is a high class organization that can afford to take the time to develop him. These days in the NFL you need a high quality back up also with all the injuries. If you are gonna make a run.
  4. Stunner we agree for once! On one thing. Your post is pretty much the typical BS that comes from you but... #byutotheacc Is something I can absolutely get behind 100% How do we make that happen? Any ideas?
  5. I don’t think we should give you any more games an eye for an eye and all that. I do however have some toilet paper I can sell you for $10 a square. Use it wisely and fill up every square inch please.
  6. Will Provostan be assimilated into Oreho? Or vice Versa?
  7. Can’t wait to go to the beach in crescent city, Idaho , kick back and eat a baked potato.
  8. CSU is going to be very good for a while. Those guards look great and you have a couple of bigs coming along. Scary.
  9. I am gonna miss Sam Merrill next year.
  10. Thank all that’s holy we won that game. I have baked potatoes purchased for baked potato bar for tommorrow and just about had to throw them all away.
  11. My gawd for the floping. Its like watching WWE.