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  1. First commitment is in... FS Elijah Lawson 6-2 / 200 Stellar Prep HS Hayward, CA https://www.hudl.com/profile/11758534/Elijah-Lawson
  2. Nobody in the Bay Area is of the mind set that, just because SJSU is making stadium improvements, attendance is somehow going to miraculously improve. The Bay Area likes winners. And, if you're not winning, they'll find somewhere else to spend their money. What this project does is make a strong statement that SJSU is willing to invest in the future of its football program, and is by no means ready to throw in the towel. The hope is that by initiating this project the recruiting will improve. Let's face it, other MWC schools will make insinuations that SJSU football may not exist in the coming years when they are trying to convince a recruit to come to their school instead of SJSU. If, as it is hoped, recruiting improves, that will lead to more wins. More wins equals more interest in the community, and ultimately better attendance. With regards to coach Mac, his team went 5-7 in 2011, and 11-2 in 2012. However, there wasn't much of a local buzz at all in 2012 until SJSU faced Utah State for, what turned out to be, the WAC championship. Had SJSU won that game, I think attendance would have gone way up the rest of the season. As I recall, we had decent attendance after the USU game when we faced BYU (a game SJSU won), but a pretty average attended game in the regular season finale against LaTech (another SJSU victory). But, we never saw the big sellout game that year. Had we played a home date against Fresno State in the season finale, we might have pulled in a big crowd. The 2013 season finale against Fresno State pulled in a tremendous crowd. A lot of that was due to Fresno bringing an undefeated, Top 20 team, with Derek Carr. Their fans were well represented, to say the least. But, a lot of SJSU fans showed for that game as well. I believe the 2012 MacIntyre teams was a big reason for that well attended game in 2013.
  3. From last year's starting defense, we lost one CB (Dakari Monroe), two DL's (Bryson Bridges and Boogie Roberts) and one LB (Jamal Scott).
  4. Childish. You’re the one that’s now responded on my thread for the fourth time. So, who’s triggered who?
  5. Classic. You have an auto-signature that takes a poke at SJSU's football attendance numbers, and are now criticizing the school for spending donated money on a project that will not only bring much needed improvements to the football program, but will also enhance the game day experience for the fans. Clearly, since you made it a focus on your auto-signature, you have SJSU's low attendance on your mind. The school is about to begin a project that will improve the football program, yet you choose to criticize them for addressing the very issue that seems to weigh on your mind. Your position that SJSU's should spend their donated money on academic building projects goes completely against the consensus opinion on this site that SJSU needs to make improvements to their athletic facilities. Never mind that the individuals that have donated the money did so with the understanding that their money is to go towards the Football Operations Building project. You seem to be merely looking for something to criticize SJSU about. Good luck finding very many people on this site that agree with you that SJSU should not be spending money on their athletic facilities.
  6. You mean like this? http://blogs.sjsu.edu/newsroom/2018/plans-approved-for-san-jose-state-universitys-interdisciplinary-science-building/
  7. Updated renderings will be shown on the day of the groundbreaking.
  8. Pardon my French, but you’re an idiot.
  9. Announced prior to today’s Spring Game by AD Marie Tuite; The groundbreaking for the Football Operations Building, which includes demolition and replacement of entire east side of the stadium, will take place on June 5th, 2019.
  10. That "old ice rink", as you call it, was built in 1994, and re-modeled in 2005. It's the largest ice rink facility in the Western United States (it's actually four rinks). Besides being the training facility for the SJ Sharks and home ice for SJSU, it also supports youth and adult hockey leagues, public skating, speed skating, curling, and private/corporate events. It's a pretty important asset for the entire Bay Area, not just San Jose. According to SJSU Athletics officials, California building codes have changed since SDSU built their parking structure with a track facility on top. Those changes in codes made it a much more, and far too, expenisve an endeavor for SJSU to try an emulate.
  11. Stayed in Arlington. Went through Rosslyn a number of times.
  12. Ran into an older gentleman inside the Lincoln Memorial wearing a Fresno State hat. He’d travelled there from Fresno for some type of tournament. I think people thought he was wearing a MAGA hat. No other MWC gear to report.