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    Same Wordle 462 2/6
  3. UNLV looks good. But the rest of the conference is trash so if you don’t win the West you fail. This is your year UNLV! You can do it.
  4. I really thought Boise would win the turd of the week. Guess not.
  5. No worries. The original video is unavailable online but here’s a ballad somebody did of everything Christensen said Gg btw. Went as about expected for us. Too bad you guys had so many people out vs Wyoming. Could’ve been the G5 NY6 rep.
  6. Turd of the week winner right here
  7. If you guys don’t beat us this year there’s no hope for UNLV.
  8. I really should turn this off. Just going to depress myself even more.
  9. We were going to get blown out regardless. We all knew it.
  10. You just like the sexual references that can be made with him.
  11. Kid is a gamer. I appreciate that about him.
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