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  1. I would have figured UNLV could have scheduled more challenging scrimmages than Utah Valley and Northern Arizona
  2. Looking back at the Rebels schedule, Utah State is the only team the Rebels have played this season that is not currently or previously ranked in the top 25 and for what it’s worth, Eastern Washington is currently undefeated and ranked 2nd in the FCS.
  3. Either one of those teams could be replace by NDSU in football
  4. UTSA is the only unranked team UNLV has played in the last 3 weeks, but with that being said. UTSA is receiving votes and are currently a Top 50 team. It’s gonna be a long season for the Rebs if Brumfield can’t stay healthy.
  5. All I can say is UNLV has played 4 games so far and 3 of those teams have been ranked in the Top 25. What would everyone else’s record be if they played the same 4 teams? I’d venture to say only SDSU and FSU would be at .500
  6. That’s classy. Bragging about beating the special needs kids head in.
  7. Saw a $hit ton of them downtown last night.
  8. Martell better be getting first team reps all this week.
  9. I’d put UNLV over CSU for right now, but other than that it’s pretty accurate
  10. I thought there was a quarterback battle for the starting QB spot. Looks like it was more of a pillow fight.
  11. I wouldn’t call an O-Line that comes in at 295lbs, 305lbs, 320lbs, 330lbs and 345lbs as underweight. As far as the defense goes, there are a lot of new faces this year and they should be improved.
  12. It’s a toss up between UNLV and CSU, but it pains me to say that it’s most likely going to be UNLV.
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