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  1. This kind of made me wonder about what our biggest wins are in awhile. The 3 tournament championship games against SDSU and UNLV, but after that probably beating top 10 Cincy on the road and beating a ranked UConn in a mid-season tournament championship game. We have a lot of P5 wins over the years but we really need to step up and win some games in March. I think Paul Weir might finally be the guy to do it (please god).
  2. Vegas, with Dave Rice of all coaches, took down UNC, so anything is possible. Then again this Duke team is probably ten times better than that UNC team.
  3. Probably not. Bob Davie's buyout is like $1.2 mil. We're stuck with him for a few more years, which should completely kill our already dead fan base. He's old and stubborn and the game has passed him by. I've already thought about UNM football way too much for today. Have fun Broncs and enjoy your easy win.
  4. I'm too apathetic to even get an upset stomach at this point. I literally just have zero emotion when it comes to football anymore. If the admin and school don't care about investing in the sport, why should I? We're a one trick pony like UNLV and we just have to accept it.
  5. Yeah, it's going to be a bloodbath. No one here really cares though. I don't even know what time the game is. I almost forgot we had a game today until I looked at this thread.
  6. Should be over midway through the first quarter. I'm excited, and when I say excited, I mean I'm not even going to watch. Honestly just getting myself ready for NMSU game tomorrow.
  7. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it as well, which probably explains the nerves. I would assume he's physically healthy but it's mostly a psychological thing? It seems like PW wants to take it slow with Drue in general right now, being a super raw true frosh coming off an injury. Seems fine since our schedule kind of sucks lol.
  8. Drue Drinnon played a few minutes but did not look ready. He was visibly very nervous. Normally this would not be an issue, but we were in a dogfight and coach could not afford to let him play through the freshman mistakes during this game. He will get his time. He will likely see a lot of minutes when we are blowing some teams out to get some experience leading up to conference play. He will be one of the top PGs in the MWC when it's all said and done.
  9. UNLV is such an enigmatic program at this point. All the resources in the world to be the #1 program in the Mountain West, and a consistent regional power that should be challenging the likes of Gonzaga for the best in the west, yet just completely falls short every year. Bad coaching hires reverberate nearly a decade into the future. Dave Rice is still haunting the Thomas & Mack. Lon Kruger was a "ceiling coach" not too long ago, but I bet Rebs wouldn't mind having him on the sidelines again. I really thought Marvin was going to be better than this. Never great, just solid, but
  10. The AAC is literally the old wacky WAC. First team to 60 wins.
  11. That was so strangely worded by MWWire, I dunno how you got that from that, but okay. Not sure if we can achieve that. St. Mary's is going to be very tough, along with teams like Colorado and @NMSU, but it could be possible. If JaQuan Lyle was healthy, I'd like our chances to run the OOC table, but basketball gods hate us.
  12. Fresno State 33 Houston 27 San Diego State 34 Houston 10 I can see why you're so salty towards the MWC. If you play against the MWC in a bowl game again this season, the MWC will stomp you again.
  13. That wouldn't be a bad scenario, but the truth is the WCC wouldn't take us in. We're obviously good enough from a competitive standpoint, but we don't fit the small religious/private school footprint of that league in the slightest. That conference has a very defined identity, and we don't fit in with it at all. We would inquire, and they would decline. AAC is completely out of question. We simply don't have the clout of a Wichita State to garner an invitation at this point. Maybe if Alford had actually taken us somewhere in March when he was here and had stacked team after stacked team, we wo
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