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  1. If Trump made a claim he was a Cherokee and odds are he has more Cherokee in him than Warren. You would be all over it.
  2. This stuff has been reported over and over and over. You say your fascinated it must be with your navel because you are clueless otherwise.
  3. bluerules009

    Is this fair?

    Women compete well at cross country running. It is the only sport they are even close to men in. Women physiologically might actually be better than men at distances longer than those normally competed at. There is some evidence in 100 mile races that women are equal to men. I was just an average at best athlete on a BSU small college 1AA football team. Probably below average. If you took any good high school male and placed them in a college level female competition other than longer running competitions the male would probably win. They are bigger, faster and stronger and it isn't even close. Any decent high school basketball player can dunk a basketball. Very few women can touch the rim and only the most rare and gifted can dunk. To argue that men are not superior to women in all sports and it isn't unfair for men to compete against women is just stupid. There are many things that women do better then men but sports isn't one of them. I remember Reggie Miller and his sister Cheryl Miller giving an interview. She was the best female basketball player in the country and more than a year older. She stopped playing basketball against her brother when he was 13 because it wasn't competitive anymore.
  4. Actually tribal membership in all the tribes I am aware of is decided by DNA in a way. One of your parents must be at least 1/8 native american and a member of the tribe for you to be a member. Or you must be able to document a relationship with the tribe that would give you a 1/4 relationship with the tribe. Why do uneducated people like you continue to make these stupid comments about things they don't understand?
  5. bluerules009

    Is this fair?

    It is like you live in a world all your own.
  6. They have been consistent with the message they campaign on. Unlike you. Most republicans and all democrats.
  7. It is a bipartisan problem that you love. You support wholly and would cry a river if when it changed changes. Don't worry in the next decade or so there will be a civil war created by these policies you support and they will change.
  8. The only people who haven't been hypocritical about deficits and taxes are the tea party guys. Of course everyone on this board hates the tea party guys. I tend to think you are all hypocritical on this.
  9. bluerules009

    Is this fair?

    Well I was a 190lb running back/safety in high school. i pole vaulted 13 feet and was the fourth fastest 100 meter dash time. All of which would have been Nevada record breaking numbers for women. Even at 280lbs in college as a lineman I could dunk a basketball. Any halfway athletic male could dominate women's sports other than maybe long distance running. A wide receiver on BSU's football team could probably win half the women's track and field events without training and be the best basketball player in the wnba. This is just stupid which of course is why you are on that side.
  10. bluerules009

    Is this fair?

    What anti-PC society? We just crucified a guy for unsupported 37 year old allegations. Women who complain about this will be attacked by the PC crowd you support. All you see is what you want to see. If you just read the linked article you would see a woman complaining about it being unfair. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2018/01/11/these-transgender-cyclists-have-olympian-disagreement-how-define-fairness/995434001/ Jillian Bearden and Rachel McKinnon have much in common as cyclists, Olympic hopefuls and transgender women — and much in conflict as opposite poles of an intractable argument over how to balance what’s fair with what’s right. Bearden agrees with the International Olympic Committee that naturally occurring testosterone gives transgender women an unfair advantage in competition against cisgender women, meaning women who were born female, while McKinnon believes subjecting trans women to testosterone blocking violates their human rights. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/do-transgender-athletes-have-an-unfair-advantage-at-the-olympics/2016/08/05/08169676-5b50-11e6-9aee-8075993d73a2_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.79248377c74a One competitive cisgender female runner, who did not want her name used, explained how “incredibly unfair” this is to her, attributing the rule change to the IOC’s “trying to be politically correct.” Another cisgender female athlete, former Olympic judo competitor Ronda Rousey, went further (and got graphic) when she complained to the media about her competitor Fallon Fox, a trans woman, claiming: “She can try hormones, chop her pecker off, but it’s still the same bone structure a man has. It’s an advantage. I don’t think it’s fair.”
  11. bluerules009

    Is this fair?

    They are doing it in high school sports too. There are actual females probably not getting scholarships because they can't compete in high school. If I would have ordered a set of plastic tits when I was 17 and said I was a female I could have won every event on the track and field competition and been the only high school "girl", ever to dunk on a man. This shit is just stupid. Just another result of the ignorant policies of the left. I would have won the ugly girl competition hands down too! The only people suffering an equal rights violation are actual females.
  12. bluerules009

    Stormy Daniel’s defamation suit tossed by judge

    I have always kind of wondered what you could do to defame a whore and a porn star. Maybe call her a politician? It is kind of hilarious to me that all the democrats embrace this admitted whore and porn star as a virtuous person as long as she is suing Trump.
  13. Odds are Trump will win. If Obama won in 2012 as an incumbent given the total disaster the economy was still in and his lack of legislative success. Including failure to keep several promises like immigration reform legislation his first term. Along with several documented lies, like if you like your doctor/insurance you can keep your doctor/insurance. I don't think there is any hope that anyone can beat any incumbent no matter how poor they are.
  14. bluerules009

    Darned cold

    It isn't Wyoming cold in Northern Nevada but it can get cold. I was probably 17 or so and we were trapping muskrats which is something you do in December, January and February. It entails going out in the swamp every morning before light so you can check your traps and get back for school. So it can be miserable cold, below zero and windy. Plus you have to get in the water to get the muskrats who are like frozen ice cubes and reset the traps. As in your example one day in February when the sun was out and it seemed really warm. We took our clothes off and dove through the 8th inch of ice and swam around to cool off. It was very comfortable to us. If I did that now days I would die. Nothing is as tough as a teenager. Especially if you have spent your life outdoors. On the other end of the spectrum when I lived in Vegas, I would go down to Sunset park and play basketball all day on Saturdays. Sometimes it was well over 110 and that didn't bother me either. I couldn't even comfortably sit next to that court today.
  15. bluerules009

    Food for thought thread.

    https://www.wsj.com/articles/judge-dismisses-stormy-daniels-defamation-suit-against-trump-1539647844?mod=cx_picks&cx_navSource=cx_picks&cx_tag=poptarget&cx_artPos=5#cxrecs_s LOS ANGELES—A federal judge in California dismissed a lawsuit brought by Stormy Daniels against President Donald Trump that accused him of defaming her in a tweet. U.S. District Judge S. James Otero in Los Angeles ruled on Monday that the former adult-film star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, must pay Mr. Trump’s legal fees in the case. Michael Avenatti, Ms. Clifford’s attorney, said he would appeal the ruling and noted that her other claims against Mr. Trump are unaffected. The same judge is overseeing claims Ms. Clifford brought against the president and his former attorney, Michael Cohen, to invalidate a nondisclosure agreement she signed in exchange for a $130,000 payment to silence her about an alleged sexual encounter with Mr. Trump.