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  1. Rebs by 10 +. UNM's team structure has obviously changed without Bragg, Caldwell, and now Jackson. Not that UNM had really played cohesively as a team consistently, but with those three gone UNM won't be able to win games on pure talent any longer.
  2. Absolutely. There are some parallels there. Weir's team this year has been skating by against teams with inferior talent. There have been red flags all season. Now that some of that talent has been kicked off the team, they're in real trouble. I hope he figures it out too. I'm not holding my breath though.
  3. The key word is a transfer or two. UNM historically has had success with transfers (Danny Granger, Darington Hobson, JR Giddens, Tim Williams) to name a few. The problem is when you bring in a team full of transfers, several of whom have significant baggage and you pair that with a sort of nice guy beta male coach like Weir it's a recipe for disaster. Coaches like Eustachy, Alford, Muss, have the right type of personality to reign in these types of players.
  4. That was definitely the perfect storm of suck for UNM. Credit to Niko. Credit to CSU's team. I like the style of basketball he plays and he appears to be building a team the right way through the use of freshmen. CSU is only going to continue to get better. Unfortunately for UNM it looks like Vance's knee injury is going to keep him out for awhile (he's supposed to get an MRI). Weir took a big risk this year on transfers with character concerns and it appears to be blowing up in his face. Lyle absolutely should have been benched after 7 first half turnovers. I don't think Weir has the personality to try to reign in the kids he recruited. There really isn't a concept of team basketball. This isn't a mentally tough team, nor is it a team with true leadership. Weir is a smart guy. Not a particularly effective coach, but he's smart. Hopefully, he learns from this experience and builds a squad through recruiting freshmen and building a team concept. It's not saying that you don't bring in some transfers in the mix, but I think he needs to be much more selective with transfers and much more adaptive with how he coaches kids on chance number two, three, four. He does have a couple of talented freshmen in Kuac and Percy. Hopefully, we see a lot more of them moving forward.
  5. Yeah. Or it might be something he could complete online.
  6. As long as he doesn't play ball here again. Weir definitely rolled the dice with the baggage transfers. Sometimes you hit a home run and get a JR Giddens. But the more you gamble, the more you risk a shit show.
  7. Absolutely good riddance. He's had a bunch of chances and is +++++ed it up. It's not like he's some 18-year-old freshmen who got popped with a minor in possession either. He's a 24-year-old grown man with a kid.
  8. Yeah. If he wants to finish up his last semester out of pocket, I'd be OK with that. I never want to see him on the court again.
  9. Bragg is done. He won't play another game for UNM. Still a lot of talent on UNM's roster though. They could get hot in the tourney, but yeah that slim at large chance ain't happening without Bragg. I don't see them beating SDSU (even at the Pit).
  10. He done. https://mobile.twitter.com/GeoffGrammer/status/1216448126451478528?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  11. I like a lot of the names Danny is bringing in so far. So no DC? that seems odd.
  12. Yeah, I wouldn't want to be Weber State right now.
  13. That seems to be an ideal situation for both schools. Rocky still owns a home in Burque though. At this point, it all hinges on what Hoke decides to do with Arnett.
  14. I wonder if Zach Arnett is going to wind up as the DC at UNM? Rocky is your classic old school football coach. At 70-years-old, my guess is that he just didn't want to play the HC game anymore and saw this as a perfect time for Hoke to take over again. He probably just wants to break down film,scheme and be a DC again. In the end, it seems like Rocky wasn't going to be told what to do with his staff and it was sort of a foregone conclusion that he would step down. It will be interesting to see where he winds up.
  15. Maybe bringing back Hoke as HC? Best case for SUDS would be Hoke as HC and Rocky in a DC role, but I doubt that is happening.