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  1. I think I've read every post in this 531 page thread, going back to early March. With the exception of some teams and shit flare-ups, overall, this has been one of the best sources of discourse regarding all things Covid that I've found on the Internet. I allow myself 30-45 minutes of news per day and this thread has always made that rotation.
  2. UNM desperately needs to get Bragg eligible and hope he produces. We're going to get killed in the post if Pinchuck is anymore than a bit player. With Lyle out, we need a PG. Mathis needs to be a spot up shooter, not a 1. Drue Drinon is going to need to get healthy and grow up fast to play that point. Lastly, Weir is going to have to really rein in Vance Jackson. Kid was out of control tonight. A win is a win, but UNM has a ton of work to do.
  3. I think the "I can't bring quality players into NM" is somewhat of an excuse. Fran brought in Graham Leigh at QB who if memory serves was a fairly high level recruit. He was WAC POY. Other kids like Pascal Volz and Lennox Gordon were pretty heavily recruited. If you can recruit quality players to a place like Logan, you can recruit them to Albuquerque imo.
  4. There's no money for a buyout. He's here for as long as he want to be here.
  5. Lobo football theme song
  6. Because Bob Davie has been phoning it in for a couple of years now.
  7. Seriously, Davie is a dead man walking, our best defensive player is suspended for assaulting and putting a teammate in the hospital and we're starting our 2nd/3rd string QB. How is this happening?
  8. This is hilarious. We're not a good football team.
  9. Probably only work if you're a fat little girlfriend.
  10. Hung a 50 burger on them lol.
  11. Life as a Lobo fan: https://youtu.be/9oX2xFo7JA4
  12. Bama is going to make Fresno pee sitting down.
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