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  1. If I’m not mistaken, I believe the honor of initiating the tuba rumor belongs to @creeper86 It could have been worse. It might have been skin flute instead.
  2. I totally disagree with your comparison between this year's Spartans and the 2012 team. The 2020 Spartans may be the school's best team since 2012, but they've done nothing thus far that proves to me that they're better than the 2012 team. A win in Boise today would go a long way to prove what you say to be true.
  3. I picked Hawai’i in this week’s Guess The Score pool; only because Mug has picked against San Jose State 4 of 5 games.
  4. Who's giving odds as to whether or not either Brando or Tillman refer to SJSU as San Diego State, or pull a Gary Danielson and call this a WAC matchup?
  5. Here's how the rule reads... "The Championship Game representatives will be determined by the best winning percentages within the Conference. In the event of an un-balanced schedule, where there is a tie for the best, or second best, record in the loss column, head-to-head results will take precedence over winning percentage as long as the required number of Conference games were completed. If the teams remain tied (and did not play each other), the tiebreaking procedures will be applied to determine the Championship Game representatives." The only question I have is, what constitute
  6. Correction. Someone on the SJSU board pointed out that the rule states that, in the case of an unbalanced schedule, when two teams finish tied (in the loss column) the head-to-head outcome takes precedence over the win percentage. So, if SJSU were to defeat Nevada , and finish 6-1, they would be selected over a 7-1 Nevada team.
  7. Here's what truly sucks for San Jose State. A loss to Boise State and wins over Hawaii and Nevada would still not get the Spartans into the MWC Championship Game if Nevada's loss to San Jose State is their only loss of the season. In that scenario, Nevada would finish with a 7-1 record, ahead of a 6-1 San Jose State team. That makes SJSU's game with Boise State huge for the Spartans. A win over Boise State and Hawaii gets them into the championship game, regardless of the Nevada outcome. A loss to Boise State really limits their chance of making the championship game, and would mean San Jose S
  8. The east side berm section that was removed held approximately 9,000 people. Whatever seating configuration replaces that section long term is not expected to hold that many. So, when all is said and done the stadium capacity will be less than 30k, probably by a sizable margin. At its peak, before the field widening and recent removal of seating, the stadium held just over 31k. My rough guess will be around 25-26k.
  9. This past week, the Cal-State Board of Trustees reviewed and signed off on Phase 1 build of San Jose State's Spartan Athletic Center (SAC) project in CEFCU Stadium. Included in the presentation that was made were these renderings. SJSU fans were shocked to not see a rebuilt east side seating structure included in the renderings. Athletic Director Marie Tuite has since explained that the presentation that was submitted for approval was only for the portion of the project that was specific the building of the SAC, which is Phase 1 of the building project, and that there will be a second phase th
  10. Bulldogs chickened out no less. 😀 Valley Trophy to stay in San Jose for another year.
  11. I’m actually not feeling too good about SJSU’s chances against Fresno State. I don’t like the matchup between the Bulldogs’ passing game and the Spartans’ defensive secondary. Four different players have spent time at one of the cornerback spots for SJSU, with a newcomer, redshirt freshman transfer from Kansas State (Kenyon Reed) seeing his first game action over a good portion of the UNLV game last Saturday. That CB spot has been vulnerable to some bid plays the season, which is right in Fresno State’s wheelhouse. I do like SJSU QB Nick Nash against the Fresno State defense, which has had tro
  12. I interviewed Hugh Freeze when I worked for Scout.com and he was (briefly) Mike MacIntyre's offensive coordinator at San Jose State in 2010. A great Southern guy. Glad he's experiencing the success his school is having. I wish he could have stayed at SJSU with MacIntyre, but a personal family issue forced him to return to Arkansas.
  13. Appreciate the sentiment; though a bit early to call SJSU the class of the conference. We haven’t even passed the halfway mark. No doubt the Spartans are much improved, but any game on the schedule could be a loss if we lose the turnover battle. If the Spartans win the next two, then find a way to finally beat Boise State, the season will have then turned into something special. Until then, Beat UNLV!
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