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  1. Shouldn't have taken this long. MWC needs to make USU come to FoCo next year too and then we can call this debacle good.
  2. Orange slices and participation ribbons for all..
  3. This is beyond pathetic... if Craig Thompson doesn't do something to try and make this right, he needs to go too. This is an effing joke of a league. We've officially become the league of orange slices and participation ribbons if this crap is allowed to stand without some sort of repercussions.
  4. Bad teams find ways to lose... and we did.2 pick 6's and a GW TD called back on a stupid penalty.
  5. Agreed... there was definitely a level of subjectivity to the call and its too bad a great play was denied because of it. Good luck to USU though... no doubt, that was the outcome the conference wanted.
  6. I know I'm biased, but taking great plays away from great players is the bigger tragedy here. I understand rules are rules, but holding doesn't get called on every player either, when it probably could. Refs should let the players decide the outcome on the field.
  7. You decide for yourself... not sure how this call was even made in real time.. https://twitter.com/KellyLyell/status/1063920776489955329
  8. I don't think it was obvious at all.. the db pushed the WR toward the sidelines and the ref easily could have said it was that momentum that caused him to step on the line. As I said before, there were no unfair advantages that happened because he stepped on the line and therefore could/should have been a no call.
  9. I guess the refs should call holding on every play too since it happens every play, right?
  10. I agree.. there's a difference between the letter of the law and the intent of the law.. this should have been a non call just like the refs only actually call half of the holding penalties that ever occur. Williams gained no unfair advantage by having half of his foot hit the line and the refs robbed a great player of a great play. Good job zebras. You suck.
  11. Kendle Moore wins Freshman of the Year.
  12. No doubt its a big game for both teams. The winner has life in the division race and I don't think that something either program was thinking a couple weeks ago. Should be a fun one!
  13. I can't put CSU this high, but the win this week gives me hope that we may be able to eek out 6 wins and a bowl game. CSU has the talent to play with everyone left on their schedule. They just haven't put all the pieces together yet. The UNM game this weekend just got a lot more interesting.
  14. I wouldn't ever go so far as to say that the NCAA needs to expand by 32, but I certainly wouldn't argue with adding 2 or 4 more play-in games, especially if it means more G5s in the tourney since there is clearly an agenda there. How else do you explain 19-15 Vandy getting in over 28-7 Illinois St?
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