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  1. Out of the 3 remaining OOC games left, USF is the one that scares me the most.
  2. Not this year, your team seems to have earned that honor.
  3. The only thing outdated is RR thinking that the UNLV basketball program is what it used to be and that the days of the T&M being sold out every game are going to be common place. Vegas isn’t what it used to be and the Runnin Rebels are no longer the only game in town and if and when the NBA and MLB come to town, it’s just gonna be that much more difficult for the Rebs to get a piece of that spectator pie.
  4. His oldest son may wind up there, but not sure how much playing time if any he’d see.
  5. Evidently Odom interviewed for the UNLV opening back in 2019.
  6. When he’s healthy which seems to be only for about 50% of the season
  7. Not to mention they both have two arms, two legs, a face and a nose
  8. The more I read about Odom the more I’m cool with the hire. This week and next will be telling though when we see if the players are buying what he’s selling.
  9. Pretty sure “WE” didn’t fire Arroyo. Erick Harper did
  10. This coming from the guy who’s team hired Jay Norvell.
  11. The question is, would this be a big enough hire to keep a bunch of players from jumping ship? Then we’re back to square one.
  12. Harper is going to announce himself as the new FB HC.
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