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  1. Texas vs Nevada

    The meltdown in the Texas boards right now is glorious.
  2. TBS went and made it worse

    With only one more 12 to be announce I think its going to be 5 Gonzaga vs 12 SDSU
  3. TBS went and made it worse

    7! vs Texas
  4. TBS went and made it worse

    Arizona St is in and ya the audio is bad
  5. MWC WBB Championship Game

    Thank you. The Stadium App still crashed
  6. MWC WBB Championship Game

    I switched to Radio feed. The TV feed has completely crashed
  7. MWC WBB Championship Game

    My stream is stuck on both Apple TV and Computer at the same spot...........
  8. Bracketology Today is the Day

    Come on Colorado. We could see some chaos if both UCLA and USC lose tomorrow as well. Only Arizona is safely in the Tourney with the PAC12. This could bode well for Boise State at large bid.
  9. Nevada @ Air Force

    Watching the Vegas Golden Knights, I like the Quality of AT&T Sports Net. Wish Charter would pick that channel up though
  10. “Final” Tax Bill is released.

    It was going to be a wash for me prior but now I get a 3% Tax Cut under those new Brackets.
  11. Nevada at Texas Tech

    I dont see the game listed in the Fox Sports Go App
  12. Reno Battle Born Football Helmets

    Sisolak was huge for the Stadium. How bad does the Democrat side hate that deal?

    Add me to the Reno fan list as well.
  14. Two bid league this year

    ESPN just released a new bracketology. Lunardi has Nevada as an 8 seed. Both Utah and SDSU are in the First 4 out and no sign of UNLV just yet.
  15. Tax reform

    Sorry I miss read it. Was looking at the Married rate.