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  1. So they released this picture of a text exchange supposedly from Hunter Biden. But....if you’ll notice in the upper left hand corner it’s a Russian cell network. Come on if you’re going to do this at least exclude the part with this Russian cell network...
  2. I guess we will find out Friday. I’ll be watching for sure.
  3. Although Ben is the editor of Mother Jones, not exactly a conservative outpost.
  4. Pretending it didn’t happen or is a nothinberger
  5. Considering were running multi-trillion dollar deficits...every state is suckling from the federal teet. And FWIW I’ve never thought the comparison of one state being a net provider to the government and another being a net drain is fair. For example, the biggest contributor to these differences is defense spending. Strategically it doesn’t make sense for California to have nuclear missile silos, it makes more strategic sense for them to be in Wyoming, North & South Dakota, Colorado, etc. It makes sense for ship building to happen in the Gulf of Mexico and not in the Pacific Northw
  6. No that’s the point of the UBI. Supplement/help replace that persons income. If they use it for other purposes than paying mortgage/rent that’s their problem.
  7. The only stimulus that should be happening are direct UBI payments to all Americans and paycheck protection for small businesses.
  8. Setup future subscribers to Trump News Network to rival Fox News?
  9. It kinda feels like throwing boulders at a glass house. It’s not like Trump is the symbol of virtue.
  10. There’s a Nickelback joke in here somewhere. 50 cent, 45th president. Somebody help me out here.
  11. I’m not sure if Newsom has that kind of power. I don’t know if it would fall under the commerce clause or the 10th amendment. Any social media lawyers want to chime in?
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