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  1. Duh... what was I thinking. Plus the dome in Moscow would likely be in use for all those deep FCS playoff runs.
  2. Hmmm... intriguing. A dome you say... so would the game be in Pocatello, Moscow, or Flagstaff?
  3. Why not? Apparently "Bob" is not just a verb or a drinking game. Who Knew?
  4. His story is incredible. He was born a slave but became the real life Rooster Cogburn. Why there has never been a feature film made about him is beyond me.
  5. That's nice. Our current starter, up until he got hurt against you guys, is Philippino. Have you ever had a Jewish QB? Or a Chippewa? How about a left handed lesbian who happens to be 1/4 Armenian on her mother's side? If not, why not?
  6. That's all right. I don't believe you either... but we will always have Paris.
  7. I was going to say the best rivalry in the MWC is CSU vs Wyoming but now I think it is the rivalry between Slapdad and Broncomare.
  8. BSU Vs. UU BSU is 5-2 with one victory occurring when BSU was 1AA. Even as a school in a lower division, UU barely eked out their two victories. With the same number of scholarships, BSU is on a four game win streak. BSU became a 1A (FBS) school in 1996. 1980 BSU 28 UU 7 1985 BSU 17 UU 20 1987 BSU 27 UU 31 1998 BSU 31 UU 28 1999 BSU 26 UU 20 2006 BSU 36 UU 3 2010 BSU 26 UU 3 (LVB)
  9. A third world country? Hardly. California = 5th largest economy in the world.
  10. What will the MWC do if CSU goes undefeated? I say we invite Idaho into the conference and put them in the Mountain division to insure it never happens again.
  11. ​Finally, a fair and equitable solution. Thank you, Mahatma.
  12. ​Thank Odin that BSU is "allowed" to maintain their higher assistant coaches salaries. I do agree it is unfair if other MWC schools have lower capped assistant coaches salaries. I'll get Bob..err, "my people" on the phone to CT and we will have this little problem resolved before the end of the day. Oh yeah, Warbow is also correct in his assertion of BSU becoming an "unstoppable juggernaut". Since the Broncos first collegiate football game the program is 607-217-12 (.726). That was done with tiny budgets (the Broncos could not afford helmets until 1996 and still can't come up with enough for a green field). Just think how good BSU is going to be now that the pittance... err, humongous tidal wave of cash (via the Bonus Bonanza) that is being lavished on the football program starts paying dividends. The PAC10..., no that would be small potatoes (see what I did there), the NFC will be calling any minute. So long, suckers!