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  1. I suppose. Then again Auburn passed on a field goal attempt prior to go for fourth and short just prior. I guess gifts go both ways. I'm just repeating what they were saying on the show. They were joking that it was a non loss because of the craziness at the end.
  2. They were talking about this on ESPN radio yesterday. Supposedly Harsin won't make it next 2 weeks. Boosters are really unhappy. And this was after a WIN. SEC land is crazy...
  3. You can only play 4 games and get the redshirt. And you can't go play for another team mid season. He will have to wait until this fall to play and will have 2 years eligibility left.
  4. I think it's far more likely he was told he wasn't part of the future plans. This saves him a season of eligibility which is a nice thing for BSU to do. Hank agreeing to leave may also help with team chemistry. I doubt it has anything at all to do with him not wanting to be held accountable. This is big boy football and players take an absolute beating to try and win. It's probably a win win for program and player.
  5. I thought your qb play in second half was decent. Granted NMSU was up big and went to more of a prevent, but he made some nice throws. Not having seen the other Hawaii games, i think your biggest issue is not having good offensive and defensive lines. Your defensive line didn't get any push, even early, and wore down as the game went on. If you can't stop the run, it's really hard to win FBS games.
  6. Good game Hawaii. We've always been on the losing end against you guys. I think Kill has us going in the right direction. We dominated a UTEP team the second half of that game, but weren't able to get the win. With this game, that's 6 solid quarters in a row of good football at the G5 level. We have a really good stable of running backs. I hope the player that got injured late is ok. Best of luck the rest of your season.
  7. Did he say this with a straight face? "I talk to our presidents and chancellors and athletic directors all the time; we have conversations about this," Kliavkoff said. "Everyone is committed to working together to get a great grant of rights, following a good media rights deal, and I take people at their word."
  8. I think NMSU takes this one. Similar to Hawaii, we have a new head coach in Kill and are trying to find a starting qb. Thru 4 games we have rotated JC Pavia and freshman Frakes. Pavia will most likely start. He came close to leading a second half comeback against UTEP. We were down 17-0 at half and were stopped inside the 10 yard line with 30 seconds left and lost 20-13. In the 2 G5 games against Nevada and UTEP, both were winnable and both were decided by really bad turnovers from the qb position, resulting in early deficits. NMSU actually outgained and had more time of possession than opponents. If they clean up the turnovers, I think they are farther ahead at this point than Hawaii. Athletically probably match up well. Our skill positions are healthy and running backs are looking better. With 4 home games in a row, 3 of them against the MWC, it would be great for fan support to get the first W this Saturday.
  9. Here's a trivia question. When is the last time both NMSU and UNLV football teams were favored in the same week?
  10. LOL. Man, what a bunch of dorks. Mislead dorks to be clear.
  11. What are your thoughts on the LSU game? Going into the deep south against SEC speed is always brutal. I'm optimistic on Kill. I think finding a conference was absolutely critical to staying FBS long term. Kill has a really good resume and the team has shown flashes of what can be. But they need to find a starting qb to take a meaningful step moving forward next year. It may take the whole season to determine if Pavia or Frakes will be that guy. If we can get a few wins in year one, i'll be happy. I know fans would love it if one of those wins is UNM. I like playing MWC teams so i'll be keeping an eye on UNM and SJSU as we play them back to back. We are favored at home this Sat against Hawaii by a couple points.
  12. I think the conversation started with me saying NMSU, UNM, and UTEP all have similar level of athletes and games will come down to turnovers. Now that NMSU has played at UTEP (i was at that game) and UTEP has played at UNM, my opinion is still the same. They are all at roughly the same level. As far as who causes the turnovers? I can tell you of the 6 turnovers we had against Nevada and UTEP, 4 were self inflicted. Turnover margin is the one of the best predictors of who will win. Would we have won either game? It doesn't matter, but when you are trying to build a winning program you need to eliminate mistakes that you control. In our case, that would be the passes that hit the guys in the pads or hands and bounced off without even being hit into the defenders hands. Good for UNM on the win, and as predicted, UTEP fans are in meltdown mode starting 1-3. I won't comment on anything else regarding the game since i didn't watch it, other than what the announcers were saying on the feed i listened to. They weren't kind to UTEP offense. Your prediction of UNM NMSU looks realistic. It looks like a low scoring game as of now, with both defenses being ahead of both offenses on the respective teams.
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