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  1. And yet UNLV lost to Duke. A young Duke squad that they had easily beat the year before. It happens. If you judge them by that one game, they were just another team from the Big West that hardly played anyone. If you go back and look at the whole resume, it was clear they were a monster team. Gonzaga was awesome whether they lost in the second or third round or national championship game. I don't go off the last game of the year, because only one team ends without a loss, the national champion. Gonzaga looked like they had tired legs, but it doesn't matter. Baylor took it to them and t
  2. Not sure what your idea of impressive wins is. But here were the bigger games they played outside of WCC before losing to Baylor in the national championship game. They've played in 2 national championship games in 3 years. That is the definition of playing to your seeding. Only one team can cut down the nets, that doesn't mean the team that lost wasn't awesome. Far from it. Some of the best teams in college basketball didn't win the championship because they simply played a bad few minutes or the other team got hot. To make the NCAA runs Gonzaga has over the last 20 years is about as g
  3. Let's see what the conference rankings look like the first couple years. There are some really good coaches at the top in my opinion with GCU, NMSU, SFA, ACU. Mad Dog Madsen is just getting started, but i think he will do good things at UVU following in Pope's footsteps. Billy G has coached at the highest level and probably just needs a couple classes to have Tarleton State rolling. On paper, it looks like its going to be a really fun conference. We'll see how it plays out. And just as i type that i ran across this on the NMSU board regarding WAC coaches. ACU and CBU mentioned. I
  4. I thought you were saying MWC teams make more with their tv deal than Gonzaga. That's why i was curious what the numbers were.
  5. More specifically, the notion that the MWC would have helped them prepare for Baylor is misguided. They won 7 games this year against P5 teams, including blue bloods like Kansas and West Virginia. A lot of the games weren't even close. They would have ran through any of the mid major conferences with ease. They were that good. Few is just a great coach and they recruit now with the best of the best. They are getting the number one player in the country in back to back years.
  6. Agreed that the WAC improved dramatically with the new schools in basketball. Also they dropped Chicago State, which was the one school that never was able to become competitive at the D1 level. NMSU's path to the NCAA is now harder, and that's a good thing. Plus GCU is on the right trajectory as well. Expansion with those particular schools in Texas was the right decision long term for the WAC.
  7. Are there numbers to discuss with respect to Gonzaga specifically compared to a MWC team for tv revenue? Not questioning your opinion, just asking if there is an article or thread i missed.
  8. TV money would be higher? I guess i would like to see the numbers for Gonzaga specifically.
  9. The MWC is a 1-2 bid conference, not 2-3. That's a big difference. The WAC and Big West are currently 1 bid.
  10. The UNLV squad out of the Big West that had the nerve to lose to Duke in the Final Four is the perfect example of judging a team by its final loss. That teams was as good as it gets in college basketball. NMSU was loaded at the time as well in the late 80s and early 90s and knocked off the Rebels in front of a crazy crowd with Dicky V calling the game in Las Cruces. Game went down to final shot. But i digress. The Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon teams could have a won a national championship in any era. They also played in the Big West. By the logic of Gonzaga not being a great team becaus
  11. Gonzaga is a powerhouse and has been to 2 championship games in the last few years. More importantly, they have been winning NCAA tourney games for over 2 decades now with no signs of slowing down. The MWC would have a totally different reputation if they had been able to pry them from the WCC. They just came up one game short. They played a great OOC schedule and beat everyone up until Baylor. Credit Baylor for playing a phenomenal game and shooting lights out the first 5 minutes to put Gonzaga on their heels. For anyone to suggest they were anything but great this year, I politely dis
  12. I can see SJSU looking at Madsen. I would think USU could and would want a more experienced coach at the D1 level.
  13. This is my thought on Jans as well. He is not in the twilight of his career. He can certainly find jobs that increase his pay if that's what he wants, but have a better chance of long term success than SJSU basketball. To me, that position is like trying to hire a football coach for NMSU. It's a really tough gig with the deck stacked against you for any type of long term success. Having said that, Jans can flat out coach and would have SJSU playing competitive ball in a short amount of time with the middle of the MWC. I personally don't see him going that route, i think he will have much
  14. Going from a consistent 1-2 bid league to a 2-3 bid league is a huge jump. It is true that Syracuse was a very bad draw. SDSU had a strong team capable of winning a couple games in the tourney. But when both MWC play poorly, and in general the conference struggles to win NCAA games, it creates doubt. The P5 conferences can afford to have off years in the post season, like the BiG this year. It won't matter next year. 3 bids is a good goal, but 2 is more realistic for now based on the strength of teams top to bottom.
  15. It probably helps for health of athletic department if your school can be good in at least one of the 2 major college sports that generate revenue - men's basketball or football. If you are a small school and lousy in both for a long period of time, combined with decreasing enrollment, it could get tough. That field looks like it is out in the middle of nowhere.
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