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  1. It was a very poor decision to cancel and the conference looks embarrassing to walk back on it weeks later.
  2. I’d be okay with this if that milf, Kristi Noem, was your governor. MWC should send an invite to South Dakota State instead.
  3. Go Cougs. Represent the draconian west.
  4. Looks like BYU and CSU both have openings on 9/26. It’d be fun to watch them play again. I recently rewatched the 2008 game... https://www.byutv.org/player/860a15c3-3aab-4a71-a948-d714bc63ded2/byu-football-byu-csu-11108?listid=59423a04-e7e3-4ea7-8753-720127650553&listindex=69
  5. Decent attempt. It’ll be interesting to see if they grow a sustained following up there. Also, the NHL needs to bring back the Nordiques already.
  6. Joey is my neighbor and we’ve had a few beers on occasion. He’s a really humble guy.
  7. Or a team like Sac State visiting U of I in Big Sky competition...
  8. I think the OOC schedules works for both teams in their own ways. CSU is coming off of a losing season, so a couple wins vs P5 teams (even P5 dregs) would really be a boost for the program. On the other hand, it’s impressive that a program the caliber of FSU is traveling to Boise. I really hope the season happens and with fans in the stands.
  9. Couldn’t the schools that don’t play twice that season just taken it upon themselves to schedule a “non-conference game” if they both had scheduling issues? Why create a rule that many school oppose when there’s that work around?
  10. If the SJSU and CSU uniforms had a baby.
  11. I’ve been following CSU men’s xc since I was on the team and this is the most impressed I’ve ever been. The Rams are up to #10 nationally in the polls this week after finishing sixth at pre-nationals. Sounds like the conference championship race will be a dog fight this year.
  12. The MWC has never invited schools from FCS. If the Bison are really that interested in joining our conference then the natural progression would be to try to join the Sun Belt as football-only. Dominate the Sun Belt for a few years and an invite may eventually come. A real football stadium would be helpful too. However, the Mid-American Conference is obviously the best fit for NDSU. The MAC would be a much improved conference if they added NDSU to the west division and Marshall to the east.
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