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  1. I’m not saying it’s the answer. I’m just saying the why it’s grown in popularity especially with younger people.
  2. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Things have just gotten so ridiculously expensive that it’s hard for the millennial generation and the generation following them to achieve the same American dream their parents and grandparents had. They’ve been taught they need to get a college degree to get ahead. They go to school and end up with 30k in student debt. So they’re starting out behind. If they get sick they’re going to go even further into debt. A dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to. Wages haven’t really kept up with inflation. When they do get into the workforce they’re stuck paying into a tax system that isn’t going to end up benefiting them (social security). Their wealth is being transferred to the boomer generation and beyond to pay for their mistakes. I can understand why they’re turning more and more to socialism. As for @toonkee’s question about the rise of Nationalism globally it is the result of a few different things depending on where its happening. The rise in nationalism in Europe I think a lot of it stems from the influx of refugees from the Middle East. Humans are tribal in nature and we traditionally want to be around people that look and believe like we do. Europe has been primarily a homogenous population for most of history and the indigenous population feels their power eroding due to immigration and low birth rates. I think in the United States that is part of what’s causing it but it’s more along the lines the middle class feels more and more left behind in the new economy they’ve seen many of their jobs exported overseas and many others believe (mostly wrongly) that immigrants (specifically illegal immigrants) are taking their jobs. So protectionist and nationalist policies can be seen as a appealing to those people which is ultimately why Trump won in the rust belt states. People who feel left behind in the new economy don’t give a shit about things like gay rights or gender identity when they can’t find a job to match their skill set and are struggling to feed their family. This is also another reason why socialist policies, in addition to what I mentioned above, are gaining traction. Edit: Also, the European homogenous populations is why it’s easier for them to support socialist policies. It’s human tribalism. It’s easy for people to get behind supporting others when they all look like, sound like and believe similar to you.
  3. Nah I’ll keep it private. I will say I’m not shocked by who marked yes for Trump, yes for the Dems and yes for a 3rd party. I haven’t voted yet as I want to see who ends up with the Dem nomination. I’ll probably vote for Biden. Might even consider Harris. Otherwise I’m likely voting for the Coffee Baron Howard Schultz.
  4. My point was Dems in the 2016 election used Duke’s endorsement of Trump as evidence Trump is a racist.
  5. We discussed this here a few months ago. She’s not guilty because David Duke endorsed her just like Trump isn’t guilty because David Duke endorsed him.
  6. For social security they need to remove the wage caps. They also need to phase in higher retirement ages. Make 67 the early retirement age, 72 the age for full benefits. They may also want to consider making all income subject to the social security tax, including passive and investment income. Also, social security benefits should be 100% taxable for those with incomes greater than say 75k. Those with retirement incomes greater than 200k and/or assets greater than $10 million should not receive any social security benefits. As for Medicare I don’t have a solution. I suspect we will eventually all be put under a Medicare for all plan and Medicare taxes will be at least 5x what they are currently. In that situation they also need to expand the tax to include all types of income.
  7. You’re #11 here now. You pick after @BSUTOP25
  8. I have a lot to get done again today so please be decentish toward each other.
  9. And then there’s this. Sailors saw something fly into the ship before the explosion and the damage is above the waterline.
  10. I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation.
  11. We’re going to go with 10 people here. If we get additional signups we will add them here but for now 12 people x 10 teams so there will be some teams not picked. Here’s the random draft order: 1) @Wapitipoke34 2) @SJSUMFA2013 3) @sean327 4) @NorCalCoug 5) @PackNation 6) @Rocket 7) @BestintheWest 8) @ph90702 9) @Rebel doc 10) @BSUTOP25 11) @madmartigan 12) @broncsrock Please wait until @SJSUMFA2013 gives you the ok to start. Have fun!
  12. If you must know, I actually do. @youngrebelfan40 opened my eyes to the issue. I believe a black person can be bigoted or prejudiced against a white person but they can’t be racist.
  13. If I recall my hierarchy of injustice correctly women can’t be sexist against men as women don’t have the power because of the patriarchy, same way a black person can’t be racist against a white person since white people have the power.