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  1. Went full on racist on the OT board. He’s been banned awhile.
  2. Let’s end all forms of welfare. End corporate welfare, end social welfare, end food stamps, end medicaid, end the earned income tax credit, child tax credit, end it all!
  3. It would take an act of Congress to create a new state. Not happening.
  4. I’ve long advocated to declassify everything and let the chips fall where they may. If they do I have a feeling quite a few from the current and past administrations will be going to jail. Let’s get this party started.
  5. This is very dangerous. Everybody who supports a free press should be opposed to this.
  6. Official Trailer I know nerds and shit.
  7. I mentioned it earlier and I think I stole it from somebody else. But I like my ending though. It’s better and more Game of Thrones like.
  8. Because I hate everybody equally
  9. Nope. You’re out. Asshole
  10. You’re using a carrot to train him. You need to use a stick.
  11. I updated the original post with the rules.
  12. I freely admit that I am not all that aware of what transpired in 1984. I was 14 months old when the election happened so I wasn’t concerned with such things. You're an old phucker aren’t you jk
  13. We’re getting to that time of the year when we will be starting the Pick 10 game again. Not sure how many teams we will have this year. Hoping to get picks started in mid-June so if you do sign up please be sure to check in at least once a day once the game starts. If you’re in just respond below. For those who aren't familiar with the rules, you sign up and are RANDOMLY assigned a team. Once assigned we will start a snake draft and you will select one FBS team each round for 10 rounds. The goal is to select a group of teams that when their records are combined will have the highest winning percentage. You will have about 24 hours to select your team. You can include pictures with your selection but you must keep them tasteful and safe for work. In so far: 1) @mugtang 2) @Boise fan 3) @bigd 4) @retrofade 5) @jdgaucho 6) @bsu_alum9 7) @CV147 8) @renoskier 9) @DestinFlPackfan 10) @Warbow 11) @Jeffkills 12) @Headbutt 13) @4UNLV 14) @Slapdad (depending on his attitude) 15) @tspoke 16) @TheSanDiegan 17) @Broncomare 18) @masterfrog 19) @aggzilla 20) @East Coast Aztec 21) @blind_squirrel54 22) @Joe from WY 23) @Lobo Amor 24) @happycamper 25) @mondego 26) @WYO1016 27) @406WarriorFan
  14. I’ve heard it speculated by a couple of people. I don’t remember where I heard it but it wasn’t on the mwcboard.
  15. I agree that Trump is intentionally offensive and it’s gotten old. But as long as the economy continues on its current path (which isn’t guaranteed obviously) Trump will easily win reelection.
  16. Plus, if they overturned Roe what would Republicans fundraise about? It’s all political gamesmanship.