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  1. You're doing a piss poor job of pretending I don't exist. You need to work on that.
  2. And my “career” is relevant to the topic at hand how? That you would even make some snide insinuation like that is, (to be honest), kind of weird. I could be an unemployed janitor or a CEO and it wouldn’t have any bearing on what kind of sports fan I am. You like to portray yourself on this site as the cool Bay Area fan that truly gets it; one that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. I have no problem with that. It’s your penchant for casting aspersions upon the other Bay Area/SJSU fans because they don’t happen to see things your way that irks people. Myself included. Diehard Bay Area sports fans are no different than fans anywhere else. There may be fewer of them per capita than some other parts of the country, but they’re all the same. That 49er fans (of which I am not one of) can still come off as cocky, despite nearly 30 years after their teams last SB title, is no different than any other fan base that once had a dynastic period in their history. Just spend some time in Dallas, or spend some time with a NY Yankees fan.
  3. It seems not every fan base can reach the pedestal that you’ve placed yourself upon. Your act of being the perfect, beyond reproach, sports fan is tiresome.
  4. Translation: Bay Area fans are just like fans everywhere else in America.
  5. HC Ken Niumatalolo comes through, replacing the last minute flip of RB Cincere Rhaney to San Diego State, with a commitment from an even higher rated RB. 3-star (.8833 composite) Lamar Radcliffe (6-2 / 225) from Sacramento HS. Held offers from Arizona, Utah, Cal, and Colorado State.
  6. 2nd Team All MWC D-Lineman Soane Toai, after reportedly visiting the University of Arizona, has withdrawn from the transfer portal, and will remain at San Jose State.
  7. A second transfer QB committed to San Jose State today. Emmett Brown from Washington State.
  8. Doesn't look like Jayden de Laura is in San Jose State's plans at all. They just received a commitment from CCSF and former Sac St QB Dorian Hale (originally from De La Salle HS).
  9. I totally get where you're coming from. For the life of me, I can't understand how people can support a man that committed a sexual assault for POTUS; civil case or not. It's possible Coach KN will pass on de Laura. I'm just reporting what's out there in the rumor wind.
  10. I never said it did. I simply corrected the statement by another that de Laura was a "convicted rapist".
  11. He's not a "convicted rapist". He settled a civil case for a sexual assault that occurred back in 2018 when he was still in HS. While that is obviously abhorrent, and should be considered as a potential red flag, and also be factored into any schools decision to accept him as a transfer student-athlete, he legal status is such that he has not been convicted of any crime. It's a bit like Donald Trump, and the civil case ruling in NY that found him libel for a sexual assault. However, Trump lost in court, while de Laura settled. Trump was a full fledged adult at the time of the assault on E. Jean Carroll; while de Laura was still in high school. My own thought is Coach KN is probably going to want to speak with de Laura face-to-face before making a decision one way or another.
  12. That's the question folks are asking after the announcement from Texas State University earlier today that de Laura, who had transferred to Texas State from the University of Arizona, announced that he had withdrawn from Texas State. de Laura was a 4-star rated QB out of St. Louis HS in Honolulu who originally played at Washington State prior to transferring to Arizona. He was injured after starting four games for Arizona last season.. After entering the transfer portal at the conclusion of the this past season, de Laura was recruited to Texas State by their (then) Offensive Coordinator Craig Stutzmann. Stutzmann, however, in just the past two days, left Texas State to become the OC under new HC Ken Niumatalolo at San Jose State. Both Stutzmann and Niumatalolo have close ties to the State of Hawaii. So, the speculation is that de Laura is going to follow Stutzmann to San Jose State. San Jose State recently lost QB recruit Chubba Purdy to the University of Nevada, after Purdy decommitted from San Jose State in the wake of the departure of HC Brent Brennan to Arizona. Niumatalolo made it clear that recruiting a transfer QB was a priority for he and his staff. The starting QB position at San Jose State in 2024 is up for grabs, with two-year starter Chevan Cordeiro (also a grad of St. Louis HS in Honolulu) having graduated. The Spartans currently have another transfer QB, Jay Butterfield from Oregon, on the roster, and redshirt sophomore Tyler Voss, who the previous coaching staff was very high on.
  13. Purely a guess on my part; but I think after seeing who Coach Ken Niumatalolo brought in as his OC (Craig Stutzmann) and heard the pitch about the style of offense they plan to run, Nash decided that his best option with regards to being on the field of play was to remain at SJSU for his final season.
  14. Nick Nash has withdrawn from the portal. Looks like he had a change of heart about leaving. https://x.com/chris_hummer/status/1750270403790995525?s=46&t=TgW6MmLwY2tuPRsQLFpVow
  15. Official announcement has been released. https://sjsuspartans.com/news/2024/01/21/sjsu-selects-ken-niumatalolo-as-head-football-coach
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