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  1. A massive upgrade in facilities is a start. Next step is to $hitcan CTS and find a young enthusiastic coach.
  2. The new stadium is literally a short drive up Tropicana from campus. If im not mistaken, they also plan on using the lot UNLV owns on Trop between Paradise and Koval as a satellite parking location.
  3. As much as I hate starting a topic on BYU, the author of this article makes some good points. https://lawlessrepublic.com/2019/05/28/byu-football-mountain-west-the-option/
  4. UNR and UNLV we’re tied in 2016-17, but UNR won the series on a tie breaker because they won the cannon that year. Other than that, UNLV has won the series every year since its inception.
  5. I remember reading a story about 3 weeks ago where surfers spotted a 20 ft great white at Mavericks which is just north of Half Moon Bay.
  6. I wonder if the NCAA’s upcoming vote on transfers has any effect on his decision?
  7. Funny how it’s not a rivalry when they lose the cannon.
  8. You guys could probably get Mahvelius Marvin on the cheap.
  9. I’m only 43 and I still remember.
  10. Hey, big girls need lovin too you know.
  11. Well we at least know they can beat Colorado St