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  1. Mug, you managed this board fairly and balanced that with allowing the culture to develop itself. That is a talent and is what makes this board entertaining and a real community. Kudos sir. Jeff, don't fu** it up.
  2. What will the MWC do if CSU goes undefeated? I say we invite Idaho into the conference and put them in the Mountain division to insure it never happens again.
  3. ​Finally, a fair and equitable solution. Thank you, Mahatma.
  4. ​Thank Odin that BSU is "allowed" to maintain their higher assistant coaches salaries. I do agree it is unfair if other MWC schools have lower capped assistant coaches salaries. I'll get Bob..err, "my people" on the phone to CT and we will have this little problem resolved before the end of the day. Oh yeah, Warbow is also correct in his assertion of BSU becoming an "unstoppable juggernaut". Since the Broncos first collegiate football game the program is 607-217-12 (.726). That was done with tiny budgets (the Broncos could not afford helmets until 1996 and still can't come up with enough f
  5. ​Let's see... UH played its first football game in 1909... that is a 72 year head start over BSU and over 100 years to get their act together. When is this mythic "Hawaii potential" going to awaken?
  6. Looks like we just might try... and AFA, Hou, SMU, UCF... oh-oh...another airport meeting... maybe Hawaii can put their football in the BSC with BSU's olympic sports.
  7. You missed Gonzaga who left the BSC after BSU joined. Teams that have already ditched Hawaii: SDSU AFA FSU UN BSU BYU UU NM UW CSU Wyo Tulsa TCU Rice UTEP SMU There are really only two types of universities. Those that ditched UH and those that are planning to do so. UA and ASU left the WAC in 1978 primarily to avoid UH who joined a year later. Really, they did. I read it on the tweets.
  8. moderately well

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