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  1. New Mexico peeps

    The Shed is excellent 5*. Also, in Santa Fe, try Tomasitas. I love the Super combination plate. It is a ton of food. Parking is easy and you can also walk to a nearby brew pub and shopping. If you get there a t a bad time there is going to be a long wait. I've heard they were opening one up in Abq. but, I've never been to that one so I don't know how it compares.
  2. UNLV recruiting

    LV SUN Article on Menzies' visit with Brown.. https://lasvegassun.com/news/2018/apr/23/unlv-making-recruiting-push-for-top-2019-wing-chri/
  3. MWC Golf Championship

    We are looking at an indoor course next.....Fertitta Money!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    No Sweep for the NM. UNLV 8 Lobos 3...final score.
  5. MWC Golf Championship

    NCAA Women Golfstat Live Scoring 2018 Mountain West Women's Golf Championship Apr 16 - Apr 18 2018 Team Leaders 1 UNLV +8 2 San Diego State +16 3 Colorado State +31 4 New Mexico +38 5 Nevada +39 6 San Jose State +46 7 Fresno State +49 8 Wyoming +63 9 Boise State +66
  6. MWC Golf Championship

    Hella ya.....
  7. I did the same thing but, lord mug was quick to merge it. As you can see below I'm chopped liver...
  8. UNR Med School Receives Scathing Audit

    Nice try. However, the audit, at UNLV's request, was done well before any of the fellowships and residencies were transferred to UNLV. Clearly UNr is going to take a hit for their incompetence. "Since UNLV was in the process of taking over UNR's practice plan, including its doctors and faculty members, it wanted a full accounting. UNR was bleeding money. A 2015 email from then-Chancellor Dan Klaich indicated a $2 million loss in just the first quarter. Klaich noted he was getting radically different stories about problems in the system, UNR telling one version and UNLV telling another. UNLV pushed for a full audit, UNR pushed back. When the audit was finally finished, it confirmed many of the worst suspicions." Hiding Medicare and Medicaid fraud from UNLV and the NSHE is one thing but, wait until the Federal Government gets involved. I can't wait for that to get started.
  9. MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Rebels over Portland 12-2. 5 Home runs. Looks like Jobu woke up the bats.
  10. Fresno State Professor

    Sounds like someone looking for attention. Fresno State administration I'm sure heard her loud and clear. I will have to keep tabs on the news to see what becomes of her.
  11. OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    Congrats to our VGK's. Take down the Kings in game 4. First ever for an NHL team in it's inaugural season.
  12. UNR Med School Receives Scathing Audit

    Phucking audit hidden for two years with some damning accusations. How do you hide a taxpayer funded audit? Someone at reno needs to go to jail. Shut that crooked Reno medical fraud school down.
  13. Fresno St

    Wait. What? https://www.change.org/p/interpol-assane-diouf-is-not-a-terrorist-but-an-activist
  14. UNLV recruiting

    What is up with your personal attacks on RebelRobert?
  15. UNR Med School Receives Scathing Audit

    Thanks. I don't get over to this dark side too often so I didn't see it.