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  1. Great point. Unfortunately, do you think its possible for anyone (CH or otherwise) to herd the Prez's into agreeing to: A) allow-recruit-entice BYU back into the MWC for Fball only, or Fball & Oly?? "B") allow-recruit-entice BYU into the MWC for Fball as a MWC Associate-Member (getting 5 or 6 games/yr, but no CCG or MWC Bowl access)?? C) Then get BYU & Boise to Equal Shares?? I'm sorry, but I simply don't see how anybody gets our uber-conservative self-centered Doofus Prez's to look beyond their noses at such BIG ISSUES dealing 90% w/ Sports, and convince them to
  2. I like several responses that ring true to me, which I added to the above "Quote" (3 in total): We truly have NO IDEA how much Leadership CT has tried to provide over the years ... Example, like the highly visionary Mountain TV thing which the Prez's bought & then spit out (and likely blamed CT, which would naturally harm his credibility). The Mountain showed tremendous foresight & VISION by CT. But nobody wants to give him credit for that. The facts are that we as MWC Fans know diddley-sqwat about how well he has done & is doing with all the massive sea CHANGE & Hurric
  3. Pinko Progresso... is that you??? While I was up visiting in Coeur De Alene, ID... I flew into Spoke and met lots of Zag fans, some of whom I'd met last year at this same Final 4 time. From them I heard very little fear or hesitancy about joining the MWC. In fact they seemed rather pumped about getting outta the WCC High School Gyms, and playing all games vs. GREATER competition & in great D1A Arenas.... and in great destination cities. What was your crowd of Zag fans saying about that possibility?? If Zag fans are disappointed... at least they can't say we tried
  4. Seems yer ill informed... Do yer homework before judging. How many folks you know who worked in the USSR for 2 decades following WWII building oil refineries, and came away praising that glorious totalitarian system?? Zero! He saw the horrifying facts of living in that totalitarian state where the people were completely controlled & oppressed while the Fat-Cat party leaders & oligarchs ate caviar. Had you seen what he had, you might've formed your own Anti-Communism society. He passed his factual stories onto his sons. As smart lads, they made their own minds up to continue to fig
  5. And the price of tea in China... isn't that also extremely relevant to your positional arguments? Look at the scoreboard chump.
  6. Every person I have met who know art briles from his high school coaching days at Stephenville High School, too and through every one of his coaching jobs... Said he was a very straight arrow and good moral man. IMHO, Baylor 1/10th of the infrastructure built and in place to push the Coaches & entire Athletic Dep to the sidelines, do an impartial investigation, advocate for and actually help students who were having these sexual assault issues. Briles staff did the stupid stuff that one would expect when there is such a void of Title 9 protection for students being assaulted. Especially as
  7. Enjoy humor, but isn't Patterson trying to hire him? Personally, I'd love to see Briles @ CSU, or any of the MWC schools (he is actually a good man). I'm not that familiar w/ Freeze.
  8. We must in the doldrums of Summer... to be discussing this Warbow realignment post. Carry on & enjoy it for what it is... a chance to speculate & share our ignorance TOGETHER. How wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Re my RAMs being Vandalized in the Tater Bowl...their Coaches recognized the weather & field conditions and made immediate adjustments. They fully outsmarted our SEC brain trust -- who never prepp'd for or played any games on such a field & in such icy weather. Vandal Coaches Won that game via brilliant planning & game-day adjustments. It's not Rocket Science... CSU needed to do exactly as Vandals did --- stop trying to Run Outside the hash marks (its Ice out there), focus all your Blocking Power (bodies) inside the Hashes (leaving defenders alone who are out in Siberia def
  10. IMHO, Not for FCS play. It's Top Drawer for FCS play, and plenty big to be able to even host a G5 team or 2 in their schedule. How many MWC teams have an On Campus Stadium that seats 31k or more ??? Only about 1/2 ? For joining MWC, sure would be nice to upgrade it further. It's a very functional stadium for the next 5-10 years, and can certainly be upgraded in phases, whenever needed. The point is, WSU is in an enviable position (stadium wise) to re-start their Fball program.
  11. Agree... the tourney toughness of WSU would rubb off on the rest of the MWC. Eventually making it a 2-3 bid conference.
  12. Word is that WSU Mbb will require that it not-fund WSU Fball. That's what lead WSU to kill Fball in '88. Mbb Made $500k profit annually, and had to hand it all over to the Fball Program, which lost about $400k/yr. Constrained the Mbb for tooo many decades.
  13. Actually, my understanding of the deal was WSU would start in FCS (D1AA) and eventually improve to a point where they would gain a slot, based on certain achievement levels attained. Keep in mind, WSU already owns its own On Campus 31k seat Stadium built in '69... so that's already there. That would be one of the largest in FCS today, and combined w/ MBB success it could prove to give Shockers good attendance -- if the Fball product is exciting & winning.
  14. Even a conference Commish can only lead a horse to water Still, I agree fully & wish CT had the energy & Credibilty to whip the Prez's into better strategic decisions!
  15. As others have posted, CT can't change the MWC By-laws (gotta be Fball & Oly sports )... only Prez's can do that. CT not the main issue re MWC uber-conservative behavior.
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