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  1. Kansas and Colorado State to the Big Ten. Someone from Minnetonka just tweeted that Minnesota is sponsoring CSU’s invite.
  2. Big fan of the turquoise accent. UNM should do more of that.
  3. Suspect list with San Jose at 16th worst. San Jose and the Bay Area have a world class culinary scene.
  4. Hoke and Bohl should at least be in the 70’s. Brennan will see his stock sky rocket with another winning season.
  5. The Habs have had a ton of costly errors. If they clean that up, they might have a shot at winning at home tonight.
  6. A belated congrats on Hawaii’s national championship. I most have missed that. That is pretty cool no matter the sport.
  7. New Mexico does have great food, but nothing beats the funnel cakes at Wyoming’s stadium.
  8. Habs looked good in the first period. Not sure what’s up with Petry’s eyes but I’m hoping he can stay on the ice for the rest of the game.
  9. Canvas is amazing - love that place. War memorial is a great spot to catch a game as well. The MW west division is catching up and I’m excited to see those facilities in the near future.
  10. Habs fan here. If Scheifele isn’t suspended for the rest of the series it’s going to be miserable for him out there.
  11. This, plus Rudy as honorable mention.
  12. Unlucky break for the SDSU QB. I’m not looking forward to the Jack Rabbits visiting Fort Collins in a few months - it’s the next game for both of us. They’ll have another quality team next season.
  13. I really like AFA’s and SDSU’s throwbacks. On the other hand, the current USU and UW logos are greatly improved.
  14. I like the script as well. Nevada should revert back to the top hat wolf and script again. The newer wolf (bat) logos have been pretty bad.
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