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  1. Belmont going to win. Good for them!
  2. So let’s share an op-ed from a dictator that has 100+ reporters sitting in jail! God I love the Washington Post.
  3. @mysfit did you see this? The Lion Air plane that crashed nearly crashed the day before but was saved by an off duty pilot. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-19/how-an-extra-man-in-cockpit-saved-a-737-max-that-later-crashed
  4. I think it’s like $10 a month.
  5. He must have dirt on most of the presidents and athletic directors.
  6. I hope so. But knowing hair we will take a pay cut.
  7. Nah. Just a realist. If we make it to the sweet 16 I’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  8. You’re right. I deleted my post. Thank you for calling out my hypocrisy.
  9. The one positive about Facebook is we won’t be behind a paywall. Plus we will be able to stream the games on the mwcboard.
  10. That thing could eat a person. You see how wide that m’fer was?
  11. This is clear evidence that SJSU belongs in the MWC...
  12. I’ve heard it argued the Mueller is telling his story through his indictments. And I believe that to be true. This podcast lays it all out as they read parts of the various indictments that have come down during the Russia investigation. I encourage you to listen to it and make up your own mind. But imo this is pretty damning. https://overcast.fm/+BEBOV7ETc
  13. I don’t think you’re appreciating this like you should.