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  1. Prove ESPN offered a more lucrative contract than the Fox one. I mean even if ESPN bid on it alone, it doesn't mean you guys would get more money. You could've ended with significantly less money had there been a 3 way split.
  2. Where did Hair say ESPN offered more money for a longer term deal? I was on the conference call, he never said that.
  3. So BSU would take less money to be on ESPN? That doesn't make any business sense.
  4. You may be right. We will see how this all shakes out. I will be seriously disappointed if this ends up with BSU getting additional money beyond the $1.8 million that was agreed to.
  5. But if your home rights are worth more than what was agreed to, doesn't it make sense that the conference would've agreed to that? I mean that would mean more money for everybody. The money from your home TV rights goes to the conference. You guys get $1.8 million for a bonus and the rest is divided equally. So I highly doubt BSU has injured financially.
  6. I’m not disputing that BSU doesn’t bring extra value to the conference. That’s why I support the continued payment of $1.8 million a year to Boise State. What I don’t support is Boise getting an even larger bonus payment at the expense of other members. Reading points 29 & 30 of the complaint it sounds like BSU was given all of the information and agreed in principal to the agreement but wanted additional revenue. But the membership didn’t agree to that and here we are.
  7. But have they really suffered financial damages? Other than the MWC not agreeing to pay Boise more than their current bonus.
  8. Yes. I’m sure the truth is somewhere in between Boise being the victim and Boise being the villain. Here’s what should happen, Boise should continue receiving the $1.8 million as agreed to in there re-entry agreement. The re-entry agreement should be revised for everybody’s home games to be negotiated as the same package.
  9. I’m willing to bet that BSU was given all the information that every president was. And from the complaint it sounds like BSU demanded an additional share of the revenue beyond the $1.8 million it already gets but the conference said no and proceeded to vote to cancel the bonus payment...in 6 years.
  10. So BSU wants to be on ESPN. So everybody else should be punished financially for this. Instead of what’s best for the conference it’s what’s best for BSU. Your university is nearly doubling its TV revenue and it’s not happy about it.
  11. Well they weren’t offering as much. So the rest of the conference should suffer and get less money so you guys can still be on ESPN? GTFO with that nonsense.
  12. But for that to be valid the conference presidents have to approve it. If they don’t approve of giving Boise extra money on top of the $1.8 million then there isn’t an agreement.
  13. Boise won’t get anything over the $1.8 million. And if the conference somehow rolls over and gives them more then every president and AD should be immediately fired.
  14. And if that’s their contention they can pound sand. I think we’re better overall as a conference with Boise and should continue receiving the $1.8 million that was agreed to. But if they’re going to continue demanding more and more money they can phuck off.