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  1. I fixed it on my spread sheet and it will show up next week when I post the new scores.
  2. He asked me to delete his account when I sold the board. He had asked me to do it a long time before I even considered selling it. I deleted it per his request.
  3. Sorry guys. I've been slammed at work. Here are the scores. I've dropped your 3 lowest scores. I will drop one additional score after this. So you can miss up to 4 weeks. Let me know if something is off. Username Week 2 Week 3 Cumulative Missed sjsjim MISSED MISSED 32 3 Fromthe50atSJSU 105 153 35 0 azgreg MISSED MISSED 41 3
  4. So the AAC is interested in the #6 and #10 schools in viewership….ok.
  5. I hope you’re right. Personally, having a debt limit is unnecessary. I’m on board with reducing spending and raising revenue to bring it under control. But these debates cause unnecessary strain on the system.
  6. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this subject.
  7. You’re right, I looked it up. About 20% of seniors solely rely on Social Security income. But the others supplement their incomes with defined benefit (pension) and defined contribution (401k) plans. And those are all invested in real estate, stocks & bonds. In fact many of those bonds are US treasuries. So the point still stands that those people will suffer significantly from a default. https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewbiggs/2020/01/27/factcheck-do-40-of-retirees-rely-on-social-security-for-their-entire-income/amp/
  8. Government spending is a significant driver of economic growth. If the government can’t pay 30% of its bills there will be substantial economic harm. We’re talking about aid states depend on, social security payments, Medicare payments, defense spending etc. Let’s say we cut grandmas check by 30%. All of those seniors are going to have 30% less money to spend. We will have to cut the salaries of 4.4 million people by 30%, same thing. You’re talking about reducing the income of 60 million+ people by 30% and you don’t think that won’t have devastating consequences for the economy? Not to ment
  9. Because most of us have 401ks which do not have a guarantee backing them and are tied to the performance of various bond & stock markets
  10. Ok let’s say your numbers of 60-75% of govt spending is covered by revenues currently hard to gauge with the ongoing pandemic so let’s split the difference and call it 68%. Fiscal 2021 fiscal outlays were 6.8T. Biden proposed a budget of 6.011T for fiscal 2022. Let’s assume that’s the number we go with. So if we hit the debt limit and are forced to immediately cut 32% of government spending that removes 1.93T of spending from the economy. That’s 8.5% of annual GDP. Instantly removing that much spending (I understand it isn’t overnight but over the course of a year) will cause significant
  11. Not raising the debt limit is cutting off our nose to spite our face. It’s stupid. Debates about spending and taxes? No problem. Phucking with the faith and credit of the United States is suicide. Everybody who supported Trump’s tax cuts and spending spree should have zero issue with raising the debt limit.
  12. Which basketball schools? Also, does this mean we’re going to a round robin football schedule? Boise will get to play it’s real rivals in Nevada and Fresno again, annually which are popular games for all 3 fanbases and TV partners.
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