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  1. One of the big things here, too, is that with the liberalized transfer portal this year, keeping Coach Brennan for one more year (at least) will keep almost all of SJSU's players out of the portal.
  2. Looks like a Zoom meeting about the extension was Zoom bombed by intruders. People were wondering what was going on, but Marie Tuite immediately wanted to get down and boogie. https://twitter.com/BonaguraESPN/status/1341865285356154881
  3. I wasn't really sold on Coach Mac's "I don't plan to go anywhere" stuff six days before the Colorado announcement. But this.... yes, I think this signals a fairly strong commitment to at least one more year.
  4. But the thing is, Caragher left the cupboard bare. Brennan had almost nothing to work with. 2017, his first season, was basically for him to see what he had and what he could do with it, while working toward restocking the talent pool through recruiting.
  5. And Harbaugh hyped Caragher to the point where it felt like he was saying Caragher was his clone.
  6. Brent Brennan & SJSU Agree To Contract Extension - SJSU Athletics (sjsuspartans.com)
  7. Same. I wonder if some well-heeled booster/alum just made a major commitment and opened their checkbook. It's hard to see how SJSU could commit this much money for this long otherwise.
  8. Another gem from the UA message boards, regarding an official statement about Fisch bringing "enthusiasm":
  9. Copied from a UofA message board regarding the hiring of Fisch:
  10. I was on the fence after 2018, but leaned toward the "one more year" camp. While their record was worse in his second year -- 2-10, then 1-11 -- it was obvious that the product on the field was better, the talent on the field was better, and they needed to learn how to finish games. I thought 2018 was the year that the talent was better, and 2019 needed to be the year it started translating to wins by playing the full 60 minutes (instead of 45, 50, 55 minutes in 2018). Also saw the vast change in turnover margin from 2017 (SJSU was dead last in FBS) to 2018 (positive number and roughly 30th
  11. Not to mention how much Harbaugh was gushing with praise about Caragher.
  12. If he's willing to be their Rocky Long, sure.
  13. Yeah, there is something to this. After Coach Mac and dealing with rumors this year, I was asking myself -- is there ANY coach out there that can give us consistent 7-5 or 8-4 seasons for a while? Nothing so meteoric like 2012 or 2020, that has many P5 programs looking to "poach the coach", but enough to make the program stable and respectable in the long term, usually winning and often bowling, so support can grow along with the ability to offer stronger coaching contracts. Don't get me wrong, I love seasons like 2012 and 2020. But such rapid rises from rags to riches without any "mid
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