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  1. Ouch Lobos https://thespun.com/college-football/espn-computer-predicts-college-footballs-5-worst-teams-2022-season?fs=e&s=cl
  2. Just a reminder, SDSU only beat this Lower Nevada team by 1 score last year and the Aztecs were ranked #25th at the time and the score was 21 - 20 going in to the 4th qtr.
  3. Honestly, that’s a fair assessment of UNLV. I think of any year, this season is the best opportunity for UNLV to finally turn that corner. Now I’m not saying conference championship or anything like that, but I do believe a bowl game should not be out of the question and something that is very attainable. UNLV has 30 new faces on both sides of the ball via transfers and deep at almost every position to include the QB spot. The schedule is manageable so if there ever gonna do it, this is the year to do it.
  4. You’re basing your opinion on last year’s performance. This is a very different team from last years team. A lot of new faces and depth on both sides of the ball. UNLV May just surprise some people this year.
  5. News flash, it’s a MWC message board and UNLV is a member of the MWC. If nobody cares about UNLV stuff, then why do the UNLV posts get the most responses?
  6. So you’re fluffy bunny. I always wondered who that idiot was referring to.
  7. Nobody is taking BSU with their Junior College Academics and tiny media market otherwise it would have happened already. Athletically UNLV may not be up to par with BSU, but a sudden influx of cash and exposure in a better conference may do wonders. Academically, UNLV is already a Carnegie R1 institution and had more potential than BSU. If UNLV’s name is being thrown around, it’s because people are looking at the potential UNLV has.
  8. You have no idea how good or bad these teams will be in 2024.
  9. Lots of arrogance coming from a conference that went 5-6 vs the MWC last year in Football
  10. It’s so true. I’ll give Boise their due when it comes to on the field success, but the bottom line is their Academics are so far from the level of most P5 conferences. Other than the Big East, I’ve never seen any of the major conferences tripping over each other to add them to their conference. Maybe it does happen this time around out of necessity, but these are desperate times that call for desperate measures, but make no mistake, they are not at the top of anyones list.
  11. They told you this personally? Gotta love message board insiders.
  12. Boy, you’re really an uptight bastard aren’t you?
  13. If I’m renting a 10k sq Ft mansion, I might not own it, but it’s still where I live, $hit and eat.
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