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  1. Not sure if you’re being sarcastic, I was just offering another case of bad officiating at byu. The case I’m referring to resulted in suspensions, rule changes about who can staff the replay booth and made national headlines.
  2. The story... In short, a BYU employee in the replay booth did not provide the replay video that clearly showed the Aztecs caused and recovered a fumble. The TV audience saw the view, but mysteriously that view wasn’t shown to the refs - who incorrectly said the runner was down. Probably decided the game in byu’s favor.
  3. Just imagine what Hank could do with an o-line. He's gonna be punch drunk by halftime.
  4. A longer field would have just extended the drive. Boise couldn't stop much of anything on that drive.
  5. I think we borrowed yours - Heicklen - via Santa Monica CC. Thanks, by the way - he's good.
  6. Practice - from trying to keep up with the kids on social media.
  7. It's pretty clear what AF's defensive strategy is. Hank's gonna hurt tomorrow. And Sunday. And Monday.
  8. Monty93


    Legally, you can only sell each ticket one time - so it's not inflated on that basis. Look at UCLA who gave season ticket holders an extra four tickets for the Oklahoma game last week. They just gave those away to boost the attendance/tickets distributed number.
  9. Sock account or not, this is hilarious! Especially the Benny Hill music - if only someone could get the CSU band to play that during the game...