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  1. Rodney Terry throws shade at Fresno

    Sounds like you're describing Polian.
  2. OT - UNLV doin's at the Admin level

    Very likely. Instead of funding & building up the existing med school they had to have their own. The argument was that L.V is the largest municipal area without a med school. However, how many States with Nevada's small population have or need 2 med schools?
  3. St. Mary's pulls out of Diamond Head Classic

    If the Zags leave doesn't that guarantee them NCAA by winning their conference tournament?
  4. #1 Nevada vs #5 San Diego State

    Congrats Aztecs, what a beat down. Guess Dutcher was right, you are the best team in the conference.
  5. MWC WBB Championship Game

    You're probably right. But for a down program that finished in 10th last year & was predicted to finish 10th this year to come within a few seconds of beating the best team in the conference I thought was worth a mention. And yes, as losers we'll be sitting at home on our couches.
  6. MWC WBB Championship Game

    That's great. And, BTW, thanks for congratulating us as a #7 seed taking you to a last second buzzer beater.
  7. MWC WBB Championship Game

    Announcers said Boise had 2 leads. 3-0 & 62-60 after the last put back at the buzzer. Pack had a lid on the basket in the 2nd 1/2 but still made it close.
  8. Nevada WBB does it again!

    I'd be surprised if the Nevada magic continues, they're bound to have a let down. Still, if they keep up the Def pressure & the shots fall who knows? After the Pack beat the #2 & #3 seeds Boise won't be caught by surprise.
  9. Nevada WBB does it again!

    Finished 10th last year & predicted to finish 10th this year. 7th seed going to the championship game. Exactly the same team as last year. What a difference a new coach makes.
  10. Nevada WBB Beats UNLV for first time in Vegas

    What? We beat the CHAMPIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? 2 OT game. Great game to watch from both teams.
  11. Nevada @ San Diego State

    Part of our game plan is to take a lot of foul shots. We've almost always scored well from the line, on purpose. Nevada took 12 & SDSU took 22. Something went wrong.
  12. Nevada @ San Diego State

    Shooting 25% from 3 pt in the 2nd 1/2 in a close game isn't gonna win very often.
  13. Always thought that was odd. When UCLA was formed it didn't change Cal to UCB but when Nevada Southern changed their name to UNLV why did the Southern regents arbitrarily change our name from Nevada to UNR? .
  14. Should Red Cross volunteers demand payment? After all charities are a billion $ enterprise & the administrators are well paid. The athletes are volunteering their services, if they don't like the system they don't have to play, nobody is forcing them. If it's not fair & they don't like it why don't they go out & find a job that does pay? They'd be hard pressed at 19 to find a job that matches the cost of a scholarship, food, insurance, stipend, etc. They are compensated.
  15. I keep hearing this, how are they being exploited? Only, what 1 1/2 to 2% of D1 players go into the pros. Many, maybe even most of these guys wouldn't have a degree to carry with them for the rest of their lives. I see value in that. Sure, athletic depts. have million $ budgets but I don't know of any that's making a profit. So to pay players where would you cut expenses? Or would you raise ticket prices beyond the average fans ability to pay which could be the death knoll of collegiate sports. I suspect Title IX advocates would have a say as well. Pay FB players & you're going to have to pay softball players. I know it's a popular tune these days but I just can't see it.