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  1. No doubt, even if they manage to make it to the final game, there’s no way they get an at large bid. The frustrating part is, there’s only 7 points that separates UNLV from being 11-2 in conference play and alone in 1st place. 1 pt loss to USU, 3 pt loss to CSU and a 3 pt loss to UNR and in all 3 games UNLV should have won, but gave them away in the end.
  2. But can UNLV play the spoiler in the MWCT? With the exception of SDSU, I feel like the Rebels are the team nobody wants to play
  3. I don’t have a good feeling about this game, but then again I haven’t felt good about any Rebel game since the Southern debacle.
  4. Rebels are on a hot streak right now winning 4 straight including a road win in the Pit. Rebels have shown they can play with, beat and compete against the top teams in the MW. Rebels lost to both USU and CSU by a combined total of 4 pts. Win those 2 games and The Rebels are 8-2 and sitting alone in 1st place. So I’d say the Rebels are the team nobody wants to play right now or meet in the MWCT.
  5. It’s hard to rank the conference this year. UNLV who is currently in 7th place is only 1-1/2 games out of 1st place
  6. The difference from the Rebels being 8-2 in conference and in 1st place is 4 points.
  7. Says the guy who’s stadium doubles as an IKEA
  8. It has nothing to do with UNLV’s field. Their unhappy with the sod the NFL brought in.
  9. They lost to UNLV. Go figure
  10. UNLV seemed to do pretty well last year with other teams washout’s
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