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  1. Shouldn't have taken this long. MWC needs to make USU come to FoCo next year too and then we can call this debacle good.
  2. Orange slices and participation ribbons for all..
  3. This is beyond pathetic... if Craig Thompson doesn't do something to try and make this right, he needs to go too. This is an effing joke of a league. We've officially become the league of orange slices and participation ribbons if this crap is allowed to stand without some sort of repercussions.
  4. Verified on twitter... with player and parent accounts. Non some anonymous bullshit.
  5. No, it's not that he's telling a story I don't like, its that it's pure speculation with unnamed sources when do many verified players and parents and said exactly opposite on Twitter. Where was the homework to try to understand both sides when opposing POVs were readily available. If csu did something wrong, I can live with that, but there are clearly differing opinions that weren't recognized.. it's lazy/misleading "reporting" and now national beats have picked it up because it fits the popular Narrative of shutting down football.
  6. If you understood the generally liberal POVs that dominate both Boulder and Ft. Collins it would make more sense. People in both of those communities generally hate college athletics and anything that gives them a black eye is welcomed. They especially hate CSU football b because the school invested in the new stadium. The faculty would love nothing more than to see CSU football fold up and go away
  7. Honestly, finding truth in "news" is hard to do... Everyone has a spin to sell on every story and "truth" typically lies in between.. I'm sure you'll say that's a cop out, but if you tell me that's there's any one source that can be trusted, I'll tell you that your FOS.. they all lie to varying degrees.. That being said, in this case, there were many verifiable players and players parents that refuted these claims. That's about as legitimate as it gets in terms of sources..
  8. No I don't.. because I use my real name on Twitter and say the same exact shit.
  9. To call the Coloradoan a bag of crap would be an insult to the bag of crap.. they are notorious for throwing negative CSU shit against the wall and seeing what sticks.. in this case, they glommed onto a couple of unnamed folks that fit the popular narrative of shutting down sports and turned it into headline "news". Nevermind the fact that numerous verifiable players and player parents have said exactly opposite. Those opposing points of view we're either ignored or never searched out to begin with.. either way it was a half assed attempt to break news.. As for your comment about m
  10. Honestly, yes I would. CSU, if nothing else has proven that its not a "win at all costs" program. We've done things the right way for what its worth and if coaches are being shady about shit, I'd absolutely want to know. Its not like CSU owes Addazio anything, in fact, its likely the other way around. And I don't doubt that a whistleblower would find himself on the bench, but that's what the portal is for in the first place.
  11. Maybe there were and maybe there weren't... we don't know unless people are willing to put their names to their accusations. We know for a fact that there are 10+ players and parents that have come out against the article saying its complete horse crap... who's more credible?
  12. Allegedly there are 10 players... how do we know unless they provide their names? There have been more than 10 (plus parents) saying this article is complete crap on Twitter. And again, what "retribution" would they face? If Fort Collins and the coaches suck so bad, go somewhere else. Why would any player ever fear "retribution"??
  13. I disagree... anytime you run story w/ "unnamed" sources your doing a disservice to your target audience. If the general public "cancelled" news reporters who base their accusations on "unnamed" sources, a lot of shitty reporters and "unnamed" sources would disappear. Whistle-blowers are protected by federal law and if that wasn't enough, they should have the balls to believe what they say enough to put their name behind it. If they don't, how can they be considered credible in the first place??? In the case of college student athletes, why should they be scared of staying anonymous? They
  14. Lots of players and parent's of players calling BS. So much crap today would be solved if people would either name their damn sources of STFU. The "unnamed" source is such a cop out and the root cause for so much divisiveness in our society. We should be demanding that #LameStremMedia man up or shut up!
  15. Better question, why do certain jobs require unpaid internships prior to getting a paid full time position?
  16. I don't disagree that football and basketball players should potentially get more than what they get today, but what about the women's swim team and the track team? How do they fit into this plan? Seems like the football players conveniently forget about all the other sports that are being funded on their backs.
  17. I think your math is a little off... do I agree that college football and basketball players generate a shit ton for their schools, absolutely. That being said, they are also paying the way for non-revenue generating sports, because of Title IX. If Title IX wasn't in place, there would be a lot more room to pay football and basketball players more. This is not an institutional issue as the P12 players make it out to be, but a federal level issue with liberal governance that tries to level the playing field. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  18. Its also free room and board, a stipend, and pay for likeness.
  19. Modern day slavery... wow... I wish I could have had the privileges that student athletes have today, but I just wasn't athletic enough. I was clearly discriminated against.
  20. I don't disagree that they should exercise their voices to get what they deserve. The reality is that right, wrong, or indifferent, football and basketball carry the water for non-revenue generating sports and Title IX, a federally mandated law, requires that schools that get federal funding provide an equal number of scholarships for both men and women, so unless there is a way to separate the revenue generating programs from the non-revenue generating programs, the imbalance will continue to exist. Its eye opening that the players demands didn't address this issue, and that their demands a
  21. I'm honestly more inclined to let the player sit out if they think the system is so racist and unfair. But whatever, if the P5 decide to pay players additional signing bonuses and its legal under Title IX, then so be it.
  22. I see this much the same way that the Chubba Hubbard thing went down... do players have voices? 110% and they are free to use them. The reality is that the system, which isn't perfect, isn't racist or oppressive by any stretch of the imagination. Get some better testing in place and maybe some better medical coverage, and call it a day. Players are getting stipends, they are getting free room and board, they are getting a free education, and they are getting paid for their likeness now. Not exactly indentured servitude.
  23. I was referring to the parts where he said: 1) "The NCAA is the epitome of institutional racism" and; 2) "There is NO other industry where people don't get paid for their work" Just a clueless stance for so many reasons. And before I have the social justice police scream me down, I don't really care if college sports happens this year or not. If athletes that have benefited from free education, free room and board, wide spread publicity (which they will now be getting paid for), and in some cases, very nice professional sport salaries, think this is a racist/oppressive sys
  24. f this is what they are teaching at Stanford, students should get refunds.. https://twitter.com/ConnorWedington/status/1290067800812212225?s=20
  25. My guess is no, its not, but then again, this is 2020, so all bets are off. They have a couple of good points, but the revenue sharing isn't even legal within the current structure and Title IX compliance.
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