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  1. HB >> How do you place AFA as a Tier #2 rival ?? I believe 90% of RamNation would rank AFA as Tier #1, and they'd agree that Tier #2 is UNM & USU (still developing). I assume you are kidding about Minn, right?
  2. Hmmmm.... interesting. BSU really needed to get invited to the MWC 4 to 5 yrs before they finally did. There'd have been some total Dog-Fights among that Top Tier of UU/TCU/BYU/BSU... sadly CSU had fallen into disrepair by then. Still, those rivalries woulda been broken up when the P5's swooped in to steal UU & TCU. But some great Fball until then!
  3. I guess 'cause the RN knows BSU is at the top of the MWC (where Rams used to be under Sonny), and they have their sights set on getting back there, and hate being dominated by BSU ??? Once my Rams win 1 vs BSU, then I might consider them a RIval too. Until then, the Rivalry is virtually 1-way.
  4. There's lots of cussin' & discussin' about this topic by the Ram Nation. Most of RN thinks that from their perspective Tier #1 is: CU; Wyo; AFA; BSU (Boise). Tier #2 is: UNM (67 games, CSU has won 62%); BYU (69 games which CSU won 41%, and even though we've not played them since they left the MWC we still hate them from a distance). I personally believe UNM is a Tier #1 rival for CSU (part of our I-25 group of rivals, because UNM has been pretty down since Rocky left, so they've faded from RN minds) & BSU is tier #2 (CSU is 0-8 thus far in this series). Your perspectives re your teams & their MWC Rivals???
  5. Yep... haven't been here for a long while, and I immediately mess that up! Oh the embarrassment!! All seriousness aside --- Goooo MWC!!!!!!!! I'm going to make a post in a bit I hope you respond to, as a UNM Lobo fan.
  6. for Rams I think it's 1 or both WR's Preston Williams & Olabisi Johnson... both in mid-late rounds.
  7. Alright BiBay... you are following a line of logic over yer last 3 posts, that is tooooooooo good to ever occur. Just saying that type of clear logic rarely gets executed... yet still, if it did your moves would be the type of stuff that Jim Delaney (Satan himself) would do for the long-term benefit of the B10. Too bad he's leaving... no I'm glad he's retiring as B10 Commish. The ASU to B12 idea -- very logical... and a very compelling Division w/ tons of interesting rivals! But what genius would ever jump in a Conference w/ UTx & their LHN?? So maybe after UTx goes Indy? Will only happen if LHN eventually turns a profit (probably at a lower annual fee from ESPN of $6M/yr?). 1 aside in your scenario... in what Universe would it ever make sense for Clemson to ever consider moving to the B12 & partnering w/ WVU? Or to the SEC taking a Mizzou's place. I'd suggest none. Were I Clemson I'd not rock any boats.... and that would take alotta anger toward the ACC & cash to make me do something as drastic & potentially foolish as that! The SEC would get their bidding in and they would surely win that war. However, I think Clemson is smarter than they are starved for Cash. Keep posting..... it's very good & well informed stuff.
  8. Actually, it seems that Boise & UH's ESPN TV tie-ins have been a great blessing to the MWC in more ways than just $$$$'s... the National Exposure to ESPN watchers has IMHO helped significantly to keep the MWC in the minds of Football Fans far outside of our footprint. I suggest that whatever the MWC may have lost in BSU's semi-Indy stance... it has more than made up for to the rest of the MWC that gets shown when playing @ BSU. Kinda like a Win-Win. An unpopular opinion on here, but it's how I see things from a pure business stand-point.
  9. Pinko Progresso... is that you??? While I was up visiting in Coeur De Alene, ID... I flew into Spoke and met lots of Zag fans, some of whom I'd met last year at this same Final 4 time. From them I heard very little fear or hesitancy about joining the MWC. In fact they seemed rather pumped about getting outta the WCC High School Gyms, and playing all games vs. GREATER competition & in great D1A Arenas.... and in great destination cities. What was your crowd of Zag fans saying about that possibility?? If Zag fans are disappointed... at least they can't say we tried to save them from more boredom in the WCC.
  10. Seems yer ill informed... Do yer homework before judging. How many folks you know who worked in the USSR for 2 decades following WWII building oil refineries, and came away praising that glorious totalitarian system?? Zero! He saw the horrifying facts of living in that totalitarian state where the people were completely controlled & oppressed while the Fat-Cat party leaders & oligarchs ate caviar. Had you seen what he had, you might've formed your own Anti-Communism society. He passed his factual stories onto his sons. As smart lads, they made their own minds up to continue to fight like hell to keep our people as free as possible to make their own way in this life, and as "un-observed" as possible by any Progressive State (always progressing toward Ameritopia). You seem like a smart guy... But really... don't blather haughtily about how loony Mr. Koch was, and his sons, to a guy who worked with the Koch's in Wichita after playing sports for the SHockers. Until you've walked in that man's shoes, you are CLUELESS. Right???
  11. And the price of tea in China... isn't that also extremely relevant to your positional arguments? Look at the scoreboard chump.