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  1. I was getting updated from a friend of mine who went to the game in my place tonight. Apparently in the first minute alone Wyoming was hit with 4 fouls. MWC refs gonna MWC ref, and keep the prestigious title of worst NCAAB officiating.
  2. In any other context I’d be laughing hysterically
  3. I saw this over on Reddit and decided to share over here as there are a couple great MWC dunks featured (Including Nevada’s Burton throwing down a monster dunk I saw in person here in Boise at the (former) Taco Bell Arena at the #5 spot . Happy Holidays and Go Broncos and MWC in non-conference play
  5. Damn, Cam Newton sure has changed over this season! Lol stupid joke, but had to go there.
  6. I wanna say that years ago, before the Santa incident, Hal posted something to do with Die Antwoord. It was on this board I first read about them and it was the song I Fink You Freaky and I Like You A lot. I’ve been a casual listener of them and came across this video over the summer. I rarely ever post on here even though I’ve been a member and daily reader of this forum for like 7-8 years. I’m trying to be more active on here instead of a lurker.
  7. Even if you hate Die Antwoord, watch this! It’s an animated true story as told by Ninja regarding Drake and Kanye and is hilarious
  8. I love Dosed, it’s such a great track! Under the Bridge is still my favorite, but the Live at Slane Castle version of Venice Queen and the Live at the Cigale version of Don’t Forget me are my favorite individual song performances.
  9. Turn it Again is a great song on SA and John let’s loose on guitar. 20+ individual guitar tracks during the outro. Give it a listen I agree on Anthony’s lyrics sliding starting with this album
  10. With the Bears getting knocked out of playoff contention, BSU not getting an NY6 bid, I was gearing up for an uneventful December and holiday season.... Then a Christmas Miracle occurs and John Frusciante rejoins RHCP! He’s the reason I learned guitar and a huge influence musically and a role model for me with his struggles and triumph over addiction. Any other peppers fans out there as excited as I am?
  11. According to his press conference when stepping down he would be done AFTER the bowl game. But he is speaking to the media at 3:30 pacific, so who knows?