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  1. How my little unr buddies doing? You know who you are.... Try not to burn down your trailer park tonight. Embarrassing representation of the MWC. A top 25 team for a good part of the year getting their ass whooped by a team that went 9-9 in their conference. 1, 2,,,,,3,,,,,,,,4 "but at least we were in the tourney"........ lolololol
  2. Trolls are out. Have fun.
  3. Glad for the win but, to be honest this season has left me emotionless. I would be feeling the same had we lost.
  4. I think you guys are the only one that won tonight. MWC took a beating today.
  5. Ball was turned over more times than it saw the net. It wasn’t pretty.
  6. Long term picture for this season looks bad.
  7. LMU has 4 starters from last year and at best they came in 8th in the WCC. They have one guy, Bateman, that can score. We are in some trouble. Forget the volume of turnovers, where are we going to get some scoring. We may not win another game this year after our exhibition victory. It looks that bad.
  8. I always like when Dave Bollwinkle is game analyst/announcers. One of my favorites.
  9. Noooo. It’s too damned cold for a bowl game in Pullman. It would be another Tater Bowl.
  10. The hair could just be blowing smoke as ESPN/Las Vegas Bowl are trying to negotiate with the new Stadium people. It’s hard to put much stock into what he says. Just look back at how he ran with the Gonzaga to the MWC story.
  11. NWRebel

    New Rule

    There should be an age restriction as well. Only 5 players over the age of 25. That should cut a third of their team.
  12. Very well could be losing the Vegas bowl. I had read that Mitsubishi wanted to extend their contract as title sponsor into 2020 but, the Vegas/ESPN bowl people put that on hold. They have to deal with a Stadium Authority now if they want a game at the new stadium.