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  1. It’s Mississippi....you cant arrest 75% of the population.
  2. And now the Trump nut huggers hate her because she dared question god emperor Trump.
  3. I don’t understand the far rights hate for fauci. He hasn’t claimed to be the end all. He advises based on medical knowledge and available data. But deep state or something.
  4. You’re right. My thread title was unintentionally deceptive. I’ve corrected it.
  5. The whole point of the lockdowns was to flatten the curve. We’ve done that. Now the goal posts have been moved to save every life. That’s not reasonable and these lockdowns aren’t sustainable.
  6. Right. I get that. But those are only confirmed cases and almost all of those were symptomatic. The antibody tests show more people in New York were infected with Covid-19 than there are confirmed cases in the United States. I think most reasonable people would agree that the death rate from the CDC data of 5.9% is more likely than not significantly overstated. As for the rest of your comment