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  1. You conveniently ignore 2017 when your Buttaloes needed those crooked p12 refs stop CSU from beating you by about 20 points! Even the Denver newspapers said that the your pee 12 refs stole that game from the Rams. Now go lay by your bowl. Rams rule and Bluffs drool!
  2. How on Earth would anybody figure that out? Wearing heavy make up & stolleto heels?
  3. As much as most of the mwc fans dislike or hate the Borg, the fact is that the re unification of both is the best win-win situation for each entity that exists today. Lots to forgive, but never forget! BYU is a horrible partner but they do bring great fans who travel well and they bring out the best of rivalry hatred among any teams that has ever played in the mountain West.
  4. Oh gosh... what a dream killer you are. BTW, Impeccable logic predicting Tron's & CSU's success vs. BSU in '19 !!! Where'd you learn such brilliance? College? Ohhh, well that explains it.
  5. Tulsa is a great school & while up & down a very fine Sports program... will always do well in it's Cycles... wish the MWC had invited Tulsa & Shockers (Oly only) to the MWC. Everyone loves to gang up on the smaller schools... TU has much to be proud of, including Howard Twilley! ANd Jeb Blount.
  6. Great point. Unfortunately, do you think its possible for anyone (CH or otherwise) to herd the Prez's into agreeing to: A) allow-recruit-entice BYU back into the MWC for Fball only, or Fball & Oly?? "B") allow-recruit-entice BYU into the MWC for Fball as a MWC Associate-Member (getting 5 or 6 games/yr, but no CCG or MWC Bowl access)?? C) Then get BYU & Boise to Equal Shares?? I'm sorry, but I simply don't see how anybody gets our uber-conservative self-centered Doofus Prez's to look beyond their noses at such BIG ISSUES dealing 90% w/ Sports, and convince them to take a RISK. Heck, just asking BYU into your Conference is a major RISK due to their history of lying, cheating, behind the back dealings that can hurt your MWC. DOn't get me wrong, I believe BYU belongs in the MWC & visa-versa... but BYU really has proven to be horrible Business/League partners. Maybe some compromise could be reached for the Assoc. Member thing because it could be structured to be just like Notre Dame's deal w/ the AAC??? At least that could be appealing to the BYU propaganda machine!
  7. News Flash -- Rams just signed a LB Gradxfer from Troy who is very, very proven & accomplished. Huge game in Troy's win vs. Neb, 2nd team All-SunBelt, starter since RS Fr year, 6'2 x 210, very Fast & athletic. He is prototypical of the LB's (& DL) that our DC loves to employ... quicker, faster (thus normally a bit undersized) kids who can generate Chaos along the LOS, and can clean up breakdowns that inevitably occur. Having only 1 LB returning who has Starting Experience (Max McDonald), this is a VERY GOOD move by our DC (Jancek) & Bobo !!!!!! Can't teach Speed, Experience & Courageous performances in Big Games vs. P5's !!!!!! https://troytrojans.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=6580 https://www.coloradoan.com/story/sports/csu/football/2019/05/06/tron-folsom-troy-transfers-colorado-state-football/1123612001/
  8. I like several responses that ring true to me, which I added to the above "Quote" (3 in total): We truly have NO IDEA how much Leadership CT has tried to provide over the years ... Example, like the highly visionary Mountain TV thing which the Prez's bought & then spit out (and likely blamed CT, which would naturally harm his credibility). The Mountain showed tremendous foresight & VISION by CT. But nobody wants to give him credit for that. The facts are that we as MWC Fans know diddley-sqwat about how well he has done & is doing with all the massive sea CHANGE & Hurricanes that the MWC has had to go thru. And I believe CT coulda quipped more eloquently about the Shocker MBB/Oly possibility... and I have no doubt that this decision (and possibly the QUIP) came directly from the mouths of the Prez's... still he coulda delivered it better. IMHO, I am reticent to critique "the Man in the Arena", when I've never been there myself & don't know of anybody well-informed about CT's arena, whom I trust to eval him fairly. Certainly nobody on here knows enough to provide that Fair evaluation.
  9. Headbutt >> now you're really in trouble! Supposed to wait for RamSack! Hmmm... I'll try to clean up yer mess, and hope RS gets here soon to clean up both of our messes. Offense; HC & OC Bobo returns with only a limp (75+% Healthier & Hungrier) from his Neuropathy scare, which is huge progress & good news, compared to '18. Rams return 4 Starters here, QB being hugely important Talent & Experience/Knowledge within the Pro-O. QB = Upon taking the WR Coach job @ GreenBay (after producing NFL talents Hollywood, Garrett, Williams, Bisi Johnson)... Alvis Whitted referred casually to Colin Hill an NFL QB. Hill returns fully healthy. CH knows the Bobo Pro-O inside-out. So think Nick Stevens in season his season #3 as a Starter, w/ a canon-arm & quicker feet, even after 2 ACL's. OL = the most "unknown/unproven" unit on the team... 2018 new OL Coach, new blocking schemes, 3 Injuries mid-season, basically a mess. 2019 2 Starters return (Wesley & Taylor who had shoulder surgery), both excellent OL, and 5 young OL who got a few Starts and lots of play-time in '19. 1 JC signee OT was starting in Spring and did well (Storement), 2nd JC OL arrives in Fall (he played under Rams OL Coach 1 yr @ Ohio U). WR = Rams lost 2 Starters, as per Headbutt... however it may be possible that this position actually improves via Jr. Warren Jackson (has a few Starts, caught 2 TD's vs Bama his Fr season, 6'5"x215, fast), Soph. Nikko Hall (no starts but played liberally '18, ), and 4* Grad Xfer from Auburn Nate -Craig-Meyers... and a host of others behind them. Hmmmm... Defense: I count 7 Starters returning from another unit that in '18 was Learning the complex SEC level D employed by Jancek (new DC in '18), but was also busy breaking in about 6 Fr/RS Fr/Soph Starters on the D. Key Returnees are Emmanuel Jones (DE), Ajai (CB), Phillips & Hubbard (DT's), and Max McDonald (LB), and there's about 6 more young cats who proved themselves in '18. They were inconsistent & often not good at stopping the Run or Pass Rush/D. The great news is, the D keeps all of that considerable Young Talent that's now Experienced and adds in some more proven excellent DL players (former Starters Toby McBride, Richard King from injuries) + a Grad xfer OLB/DE/Rusher from ASU (Bates?). Much improvement in '19 for this highly Talented, & now Knowledgable unit. I gotta stop now... I hear RamSack walking in the front Door.
  10. Interesting...? What could this mean for the mwc and its negotiating strategies? Not sure if it provides any extra leverage or not. Does this mean that all the content that Fox regional networks has signed up goes to Sinclair? I believe it does but what do I know.
  11. I think you and 307 cowpoke below are noticing a trend that I noticed regarding CSU games not picked up by CBS SN this year. It's like they are trying to finally act reasonable and Curry favor with the mwc. Which is more than welcome, but a little bit too late IMHO. In the past they have hogged up every good CSU game matchup, and tried to almost keep CSU from being seen on ESPN for their home games, at their beautiful new stadium. .hmmm...
  12. CSU signed 2 JC o line who look pretty good. one was starting at left tackle in spring, and another played under the current o line coach while he was coaching at Ohio for one season. we also signed Nate Craig Myers a grad transfer from Auburn at wide receiver who was a four-star recruit and played some at Auburn, did quite well. We also signed a grad transfer DE/OLB, WHO STARTED SOME AT ARIZONA STATE. That's about all that I can think of right now.
  13. As an OKC boy, I can vouch for Tulsa guys estimates. Which track for much of Texas, and much of the south in general. CFB is just a larger more important component of southern culture than in most other cultures.
  14. HB >> How do you place AFA as a Tier #2 rival ?? I believe 90% of RamNation would rank AFA as Tier #1, and they'd agree that Tier #2 is UNM & USU (still developing). I assume you are kidding about Minn, right?