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  1. Wyoming fans deserve a better coach. Hope you run this guy out of town and find someone that can get you back on the right track.
  2. Disappointing loss but the Aggies are a hell of team. Merrill was unreal in the second half. Good luck the rest of the way Aggie fans.
  3. Agreed. I’d like to see them play again in Vegas.
  4. Not a bad hire. I would’ve been okay with Graham getting hired at CSU.
  5. Not to derail the thread, but I have lived in SF for 10 years (right now in the Noe Valley neighborhood) and I only encounter the occasional dog poop. Just avoid the TL and you’re good. Merry Christmas All
  6. Relating the Schemmel/Long debacle back to CSU, I do have some concerns with how our coaching search transpired. Instead of hiring a search firm to vet candidates, Urban got his mediocre buddy hired and now the favor is returned via Urban’s son-in-law getting hired as a position coach on our staff. So far, the only position coaches that have been announced are Addazio’s son as LB coach and Urban’s relative as QB coach. The whole situation has unethical undertones in my opinion. https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/13/report-steve-addazio-to-add-his-son-urban-meyers-son-in-law-to-colorado-state-staff/
  7. Kid looks solid. Hopefully a diamond in the rough for Wyo.
  8. Exciting hire for you guys. Should pump up the Lobo fan base.... CSU managed to do the exact opposite with our hire.
  9. His offenses were solid a couple years ago. Good hire.
  10. Hope you guys can find the funds to get Gonzales and he is able to turn things around in ABQ. I imagine all those years under Rocky made a good impression on him, and the ties to UNM/MWC should help as well.
  11. Guesses Denver Post: Tony Alford (Ohio State), Nick Rolovich, Collin Klein (K-State), Jim Leavitt, Dan Hammerschmidt (Ok St). https://www.denverpost.com/2019/12/04/mike-bobo-csu-rams-football-coaching-job-candidates/ Guesses from CFN: Jim McEwain, Jeff Choate (Montana St.), Billy Gonzales (Florida), Jay Hill (Weber), Eliah Drinkwitz (Ap. State) https://collegefootballnews.com/2019/12/mike-bobo-colorado-state-agree-to-mutual-separation
  12. GG, Aztecs. Pretty sure you’ll be a lock for March Madness.
  13. Good one. You really got me.
  14. In this situation, yes. lol
  15. As an outside observer, the Wyoming fans deserve to complain. We have all seen BS like this from AF time and time again.