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  1. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/darkest-town-in-america/
  2. Nope I stay far away from that. I'm going to the Pine Forest Range (Blue Lake, Knott Creek and Onion Reservoir) near Denio and its on the other end of the Sheldon Antelope Range from Massacre Rim.
  3. I'll be near that area during Labor Day weekend.
  4. TGIFaanes


    Lol, there can be a lot of reasons for outages at a Data Center but I'm going to guess something with ISP that connects the data center to the internet.
  5. Hong Kong is under a special economic zone which protects the one country, two systems approach. If China violates that policy then the zone goes away and China will face greater damage from the financial fall out then Trump's Tariffs as most of China financials goes through Hong Kong which is protected from Tariffs.
  6. You're looking at the building that they would move the RPD HQ to which is 955 Kuenzli St They are talking about the current RPD HQ 455 East Second St. Which is on the River directly across from the Aces Ballpark. So it is sort of a valuable location. City of Reno just approved the advanced talks and in this article it details that the current HQ is 70 years old and it needs renovations. https://www.rgj.com/story/news/politics/2019/07/24/reno-moves-ahead-deal-buy-rgj-building/1822246001/
  7. Well we have Nevada Sports Net up here in Reno that does a lot of that already.
  8. Was there for 3 months before I got poached for a Data Center job. Best decision I've ever made. Before that I was IT for the Nugget for a few years. But ya casinos badly underpay IT staff and with all the Tech companies coming into the area the casino are going to get burned because they can't pay IT staff only $14 an hour anymore. The only advantage from working at the casinos is you got exposed to a lot of different things and saw how all the different departments operate.
  9. Name: Hometown: Sparks, NV University and Degree: Western Governors University - B.S. IT - Security and MS IT Management Occupation: Network Engineer Teams: Nevada, Green Bay, and VGK Interests: Learning Dislikes: Hypocrisy and dishonesty Favorite Activities: Fishing, bowling, and learning new technology On my playlist: Rock: Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown, and etc. Married/Kids/Pets: Single, no kids, and no pets.
  10. Reading the additional comments on that Seattle post and good god................
  11. Used to work in IT for the Eldorado a couple of years ago. Then they were buying casinos left and right so this major purchase doesn't surprise me. They pretty much own downtown now.
  12. This. I bought a new Tacoma last year and I love it. Funny how the old Tundras are the same size as the new Tacomas now.