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  1. They paid me $110 a month a few years back. 😁
  2. 3rd ranked recruit in the MWC for 2022 so far. UNLV currently holds the #1 & #3 ranked players in the MWC for 2022
  3. Liberty, they actually beat Gorman to win state in football
  4. So we get Hampshire and they get Blake? Seems like we got the $hit end of that stick
  5. Democrats want to cancel anything that reminds them and other people of their past sins
  6. Now compare UNLV Football season ticket prices to those of the Raiders and VGK. There’s no comparison
  7. I love how some people who have never lived in Las Vegas are suddenly experts in our demographic and behavioral patterns when it comes to fan support of our professional teams and UNLV. There are a lot of factors as to why UNLV Football had attendance issues other than not fielding a competitive product. The fan experience at Sam Boyd along with the ridiculous heat was never very enticing, but ticket prices were very affordable and a family of 4 could attend a game and pay under $100. Now that their playing at Allegiant, tickets are still very affordable and UNLV fans who could never afford t
  8. Our steel mountains are made of money and help to pay for where UNLV gets to play their games
  9. How is this huge news for the MW?
  10. I thought he always intended on honoring his commitment?
  11. I think UNLV is gonna surprise some people this year. Getting Hamilton back is huge
  12. Don’t you have some elementary school bus stops you should be cruising by right about now?
  13. Their in Vegas this week also
  14. I’m more interested in why UNLV’s president isn’t making this a long term goal for UNLV. As much as it kills me to say, I’m not mad at Sandoval for setting the bar high for Reno.
  15. I agree some Rebel fans can be a little over zealous, but you find that in every fan base. It’s not exclusive to Rebel fans. My point was more that Caleb came across as kind of a fragile whiney bitch.
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