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  1. Kinda surprised, I thought they would mandate Comptia's Security+
  2. Networking is my career field. Professor Messer on YouTube is great resource. I agree with with Retrofade, bootcamp is good if your employer pays for it. They normally cost around $3,000 for a 5 day class. Comptia sucks if you already in the field and get a troubleshoonintg question where you're like "O I've seen this before, this is how I fixed it" but its wrong because your looking for their answer.......
  3. Yep just happened to me over the weekend. Had to place my townhouse back up over the weekend.
  4. Rather join the remaining 4 in the PAC-12 solely for the bowl tie ins and conference history.
  5. As a Nevada fan, I like the worse case scenario best.
  6. For the love of god, please check before you dig. I work as a network engineer (WAN side) and I'm getting weekly tickets due to some construction / city crew cutting underground fiber.
  7. Surprised Vegas isn't an option. They check all of the boxes already especially with the rolling grass field
  8. Haven't seen any threads on this yet. What is everyones opinion on the matter? The PGA has never had a direct competitor in its history and is in panic mode right now. https://www.si.com/golf/news/disruptor-to-the-pga-tour-liv-golf-daily-cover
  9. We dont, the reason why our property tax is also low is because of Casino Taxes.
  10. Ugh your right. I just looked up Williamson County which just north of Austin in those new development areas. its 2.06% tax so its $9,476 for a 450K home.
  11. Renting first. Got a 10 month lease so I'll have my decision on my future plans then. The new development in the surrounding towns doesn't seem too bad. Cheaper then the Reno area atm but have no clue what the housing or economy is going to be like in a year though.
  12. In Sparks, relocating to Austin Texas. Selling my 2 Bed 2 1/2 Bath Townhouse.
  13. Ugh I'm about to sell mey place now. Come hold out for 2 more months
  14. I would like to expand NATO outside of Europe. Japan and Australia would great additions
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