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  1. 3-Star APB Shamar Garrett from De LaSalle HS has committed to SJSU. Also had FBS offers from Air Force and New Mexico.
  2. Although his time at SJSU wasn’t successful in the win/loss column; he played a huge roll in SJSU getting into the WAC in the mid-90’s, which possibly saved the program. I met him a number of times. Always a classy gentleman of the highest order.
  3. 1. Cal State - Boise 2. Nevada 3. Wyoming 4. Hawaii 5. Air Force 6. Utah State 7, Fresno State 8. San Diego State 9. UNLV 10. Colorado State 11. San Jose State 12. New Mexico
  4. Dare I say, their stadium is looking quite Spartan.
  5. Watched the 1st half and almost posted that Boise was going to come back and win. By the time I returned home from running errands in the 4th quarter the Broncos had the lead. Wasn’t surprised (even though I picked FSU in the Guess The Score poll). Great win. Hopefully Fresno State doesn’t screw up this MWC feel good weekend.
  6. Wow Nevada. Nice comeback. Marquee OOC win.
  7. It ain't where you start, it's where you finish. Has another MWC school finished No. 1 in the final season Bottom 10 ranking, other than the one that earned that honor in 2016? https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/page/bottom120616/fresno-state-bulldogs-finish-first-final-2016-standings
  8. San Jose State Athletics Director Marie Tuite said on the weekly coaches' radio show tonight that the removal of the east side berm will begin immediately following the end of this season, rather than after the 2020 season, and that the school's head of finance told her that shovels to begin building the Football Operations Building will hit the ground next summer, a year earlier than previously stated. She did not indicate whether or not the completion date for the entire project will be any earlier than the currently targeted 2023 season.
  9. Is the State of Nevada changing from "The Silver State" to the "The Dark Gray State"?
  10. https://sjsuspartans.com/news/2019/8/19/development-sjsu-athletics-receives-1-million-gift-from-stan-marilyn-gadway.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0a5XkHNXilLC98JvRwbACrrCRafxtPcgSzxEF3ItjXKJy26xuOD6bwEPw