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  1. Here’s one San Jose Sharks fan that is happy for the Blues and their long suffering fans.
  2. Fales career may not be done yet. He signed with the Detroit Lions today. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/lions-david-fales-inks-deal-with-detroit/
  3. Just came from the groundbreaking ceremony. Got to meet former NFL Head Coach Dick Vermeil, who spoke at the event. Also toured the brand new locker room facility, which will be transported to the new Football Operations Building. The locker room was funded by a private $1M donation. To give an idea of the total timeline for the project: Present to start of 2019 season: Removal of the east side bleachers. Because the power and sound system are located on the east side of the stadium, they will remain in place until the end of the 2019 season. Between the end of the 2019 season and the start of the 2020 season, the power and sound systems will be moved to the west side. After that is done, the final removal of the east side of the stadium will be completed and the Football Operations building will be built (approx. two years). After the building is completed the new east side seating will be installed. The new east side will include all mod cons, (concessions, restrooms, suites, etc). No new, updated images were provided at the event, but I'm told it differs from what we have previously seen. Removal of the first bench: New locker room;
  4. I think most Spartans fans are in a 'wait and see what happens in year three' mode. The last two seasons have been pretty brutal. During that time, Brent Brennan and his staff have had to play a lot of freshmen. This season the team will still be a bit young, but a lot of the players will now be in their third season in the program. Brent Brennan is a very likable individual, and most everyone wants to see him succeed. There has certainly been a handful of people calling for his head, mostly during the seasons, but that's true of just about any coach. Heck, we even had someone calling for Mike MacIntyre to be fired halfway through an 11 win season. Brennan's team has to show tangible improvement this coming season; specifically in the win column. Last year's team was an improvement over 2017, but only in competitiveness, not wins. If the Spartans only win one or two games this year, I will expect Brennan to lose the vast majority of his supporters. A four or five win season would probably keep his supporters happy and perhaps win over a few more fans, since that would indicate clear improvement.
  5. OBTW. San Jose State is 3-3 against Fresno State since joining the MWC; and, had they played in 2012, would be 5-3 since 2011. Fresno State has had a good two season run, but hasn’t exactly been a juggernaut. You act like 2015 and 2016 never happened.
  6. USU was a damn good team, and finished the season at #16 in the nation. Where did SMU, a team that beat Fresno State by 33 points, finish? Oh, yeah, right. Your team was too injured at the end of the season. LOL. It ain't how you start, its how you finish. Your 2012 finish was no bueno, as was your 2013 finish.
  7. Classic. You can’t debate the topic at hand, and have to desperately change it.
  8. Please. The 2012 Fresno State team got walloped 43-10 by a 6-6 SMU team that had lost to two-win Tulane that same season. SJSU's only two losses were to Utah State (#16 in the final AP poll) and by only 3 points to a Stanford team that finished at #6 in the final Coaches Poll and beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. SJSU finished the 2012 season ranked #21 in both the AP and Coaches Poll. Where was Fresno State ranked that year? In 2013, the Spartans were not as strong as the season before (with MacIntyre and most of his staff being replaced by Ron Caragher et al), and Fresno State was better in 2013 than 2012. Yet, SJSU beat Fresno State 62-52 in 2013. Without a doubt, SJSU was the better team in 2012.
  9. What MWC teams were better than SJSU in 2012 besides Boise State? San Diego State and Colorado State weren’t. Who else? A 9-4 Fresno State team that got hammered by a .500 SMU team in their bowl game? Make your case for the rest of them.
  10. SJSU went 2-0 against MWC teams in 2012, defeating Colorado State and MWC Co-Champions San Diego State in the Aztecs own crib. To say they wouldn't have finished with a winning record had they been in the MWC is ludicrous. Heck, the following year, an SJSU team that wasn't as strong as the 2012 team (having lost MacIntyre and most of his staff), finished with a winning record in MWC games (5-3). Only one MWC team was better than SJSU in 2012 (Boise State), and only one WAC team was better than the Spartans (Utah State). The final polls bear this out.
  11. He probably tired of the constant negativity exhibited by his fellow MWC fans. Back in the WAC-16 days, the old conference message board was fun to read. Sure, there was plenty of bashing, but it wasn't really malicious; nor was it done so ad nauseam. Somewhere along the way this board stopped being fun to read. I mostly come to this site for the information it provides, take what little fun I can from it, pass on information regarding SJSU, and try and defend my school as best I can, when I can. A few months ago I seriously considered no longer visiting this site, but I decided I would only be cheating myself of the information I can get from it. So, instead of outright leaving altogether, I made a conscious decision to not ever engage with certain individuals that frequent this site, provide no value, and that I have no respect for. I do wish we could all be a little nicer to one another, and that we could make it a fun place to visit again. Make the MWC Message Board Great Again. MTMWCMBGA.
  12. As I said, I don't think the eventual gutting of FBS football is going to happen any time soon (only that it is inevitable). Forty years from now, if college football is still being played, I'd give maybe four MWC schools a decent chance of still being around; Air Force, Colorado State, Boise State, and San Diego State (if they build the new stadium). I'll be gone by then, so I don't stay up at night worrying about it.
  13. Less pretty than what? The image is just the architectural rendering ( I couldn’t find a photo that shows both pools). There are diving boards, since SJSU has Woman’s Swimming & Diving.
  14. SDSU has a better chance of being invited to a revamped B12 than are Fresno’s chance (which is zero). Any school that doesn’t make it to a P5 conference is eventually doomed at some point. That could well down the road, but at some point FBS football is going to be about 40% smaller than today.
  15. Well, it ain't gonna be to join a P5 conference. So, it's either become a football independent and move the Oly sports to the WAC or BW, or stay put. Which do you prefer?