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  1. Sportzaddict

    Game Thread - Fresno State vs. Wyoming

    Muti going down was a huge blow.
  2. The OC had his head up his ass for three quarters and finally decided to throw the ball downfield in the fourth quarter. Had first and goal on the 2 yard line or so with a minute left in the game. He calls a half back pass, which was under thrown and picked off. Dogs were down 7 at the time. Had a chance to score and tie or go for two. Most of us think it wouldn't have come down to that if not for the OC. Dogs moved the ball easily when he opened up the playbook. He called a lot of runs and lateral passes the first three quarters.
  3. Sportzaddict

    UC Davis at San Jose State

    Wow, my pick was pretty close. I took UCD over SJSU by three.
  4. Sportzaddict

    Facebook Games

    I believe there will be a direct link to the game for the ones that don't have a Facebook account.
  5. Sportzaddict

    Sad news. This is coastie's son posting.

    Truly shocking news. Although I hardly post here, I just recent signed up but I've been reading this board for years. I've always enjoyed his posts. God bless you all!