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  1. I’m going to try the pickup line “I’ll buy you a Peloton”
  2. That guy is so full of shit.
  3. Looks like it. Really no need to engage in a shootout in the middle of traffic with a bunch of civilians around. I mean obviously the criminals started all of this but you don’t have to put civilian lives at risk unnecessarily. They could’ve trailed the truck and tracked it. Even if the suspects are shooting, they didn’t have to engage with a hostage in the vehicle.
  4. Also, please don’t embed videos to the shootout. You can link them but make sure you press “display as a link” if the site tries to embed it. Thanks.
  5. Don’t have all the facts but it looks like the cops engaged the criminals in the middle of traffic and as a result the hostage, an innocent bystander and two criminals were killed.
  6. I believe I’ve said I’d vote for all of those people as well.
  7. Having a gay president before having a female president would make 3rd wave feminist heads explode around the country. Plus watching some of those gulf coast countries forced to welcome and recognize a gay man would be worth it. In all seriousness, he just seems like a good guy. He’s pretty much your standard democrat but without the socialism attached to it.
  8. McConnell is playing the long game. Watch him remove Trump for Pence because Pence is much easier to control. Cocaine Mitch is literally the most powerful person in the country right now.
  9. I don’t think Congress needs to go to the courts to issue subpoenas.
  10. Has congress issued any official subpoenas yet?