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  1. Joey is my neighbor and we’ve had a few beers on occasion. He’s a really humble guy.
  2. Or a team like Sac State visiting U of I in Big Sky competition...
  3. I think the OOC schedules works for both teams in their own ways. CSU is coming off of a losing season, so a couple wins vs P5 teams (even P5 dregs) would really be a boost for the program. On the other hand, it’s impressive that a program the caliber of FSU is traveling to Boise. I really hope the season happens and with fans in the stands.
  4. Couldn’t the schools that don’t play twice that season just taken it upon themselves to schedule a “non-conference game” if they both had scheduling issues? Why create a rule that many school oppose when there’s that work around?
  5. If the SJSU and CSU uniforms had a baby.
  6. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for 10+ years and have only briefly been to Fresno twice (both times for Rams-Bulldogs games). I’d be interested in hearing more about things to do in the Central Valley since I’m not far away. What’s this underground garden thing?
  7. Congrats Pokes. Good luck the rest of the tourney.
  8. This reminds me of the Bobo extension a few years back. Although, Bobo actually had a better record than Norvell at the time of the extension. Hope this works out better for you guys than it did for us. https://www.denverpost.com/2019/09/25/joe-parker-mike-bobo-csu-rams-football-2019-extension/
  9. Wyoming fans deserve a better coach. Hope you run this guy out of town and find someone that can get you back on the right track.
  10. Disappointing loss but the Aggies are a hell of team. Merrill was unreal in the second half. Good luck the rest of the way Aggie fans.
  11. Agreed. I’d like to see them play again in Vegas.
  12. Not a bad hire. I would’ve been okay with Graham getting hired at CSU.