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  1. PTR

    Redbirds @ Rams

    Apparently the fighting Redbirds didn't get the memo to prepare their collective anuses.
  2. PTR

    UNM at NMSU

    The zebras are throwing lots of flags, because both teams are sloppy. 95% of these flags are legit. The only questionable one was when they picked up the PI flag
  3. PTR

    Pueblo Revolt part II

    Shit show. At least Wisconsin's check won't bounce.
  4. PTR

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    The downside of bodybag games: UNM has lost their starting QB and best defensive lineman today. Hopefully they're back for the NMSU game.
  5. PTR

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    Wheels coming off the bus. UNM can't get any push at all.
  6. PTR

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    I'm on the fence with Davie, but you're playing @ top 5 Wisconsin and down to your 3rd string QB. What is he supposed to do exactly?
  7. PTR

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    17-7. Still nothing coming easy for Wiscy. Lots for UNM to build on imo.
  8. PTR

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    It's really too bad Tui got hurt. The option component is non-existent without him.
  9. PTR

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    Kid can throw the ball. Pretty sure he was originally a 4 star recruit. Can't remember which recruiting service though. But this is about as hard a situation as you can imagine jumping into.
  10. PTR

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    The wallet has an extra 1.2 million dollars in it lol.
  11. PTR

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    Wisconsin's play-calling is head-scratching to say the least. I get that they're trying to maul us, but not a single play action deep shot? It's really surprising.
  12. PTR

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    10-7 against a top 5 Big 10 team? I'll take that all day long.
  13. PTR

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    We're going to have to score on a kick return/punt return to keep things interesting.
  14. PTR

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    That line is just so powerful. Burt Reynolds could run through some of those holes on that last drive.