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  1. I think if BSU does leave, then we can just stay at 11 until a viable substitute is found later down the line. Big12 still has a CCG without 12 so we don't need to rush or add anyone at all till the next conference realignment. To me if we do add, then TV market share, recruitment, basketball and baseball should also be also be factored in the equation to add more NCAA credits and competition down the road. If I had to consider a school it would be either UTSA, NMSU, or RICE.
  2. Yep, this pandemic and lockdown really effects Fresno a lot this year. Its pretty much a mulligan year for FSU. Covid out of control in the Valley doesn't help.
  3. Unfortunately most of schools schedule easier nonconference schools that don't move the needle for the conference. If they schedule more P5 or AAC schools then there would get more eyeballs on TV later down the schedule. Maybe the conference should schedule like PH's motto, Anyone, Anytime, Any Where that Fresno tries to follow and then MWC will get more respect when it comes to bowl selection and the AP/USA rankings. But true the MWC needs to stop the Term sheet setup that is not working fairly for all the schools, especially that BSU is not bringing home the bacon for consistently receiving
  4. I know it sounds like a disappointment but playing a MAC champ in ARIZONA on NYE is pretty awesome especially if all eyes are on the game. Go Sparta!!!
  5. Harsin will be back with a much stronger team next year. He is not going anywhere unless someone gives them the farm to get him.
  6. Nice win Sparta...now all three CSU's has beaten BSU for a football championship.
  7. Fresno and Boise should play early every year. It's bad enough that the gaps between the BSU and FSU is sometimes too long and the Milk Can should be played for regardless of divisional makeup. This comes down to HAIR mandating it when scheduling. Even if BSU leaves MW.
  8. I think the Falcons were telegraphing a message to Army. Hope they get the President's Trophy this year.
  9. I think the stadium will be a nice addition for SJSU and I'm sure it will have up to date amenities that most other schools wish they have. Good Job.
  10. I would laugh if the Borg has to play the Bulldogs...They have a constant hatred of Fresno since the formation of the MWC from the WAC. And to play it in Boise on the Blue.
  11. Along with the loss of Women's Lacross and Men's Tennis, losing wrestling is going to sting.
  12. Fresno will be happy to loan you a shovel to add free fertilizer to our grape fields at half time.
  13. They are pretty much homers to say the least....but when one of their teams gets embarrassed, they have a universal meltdown...ie. Navy vs BYU.
  14. If you a amazon firestick or android phone...you can download MOBDRO and get NFL network for free. I recommend you use a VPN but not necessary. Just remember their programing is based on EST not Pacific time so adjust accordingly. Also VIPsports can used also...but you have to get by the bs advertising.
  15. I live in the Dumpster city now with Mayor Garcetti who is a tool and does anything to get votes. He was one of the first to kneel down during the riots/looting in Downtown and Melrose. The homelessness of 65000+ is getting pretty bad. That number is about the population size of small city in the MWC. You cannot go a by a underpass or a freeway onramp without tents everywhere. The roads needs work, he wants everyone to turn off A/C when if is over 120+ in the valley and still go step for step whatever Newsom wants. The only time when there was peace in the city is when the National Guard was
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