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  1. TGIFaanes

    Nevada by the numbers

    Ya I personally know the Vice Chair of the Washoe County Libertarian Party and every year during their convention he complains on how badly disorganize the party is and how the state party leader is a pedophile.
  2. TGIFaanes

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Something on my mind. If they push this back a few weeks, would this run into the Government shutdown vote and the Dems force a shutdown to prevent the confirmation?
  3. TGIFaanes

    Trump’s star being removed?

    Ok. Are they going to remove Harvey Weinstien and Bill Cosby's stars too?
  4. TGIFaanes


    Something to note. Panasonic who also co owns the Tesla Giga Factory also has a major contract with Toyota which coincidentally owns land in the Reno Tahoe Industrial Park which The Gigi Factory also resides.
  5. Ive been seeing more and more VGK gear up here in Reno. I know a lot of Sharks fans and its been split. Some are rooting for VGK and some are calling us bandwagon fans and are bitter as hell.
  6. TGIFaanes

    OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    From Vegas Golden Knights reddit,
  7. TGIFaanes

    Joe Dooley next Lobo BB coach?

    On Lobolair I'm seeing a thread for Mark Fox.
  8. TGIFaanes

    MW considers cutting the TV cord

    I would like to stream off Twitch.tv
  9. TGIFaanes

    Boise @Nevada

    My espn3 feed keeps cutting out