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  1. You just played Hotel California at a party. Better to speculate on all the schools moving around, even if there zero chance it is actually happening. Come on Mug!
  2. I literally have no idea what that means. You mention there is zero prestige in oly sports. Then you mention Gonzaga of all schools, which is the perfect example of prestige in men's basketball.
  3. There is zero prestige in men's basketball? I don't call that being honest.
  4. Northern Illinois never gets respect.
  5. Yes, the team didn't play for over a year in a pandemic and when they did it was a glorified spring scrimmage where the coach said he would essentially play everybody. And he did. To answer the question on the thread, NMSU is staying FBS. The link below shows future schedules. As far as the WAC moving to FBS, who knows. I guess we'll see what happens next few years. I do like the additions for basketball, which really helped stabilize the conference for years to come for oly sports. If there is conference chaos again, the WAC is in a much stronger position moving forward to absorb one o
  6. WAC basketball! Just kidding. I'll wait to see a serious source regarding BSU and SDSU thinking about leaving.
  7. Well, there is that... And the fact the P5 will never have an interest in sharing money with G5 if they don't absolutely have to. Why would a BiG or SEC conference want to increase the profile of a MWC or AAC?
  8. WAC FCS football looking good already. Maybe they should add NDSU :-) In theory, there is a path to FBS...
  9. The takeaway from this is an 8 team playoff that includes the top G5 school would be really cool. I wouldn't bet on it, but guaranteeing one of the 64 G5 schools a shot at a title would be a big step forward for the playoff system.
  10. Alabama had 6 players drafted in the first round. This is why a chuckle every time i see a "SEC is overrated" thread. I think the draft also shows that giving every FBS conference an autobid wouldn't make sense if you are looking for the best team. G5 should hope for an 8 team playoff with the best mid major given a shot. You put a 7-5 MAC champ against Alabama and pretend it means anything is ridiculous. But if you take a UCF or Boise team that is on a 15 game win streak for example, then it's a real playoff game. Plus with 8 teams minimum, assuming you take the P5 conference champs an
  11. If the MWC gets to a point where it needs to actively seek members, then it will be all about minimizing the damage from multiple schools that have left. There was no replacing Utah, BYU, and TCU. It just wasn't going to happen. And the conference took the hit, reloaded, and kept going. The same thing will happen again. I don't think based on location and population of state that NDSU will be at the top of any list. There are too many schools out west that will be more than willing to join. I agree with others that Texas schools will be at the top, probably lead by UTEP. But we are pr
  12. Put the P5 champs in and throw a bone to the best G5 team. Make it an 8 team playoff and it keeps the big regular season games high drama. If you start to go beyond that, you water down the regular season and also hurt the other bowls even more. Plus giving P5 will keep 7 of the 8 bids while only having half of the FBS schools. They should be able to sell that plan.
  13. UTEP has history with the MWC schools and would accept the offer before hanging up the phone. They are an outlier out west in CUSA, whereas they would align well with CSU, Air Force, and UNM in the MWC.
  14. I don't see how any scenario with G5 schools separating helps generate more revenue. Right now, the P5 schools getter better players than G5. G5 gets better players than FCS. If some sort of different division is created for G5 to award a champion, the better players are still going to go to P5 schools. The only fix that is needed in the system is to go to 8 teams in the playoffs and guarantee 1 team gets a chance to get fed to the wolves in the first round of the playoff. That will keep the big boys happy with 7 of the 8 slots, and the G5 teams get a 1/64 chance at a golden ticket. Now
  15. And by similar logic, Gonzaga has been winning for 2 decades to become the Gonzaga that is nationally known. And STILL, both Boise and Gonzaga are talked down because of the perception of the respective conferences. Case in point, a couple of the threads the day after they lost the national championship on this board. It would take NDSU a long time to build any level of brand name at the FBS level, just like Gonzaga and Boise in basketball and football.
  16. New Mexico and North Dakota State would be natural rivals? Is that due to the close proximity of Fargo? Internet shows a 19 hour drive. Not bad.
  17. A lot of D1 coaches are successful at one school and don't do well at the next stop. Sometimes it's just bad luck - injuries, grades, kids transfer. D1 basketball is incredibly competitive, and righting the ship once it's going the wrong direction is an even bigger challenge. I didn't watch a lot of Terry's teams at UTEP so i don't know exactly what the issue was. UT has deep pockets so i am sure he'll be just fine.
  18. I'll give you a quick summary of UTEP/UNM/NMSU. All three programs have traditionally bad football programs and good basketball programs. All three have nice basketball stadiums. UTEP has by far the best football stadium of the three with the Sun Bowl. It's a gorgeous stadium built into the side of a mountain. They host the annual Sun Bowl game with P5 teams and it sits 50k+. NMSU and UNM have similar, smaller FBS stadiums, nothing to brag about but suitable for the size of community support. UTEP and NMSU are very similar overall. They are only 35 miles apart or so. Both have
  19. Idaho is playing Big Sky games as we speak i believe. We have some Vandals on this forum.
  20. I was going to make a sarcastic comment about another NDSU thread on the MWC board but then i realized i had posted about UTEP and NMSU in the last day. Maybe Jdgaucho can get us some Big West updates for the morning.
  21. Jans signed an extension after the UTEP announcement. His base pay is now $584k and that doesn't include performance incentives. So he will clear $600k+ a year. I'm sure schools will be calling again next off season if he wins 25 games and/or takes NMSU to the NCAA again. The man can flat out coach. The AD has tried hard to get what he can for Jans. I am glad he will be back for a 5th season. WAC 1.0 with USU, Boise, Nevada was fun for NMSU. WAC 2.0 not so much, but the top 2-3 schools improved. WAC 3.0 will be more competitive at the top half with NMSU, SFA, ACU, UVU, GCU, CBU. If B
  22. UTEP has a national championship banner hanging and a coach in the hall of fame. They have tremendous basketball history, a lot of it with the schools still in the MWC. They have had a bad run the last decade, missing on the last 2 head coaches. Floyd had potential coming from NBA and P5, but he couldn't keep his star recruits on campus. ACU has just moved up to D1 and has no history outside of beating Texas in the NCAA. The coach absolutely made the right choice, and if he has any level of success he will be embraced big time in El Paso and be able to turn it into a million dollar gig wi
  23. Weir had exactly one year head coach experience when UNM hired him. He had a phenomenal season at NMSU, but that team was set up to win with a WAC POY senior PG and really good supporting cast. All the players knew the system. Weir had never built a team from the ground up as a head coach, and we all saw what happen when he tried. I think he drastically underestimated his own abilities when he kept going after high level transfers, some with baggage, to get them to assimilate and play as a unit. Players can be great one on one, but if they don't play team ball or have really poor attitude
  24. I felt the same way every time I traveled to the midwest in the fall, winter, or spring. And sometimes in summer too.
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