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  1. Hahaha another poster suggested a few and that’s the one I picked.
  2. Uhh you can change thread titles. Just hit edit on your original post
  3. Both Warren and Pete have said thanks but no thanks to this idea.
  4. So with this and other streaming services I think it’s time to cut the cord.
  5. I’ve spent the majority of my time on the sports side because: 1. It’s sports season 2. Yelling at anonymous people on the internet doesn’t accomplish anything and really only causes them to entrench themselves further into their position. As for who started this most recent flap, I honestly don’t care and I’m not going to invest my time in going to figure it out as it’s not worth it. I just want it to stop. Nobody is innocent here. Joe has started plenty of shit, as have you. So I’m asking both of you nicely to drop it.
  6. Lol edit: my lol is at calling Okeef the greatest investigative journalist of all time. I know CNN is trash but so is James.
  7. @Joe from WY @TheSanDiegan please tone it down. Put each other on ignore if you have to but I’ve had multiple complaints from several posters and I don’t want to lock this thread. Thanks.
  8. It would be one thing if it was a fan of a successful AAC team making these arguments. The fact that it’s a Tulsa fan making these arguments makes it laughable. Pounding your chest about how great your conference is in an attempt to up your importance and standing in college football. LOL
  9. I would add La Tech to the surprise list at 5-1. Also disappointed in Vanderbilt. What a waste that is.
  10. I added an angry/mad reaction button to test out.
  11. You know how you can tell I don’t rig this? Look where I am in the standings.
  12. Who knew WSU was going to suck so bad...
  13. They'd fit right in with some of the MWC schools...
  14. Here's how everybody did for the week: Mike Morgan 64 TheSanDiegan 67 Broncomare 69 Headbutt 72 mondego 73 PokeTransplant 74 SJSUMFA2013 75 thelawlorfaithful 76 DestinFlpackfan 78 LoboSage 78 Hoser 78 SleepingGiantFan 78 KajunPoke 78 East Coast Aztec 79 Jiminfresno 79 4UNLV 79 Klaw 79 mwcboard 80 Wyovanian 80 Pokes Forever 82 NorthWestCowboy 83 Fromthe50atSJSU 84 Bigbluefan 84 tBSU 85 RANKULATOR 85 billings 86 misplacedCowboy 87 masterfrog 87 CO_Poke 87 Agent Orange/Blue 88 Swoll Cracker 89 westfan 89 DouglasPoke 89 retrofade 89 Purple Sage 89 trl87 91 The Dogsnake 92 Warbow 93 happycamper 93 WYO1016 94 MetropolitanCowboy 98 sdsuphilip4 98 Joe from WY 98 PackNation 99 Alex 99 ridgeview2 100 Swedish 103 mugtang 105 SpartanGrad 106 Supersix 110 Runandshoot 113 Mad_Hatter 128 Rev McQuervo 143 CardinalTrojan 183