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    Will the MWC add men's soccer for Gonzaga?

    Dog's added women's water polo when wrestling was brought back. Men's soccer was cut back in 2004 I believe. They ad pretty good success and was well attended. With Title IX, I doubt the team will ever come back. Via GoBulldogs. BULLDOG SOCCER Since its inception as a varsity program in 1970, Bulldog soccer has celebrated many accomplishments. It has since developed a standard of excellence spanning the last 33 years as a NCAA Division I sport. The proof is in the numbers. * 25 winning seasons,including 22 of the last 25 * 14 NCAA playoff appearances, including eight consecutive bids from 1984 to 1991 * An appearance in the 1986 Final Four * The school's first No. 1 national ranking (1987) by any Fresno State varsity sport * 16-time NCAA playoff host * 12 conference titles * 8 All-Americans * 18 past and current soccer professionals * Numerous all-Academic, all-Conference and Player of the Year accolades. Additionally, Fresno State soccer, a three-time NCAA attendance leader, is one of the largest collegiate soccer draws in the nation, having played in front of over 450,000 fans since 1981. In fact, in the 22 seasons that Bulldog Stadium has served as home, Fresno State has compiled a 175-48-18 record, while averaging 1,908 fans in 246 contests. In 1987, following Fresno State's Final Four appearance, the Bulldogs led the nation in total attendance, drawing 45,532 fans, while setting the NCAA single-match attendance record of 12,224 on Sept. 27, 1987, versus the University of San Francisco. Last year, the Bulldogs ranked sixth in the nation and led the Pac-10 in attendance. Having earned the reputation as one of the country's premier soccer programs, regional and national prominence has gone hand in hand with Bulldog soccer. Bulldog Stadium has been selected to serve as a NCAA playoff site 16 times as 59,914 fans -- an average of 3,745 per match -- have gone through the gates to watch Fresno State pursue its quest for a national title in 13 of the last 21 years. And, having captured numerous individual accolades for its players and coaches in the last three decades, Fresno State soccer looks to continue that tradition for many years to come. Only four coaches have been at the helm of Bulldog soccer: Bob Bereskin (1970-79), Fresno State's inaugural coach who twice captured conference Coach of the Year honors, Jose Elgorriaga (1980-90), the program's most celebrated figurehead who compiled a 170-58-20 record (.726) in 11 years and guided the Bulldogs to a NCAA semifinal appearance in '86, John Bluem (1991-96), who captured three conference championship titles, while collecting three coach of the year honors and guiding his teams to four NCAA tournaments in his six seasons and Dave Chesler (1997-present), who guided the Bulldogs to the 1998 WAC title, enters his
  2. Sportzaddict

    Amazon Redirect

    I've been getting this one pretty often when I browse on mobile. I'm using an android.
  3. Sportzaddict

    Rodney Terry to UTEP

    Same here!
  4. Sportzaddict

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    This also. Saying the same thing basically from two different people.
  5. Sportzaddict

    Rodney Terry to UTEP

    Thanks! That's exactly what I did. Tried it again and just noticed the link changes into the actual tweet if I wait a little bit before I click post.
  6. Sportzaddict

    Rodney Terry to UTEP

    I gotta figure out how to post the Twitter post like yours.
  7. Sportzaddict

    Rodney Terry to UTEP

    Please take him! https://twitter.com/AndyMorganTV/status/972593166154190848?s=19
  8. Sportzaddict

    Rodney Terry to UTEP

    UTEP please hire him!!!!!!!!!!! I'm probably one of the few that thinks the dogs need another head coach so they can take another step up. I just don't think it's Terry.
  9. Sportzaddict

    Steinauer goes back to Canada

    Just lost our DC. Headed back up to Canada as the assistant head coach. https://twitter.com/Ticats/status/966741730983907335
  10. Sportzaddict

    Fresno State 2018 Recruiting

    Dogs pick up Austin Alexander. https://twitter.com/Aust2sm00ve/status/961381517661523968
  11. Sportzaddict

    Fresno State 2018 Recruiting

    EDIT: Copter's knows a lot more than me, so I'd go with his! Haha
  12. Sportzaddict

    Sad news. This is coastie's son posting.

    Truly shocking news. Although I hardly post here, I just recent signed up but I've been reading this board for years. I've always enjoyed his posts. God bless you all!