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  1. Actually they don't sell us much, we produce more than we need. Keep up the bullshit though that is what you are best at.
  2. That always seems to be the common theme that the middle wins elections, too bad it never works that way. The people in the middle have no rudder, no compass, they are clueless morons for the most part not involved in politics, they are influenced most by the excitement of the base that is most motivated. They are too stupid, ignorant and uncaring to reach any other way and most won't even show up at the polls. The candidate that turns out their base and has their base excited always wins. That is why impeaching Clinton backfired on republicans and will backfire on democrats if they try to impeach Trump. You do not want to get the oppositions base mad and motivated, they will own you at the next election and maybe longer. Turnout is what wins elections.
  3. Can you give me examples of presidents you think should have been impeached and the Crime? In my opinion Nixon who was the best president of my lifetime was going to be impeached and deserved it. Clinton was impeached and didn't deserve it although he deserved the process. Obama wasn't impeached but for the same reason Nixon was going to face impeachment, using the IRS to attack political foe's destroying evidence and lying to congress and the american people about the 9/11 attack and spying as well as assassinating an american citizen for free speech he should have been impeached and removed. I think FDR should have been impeached for a thousand things including trying to be a dictator. Let alone destroying the fabric of this country forever as well as needlessly killing a few hundred thousand Americans. I would get Wilson on needlessly killing a few hundred thousand Americans too.
  4. I agree on the technicalities of your argument. The reality is if congress is removing presidents based on nothing but political bias our governments checks and balances are dead. Our government is dead.
  5. You, @SleepingGiantsFan, and all the rest of the leftists would be arguing for the opposite position you are now. just like you did when Hillary was caught mishandling classified information or Obama was caught lying about 9/11. The only thing you care about is team.
  6. You should read the report. Wait it doesn't matter you never care about actual facts.
  7. Yeah, you certainly would never have the honesty to respect a man that told you an inconvenient truth.
  8. She hasn't done a good job and all those who share her views have not done a good job. The growing disconnect you speak of is that emotional thinkers will not accept democracy and the concepts of a constitution overruling their feelings. They will not live by any rule, law or constitution, they do not feel bound by these things. They know better. While someone like Scalia, Roberts, Thomas or Kennedy would vote for a liberal position and have when it was supported by the constitution. You will never find a single example of RBG, or any who think like her doing the same.
  9. Lots plus two nephews and an uncle. I work with cops on a daily basis. I can tell you there are some cops you love when they show up to a scene and there are others that scare you to death. They are going to get you killed or more likely your patients killed. Cops are some of the most unprofessional people I have ever met. There training does not prepare them to do the job and many aren't interested in doing the job. If you talk to the good cops they will tell you this in there honest moments.
  10. Not only that they don't respect democracy or rule by the people. Which is why they don't respect democratic laws or constitutions. They are convinced they know better.
  11. Not one thing you listed is a crime. Doing business is not a crime in a capitalist society. Only communists think of it that way. Clinton lied under oath. That seems to me to be important for the chief law enforcement officer in the land to not lie under oath. Even Trump was smart enough not to lie under oath. The only person who we know colluded with Russians in that presidential election was Hillary and she lost the election. You wouldn't have said a thing about it if she had won, you would have just made your partisan excuses. You don't care about Russians and the election you just care that a republican is in office.
  12. They only have the votes if they are all corrupt and willing to vote impeachment on a partisan basis. Clinton had committed an actual crime and impeachment made him popular and republicans lost seats. The house majority leader lost is job, This would be a godsend in reverse to republicans of a much larger impact as there is no crime involved here.
  13. If you try to impeach Trump you will be exposed and flip that house right back and save the republican senate majority.
  14. You are hilarious. There was only one person in the last election that got election information from the Russians that we know about and it wasn't Trump. And the American people did vote accordingly.
  15. You really want Trump to win the 2020 election by a landslide? Probably the best thing that could happen for Republicans to have a chance at taking the house back and keeping the senate. Democrats will be exposed for what they are and even Pelosi knows this.