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  1. Yes, right next to our National Championship banner. Where do you guys hang your MWC Chamionship banner (singular not plural) next to your CBI banner?
  2. Nobody does regression better than UNLV.
  3. You must have been $hitting bricks when it was 14-0 Dolphins.
  4. Anybody have info on the scrimmage against Pepperdine?
  5. Another bloodbath for the Reb's
  6. As far as im concerned, the regents can all go eat a bag of dicks.
  7. UNLV should give Art Briles a call. Hes currently coaching high school football in Texas.
  8. I dont see the Fertitta's shelling out any money to UNLV especially if their guy gets a ham sandwich and a road map.
  9. The argument can be made whether UNLV Football deserves a facility of this caliber, but you have to admit it is a beautiful building and with all these top notch facilities coming into play for UNLV, there really cant be anymore excuses as to why the Rebels cannot and should not be competitive in the MWC. It time to shut up and put your money where your mouth is and start producing results.
  10. ­čĹŹThats geeat, I'm glad you approve. Now I can sleep tonight.
  11. Not a rook, been here since 2012. I just have better things to do than post 100 times a day. Anyway, his name is Donnie Tillman and he plays Men's Basketball and is transferring to the University of Nevada Las Vegas from the University of Utah. He is originally from Detroit, Michigan but attended high school at Findlay Prep in Henderson, NV. Tillman is transferring to be closer to his sick mother who lives in Las Vegas. Tillman was the Pac 12 6th man of the year last season and averaged 10 ppg. He is 6'-7" likes long walks on the beach, loves to play video games in his spare time when he's not caring for his mother. His favorite color is red and when he grows up he wants to be a fireman or astronaut.
  12. Google is your friend