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  1. Yeti Coolers

    The “boycott everything” mentality being played by everybody is retarded. The guy referenced in this article should not be allowed to procreate....ever.
  2. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    Yer asking alot
  3. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    Whenever somebody says “irregardless” I’m like:
  4. I Appreciate Everyone Here

  5. I Appreciate Everyone Here

  6. You can finally get that penile enlargement you’ve been wanting.
  7. MWC Golf Championship

    It also helps to have world class golf courses with year round access to them.
  8. Clinton Campaign’s Cyber Security

    It fits my narrative and that’s all I need
  9. 2028

    He said he’s retiring after he phucks us on our TV deal.
  10. Clinton Campaign’s Cyber Security

    I was waiting for that. She mentioned she didn’t want to get busted for snooping which implies it was unlocked.
  11. Trump considering a pardon for Jack Johnson

    Jack doesn’t have a sense of humor
  12. Trump considering a pardon for Jack Johnson

    Jesus Christ Jack. You’re TDS is showing.
  13. This is a NYT opinion piece on the “They won’t let me be president” comment. But what I found most interesting was this final paragraph: This reporter found an iPhone in the restroom and was able to access it without an issue. Are you kidding me? It’s obvious cyber security didn’t matter to the campaign. No wonder Podesta’s email was hacked. But I’m supposed to believe it took a vast Russian conspiracy to hack his emails when a reporter accessed his assistant’s phone that was left in the bathroom. Ok then. Here’s the full opinion piece for those that are interested. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/04/20/sunday-review/hillary-clinton-chasing-hillary.html?smid=tw-nytopinion&smtyp=cur