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  1. alum93

    Fox "News", everyone

    I wonder what it feels like to be a complete sell out to make money? Must suck. You have to think Tucker, Hannity, Laura, at some point, maybe all the way back in college or HS or middle school, wanted to be real journalists. Then as they got sucked up into this machine they found out they had to present one sided news every night to keep moving up. And yeah, you could throw in the nightly MSNBC crew as well.
  2. alum93

    The secret to SJSU football's monetary prowess

    My guess it had nothing to do with pride or playing for a conference title. They didn't have the money to build a bigger football stadium. 15k is too small. They play in Moscow with a small population to draw from. They also fit within the Big Sky footprint more or less and had a history there. Idaho fans can give their own input, but i didn't see a single fan comment when this all went down that they looked forward to playing for an FCS conference title, especially 2 years removed from an FBS bowl win.
  3. alum93

    The secret to SJSU football's monetary prowess

    Pretty simple math. 2 money games moving forward can get up to $4M. If you have an athletic budget between $20M and $30M, you can pretty much balance it with 2 losses. I like the comments from the players and the experience of playing in front of 100k fans, something that doesn't happen at the G5 level. This is why I don't see NMSU moving down anytime soon. While going independence is risky, i just don't see the point in going FCS until we see what the next round of musical chairs brings, and even then the money still probably won't make sense. Of course, there is the issue of what to do with oly sports. Last year in the WAC, NMSU beat a top 10 team at the time in Miami, went to NCAA yet again, went 3-0 vs MWC, and finished with a top 40 RPI per realtime RPI. They were within a few votes of cracking top 25 late in season before a road loss at UVU. As long as the WAC is around, MWC and other G5 teams are willing to travel to Las Cruces for football, and the SEC is paying up to $2M per game, the formula will work. For Idaho, they had other issues, namely infrastructure with a stadium that sits 15k. NMSU doesn't have that issue, and also can build a G5 schedule around annual rivalry games of UNM and UTEP. Yeah, the money the big boys pay is insane. They love their football in the SEC and BiG land, that is for sure. NMSU has Alabama on tap in 2019 and 2021. Nobody pays better than the Crimson Tide.
  4. alum93

    Michigan State Needs a Timeout

    Once upon a time the BiG looked down at the SEC as the conference and schools that did anything to win. Not anymore. First the debacle of Penn State. Michigan State is just as ugly. Cover ups. Years of abuse. Big money involved. Then we start the season with Urban Meyer and i didn't know, but i did, i think i told the right people, but i still hired a person who beat his wife and lied about it. Ugly stuff. Good thing i am not a fan of the BiG.
  5. alum93

    Josh Allen Named Bills Starting Quarterback

    What could possibly go wrong starting a rookie qb behind a bad offensive lined in the NFL? Signed, Every starting Cleveland qb for the last 15 years whose career was ruined
  6. alum93

    The demise of the G5

    College football players and slavery mentioned in the same sentence. Well, let's see. Players get a free education, tutors, room and board, meals, get to travel the country, and get the same access to classes and a degree that others easily have to pay $100k-$200k if not more for. That education can be life changing. And that is all for being a little bit faster, bigger, and stronger than other athletes. No debt and a college degree if they choose to dedicate themselves in the classroom. Yeap, i completely see the comparison with slavery.
  7. alum93

    The demise of the G5

    You are probably right about P4, but that is the only realistic chance i see at any current G5 team moving up. I think the MWC is set up nicely with regional rivalries. I just don't think a best of the rest would be in the best interest long term of teams from the MWC or AAC. The MWC also has a chance to be a solid annual 2 bid conference in basketball with occasional 3 bids in very good years if the middle of the pack gets stronger. There will always be 2 or 3 really bad teams in both football and basketball. A realistic goal is stronger teams in the 4-9 slots in both sports.
  8. alum93

    The demise of the G5

    If Texas and Oklahoma head off for greener pastures as GOR expiration date gets closer, you could see a few G5 schools called up to the major leagues for the survival of the B12. Outside of that, it is what it is. Greed drives college football and the big boys aren't going to let the little guys in for a chance at a national title if they aren't forced to. A lawsuit sounds like a decent idea, but frankly i don't see a positive outcome. Maybe the best hope, and it's a long shot, is for an expanded playoff with 8 teams and 1 slot going to the best of G5.
  9. alum93

    Cleveland Browns...didn't lose

    Watched a good portion of this game. Cleveland's defensive line and secondary are improved. Landry and Gordon at WR are solid. Taylor is a game manager and probably not a bad qb to have until Mayfield is ready. This isn't a playoff team by any stretch of the imagination, but they could win 4 or 5 games. Considering they were 1-31 prior 2 seasons, that would probably feel like winning the Super Bowl for Browns fans.
  10. alum93

    Murray: It’s Time To Kick Out SJSU

    Better facilities, better support, and a rich winning basketball history. The Sun Bowl is a bad ass college stadium in my opinion, sits 52k+, and hosts a great bowl game. Don Haskins sits 12k+ for basketball. And throw in a history with the majority of current MWC teams. With what has happened with CUSA, the teams they lost and who they expanded with, the current tv contract, UTEP would join in a second if asked.
  11. alum93

    "Last thing we need to do is monkey this up"

    i like it. Someone using common sense, as opposed to defending party no matter what. He may not be a racist, but i am guessing he knew exactly who he was speaking to and how it would be interpreted. Best case, for him, judge really poor judgement. Worst case, well...
  12. alum93

    Announced attendance vs. tickets scanned

    I disagree. Local companies and donors can buy chunks of tickets and inflate tickets sold numbers for marketing. People actually taking the time and going to games tells more about community support.
  13. alum93

    "Last thing we need to do is monkey this up"

    By the president of the United States?
  14. alum93

    Today's winner for Thoughts and Prayers

    I would like to see that same study along with deaths by guns, not just homicides but suicides as well. Why would the focus be only on mass shootings, which are a tiny fraction of homicides? Include them all. And then i will ask again, why do we struggle so much with mass shootings, and school shooting, where other countries don't. Japan doesn't. Australia doesn't. European countries don't. Show me a country with tens of millions or hundreds of millions of people with more school shootings or mass shootings than us and explain why. If you can do it while leaving out the sheer amount of guns we have, good luck.
  15. alum93

    Hang on, Don't go yet Mike

    Correct. He tweeted we could all sleep easy because of his actions over NK. I know i believed him :-) I mean, when has he ever lied or exaggerated about anything and changed the story multiple times after...