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  1. Well the algorithm ensures you see what interests you. If you are seeing a bunch of posts reflecting "TDS", then....
  2. Did you predict the Dems taking back the House 2 years ago?
  3. I can take a good guess at who Hispanics will vote for in next election.
  4. Nope, not fishing at all. Just clarifying. If certain opponents don't interest you, that is fine. It sounded as a Boise fan that those games just weren't interesting, or you didn't remember them is the way it was worded. Nothing wrong with that. I clarified because you are now playing the same schools in the MWC. So i didn't know if you meant those games just aren't any fun in general, whatever conference they take place in. If i wanted to take a shot, i would. I was just asking.
  5. Just out of curiosity, are those same 5 opponents just as forgettable now as MWC games as they were as WAC games?
  6. USU, Fresno, SJSU, Nevada, Hawaii... You still play them today.
  7. If someone is willing to say Obama is racist, but refuses to say anything or acknowledge any of the numerous examples from Trump, well then it's an easy call. That is the very definition of a red hat mentality. Like i said, it's kind of cool. There is a reason people call it a cult following. I can't think of a better example than that one.
  8. Were these Dem voters forgetting to vote Republican in the midterms, you know, the last national election, when the Democrats won back the House? Or did they just recently get their new jobs and will now switch parties to the tune of 15-20%? Inquiring minds want to know.
  9. The guy must have had friends in high places. From the article. “As always the safety and well-being of our students and alumni is a priority for the College,” the statement says, adding that Sarah Lawrence previously conducted its own investigation last year which “did not substantiate those specific claims” alleged in the indictment.
  10. Yeah, Trump would never stoke the fire of racism. For example, he would never have announced his candidacy by saying Mexicans are rapists and murderers, by having a build the wall and Mexico will pay chant at all his rallies, by laughing at a rally where a man yelled to shoot immigrants in Florida, and by saying many fine people on both sides after a person was run over at a rally with with white supremacists. Nah, he would never stoke those flames and further the divide. That's only on the left. Excellent point as always. I actually like your posts because it shows me how Trump fans can justify all his behavior and believe at the same exact time that Obama was the racist one. And there's a whole lot of red hat folks, millions and millions, that think just like that. That's a pretty cool trick that Trump has pulled off for sure.
  11. I'd be interested to hear how and why your life got worse under Obama. Unemployment went down and stock market went up for 8 straight years. If it's just about those numbers, you would have had no reason to not vote for his reelection. Or could it be about something more. What say you Bob? By your own logic, did you vote for Obama to get a second term? I'll save you the time. People are going to vote on more than how the economy is doing. Many feel Trump is unfit for office and has shown at one time or another racist, sexist, xenophobic, type behavior. That's aside from a laundry list of moments that would have been unthinkable under previous presidents. Will that be enough to overcome what will be good economic numbers come November? Probably not. Sitting presidents are tough to knock off. I don't think Bloomberg is the guy that's going to get the Democratic nomination anyway. It looks like Warren, Sanders, or long shot for Biden. Dems will hold the House easily so get used to Nancy's white suits. Republicans will hold the Senate. As long as one party doesn't control the House, Senate, and WH, especially under a guy like Trump, i think that is the best we can ask for short term.
  12. I would guess population was THE selling point.
  13. I still think the B12 is the conference to watch in next few years. If cracks start forming at the top as GOR gets closer, then that could initiate movement affecting multiple conferences. If B12 stands pat after 2024, then i don't see AAC or MWC changing. Also, although it's just a few coaches talking about it now, if P5 programs decide to only play each other at some point in football, that will really shake up the college model.