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  1. Perhaps it's time for a airport meeting by the major CSU's to breakaway from under the Master Plan of California and form their own independent university alliance. To get away from the UC's monopoly from keeping those schools from growing. The UC consists of 10 campuses and have Doctorial and Professional programs while the CSU has 23 campuses without any chance at those programs. If SDSU, FSU, SJSU, the two Cal Poly's and add Long Beach, SFSU/Bakersfield and maybe even CSU Fullerton, that would be a pretty good start of strong curriculum based alliance. And in turn give MWC's a stronger sta
  2. Where's Duke, Gonzaga, or No. Carolina or any other top 5 top five traditional teams? C'mon man. It's too early to tell only 1/3 into the season.
  3. Fresno has Selland Arena and Save Mart Center to field hockey operations...but I don't think it will happen soon until they figure out bringing back Wrestling first.
  4. Hair would probably have the league pay for it in some way instead of BSU or Hawaii. I hope they do the same to UCLA for their team vote pullout in San Diego.
  5. Yes adding a triple option run scheme along with high powered passing offense will give nightmares to any defensive coordinator. In addition to utilizing a Fullback in a backfield will be exciting to watch.
  6. I hope they give a big "L" on UCLA's record and also have the Holiday Bowl give a fat bill for all the expenditures endured by NCST. It's crap the way UCLA dealt with this situation.
  7. Congrats Flyboys...very impressive. Coog's took care of business too.
  8. Holiday Bowl is the latest casualty....UCLA bowed out due to covid protocol. Glad MW is done with all their bowls.
  9. Doubt Tedford would retain him unless it was for recruiting purposes. If so he should coach another task than his current role.
  10. Anyone knows the payout for this bowl game?
  11. Its like watching the games when we were in the WAC conference together. Nice to see it again.
  12. Missed PAT and late field goal attempt doesn't help either but will take the win. Considering all the turmoil for the last few weeks. Now we are losing at least 4 more coaches to Washington after today.
  13. Congrats Dogs!!! Ten wins is a nice round number. Hope the rest of the MW brethren gets their wins too.
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