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  1. National Guard being deployed in downtown Reno.
  2. Issue with the Vegas as a hub city for NHL is isnt the NBA also looking Vegas for the same thing?
  3. From the RGJ Friday's magnitude 6.5 is the largest earthquake to have hit that area since 1934, when another magnitude 6.5 struck 24 miles to the northwest. Just before that in 1932, a magnitude 6.8 struck 30 miles to the north.
  4. I wish they didn't do the Dunkirk style with the storylines.
  5. Costco in Spanish Springs at 1.84 a gallon
  6. My company is using Cisco WebEx
  7. Wondering if the Virus is wreaking havoc in North Korea. That will kill hundreds of thousands easily there. https://www.foxnews.com/health/north-korea-clearly-lying-coronavirus-cases-expert
  8. Its 53-47. If Jones lose then Dems need to Pick up 4 to get the 50-50 tie and win the presidency.
  9. Have to use a VPN to a location outside of the territory map to get Stadium to stream.
  10. On Lobolair I'm seeing a thread for Mark Fox.
  11. I would like to stream off Twitch.tv