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  1. Another wild card I heard was that Brent Brennan from San Jose state might be interested since his love for the island lifestyle. Would definitely be a drop in pay but let’s see how much love he has in Hawaii and who knows maybe he wants to retire there.
  2. They should’ve let Memphis play. Poor Memphis!
  3. Covid is not going away even with vaccines and boosters. I have a feeling there will be no Hawaii bowl in the future. Look at how much money ESPN spent to bring the Memphis team over to Hawaii. Hawaii gonna have a hard time getting into a bowl game just like in 2001z
  4. Just got word from KHON local news station in Honolulu that there’s a dozen positive covid players for UH. Not a good sign.
  5. Just noticed that they took off all the Disney owned channels including ESPN. Can’t even use the espn app to watch the games separately. How convenient during college football bowl season and also NFL games while Disney wants more money. Gonna try sling TV and see if that works out. https://www.keepmydisney.com
  6. Looks like it’s not going to be a sellout in a 9000 seat stadium. Any SDSU fans wanna buy tickets? Still get plenty left. http://www.etickethawaii.com
  7. Is it because of our 9000 seat stadium and no fans allowed?
  8. Btw not sure if you guys noticed but all of the fans rushed the field and took down the goal post…………………zoom style 😞
  9. and since the WAC has football again in the FCS, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask their members to move up to FBS and then absorb the MWC remnants and have WAC football in the FBS again.
  10. Can the rainbow warriors pull off an upset over cal just like the basketball team?
  11. Hawaii shouldn't be paying anyone's travel fees if they join as a new member. Is ndsu willing to pay for their own travel all the way to hawaii and back?
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