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  1. Ran across this video today. https://www.cnn.com/videos/business/2019/05/18/tim-cook-generation-failed-commencement-speech-orig.cnn
  2. Ok, how did expanding to 16 work out for the MWC last time? And instead of 12 schools competing for 1 autobid, you will have 16 schools doing the same? If anything, i would think the Big Sky would be very wary of taking on any more schools in the future. The WAC, MWC, WCC, Big Sky, and Big West can all coexist out west, and that's 5 NCAA tourney bids guaranteed.
  3. There are way too many big words in those sentences to be describing those nice folk in the video.
  4. We shall see. And that was Bolton, not Bolden. My bad. Here is a good read and the last paragraph sums it up. https://www.newyorker.com/news/letter-from-trumps-washington/war-games-trump-bolton-and-the-alleged-march-to-fight-iran All of which is to say I wouldn’t discount the chance that a series of mistakes could lead to a conflict that Trump himself doesn’t want. The brakes on Trump are shredded. There are fewer and fewer people around the President to stop him or to offer him options that avert worst-case scenarios. Remember: there hasn’t been a crisis, a real international crisis, yet in the Trump era. There has been no 9/11 or global financial catastrophe to test this President and his fractious, ever-changing team. What will happen when there is?
  5. Well, i remember a certain president personally guiding us toward war with Saddam and Iraq along with his friends overseas. Something about weapons of mass destruction and terrorists and ties to 9/11. With Bolton and Trump, i don't think it would take much to light this match. Hopefully it is just posturing, but it sure feels like we could be heading toward something real.
  6. Agreed. Toronto is beautiful. Weather in winter sucks, but otherwise great place to visit.
  7. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2019/05/20/trump-iran-us-tensions-war/3738740002/
  8. While the NBA regular season is too long and games can be quite boring, the playoff intensity and pressure makes for great entertainment if you like the sport. Golden State comeback last Thursday was awesome. Double OT game last night with the Toronto getting the huge W at home was exciting all the way to the end. Multiple superstars still battling. Not sure Milwaukee or Toronto have enough fire power, but they will match up better because of defense and length with Golden State than Portland. Kawhi should stay in Toronto, but he'll probably end up in California and i can't blame him.
  9. No argument from me on that one.
  10. Indeed, why not both. Let's ask the president and the party that just had the Senate and House on why they didn't cut spending but found a way to cut taxes for the rich.
  11. No, that was in response to another comment about why don't give money to poor people in other countries with lower standard of living. Somehow that was linked to the article on billionaires. Don't ask me how.
  12. His supporters.... don't..... care.... About any of that stuff. Hopefully enough people do in the next election.
  13. Our national debt and inability to invest more in things like education is tied to how much money the government takes in. Every time someone games the system it takes money out. I have heard people argue the national debt is not a bad thing. We are currently at $21 trillion and counting. The deficit last year was $779 billion. Yes you take out loans for homes, vehicles, businesses, etc. The assumption is also you will pay it back in some timely manner dictated by the loan. If enough people don't pay it back, what happens...
  14. I have seen it. I think someone on this site posted if i remember right. Pretty cool. I never said they were a-holes. I don't know why anytime someone mentions the rich paying more of a share people dig in their heels and get so defensive. Our president even joked about avoiding taxes when asked about all his losses recently and called it a sport. Pathetic. It really is ok to look at all options for a government drowning in debt, and yes that includes, gasp, the horror of the wealthy paying a little more. It's ok to have that discussion and doesn't make anyone evil. When you have more money than a billion people and are part of our society, well we may ask you to carry a more heavy burden by percentage. I am sure they will still make out just fine in the long run. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/05/08/trump-tax-loss-new-york-times-accountant-crn-vpx.cnn