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  1. UNR and UNLV we’re tied in 2016-17, but UNR won the series on a tie breaker because they won the cannon that year. Other than that, UNLV has won the series every year since its inception.
  2. I remember reading a story about 3 weeks ago where surfers spotted a 20 ft great white at Mavericks which is just north of Half Moon Bay.
  3. I wonder if the NCAA’s upcoming vote on transfers has any effect on his decision?
  4. Funny how it’s not a rivalry when they lose the cannon.
  5. You guys could probably get Mahvelius Marvin on the cheap.
  6. I’m only 43 and I still remember.
  7. Hey, big girls need lovin too you know.
  8. Well we at least know they can beat Colorado St
  9. Well I’ve always said that I’d rather have guys who play for the name on the front of their jerseys and not the name on their back
  10. Shut up, you now how stupid you sound. You act like anything said on message boards has any bearing on the decisions made at a University
  11. At this point she might as well. This search has turned into a goat rodeo already and can’t get much worse or embarrassing.