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  1. Nevada @ San Jose State

    Classic trap game with Boise coming to town Saturday.
  2. Utah State @ Nevada

    With BSU & Hutch coming to town hope our best defender is at full strength.
  3. Wolf Pack down to 8 Scholarship Players

    I doubt if the academic advisors rate their attention by how many minutes a guy plays.
  4. Wolf Pack down to 8 Scholarship Players

    Maybe we need more idiots. He won the MWC with a short bench last year & so far he's undefeated in league play. Undefeated won't last but he's done pretty well. Wait a minute, why am I responding to the board idiot?
  5. Current Kenpom All MWC team

    Both have said they can't imagine not playing together & are not looking forward to it. If that's true they probably stay, when they leave they'll be separated.
  6. UC Davis @ Nevada

    Yea, yea, I got it figured out, I screwed up. Actually, now I remember I watched on Facebook in the past. It said over 480,000 views, is that possible?
  7. UC Davis @ Nevada

    Guess I'm alone on this, I think they suck. I can't cast it to my TV. Plus I had no sound but that's the production not Facebook.
  8. When the option is getting extra practice & national exposure or staying home the choice is easy. As long as the city of Boise & the potato growers see the marketing advantage it will keep going. Ault floated out the idea of a bowl game but the idea of a night game in Reno in the winter time got shut down pretty quickly locally. But Boise had the vision & I believe it was the next year Boise started their bowl game only as a day game. Reno wouldn't have supported a bowl game anyway but Boise has always found an underwriter & support to keep it going.
  9. Northern Nevada Schools

    Well, we faced up against the bigger LV schools for years with no whining & actually we were pretty competitive. But going up against a semi-pro team is a bit too much. If you paid attention you'd know the Southern schools aren't too happy about Gorman either.
  10. Mugtang, CFBinfo.com question

    Are you going to put an asterisk next to the FB game UNLV forfeited for cheating?
  11. How does your team look for next season?

    2nd year with new systems, most of the Off comes back so I expect we'll be better. Prediction, 3rd in the West & 6th overall. We lost 3 games by a total of 7 pts. If the Def gets better & we win a couple of those we move up.
  12. How does your team look for next season?

    Better hope so. If Sanchez gets you to a bowl game, & I expect he will, you might be in trouble. It's a lot tougher to fire a coach that took you to a bowl game & has the team on the rise. We were praying that Polian wouldn't make a bowl game.
  13. Northern Nevada Schools

    And yet the Rebs would be ecstatic to win a MWC championship.
  14. Northern Nevada Schools

    Now I get it. Gorman lost to Mater Dei who couldn't even win the Trinity League. That's why they don't want to go in that direction, too much competition. Better to stay in Nevada where they're comfy & can dominate.
  15. Northern Nevada Schools

    This thread goes on & on. It's about GORMAN & nobody else. No point in mentioning other schools. You're calling the North whiners because they no longer want to go up against Fertittas millions & national recruiting but then start whining about smaller South schools playing the North? Got it.