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  1. mugtang

    MWCBoard All MWC Selections

  2. Sorry for the delay. Here are the MWCBoard's selections for All MWC Teams. Quarterback 1st Team: Brett Rypien, Boise State 2nd Team: Marcus McMaryion, Fresno State 3rd Team: Armani Rogers, UNLV HM: Ty Gangi, Nevada Running Back 1st Team: Alexander Mattison, Boise State; Juwan Washington, San Diego State 2nd Team: Lexington Thomas, UNLV; Izzy Mathews, Colorado State; Romello Harris, Fresno State 3rd Team: Chase Jasmin, San Diego State; Josh Hokit, Fresno State HM: Kelton Moore, Nevada; Kellen Overstreet, Wyoming; Rashaad Boddie, Colorado State Wide Receiver 1st Team: Keesean Johnson, Fresno Stae; McLane Mannix, Nevada; A.J. Richardson, Boise State 2nd Team: Ron’Quavion Tarver, Utah State; Octavius Evans, Boise State; Olabisi Johnson Colorado State 3rd Team: Austin Conway, Wyoming; Jamire Jordan, Fresno State; Derrion Grim, Fresno State; Jalen Greene, Utah State; John Usua, Hawaii HM: Fred Trevillion, San Diego State; Darren Woods, UNLV; Sean Modster, Boise State. Tight End 1st Team: Dax Raymond, Utah State 2nd Team: Parker Houston, San Diego State; Jared Rice, Fresno State 3rd Team: Chase Blakley, Boise State HM: Giovanni Fauolo, UNLV; John Bates, Boise State Center 1st Team: Quin Ficklin, Utah State 2nd Team: Nick Gerhard, San Diego State; Sean Krepsz, Nevada 3rd Team: Markus Boyer, Fresno State HM: Keegan Cryder, Wyoming; Garrett Larson Boise State Guard 1st Team: John Molchon, Boise State; Keith Ismael, San Diego State; Christian Cronk, Fresno State; Micah St. Andrew, Fresno State 2nd Team: Daishawn Dixon, San Diego State; Logan Harris, Wyoming 3rd Team: Aaron Jenkins, New Mexico; Rob Castaneda, Utah State HM: Eric Quevedo, Boise State; Roman Andrus, Utah State; Kaden Jackson, Wyoming; Jaron Caldwell, UNLV Tackle 1st Team: Ezra Cleveland, Boise State; Netane Muti, Fresno State 2nd Team: Syrus Tuitele, Fresno State; Tyler Roemer, San Diego State 3rd Team: Alfred Edwards, Utah State; Nathan Jacobson, UNLV; Miles Beach, Nevada HM: Ryan Pope, San Diego State; Ben Knox, Colorado State; Alonzo Velazquez, Wyoming; John Ojukwu, Boise State; T.J. Roundtree, Colorado State Defensive End 1st Team: Carl Granderson, Wyoming; Jabril Frazier, Boise State 2nd Team: Curtis Weaver, Boise State; Emeka Ndoh, Fresno State 3rd Team: Adewale Adeoye, Utah State; Durrant Miles, Boise State; Garrett Crall, Wyoming; Damien DeGruy, Fresno State HM: Emmanuel Jones, Colorado State; Kwami Jones, Fresno State Defensive Tackle 1st Team: Youhanna Ghaifan, Wyoming; David Moa, Boise State 2nd Team: Kevin Atkins, Fresno State; Sonatane Lui, Boise State 3rd Team: Christopher ‘Unga, Utah State; Leevel tatum III, Fresno State HM: Jasad Haynes, Fresno State; Salanoa-Alo Wily, UNLV Linebacker 1st Team: Jeffrey Allison, Fresno State; Logan Wilson, Wyoming; Malik Reed, Nevada 2nd Team: Ronley Lakalaka, San Diego State; Tyson Maeva, Boise State; Tony Lashley, Boise State 3rd Team: James Bailey, Fresno State; Tipa Galeai, Utah State; George Helmuth, Fresno State HM: Jahlani Tavai, Hawaii; Cassh Maluia, Wyoming; Suli Tamaivena, Utah State Cornerback 1st Team: Tyler Horton, Boise State; Avery Williams, Boise State 2nd Team: Jaron Bryant, Fresno State; Ron Smith, San Diego State 3rd Team: Anthoula Kelly, Fresno State; D.J. Williams, Utah State HM: Anonio Hull, Wyoming; Jalin Burrell, New Mexico; Tyler Hall, Wyoming Safety 1st Team: Andrew Wingard, Wyoming; Kekoa Nawahine, Boise State 2nd Team: Mike Bell, Fresno State; Dameon Baber, Nevada 3rd Team: Kekaula Kaniho, Boise State; Juju Hughes, Fresno State HM: Tariq Thompson, San Diego State; DeAndre Pierce, Boise State; Marcus Epps, Wyoming; Jordan Fogal, Colorado State Kicker 1st Team: Dominik Eberle, Utah State 2nd Team: Wyatt Bryan, Colorado State 3rd Team: Hadon Hoggarth, Boise State HM: John Baron II, San Diego State; Cooper Rothe, Wyoming; Asa Fuller, Fresno State Punter 1st Team: Ryan Stonehouse, Colorado State 2nd Team: Aaron Dalton, Utah State 3rd Team: Blake Cusick, Fresno State HM: Tim Zaleski, Wyoming Kick Returner 1st Team: Juwan Washington, San Diego State 2nd Team: Tyler Hall, Wyoming 3rd Team: Avery Williams, Boise State HM: Dejonte O’Neal, Fresno State Punt Returner 1st Team: Avery Williams, Boise State 2nd Team: Austin Conway, Wyoming 3rd Team: Dejonte O’Neal, Fresno State HM: Jordan Nathan, Utah State
  3. mugtang

    Anyone want some BSU/OkieLight Action?

    I’m sure he will have a great season. But I suspect Gangi will have a much better season statistically. Ryp lost it to Stevens last year despite being on the better team. I suspect it’ll go that way again this year.
  4. mugtang

    Anyone want some BSU/OkieLight Action?

    Gangi will win First Team All-MWC over Rypien. @Jeffkills I accept your $20 bet that the Field and not Rypien will win first team all-mwc as decided by the media.
  5. mugtang

    MWCBoard Guess The Score - Week 0

    Me too. Football is back!
  6. mugtang

    MWCBoard Guess The Score - Week 0

    Here are your selections https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aaXjtY6SSrt2tz2PITcN1AToekRI0LpPj6tHAUl2s-k
  7. Loading... You all know the rules. If you need to resubmit your picks please do so with another submission. I will use your latest submission as your scores. This closes 8/25 at 4:30pm Pacific.
  8. mugtang

    Operation Red Sea

    I knew it
  9. mugtang

    Operation Red Sea

    NevadaConvert is Alex Jones?
  10. mugtang

    Operation Red Sea

    It made 1.5 million at the box office. Huge Chinese takeover of Hollywood!
  11. mugtang

    Strzok fired

    Strzok wasn’t a prosecutor though.
  12. mugtang

    Operation Red Sea

  13. mugtang

    Raiders training camp to Reno?

    Sisolak will be a disaster for Northern Nevada which is why I won’t vote for him. Both are douchebags though.