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  1. So you won't own up to your other posts in that thread and admit you were wrong but you want me to admit I am wrong. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! It is somehow racist to point out a double standard which you say specifically In a response to Joe. "I found his comment about only white people with an R next to their name can only be accused of scandals to be off putting. It just seemed unnecessary to make it a racial issue." Other non black democrats can be accused of scandals. They are even investigated when the opposition party brings in a bought and paid for unverified and partially proven false report. I will admit you did not directly call me racist. You did everything but call me racist. In several statements. So I was wrong. You think the dictionary definition of a word is a technicality though and will not admit you are wrong in the way you used it. So I was right that you would not admit your mistake. I don't care about your generations politically correct gyrations that force us to avoid the actual issues.
  2. I have admitted i was wrong when i was wrong. Orange is always wrong, when you try to point out his wrong statements he claims he has you on ignore. I have never, ever, even once, seen him discuss an issue. You Mugtang have refused to admit you were wrong when I pointed out the dictionary definition of racism. You accused me of being a racist and couldn't bring yourself to admit that your use of that word was wrong by definition. So be careful standing in that glass house.
  3. An environmental disaster. We will exterminate several species with these eyesores that provide unreliable power. Build nuclear for christs sake, less environmental damage.
  4. It was a joke. At least i thought it was. Maybe 1 in 10 californians can drive okay but that is pushing it. They all shit their bed on a daily basis just look at what they have done to their state and those around them.
  5. They were born in Central America or Mexico and they drive like shit there too.
  6. They don't understand that 4 wheel drive doesn't improve your ability to stop as you already had 4 wheel brakes.
  7. They are whats wrong with Idaho, Oregon and Montana. Not only have you shit the bed in your own state you have ruined the rest of the west.
  8. Californians are the worst drivers ever. A little snow and they are all off in the ditch.
  9. There are massive signs of a recession coming. China is in recession it will be confirmed when the numbers come out. Europe is very likely in recession. A recession right now would be good for Trump as it will be recovered long before the election.
  10. Every leftist seems to want to institute the same policies that lead to Joseph Stalin, Mao, Castro etc..... communism. You all seem to think it will somehow turn out differently this time.
  11. It always seems the leftists want to paint libertarians as extreme and in some sort of suicide pact. It doesn't mean you want total anarchy, which is why the two words mean something different. Or absolutely no government at all as leftists seem to insist. Just because democrats and the left have became radicals. Don't paint everyone else that way. Most of us are willing to consider all solutions to find the best one
  12. Every male thinks like you. I think every female does to. Reproduction is an evolutionary priority above all else.
  13. The smoke blows towards beauty. It is a scientific fact! I have the same problem.
  14. Half the country already pays no income tax. Your plan would increase taxes on the poor. Almost all taxes are paid by the top 25% and corporations and business. You can't reduce Zero and many get more money back then they put in.
  15. Unless it is frangible you lost about half the value of the hide with a varmit round. I love the 6.5.. The recoil is so light a female can shoot the gun comfortably and with 140+ grain bullets it is a reasonable deer gun. If you use the boat tail bullets and reload you can stay stable through the sound barrier and shoot out to 1000+ yards with it easily. The 338 lapua has a huge advantage ballistically but every shot you take with that gun is 3$ to $5 and resizing those big brass cases is miserable. Plus the gun weighs a ton and is hard to lug around. The muzzle break needed to control recoil makes it miserable for anyone standing beside you when you shoot it. The 6.5 Creedmoor is so easy to reload and so comfortable to shoot. Not to mention the accuracy of the round and for most things i shoot from coyotes to deer it can be loaded to your needs. It is like the 308 in accuracy, in fact the ballistic tables are almost identical. It is just a whole lot more comfortable and easy to reload. I have a Wilson combat custom rifle and love it. It was guaranteed 1 moa and shoots about 1/2 moa. Most bolt action rifles can't do that. Of course i have more money in the scope than I do in the gun but that is the important element for long range shooting.