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  1. I think Keon Clark deserves special consideration for playing 6 years in the league and blocking 12 shots in a game despite being shitfaced drunk.
  2. If our coach is going to be a rape apologist, a racist, lock players with concussions in a closet Mike Leach style, and fight his players at halftime, We better at least win a share of the SEC Mountain Division. Like I said in the original thread a while back, he's done. All of this smoke has been floating around the program for a while. Rich Rod, please pick up the red courtesy phone. Rich Rod, the courtesy phone. We already have his OC on staff.
  3. Air Force vs New Mexico at Clune Arena

    At this rate, we might be looking at 4 on 4 soon.
  4. Air Force vs New Mexico at Clune Arena

    UNM isn't going to beat anyone shooting 35% in a half.
  5. CA proposes no tackle FB before HS

    Childhood obesity, inactivity, social media's effect on childhood emotional/cognitive development, and generations of fatherless children growing into man children themselves and repeating the cycle are all far greater societal concerns of mine than concussions in pee-wee football.
  6. Air Force vs New Mexico at Clune Arena

    Lol. Kuiper barely touched, falls down like he's shot. Offensive foul. Ridiculous officiating today.
  7. Air Force vs New Mexico at Clune Arena

    6 fouls in 1:08 seconds. MWC officiating. It's FANtastic.
  8. Mel Daniels was also a Lobo. I would put him over Coop.
  9. Bob Davie Suspended

    He's done.
  10. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    As far as I'm concerned any win for UNM this season is playing with house money. The style and system that Weir is installing here will be fun when he gets some athletes to run it correctly. Boise is clearly the second best team in the conference and an at-large caliber tourney team imo.
  11. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    Hutch is the real deal. UNM blew it down the stretch.
  12. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    Good game. Furstinger had no business hitting him like that. UNM is facing a pretty significant front court talent gap against teams like Boise. That's going to change next year.
  13. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    Boise is a bad matchup for UNM, but they traditionally suck at the Pit. Should be interesting.