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  1. PTR

    UNLV is top 10

    Stanford and UNLV on the list, but no Texas A&M. lol +++++ing L.
  2. PTR

    Pat Hill to be Fresno State AD

    Really good move by Fresno. Many still strong associate him with the culture of Fresno St. football and that will have benefits in terms of fund-raising, structural support of football, and public relations. One of UNM's biggest screw-ups was that they didn't transition Rocky Long into the AD position in the mid/late 2000's.
  3. PTR

    ESPN’s Too Early Top 25

    No doubt Nevada will be really good next year (especially if the Twins come back). What we need is for UNM, UNLV, and SDSU (particularly the Lobos and Rebs) to become consistent top 40 teams. Hopefully, that will lead to a 3 bid conference again.
  4. PTR


    Cue up the Curb your Enthusiasm end credit song as Hair looks confused in the background. . .
  5. Didn't someone create a Loboblast Flagship flowchart?
  6. PTR

    Where will Muss coach next year

    Nevada will be loaded if the Twins come back next year. I think he stays one more year, Nevada has another tourney team. There really aren't any marquee jobs opening up. If one does (like UCLA, or Arizona) then things might change.
  7. PTR

    Hey Lobos...you got next?

    While it's nice to say that these kids "decided to transfer down a level" the reality is that they all come with some sort of baggage. The key thing will be that Weir gets them to buy into his line change play 22-25 minutes concept. Lots of egos to manage. If he does, UNM should have a tourney caliber team next year. They also get Maluach, Simons, McNeal, and Kuiper back. Team will go 10 or 11 deep if necessary.
  8. PTR

    CSU has their coach!

    This reeks of a save some money hire.
  9. PTR

    Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    Holy shit. I turned it off. YUUUUUUGEEEEEEEE!!!!
  10. PTR

    Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    Sorry Pack. I liked the matchup against Houston. Cincinnati, not so much. Nice season. You guys will be back next year.
  11. PTR

    SJSU Transfers

    Too much pressure imo. The rabid fans and the unrealistic expectations are just too much for some kids to handle.
  12. PTR

    Texas vs Nevada

    Nice win Pack. Love it!!!
  13. PTR

    Texas vs Nevada

    +++++ yeah. Reno > Pac 12
  14. PTR

    Texas vs Nevada

    Go Pack Go!!!