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  1. I've ridden mountain bikes for 25+ years, trained and raced up to 100km (62 miles for US folk), and never considered shaving my legs once...
  2. I can see this as one possibility, especially if CUSA loses 2 more schools in addition to the 8 so far.
  3. From an NMSU standpoint, the fact that MWC stayed at same number of teams is good news in short term. First, I don't think we would have been invited if there was change. For the next several years, MWC schools are helping fill out the indy schedule. That should continue. As far as CUSA, i have no idea if the losses will reach NMSU and/or the WAC. 8 schools are gone it sounds like. The issue is are more losses still to come. If so, could CUSA even survive with NMSU and others? No idea, but things will probably clear up in next couple weeks. I think NMSU is in about as good a posit
  4. The P5 break happened a long time ago. The gap has just continued to widen with conferences like BiG and SEC distributing an insane amount of cash per school from cable deals. I don't think that makes things bleak. MWC fans like the rivalries they have and enjoy playing each other. There is nothing P5 about most of the G5 schools in terms of budget, revenue, fan base size, facilities, population, or some combination of those. SDSU can make the argument at least of being in San Diego. Outside of that, the schools are in a stable conference at the G5 level and have good regional rivalrie
  5. The remaining schools in the CUSA will be in pure survival mode. There are only so many names left until you start having to look at the FCS schools that can move up. It would seem to make sense for the WAC FCS schools to stick together in what looks like a decent basketball conference and make the move to FBS down the road. But these are desperate times and who knows what incentives CUSA can throw out to make it to next year.
  6. The schools that joined now for basketball want to move up down the road to FBS, yes.
  7. Well that's a total of 2 of us on here that would want that :-)
  8. I have no idea. I think the intent was for the WAC Texas additions to all move up together at some point later on.
  9. I guess... Who the heck knows. I prefer NMSU playing MWC schools in general in football as an indy and basketball in OOC.
  10. NMSU football is indy. How would inviting WAC FCS schools work? CUSA could get a grace period until they got to FBS status?
  11. If you would have told me 4 more schools were going to make the move up to B12, i would have thought 1 or 2 MWC schools had a chance at winning the P5 sweepstakes.
  12. The WAC doesn't have any FBS schools. They are all FCS. How would that work?
  13. Talk about cutthroat. When Texas and OU dropped the hammer, i knew there would be changes. I never guessed 4 teams from AAC would get called up and CUSA would be essentially destroyed though. I figured based on numbers alone CUSA was relatively safe. I don't think it's good for G5 football fans. P5 conferences could care less.
  14. Moral of the story, don't pick against ESPN. Seriously though, UTEP got punched in the gut this week. And things are still changing by the day.
  15. Would the conference even exist in a few years though? The WAC is stable for oly sports and right now NMSU gets to play MWC teams in football. I'm not sure it's a good move to be honest. Either way, i don't think any of the WAC schools will be touched at this time, including NMSU.
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