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  1. I saw a Mayor Pete ad on the mwcboard after New Hampshire.
  2. She grabbed Bloomberg by his pussy.
  3. Well Bernie can’t tax it if he spent it!
  4. I’m pretty sure the RNC is sitting on a ton of Oppo research with Bernie and it’s going to be a brutal summer for Bernie.
  5. So who won? Is Bloomberg going to drop out? Can any of these men/women beat Trump?
  6. I’m not watching. Can I get a cliff notes version?
  7. I never banned him. He just pissed me off a couple of years ago so I moved him to a group where if you have an ad blocker you can’t access the site. He stopped coming to the site on his own because he wouldn’t whitelist the board.
  8. People said the same thing about Trump.
  9. What country (or countries) should we model the system after? And saying we should keep things as they currently are isn’t the point of this thread so let’s just leave that out. I’m saying if we had to adopt something, what should we do?
  10. Probably should just cancel the program at this point https://www.bbc.com/news/business-51499777?SThisFB
  11. Not sure what thread you’re talking about but I’ll check the recently deleted threads.
  12. Just like I did with his former account, @FormerFrog, I’ve restricted Juwan’s ability to start threads and have merged most of his recent threads into this one. He can still respond to threads.
  13. https://www.thebalance.com/new-gift-card-rules-for-expiration-and-service-fees-960186
  14. I don’t think they can charge inactivity fees anymore. And most gift cards don’t have an expiration date. I’m going to google this. Standby.
  15. Well now it makes sense why he was given clemency.
  16. There was a time we would’ve cut his head off what he did.
  17. Looks like Trump is pardoning the former NYC police commissioner. So I guess today is Pardon, clemency, commuting day.
  18. But Blagojevich should’ve been sentenced to life in prison for corruption.