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  1. Until the crazies start losing on a regular basis, we will see knuckleheads like that wasting time. This is also why we need to make it as easy as possible to vote. The more that participate the better. The law of averages say we will get better candidates over time, and fewer that try and rile up a smaller group of angry but loyal voters.
  2. Yes, and i was referring to Seattle. Here is what he said after below. Personally i would prefer that Seattle stay long term, unless another FCS school is available and looking to make the FBS jump down the road. Either way, i am happy with the new WAC and glad we don't have to speculate anymore about what happens if one or two schools leave. The conference seemed to be treading water for far too many years. "To be clear, I'm not suggesting that the WAC push out Seattle but rather that (1) a trade of Seattle for Northern Arizona could be a win-win and (2) it's not really desirable to
  3. I was responding to moving forward for the new WAC. I am not sure the WAC will look to be proactive in shrinking the footprint with the new members announced and loss of Chicago State. We shall see. I like having Seattle in the conference.
  4. LOL. Good luck with her career. We really need to weed these politicians out, regardless of party.
  5. I am not sure about this. The WAC expansion was great news for NMSU as it stabilized the conference for years to come for oly sports, provides FCS opponents to help fill out future FBS schedules, and actually helped with SOS for basketball. With that in mind, i don't think the WAC will look to shrink the conference in the immediate future. Chicago State has already stated they will not be part of WAC after next season. Seattle is easy to fly in and out of. If they were to find a new conference, i don't think the WAC would mind. At the same time, i don't think they have a problem with
  6. Your football stadium sits less than 20k, your basketball sits less than 7k, your state population is less than 800k, you sit outside the MWC footprint, and your case for winning percentage and brand is based off FCS football. I don't see how any of that adds up to getting in to the MWC over schools from Texas with way bigger populations and better facilities that already play FBS football. I don't know a single sports fan that watches FCS football. I know a ton who watch random G5 games, myself included. I suppose NDSU could get an invite sometime down the road, but if i was a betting
  7. How did so many angry white men get so easily mislead to the point they stormed our capitol with no fear of hiding their identities? The Republican Party has some serious identity questions to answer and the fight of loyal Trumpsters vs those that push back against the ugly rhetoric on race is going to be interesting to watch. Trump really put the next generation of politicians in a bind. I don't see guys like Hawley and Cruz recovering to the point they could win a presidential elections. Someone like Rubio might be able to get there. The party has to fix the race message to have any sho
  8. Nah, those schools would never go to the MWC for any reason. So dream still doesn't make any sense, but dreaming about west coast schools that will never join is probably more entertaining. And any "best of G5 football conference" is going to choose schools that are actually traditional winning football programs. Not that there is a chance of that happening, but if it did for discussion sake...
  9. If you are going to dream of some conference that never has a chance of coming to fruition and just want to talk sports, why not just pick the cream of the crop from the P12? UNLV is a heck of a lot closer to USC and UCLA. Just take the top half of the P12 and magically put them with UNLV and a few other MWC schools. Yeah neither will ever happen, but at least you dream about schools out west. A conference with UNM and Cincinnati, that's just never going to happen. And let's say for the sake of argument that some really powerful people got together behind closed doors to put together a
  10. I don't think Trump's Republican supporters share your opinion. Perhaps Robe can answer bettter.
  11. Correct. How else can one interpret Trump and Republicans having the WH, Senate majority, and House majority in 2017 and starting 2021 having lost all three after Trump's four years of playing president? It is so clear he was good for the party.
  12. Neither UMKC or Chicago State were good fits for different reasons, but both were absolutely necessary to keep numbers up at a critical point. The new look WAC is so much better on paper, but i will always be grateful for the WAC schools that stayed for a few years and bridged the gap while giving NMSU a home for oly sports - Chicago State, Cal Bakersfield, UMKC. The only real outlier moving forward by geography from the west division is Seattle, but it's super easy to fly in and out of. I hope they stick around.
  13. You are correct, never been to either school or town so i'll take your word for it. I am not worried one bit about the FBS part of it because i didn't expect that to be part of the announcement. A stable oly sports conference is what i am excited to see, finally, for the first time since WAC 1.0 fell apart for NMSU. WAC 2.0 treaded water and survived, and now we'll see what WAC 3.0 looks like for NMSU basketball and baseball. NMSU AD gave a really good interview today and talked about having solid FBS schedule through 2025 and 2026, and also how happy he was that this plan came together fo
  14. Think of the millions of kids that play high school football. I highly doubt a handful of schools moving from FCS with 60+ scholarships to FBS with 85+ scholarships would make a difference when there are currently only 130 FBS schools. The huge gap is between P5 and G5. 6 or 7 more G5 schools won't matter one bit. The schools that spend like no tomorrow and fill stadiums that would sit multiple Laramies and Logans for one afternoon, not the students but the entire towns, will continue to run the show. I also don't think the WAC schools will move up in a 5 year timeframe. Maybe 10.
  15. Correct, no announcements for now. But they have a lot of dollar bills and are located in a city with millions of people. I am surprised with the money they have spent they haven't had more basketball success.
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