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  1. The internet and smaller attention spans will change sports. People will still go to see professional athletes in huge markets. Over time, i think the next generation, especially at smaller schools in smaller conferences, will show less interest in general in the game day experience as it is now. Throw in late start times, as you mentioned the ability to watch any game any time from the comfort of your home/bar, it's not a good recipe. College football needs to experiment with less timeouts, shorter timeouts, at least.
  2. Kids watching other kids play video games as a college sport. Wow how times are changing.
  3. Ok Mug, read the article. I agree we much reject terrorists and racists in any form, no matter the group they target.
  4. I think all that matters to him is the red hat wearing crowd believes he is. Personally i think the only thing the man worships is money.
  5. How many fans got to see the championship team and Final Four squad live? I did. They were awesome. Hard to believe it's been 3 decades.
  6. That's fine if you don't want to share your opinion.
  7. Sorry Mug, didn't mean to take thread off track. My bad.
  8. But do you personally believe when he says he's a Christian based off his actions and his stated belief that he has nothing to ask forgiveness for? Simple question.
  9. Just curious what God you think Trump worships. Assuming you are a Christian, he has twice on record says he can't think of anything to ask for forgiveness for. That doesn't jive with how most Christians think. Off the top of my head, i would go with divorce #1, getting #2 pregnant while married to another, divorce #2, infidelity, paying off porn stars, lying, cheating, arrogance, living for the almighty dollar and power, squashing his enemies. Those that know the Bible well can just put down their top 20 list of Trump's known transgressions. So does he worship a different God, doesn't believe in the concept of forgiveness, doesn't care? Please share and spare me your thoughts on Obama or any other Democrat. What in Trump's personal life and the type of man he has shown himself to be the last 70 years leads you to believe he is a Christian. Seems to me the belief that we are born sinners and need forgiveness when we fall down is at the heart of religion. Trump does not, and has publicly stated so directly. In Trump's defense, people get divorced. It happens. They just don't have affairs prior to signing the paperwork necessarily.
  10. What happened to the Reggie Theus fan(s)?
  11. Thanks Mugtang. I'll definitely check it out.
  12. I get DirectTV for $60. Tons of channels, no contract. ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN2. HBO as well. Not a bad deal.
  13. Well it would be good for the MWC to get rid of a sub 300 NET / RPI team. This year they had 2 in Wyoming and SJSU. The WAC had one in Chicago State. So the WAC would then be rewarded with 2 sub 300 teams. Lovely. Final rpi rankings showed WAC at 15 and MWC at 16 by the way, no doubt a result of the bottom few teams in the MWC pulling down the top 3 while at the same time the middle of the WAC teams steadily improving. I am sure other sites will have it flipped, but my guess is most will have the 2 conferences pretty close for the 2018-19 season. I suppose the one positive for the WAC, at the expense of hurting power rankings moving forward, would an SJSU add would get the conference up to 10 members versus 9 for stability. I can't think of any other than that. http://realtimerpi.com/rpi_conf_Men.html
  14. Cut and paste with NMSU, Jans, Las Cruces, and the Pan Am. Congrats on your MWC regular season and tourney run. Good matchup up in Washington with a brutal game in round 2 if you get there.