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  1. Biden is only winning by about 8,000 votes. Milwaukee at 99%. Brown County (Green Bay) is at 50%
  2. Eh, Stephen Breyer and Thomas are up there in age.
  3. Whelp, Supreme Court now becomes the top issue this election.
  4. If it gets to a 50-50 or 51-49 Dem Majority, I don't think they will get rid of the filibuster due to Manchin or another red state Dem Senator saying no. Sinema in Arizona is also known to buck her own party.
  5. They can pass a bill all they want, its not going to work. They need to do the amendment process to alter the Constitution and they need 38 State legislatures to individually pass as well.
  6. The problem with Statehood for DC is the provision in the Constitution. They need to create an amendment which requires 66 Senators, 2/3 of the house, and 38 States to ratify to make it happen.
  7. Without the Cali schools, we can still schedule BYU for November games
  8. Lol Ryan Reaves living in the Canucks head rent free. That 10 Minute Penalty for hugging........................................
  9. Tomorrows Philly and Montreal game is going to be good after yesterdays outcome. Gallagher got crossed check in the face and now has a broken jaw.
  10. National Guard being deployed in downtown Reno.
  11. Issue with the Vegas as a hub city for NHL is isnt the NBA also looking Vegas for the same thing?
  12. I wish they didn't do the Dunkirk style with the storylines.
  13. On Lobolair I'm seeing a thread for Mark Fox.
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