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  1. We did a derby awhile ago voting for America's best General/Admiral but I can't find the thread now.
  2. MWCboard is where you don’t argue with a guy in a dandy sweater @thelawlorfaithful
  3. But do we know for a fact they want to split and join Russia?
  4. If Russia attacks a NATO country we will get involved militarily. We won’t have a choice. But Ukraine isn’t a NATO member. And I doubt NATO votes to get involved militarily.
  5. I almost voted for nuking them but I don’t have any qualms with the Russian people.
  6. Russia is lashing out because it is a failing State. But this could spark a broader war. If we do nothing against Russia then China may take it as a sign we won’t defend Taiwan and decide it’s time to reunite with them. It’s a very difficult position Putin has put us in.
  7. I was going to start a poll about what our response should be if/when Russia invades but I'm going to edit your post to add my poll if that's ok with you @bornontheblue. No need for multiple posts on the same topic
  8. Sure I'll take over the board again
  9. When was the other thread created? If it was during my tenure I probably moved and merged it.
  10. This new variant named "deltacron" sounds like the name of a Transformer. It would definitely be a decepticon.
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