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  1. Congrats Hawaii. Apparently the Holgerson hiring is a bust. lol---We are horrid..and are paying 4 million a year to continue being horrid. Thank God basketball season is here.
  2. lol...Good point. Hell, I doubt anyone in the AAC even cares about UAB. They will be back to hot garbage the second Clark moves on to bigger and better things....Congrats to San Jose St. That was a heck of a season and had to feel really good to their long suffering fans.
  3. For what its worth I came away from the NIU vs Ball State game unimpressed. I though both teams looked horrible on defense. Slow, poor tackling defenses. I saw slow strong plodding running backs. I saw one receiver with any real speed. I honestly think both teams looked about like Rice. A Fresno, UCF, or Houston would destroy both of those squads. They don't have the speed to keep up. If NIU makes a BCS game its going to be a way worse beating than last year. Just picture Rice vs Baylor. It will set the non-AQ cause back 20 years.
  4. Oh please----its on Christmas Eve 5000 miles from anywhere. Nobody ever brings more than 10 people to this silly thing. If Hawaii isn't in this bowl its a morgue. Its there for Hawaii and nobody else. Its a great trip for the kids, but nobody ever travels to this bowl in any real numbers. Its on a bad date and very expensive.
  5. They will hire a few assistant coaches from the area--probably at least one higly regarded high school coach who will help them in that department. No special insight into Dykes, that just kind of the normal operating procedure. Just as an aside, that was one of the reasons Briles (Baylor) was hired as assistant coach by Texas Tech. Obviously he was talented and had been a great high school head coach, but he was also a former president of the Texas High School Coaches Association and had a ton of contracts with Texas high school coaches. Thats a heck of a recruiting tool. Two years later
  6. Good hire. I wonder who is taking the LaTech job. Maybe his OC (Franklin)?
  7. I dont know about that---but they can probably get anything else they want---including naming the west division the "BYU Division"
  8. I see how your calculating it now. Dont have time to calculate it now, but your count is probably about right. The first half of the BCS era we pretty much sucked--so most of our AQ wins would be more recent. You mentioned the schools history along with that so I thought you were going back further than the early 90's.. That said, I'd say only S Miss has won more games in CUSA than Houston during the last decade. ECU I know has not won as many games. I'd have to check Tulsa's win totals--they might be close. However, when it comes to SMU---I'd guess all 3 of those teams probably won
  9. Certainly for Houston, and to a lesser extent SMU---the "fewer AQ wins" quote is puzzeling. Both have more AQ wins than virtually any team you probably follow. Until the break up of the SWC, virtually all their games were against current AQ programs.
  10. Thompson said each conference will see an increase in BCS revenue.......I'd be very surprised if that was the case for the Big East.
  11. Good point. The basketball only schools actually produce less credits than the football playing all-sports schools.
  12. Yes. But any 8 schools are likely to out earn any single school anywhere unless that single school is named Texas or Notre Dame. The good basketball schools can do quite well. You get one credit for making the NCAA and then an additional credit each time you advance in the Tourney. FYI-MORE than half of all the Big Easts NCAA basketball credits come from football playing schools. The basketball only schools share that money. Theres a reason the basketball only schools dont leave the football schools---they would make much less money.
  13. The Big East has been averaging 8-9 teams a year in the tournament. If they never won a game they would have 54 credits. I belive they actually have close to 100. NCAA credits represent a significant amount of income. FYI--the NCAA credits are only shared with the basketball schools and the all sports schools. Bowl income and BCS revenue goes only to the schools that play football.
  14. You should really sober up before you hit the "POST" button.
  15. C'mon. I havnt read/heard any media expert or decent source say that the Big East new contract would be equal to the current Mountain West contract. Ive seen a bunch of sources that say it will be significantly more. The only debate has been how much more. The Mountan West contract is horrible, even the MW members know that.
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