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  1. Clearly if we gave guys like Steve fricken Miller more money, they would solve the problem. Good grief this message board has some interesting views on immigration. Maybe some of these guys are just trolling. Has to be. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/apr/11/trump-unleashed-stephen-miller-immigrants
  2. LOL. Yes, let's spend our way out of illegral immigrants coming for a better life. That's the ticket!
  3. Let's just say GCU and Liberty aren't going to have problems with money or scheduling anytime in the near future. As far as Chicago State, no matter how many times it is brought up, they are to the WAC what SJSU is to the MWC. The implication in threads is they are indicative of quality of play somehow, when they are anything but. Those schools are outliers athletically. No one would ever discuss the MWC by starting out asking about SJSU's status. That was my point. If you want to discuss academics, unless you are talking schools with huge endowments in the P12, no one out west has anything to brag about. There are no other prestigious conferences. And the discussion was AF and where sports go, so i am referring to sports, but we can include academics as well. Fresno, Boise, Wyoming, USU, is there any difference with an UVU, NMSU, Seattle in the classroom? Or the Big West? Kids can go to all these schools, get an engineering degree for example, and go have a great life. No one will confuse their resume with a Harvard or ND. And i went to NMSU and have worked with kids my whole career from the "best" schools in the country. Engineering is engineering, and that goes for other degrees as well. The MWC is the only FBS option for AF out west. Good for AF and good for the MWC. And they have great long term rivalries.
  4. I'm better off now than Obama, was with Obama then Bush, was better off with Bush than Clinton. That's because i have a good degree and have worked for over 25 years for great companies, not because of 2 years of Trump.
  5. So Trump says shit but he's all talk and you take Democrats at their word. Got it...
  6. I wonder if a compromise could have been reached. Like a nice AOC tux to go with a Trump white gown. If you are going to have a bizarre wedding, what harm would another weird outfit have caused?
  7. Of course it was calculated. You think he could suddenly write at a high school level with proper grammar? That was the first give away. He dictated and had an adult fix it. Otherwise you would have had run on sentences, majority single syllable words, and 5-7 exclamation marks. It may be racist, but it was edited by someone with an actual education.
  8. Regarding the guy who drove into a crowd in a rally that definitely wasn't racist and had many fine people on both sides, he has been sentenced to 2 life sentences. It's too bad people are so sensitive and can't see that this kind of stuff isn't racist at all. Plus, if people don't love our country and say bad things about us, they can just get the heck out anyway per our commander in chief. I'm sure his rhetoric has nothing to do with fueling the anger of guys like this. https://www.yahoo.com/news/man-faces-second-sentence-charlottesville-050323204.html
  9. Easy solution. Don't try and defend the tweets. Call them out for what they are.
  10. Sure people can disagree with both minorities and whites. And no that doesn't give an excuse for Trump's racist rants, of which this is just the latest in a long line. Reasonable people on this site tend to agree at least with the latest tweets the message he was sending.
  11. Yes, most people with common sense see the racism - even on this forum. Not going to defend Trump, but....... you can't help it. Cheers. There are millions and millions that love him, no doubt. Fortunately, the country is split 50/50 and it will be another close election decided by a few thousand in 2 or 3 critical states, economy and all.
  12. The WAC has Chicago State. The MWC has SJSU. Same RPI/NET numbers.
  13. There's more to life and this wonderful country than an unemployment rate of 4%. I'll take a normal human being that doesn't pander to a certain type of voter and a 4-6% unemployment rate over Trump any day. He's impacting racial relations in a way i haven't seen in my lifetime. We are so much better than this.