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  1. Whatever you gotta tell yourself to get through the day, bro. Funny how it's always the losing fans complaining that their team just wasn't motivated enough.
  2. Over .500 against Fresno since entering the MWC.
  3. There were 11,000 people there last night?
  4. I never bet on my own team. Feel free to give the casinos in Vegas your money, though.
  5. It'd be more believeable if you hadn't made the same prediction last year.
  6. I expect SJS to be in the 4-4 or 5-3 range, but San Diego State will not be one of the losses. Four in a row after this year is guaranteed.
  7. If that's how it's going to be, I'll try to douche it up a bit more for you guys. Would hate to disappoint.
  8. No. The answer would have been different if BSU's offense were this anaemic last year, though.
  9. Notre Dame, Navy, and Army play eachother most years. Not like there are any other meaningful independents.
  10. It's an easy schedule. Let us have our far fetched optimism until September, at least.
  11. I think what he did was plug teams in directly from his projected standings to the tie ins, whether they would be eligible or not. This is because of the number of WAC teams he projected. While SJS is optimistic it will be in bowl contention, USU would have to have a complete collapse not to finish with 7 wins.