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  1. The moment he knew he was going to be an Offensive Coordinator...
  2. Kellen's health will now be included as part of the Cowboys Weekly Injury Report.
  3. In related news... Idaho is now changing its license plate slogan from "Famous Potatoes" to "Heroic Offensive Coordinators".
  4. If you aren't aware, San Diego isn't exactly a hotbed of sports fandom. Consider that we have at least four PAC-12 schools that are in closer geographic proximity to us than all but one MWC team. Then consider that most of the college football games that are easily available to watch here are Power Five and you have to pay extra to get the channel that MWC games are carried on. Finally, throw in a very large population of transplants who grew up in other cities and went to schools in other conferences and you end up with a population that isn't exactly one that you'd call fanatic. I coached the kids of one of the local sports radio guys and he told me that - quite honestly - when they want to talk about the Aztecs on the radio it "doesn't move the needle" - and that's not the only time I've heard that from people in the media. Things are great when we're winning, but there aren't many people that are going to pay for tickets to the concrete tombstone in Mission Valley to watch teams that they aren't familiar with. We'll get large crowds for fireworks, Boise State, pretty good for Fresno State, decent for Air Force ('Murrica!) - but otherwise the other teams aren't much of a draw. We got big crowds for Stanford, Arizona State, Cal - but those are the teams your average person is familiar with. Most residents are familiar with the Aztecs, but they probably don't know (or care) that we play San Jose State or New Mexico. Hell, most of them probably don't know that San Jose State still has a football team. They do know Tony Gwynn, Marshall Faulk, Kawhi Leonard, Rashaad Penny, Rocky Long, Steve Fisher, Don Coryell, Aztec football, Aztec basketball - but, again, what's the MWC? So, yeah, I thought it through.
  5. They must have been impressed by our multiple and glorious stadium renderings. The usual reaction we get around here when enumerating the member schools in the MWC is "What's the MWC"?
  6. So very, very true. In addition, I'll set the over/under on lawsuits against the project at 3 1/2.
  7. Since this happened at a Colonel's house on post, you can't be sure that they weren't allowed in knowingly by an acquaintance (since the bird was in 'hostile' territory). Nevertheless, this will probably be punished by Room Con, Area Tours and a loss of Cadet Rank (gimme that saber, cadet - here's your rifle). Long and the short of it, this is just another incident in the long line of Academy pranks of abductions during game week so there's no need to overreact on the part of the admin. The bird appears to be fine - and both Army and Navy now know to secure the bird before moving it. Now let's talk about goats...
  8. I can't believe no one has pinned this on Stunner yet...
  9. Aztec fans leaving the game...
  10. Whoopee... I've lived close to the stadium, too. Right up in Mission Village - I actually heard Roseanne butcher the national anthem from my yard. I also lived in a townhouse overlooking the San Diego River and watched the B-2 Flyover for the Super Bowl right out of the sliding door to the front porch. Physical proximity doesn't make your analysis any less unsound. Sucker City is a bad deal. If you've lived in the area long enough, you remember back in the 90's when the overgrown strip mall and condo hell that is Friars Road used to be mostly empty fields. I don't see how cramming more apartments, condos and restaurants into that last remaining parcel of Friars Road - along with all of the attendant traffic - is any great deal for anyone. I'd prefer to see SDSU West win between the two, but wouldn't be too put out if both propositions lost and everyone went back to the planning table. Your property value will be better off if Sucker City loses, otherwise there will be more housing supply in the area and more traffic - and all of those people will be driving on the same roads and shopping in the same stores. That parcel of land is too valuable to rush into a bad decision just because one side or the other has to win.
  11. Very true. Using that line of reasoning, it's somewhat surprising there aren't a few wedding chapels in there.
  12. I'd argue that it's definitely a sport and we could have some of the greatest rivalries ever. Maybe even a bracketology competition. We've even got uniforms! (kinda)
  13. Not a ring and definitely no tattoos - but a nice little bar to accent on dat nipple. I'll agree that there's definitely a limit on the ratio of nipple to piercing to consider. You don't want a full weight set hanging off those twin peaks. It's kind of like spandex - wondrous on the right woman but an offense against all that is sacred on the wrong one.
  14. There's a master's thesis topic somewhere in there. Maybe even enough material for a PhD candidacy. I volunteer to participate in the required studies.