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    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    You think you can google some random poll and that justifies inaction to try and tackle this problem. Try again. If democrats really wanted to take all your guns (newsflash - they don't), they would have done something when they had the House, Senate, and presidency. Kind of like when they pushed through health care. But they didn't. Your post of a poll just proves my point. There are millions and millions of voters just like you who are paranoid and vote accordingly. And because of that we will most likely never see Republicans vote against the NRA on anything with real impact, and more likely, never really try and tackle schools shootings by actually looking at guns. Note, i am NOT, capitalize letters, NOT saying you are responsible for schools shooting. No one on this board is. Get that thru everyone's heads when we try and civilly discuss these tragedies. What i am saying is the paranoia of gun owners and their voting ensures we will most likely never even attempt to get rid of any type of weapon like the AR-15. Somehow, someway, all guns are the same, all serve a valuable function in our society, and we can never ever give in, not one single inch. Heck, you have to give credit where credit is do. If there is one thing politicians love above all else, it's having a job. And they will follow orders of the people. So, we are stuck with what we have today for better or worse, like a marriage. So assuming guns are officially off the table in terms of any reform at all, we have to hopefully look at all other options to try and prevent future strategies. Maybe down the line, years or decades, with a completely new group of politicians and a generation of kids growing up with school shootings are voting, our mentality will start to allow some type of problem solving that does look at certain types of weapons. Certainly that isn't going to happen anytime soon though.
  2. alum93

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    To respond to your last statement, yes i think gun owners are being paranoid and have been for decades.
  3. alum93

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    That wasn't the question. It's an open question about people that write about giving up rights. What exactly have they give up in the last 2 decades while all these school mass shooting have continued.
  4. alum93

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    Just out of curiosity, as we have watched mass shooting after mass shooting in our schools the last 20 years, what rights exactly have you been asked to give up as a gun owner in that time frame? And please inform me if i am completely ignorant, because i keep hearing this paranoia about the government taking our guns. So please clarify, or anyone else that shares said paranoia, what rights have you given up?
  5. Agreed. Why in the world would ASU leave the P12 and playing UofA, USC, UCLA to play Texas and OU. The P12 hasn't had to rebuild like the B12 and isn't pushed around by a school like Texas. Doesn't make sense to me.
  6. ASU and Ohio State are 2 of the larges public universities in the country. UT is up there also i believe. They play in a big stadium. They put out pro athletes. They are in a city that is pretty much the combined size of the MWC schools minus SJSU. The P12, ASU included, will be just fine long term.
  7. I still don't get what his fans saw and never will. There were at one time something like 18 candidates going into the first primary debates. What just baffles me is that it didn't look like he won any of the debates. He didn't know details, he gave vague answers, he made fun of women, and he became more popular with each performance. It was just bizarre to watch. And then the rallies. Well, i guess you either get him or don't. I find him to be a vulgar, petty, angry bully. Millions of voters, particularly in swing states in the midwest, were angry enough that they saw something that allowed them to look past what i perceive as massive faults. Very curious to see which side turns out the vote in larger numbers for midterms. Just having control of House or Senate would be a win for Democrats.
  8. Nah, his behavior is not irrelevant. How he talks about immigrants is not irrelevant. How he intentionally fuels a race war knowing exactly who is hard core base isn't irrelevant. Those things have a direct impact on our country. Paying off a porn star and lying about it is not irrelevant. We have just lowered our standards in what we look for in a president. And people are so consumed with defending their party or winning an argument that they stop caring about what is true or not, just who wins.
  9. I am guessing his wife cares, but i could be totally wrong.
  10. What a strange world we live in.
  11. We talk a lot of NMSU sports on the scout site, but the 2 new jc kids Thiam and Ivan look really good. Thiam was #6 juco player and averaged 19.7ppg. Obviously it will be a big step up in comeptition to D1, but he has the body and athleticism. If we keep all the kids we have today, we are a solid top 100 RPI with a potential for another top 50 RPI season like last year. Jans is a great fit for NMSU, both personality and Xs and Os. It should be another fun year in basketball. If we find a good qb in football, we can come close to last year's performance there as well. And of course we play at least 3 games in both sports versus MWC, which is why i post here.
  12. alum93

    This one is for you UNLV 2001!

    My prediction is democrats take the house, and republicans hang on to senate by maybe one seat or two at most.
  13. Las Cruces is 45 long minutes from the El Paso International Airport. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am sure some think Reno is a paradise. Agree that games would be fun right now. NMSU finished last year with 35 RPI in realtime and went 3-0 vs MWC while beating Miami and Illinois for P5 wins. We know what Nevada did during regular season and in NCAA.
  14. And don't forget the factor of rivalries and geography. For all the crying about late games on eastern time zone or the BiG or SEC making a few million more, west coast schools that have played each other for decades are going to want to play those same west coast schools. And unless an undefeated USC, UCLA, Washington, or Stanford is somehow left out of a playoff for a 1 loss SEC or BiG, i don't see the P12 going anywhere. And there is academics. Same for basketball, let Arizona or UCLA make a couple deep runs in NCAA again, and people will forget very quickly about this year's NCAA tourney. These top schools still have boatloads more money, budgets, facilities, history, than anyone out west. They don't have any rival P5 schools next door. The P12 is still a solid P5 conference and will continue to be long after the split with P5 and G5 schools eventually takes place.
  15. alum93

    Pride of UNLV Tomi Lahren Gets Burnt

    i take it you agreed with my comments on Trump then.