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  1. She's going to pass out letters in Washington DC. Nice.
  2. He just can't let go. There is going to be a battle going on in his head about never wanting to be president again versus not being able to come to grips that a man like Joe Biden beat him by 6 million votes. My guess is the sore loser part wins and he runs again.
  3. There is not a non zero chance he wrote that.
  4. I wonder what the Michigan governor thinks about the harassed, threatened, abused, family comment?
  5. Of course not. He will claim fraud and a stolen election so that the money will keep rolling in. And it is expected from a majority of his base, as evidenced by the percentage who believe Biden won.
  6. It is done... Time for the adults to start working together.
  7. Women, African Americans, Hispanics, all highly qualified. Pretty cool...
  8. El Paso is the last place you want to take a team to practice in right now. Phoenix should work out just fine.
  9. After 4 years of Trump, we can't wait a few days to process millions of ballots to determine who will be president for the next 4 years? Seems rather silly. Now if there was evidence of massive fraud or cheating, that is another question. But it appears we do indeed have the system in place to handle it. Quite easily.
  10. Duh. Obviously red vertical lines are acceptable and blue vertical lines are massive fraud.
  11. And a committee decides who is worthy of the top 4. It may be regardless of conference affiliation, but for all intents and purposes G5 schools are locked out. UCF won 20+ games in a row and didn't get in. They aren't going to take an undefeated AAC, MWC, CUSA, or Sun Belt team over a one loss SEC, BiG, or ACC top ranked team. Until the playoffs are expanded to 8, the top G5 school in any given year is playing for the next biggest bowl game and looking in at the playoffs. That is still a lot of dollar bills, but obviously doesn't sit well with non P5 schools at the top of the G5 mountain
  12. I agree. The addition of the schools will bring stability to the WAC with increased numbers. As far as NMSU is concerned, FBS independent schedules look just fine and continue to be filled with MWC, CUSA, and Sun Belt teams. Here is the 2024 schedule already, 4 years out. Home: Hawaii, Northern Illinois, Louisiana, Abilene, UNM Away: Wyoming, Fresno, Texas A&M, Liberty, UTEP As far as basketball, simply put the last 3 years of RPI / NET rankings and P5 wins up against all the MWC teams, and include head to head records as well. The only thing missing is an NCAA tour
  13. He solved illegal immigration? Nice! What was the solution? 6 new miles of shiny wall has to be part of it.
  14. There are currently 65 P5 and 65 G5 schools. I always thought we could see 4 x 16 team conferences at the P5 level. 12 and 14 would work also, although i can't see cutting 17 teams to get from 65 down to 48. I think there would be major pushback from schools with deep pockets if they tried to get much smaller than 64 teams. I was thinking it was 5-10 years down the road for the official breakaway in football. Maybe with the chatter it could happen a little sooner. At the G5 level, AAC, MWC, CUSA, MAC, and Sun Belt stay roughly the same plus or minus a team or two.
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