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  1. Uh huh......at roughly 200 miles away----Birmingham is a convenient roadie for Memphis. Yet UAB is such an incredibly attractive opponent for Memphis that the Tigers have scheduled them exactly ZERO times since leaving CUSA. Furthermore, Memphis finds that game so attractive, they have NOT YET bothered to place them on the schedule in the future---despite already having some OOC games planned out as far out as 2029. Since leaving CUSA, Houston has played no games against UAB--nor or any planned. SMU, since leaving CUSA, has played no games against UAB--nor or any planned. Tulane playe
  2. If only there was some way we could see 20 years worth of data indicating what UAB actually drew playing UCF, Memphis, Houston, etc. I respect your opinions UofMTigers, but I just think Birmingham is already growing bored again with UAB. It was fun saving the program---but now that euphoria has worn off---the locals have remembered that they dont really give a crap about the Blazers and would rather watch the SEC on TV. UAB is just another Tulane.
  3. I dont see how a "merger" between CUSA and the Sunbelt makes any sense what so ever. As a merged 24 team conference, those 24 schools would be giving up half the auto-bids that group currently enjoys and still have a ton of travel. I do think it makes a lot of sense for the two conferences to reshuffle their membership in order to become two much more regional conferences.
  4. UofMTigers totally missed my point. The attendance trended down all season---despite the fact they had a great year and were heading to the CCG. vs Alabama St---39,165 (their best crowd was when an in state HBU filled their stadium) vs S Alabama--27,932 (more help from an in state opponent). vs Rice---23,526 vs ODU 19,511 vs UTEP--19,875 vs LaTech--18,346 Thats not how its supposed to look when your team is 9-3 playing a big home game for the division crown.
  5. Nope. Same UAB. UAB didnt build that stadium and wont make a dime off of it. That practice facility is not a an indoor facility----its open on the sides and is little more than a tin roof over a turf field. They have the same small budget they always had. Same board controlled by Tuscaloosa. Same fickle fan base. Birmingham is already losing interest even while the team is still winning. Attendance isnt supposed to trend downward over the season as the win total rises on your way to the CCG---but it did. The only thing different right now at UAB is Clark--who is a true mirac
  6. In other words the Vandals and NM State should be added to the MW immediately since they are at least as good as San Jose St? C'mon. Your smarter than that. Its just dumb to purposely add to the bottom of the conference when you arent forced to. Yes, all programs have ups and down---but when looking for a member, you want to look at programs are tend to be up far more often than down. UAB? Thats a program that will be down far more often than not. Right now---the best AAC option is to stand pat---or maybe add VCU as a non-football member. It is what it is.
  7. UAB?. Spent years in a league with them and was never so happy to have a school dropped from our schedule. It was just a few years ago they were shuttering their football program. Look---I dont want anyone to lose their program like that---so Im glad they were able to save it, but their tiny budget and poor support screams CUSA. Clark will be gone soon. Once Clark leaves, they will be the same ole UAB that was so close to death Tuscaloosa thought they could quietly kill the program without anyone noticing. The only way UAB has a chance of being competitive is if it stays grouped with oth
  8. Lol. Does it say “seven figures a year”? Nope. It’s CUSA money.
  9. Incorrect. The 7 figures is the cumulative total over 4 years. Not 7 figures a year for 4 years. "believed to be a seven-figure sum over four years" https://www.pressherald.com/2020/05/11/newly-independent-uconn-signs-deal-with-cbs-sports-network/ https://www.charlotteobserver.com/entertainment/tv/article242653281.html https://media.sportbusiness.com/news/uconn-signs-multi-year-college-football-tv-deal-with-cbs-sports/
  10. Its seven figures over 4 years. He also said that something to the effect that it "was better than having to pay for the productions". So, while "7 figures" covers a wide range---Im betting the actual total amount just barely hits that 7 figure range over the 4 year period. If correct, that would be about $250-to-300K a year. CUSA/Sunbelt teams get about $400K a year from media---but thats for football and basketball. If we assume that 75% of the tv value is in football--that would place the deal right in the same CUSA/Sunbelt range ($400K x 75% = $300K). Based on UConn football TV rati
  11. As long as boosters are allowed to participate it will simply devolve into thinly veiled "pay for play" deals with third party payers. There is no way to control it if boosters are allowed to participate. Furthermore----I'd argue that any attempt by the NCAA to "cap payments" would amount to blatant antitrust activity and will result in yet another lawsuit in which the NCAA would be liable for a hefty damages payout. Additionally, as best as I can tell, any attempt by the NCAA to control NIL payouts would directly conflict with the California NIL law---and likely would conflict with many of
  12. For what its worth I came away from the NIU vs Ball State game unimpressed. I though both teams looked horrible on defense. Slow, poor tackling defenses. I saw slow strong plodding running backs. I saw one receiver with any real speed. I honestly think both teams looked about like Rice. A Fresno, UCF, or Houston would destroy both of those squads. They don't have the speed to keep up. If NIU makes a BCS game its going to be a way worse beating than last year. Just picture Rice vs Baylor. It will set the non-AQ cause back 20 years.
  13. Oh please----its on Christmas Eve 5000 miles from anywhere. Nobody ever brings more than 10 people to this silly thing. If Hawaii isn't in this bowl its a morgue. Its there for Hawaii and nobody else. Its a great trip for the kids, but nobody ever travels to this bowl in any real numbers. Its on a bad date and very expensive.
  14. They will hire a few assistant coaches from the area--probably at least one higly regarded high school coach who will help them in that department. No special insight into Dykes, that just kind of the normal operating procedure. Just as an aside, that was one of the reasons Briles (Baylor) was hired as assistant coach by Texas Tech. Obviously he was talented and had been a great high school head coach, but he was also a former president of the Texas High School Coaches Association and had a ton of contracts with Texas high school coaches. Thats a heck of a recruiting tool. Two years later
  15. Good hire. I wonder who is taking the LaTech job. Maybe his OC (Franklin)?
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