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  1. The Top 7 in the conference are all pretty good and anyone could win the conference, but the bottom 5 are simply trash. 1. Boise State 2. Fresno 3. USU 4. Wyoming 5. Hawaii 6. AF 7. SDSU 8. Nevada 9. CSU 10. UNLV 11. SJSU 12. UNM
  2. So if the NCAA still prohibits the payment of student athletes, how would this bill effect those athletes eligibility who do get paid? Could the NCAA rule those athletes ineligible?
  3. I really do like that helmet a lot. They should introduce a modified version with an "LV" on the opposite side of the helmet into the regular rotation.
  4. Looks like Biaggio Ali Walsh won his appeal and is eligible to play this season.
  5. UNLV might have the best linebacking corp in the MWC
  6. This was the only picture I could find from the 69-72 era of UNLV football.
  7. The "UN" is in tribute to the helmets worn by UNLV at the first Football game played at SBS in 1971 (aka The Silver Bowl). Its a tribute to the stadium not a jab.
  8. This year will be interesting and I'm hoping to see improvement, but I'm really excited for the 2020-21 season and we should compete for the outright title.
  9. A massive upgrade in facilities is a start. Next step is to $hitcan CTS and find a young enthusiastic coach.
  10. The new stadium is literally a short drive up Tropicana from campus. If im not mistaken, they also plan on using the lot UNLV owns on Trop between Paradise and Koval as a satellite parking location.
  11. As much as I hate starting a topic on BYU, the author of this article makes some good points. https://lawlessrepublic.com/2019/05/28/byu-football-mountain-west-the-option/
  12. UNR and UNLV we’re tied in 2016-17, but UNR won the series on a tie breaker because they won the cannon that year. Other than that, UNLV has won the series every year since its inception.
  13. I remember reading a story about 3 weeks ago where surfers spotted a 20 ft great white at Mavericks which is just north of Half Moon Bay.