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  1. What threat did a family of 4 present to those officers you think that justified them pointing a gun at them? Was Dad going to beat up two officers by himself? Did he even do anything threatening? Even if everything is as you say, any regular citizen who did those actions would be in jail for assault and battery. If the dollar store owner had done those things to protect his property in his parking lot, he would now be in jail for assault and battery. Why the double standard? Policing is not a dangerous job. Fishing, Lumberjacking, Mining are dangerous, Policing is safer than being a grade school teacher.
  2. You are right. I would vote for Tulsi Gabbard over anyone in the race right now. I might vote for Biden although I don't think he will get the nomination. Yang interests me he has some positions that are very thought out and i like them, although he has positions i hate so much that would be a hard vote. I would never vote for Sanders, Trump, Hillary Clinton, Warren, Kasich, Harris, Booker, O'Rourke or Castro they are all morally repugnant individuals who should not be given responsibility for a dog pound let alone people. Otherwise I will vote 3rd party. A pothead is better than most of the morons in the major parties.
  3. They were there before West was General Manager but he was an assistant coach when Kareem came. He probably had a voice in those decisions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_West Lakers owner Jack Kent Cooke was known for having a keen eye identifying leadership and teaching qualities (he also gave Hall of Famers Sparky Anderson and Joe Gibbs their first managerial/head coaching positions),[51]and asked West to coach and participate in player personnel decisions.[52] In the 1976–77 season, West became coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. In three years, he led the Lakers and star center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to a 145–101 record, making the playoffs in all 3 seasons and reaching the Western Conference Finals once in 1977.[53]
  4. Whatever generation includes @Orange is the massive loser in this argument.
  5. Lakers are getting Kawhi! http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=26992586
  6. If that was a concealed permit holder he would be in jail rotting at this point.
  7. George Washington was a terrorist. Until he won the war then he because a great leader of a new country.
  8. Everyone even us old people played Soccer as a child. Its a childs game. Everyone but you I guess has watched it, because you didn't even notice they are all standing around the whole game. It is a game like monopoly it doesn't even rise to the level of chess.
  9. Any young person who can't stand around on a soccer field for 80 of 90 minutes is crippled. Soccer is about as athletic as chess. That is all they mostly do is stand around. Only 1 or 2 guys is ever moving. It isn't like a sport where you have to go all out to compete. This thread needs to be moved off topic, it isn't a sport.
  10. This is not a sports thread in should go in off topics. It is a child's game when men play it. Next you will start a thread on hop scotch championships. Which is probably a more difficult endeavor.
  11. The democratic party has used anything in the past to get elected. Hillary bought and paid for opposition research from the Russians in the last election. Kennedy sent letters to the Russians begging for their help. Clinton took money from China. You only care about this issue because of teams.
  12. Which just shows the ignorance of the left and most americans. The way Obama ran against Romney's very good reform ideas shows you are right and it also shows democrats will do anything for power. Destroying the country included.
  13. There has always been a welfare class. Read some history, there has always been those who steal from others. The difference is today because of capitalism the welfare class are better off than Queen Elizabeth of England in the 17th century. They have better housing, healthcare, food, entertainment and no limit on the number of kids they can have. Welfare has become a pretty comfortable place for so many. That is the problem with the policies we have today you destroy families and make them addicted to government. Which is great for the democrats who want votes but it destroys peoples lives before they are even born. Not to mention democrats campaign on a racist agenda telling them they can't succeed without white mans help. They can only live on welfare and do crime. Which the media and some of the minorities so called leaders parrot over and over. They are like Goebbels saying something so much that people think its true.
  14. 70 years ago was FDR he was an out and out communist. Socialism has always been something the young, inexperienced and stupid look on as a panacea. Star Trek was a socialist/communist propaganda tool for decades. Yet it is so funny they can't even explain how it works there. Damnation and Mr. Robot are two current offerings that glorify socialism today. I am sure there are many others.
  15. Yeah those mean greedy rich and powerful who are the reason everyone has a job and the ones who pay for all the government and your welfare programs. Yeah you are right its their fault. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!