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  1. Nevada found a way around it. Apple & Nevada made a deal. Every incoming Fr will receive a new I-pad of course that includes athletes.
  2. Former Nevada diver & current volunteer coach Krysta Palmer made the Olympic team in 2 dive events. 3 meter syncro & 3 meter springboard. She started off in gymnastics hoping to make the Olympics but blew out a knee. She switched to trampoline hoping to make the Olympic team & was at an international level but her knees couldn't take it. She thought her athletic career was over. She started taking classes at Nevada & joined the club dive team to give her something to do. She didn't start diving until she was 20 but with her trampoline experience it wasn't long until
  3. It's clear that your goal is for UNLV to surpass Nevada. Wouldn't it be better for the State if your goal was for both Universities to do well?
  4. Your probably right. The South has 2/3 of the population, 75% of the money, 10 of the 13 regents & has controlled the legislature for 60 years plus a very strong bias against the North. It's easy to understand why the North resents the South but why on earth does the South dislike Nevada & the North so much? You already have everything going for you, why the paranoia?
  5. Plus giving your med students free tuition but we're still here & doing just fine. BTW, the Nevada State Health Lab is still on the Reno campus 500 miles away & they've certainly been busy all over the State with Covid.
  6. The UNLV medical school is an interesting case. Nevada had a medical school for 50 years with facilities in the rural areas & in Las Vegas. Instead of building up the existing State medical school UNLV needed their own. The argument was that Las Vegas was the biggest metropolitan area without a medical school. However, how many States with Nevada's small population have or need 2 medical schools? I guess it's expected that the South would always look out for it's best interests but I can't imagine any other State has a South vs North situation any worse then Nevada,
  7. Nobody liked the name Nevada Southern so the students voted to change the name to Nevada State but at a winter meeting with nobody from the North present the Regents (10 of the 13 are from the South) changed the names to Nevada Las Vegas & Nevada Reno. After being Nevada for 75 years we woke up one morning with a new name. Once again Southern paranoia at being the lesser was exposed.
  8. Desert Research Institute was formed & funded originally by Nevada & last I heard they were doing about 80 mil yr in research. Don't know why they were broken away to become an independent entity but they are collaborating on a lot of projects with the University. The molecular medical research facilities haven't been going all that long & as time goes by they should see an increase in research funding.
  9. It's never going to happen. Too far a reach plus UNLV is so paranoid that Nevada would get further ahead that the South will do everything it can, funding etc., to stop it.
  11. I'm still at a loss why this bothers you so much? It's onerous to set a goal whether attainable or not? And what does this have to do with UNLV?
  12. He's made it clear he wants to reduce the rivalry between the schools. Surprised you of all people would endorse his goal by posting the pictures.
  13. He said Notre Dame patented their gold flake so nobody else could use it so Nevada patented the silver flake helmet. After going to the trouble it's going to be around for a long time one suspects.
  14. Interesting success story about the Ozmans & SNC. He came from Turkey to get a graduate degree from Nevada in electrical engineering. She came from Turkey to get her MBA. They went to work for a small engineering co. They hooked up, got married & 5 years later bought the co. It had 20 employees. 25 years later by buying a lot of small cos. & landing a lot of gov't contracts they now have 4-5,000 employees in 17 different states. They're testing a space delivery system that can fly back to earth & be reused. Surprised they kept corp headquarters in Sparks & I agree s
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