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  1. Nice stop by the Bulldogs. They better get a couple of first downs though.
  2. Nevada writer Chris Murray’s embarrassing assessment of MWC quarterbacks. He did at least get the last name of his #1 QB correct. Thanks Creeper for this find. http://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/ranking-the-mountain-west-starting-quarterbacks-from-best-to-worst
  3. Looks like a picked the wrong week to take New Mexico for the win.
  4. While in Carmel, lunch at Forge In The Forest; dinner at either Casanova’s or La Bicyclette.
  5. Where are you staying? If it’s in San Jose then check out the town of Los Gatos for dinner & drinks. In downtown SJ there are lots of great restaurants as well; Original Joe’s for old school Italian is a must. A drive down to Point Lobos, south of Carmel is a great day trip.
  6. But, but..... 1. San Diego State (But, but.....our defense can save our asses) 2. Boise State (But, but.....Hank was hurt) 3. Air Force (But, but.....we could beat Boise now). 4. Wyoming (But, but....we don't need a QB that can actually throw) 5. Utah State (But, but....we beat San Diego State in their crib) 6. Hawaii (But, but...we've actually won on the road twice) 7. San Jose State (But, but....we really should have beaten Nevada) 8. Colorado State (But, but....we had Arkansas on the ropes too) 9. Fresno State (But, but....CJT is a QB whisperer) 10. UNLV (But, but....we got one of them there SEC road wins too) 11. Nevada (But, but....Malik just pulled a B+ on a pop quiz) 12. New Mexico (But, but....we don't have the word "State" in our school name)
  7. With the 34-29 victory over Army, San Jose State becomes only the 20th school in NCAA history to beat all three service academies,
  8. Spartans up 23-10 with 27 yd FG
  9. Spartans get the sack on Army’s 4th and 6 attempt. Now have the ball at midfield again.
  10. Army fumble at mid-field. Spartans driving.
  11. Time for another 9 minute Army drive.