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  1. Also Davidson got an A-10 invite after going to the Elite 8. It was a few years later that they got their invite, but it's hard to imagine that Elite 8 run (and having Steph +++++in' Curry) didn't have a lot to do with it.
  2. The best we can do as a conference is just enjoy our cute little league's regular season and then treat the MWC tournament as the real March Madness. Hang a natty banner if you win the MWC tournament.
  3. I mean, please tell me we all saw this coming. Is anyone honestly surprised? This conference has been doing this for 20+ years.
  4. The MWC just sucks. Always has. We might get a Sweet Sixteen here or there but those don't really amount to shit in the bigger picture. Wake me up when one of us actually makes a relevant run.
  5. Gonzaga needs the MWC. You're the number 1 overall seed but we all know the Zags aren't going to win it all, again. I hope I'm wrong, I want you all to win it but playing scrub teams like Pepperdine and BYU just doesn't have you all tough enough.
  6. Yes it's been fun. Please +++++ing win a game or two in the big dance.
  7. Bro I conceded that our best teams wouldn't "dominate" this Boise team a long time ago. I think we would have a battle on our hands but I still think we would win. Not sure what else you want from me. All I want is this Boise team to put up or shut up in the only tournament that matters. And I'm not exactly new, I've been around this board since like 2005. Much longer than you've been here, most likely. You're WAC trash, remember.
  8. It's not my measuring stick it was just a footnote along the way. Boise was auto wins for us while we were compiling our dominance. Congrats on finally having a decent team. We've had many of them. It would be like my football team finally going 10-2 and then trying to lecture Boise fans on what it's like having a football program.
  9. CSU ranked but Donks not ranked.
  10. 27 wins and no rank. Just lol....
  11. Dang and he went 6-1 against Boise during his tenure here. Such garbage.
  12. He's not even close to being the best UNM player ever but keep trying. And try not to embarrass the MWC in the dance while you're at it.
  13. Yes, he was MWC Player of the Year. Shavers can't even smell his jock.
  14. Imagine being 27-7, MWC regular season champs and tournament champs and not even being close to being a top 25 team.
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