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  1. wolfan8431

    Prepare Thy Lube: Both Martins Are Returning.....

    It's a concern but Muss pointed out that when he coached in the D league he'd have 10 guys & then they'd send him 2 more & he had to try & keep them all happy. Of course they all wanted playing time & opportunities to score to get to the big time so he has experience dealing with that situation.
  2. wolfan8431

    Who is Coach Muss going to kick off the team

    Yea, Muss looks out for the guys. They'll find good transfers for them. Guys want playing time so if the choice is sitting on the bench or transfering to a school where they'll get playing time most guys are going to go for that. Also, the last guys that transfered in must have known the situation if the Martins returned & knowing Muss he told them up front what the deal was.
  3. wolfan8431

    Everybody Is Coming Back!!!

    That's funny, coming from you of all people. These guys can see the writing on the wall. If they want playing time they'll be glad to transfer. All of them will be playing next year just not all at Nevada.
  4. wolfan8431

    Everybody Is Coming Back!!!

    That would be sweet, however, between SDSU & the way NM has been loading up not likely. It's going to be a battle at the top. Likely we'll lose a game nobody expected.
  5. wolfan8431

    Mussel up

    Thanks for finding that & posting it. He raves about the transfers sitting out so if the twins come back, I hate to say it but I guess the HS recruits are on the bubble. If they JC or prep school I don't think we'll be able to hang onto them.
  6. wolfan8431

    Jordan Brown to Nevada

    This was preplanned. All of the coaches posted their similar reactions on twitter. They knew it was coming. Muss is a funny guy with his hijinks.
  7. wolfan8431

    2018 NBA Draft Combine

    I actually think Cody might have the better NBA chance. Caleb is the scorer but Cody does everything else as good as anybody. Def, reb, assts & a potential 6'7" Pt G. He has a sweet shot in practice but it hasn't transferred to games. Pick up his shooting % in games & he could be a steal.
  8. wolfan8431

    Nevada gets grad transfer commit

    I've been thinking that for awhile. I think Muss is in the situation where you take the best player available & the next 1 is better then the last 1 & then let the chips fall where they may. Like a good manager he's not averse to making hard choices.
  9. wolfan8431

    Nevada gets grad transfer commit

    Don't think we'd be trading 2 6'7" Fs for a 6'4" G.
  10. wolfan8431

    Josh pulling in some Hyundai coin

    Yea, good thing this came out before his tweets were released. Hyundai might have gotten cold feet.
  11. wolfan8431

    MWC Softball 2018 Edition

    I believe he's done every sport except tennis & track. Can't wait to see him try & toss a shot put or try the pole vault..
  12. wolfan8431

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    It's pretty funny. They have the camera behind the plate & that's it. You can see the mound & 2nd base, they don't follow the ball . Sat. the audio wasn't working so you had to guess where the ball went & if they made a play by watching 2nd base & home plate. At least today the audio was working so the announcer could tell you what was going on, still couldn't see anything.
  13. wolfan8431

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Nevada defeats SJSU 10-9. Doubleheader tomorrow.
  14. wolfan8431

    OT - UNLV doin's at the Admin level

    Bill Paulus, "I think it's North versus some of the South". Good grief. The South has had the population edge for 60 years which means they've controlled the legislature for 60 years. 10 of the 13 regents are from the South & yet they still blame the North for their problems? The North has little if any effect on the South.
  15. wolfan8431


    But I thought you were going to make a whole lot more money & national prestige by going to the AAC. You guys made it clear that you'd out grown the MWC. The deal with the MWC paled compared what you could have had. Why'd you come back?