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  1. Careful on Huskies. They are high energy dogs and if you don't have the experience training dogs it can get rough. If you don't have experience I suggest Goldens or Labs. Easy going dogs that loves to please and with kids they will tire each other out. There is lazy breeds out there like bulldogs and etc.
  2. Did Biden just say no one with non violent convictions should be in jail. What about corruption charges and etc?
  3. And now they burn a timeout.....
  4. FuboTV has all of the PAC12 channels as well and they show 4K broadcasts on some FOX games. But no AT&T Sportsnet
  5. http://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/every-vegas-golden-knights-preseason-game-to-air-on-nevada-sports-net Good news for us fans in Reno. Wish they would get better coverage for AT&T Sportsnet up here because having to have the near highest tier for DirectTV and Dish sucks.........
  6. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/darkest-town-in-america/
  7. Nope I stay far away from that. I'm going to the Pine Forest Range (Blue Lake, Knott Creek and Onion Reservoir) near Denio and its on the other end of the Sheldon Antelope Range from Massacre Rim.
  8. I'll be near that area during Labor Day weekend.
  9. TGIFaanes


    Lol, there can be a lot of reasons for outages at a Data Center but I'm going to guess something with ISP that connects the data center to the internet.
  10. Hong Kong is under a special economic zone which protects the one country, two systems approach. If China violates that policy then the zone goes away and China will face greater damage from the financial fall out then Trump's Tariffs as most of China financials goes through Hong Kong which is protected from Tariffs.
  11. You're looking at the building that they would move the RPD HQ to which is 955 Kuenzli St They are talking about the current RPD HQ 455 East Second St. Which is on the River directly across from the Aces Ballpark. So it is sort of a valuable location. City of Reno just approved the advanced talks and in this article it details that the current HQ is 70 years old and it needs renovations. https://www.rgj.com/story/news/politics/2019/07/24/reno-moves-ahead-deal-buy-rgj-building/1822246001/