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  1. TGIFaanes

    One Sentence.

    I’m a capitalist.
  2. TGIFaanes

    #6 Nevada @ Utah

    Illegal moving screen
  3. TGIFaanes

    Nevada vs South Dakota State

    Hey UNLV what do you guys think of the Jackrabbits head coach as your next coach?
  4. TGIFaanes

    The Las Vegas Raiders at....Mackay Stadium?

    Couple of the things I've heard is one of the reasons why Sam Boyd isnt an option because they dont want to spend millions to upgrade to only have it demolished a year later. Also Sam Boyd doesnt have a Fiber Connection that the Media wants for broadcast. I dont think Raiders will play the regular season at Mackey but I can see them doing a Preseason game though with the training camp here.
  5. TGIFaanes

    Phoenix Suns to Vegas?

    Sarver is one of the worst owners in sports. Vegas you don't want him.
  6. TGIFaanes

    Memphis vs Central Florida

  7. TGIFaanes

    Memphis vs Central Florida

    Over at the AAC forum, the meltdown is glorious. All about Memphis paying the refs.
  8. TGIFaanes

    It’s Heeere! College Basketball Season

    Ugh in that he has #2 Nevada vs #15 Montana
  9. TGIFaanes

    NHL is moving forward with Seattle expansion bid

    Another idea thats been talked about is to switch 8 Four Team Divisions. LAK, ANA, VGK, SJS SEA, VAN, Cal, Edm Ari, Col, Dal, Winn Nash, Minn, St Louis, Chicago Bos, Mont, Tor, Ott NYR, NYI, NJ, Buff Pitt, Phil, Wash, Det Car, TB, Fl, Columbus West is easy to figure out, East on the other hand is more difficult. No matter what route they take in realignment. A rivalry is going to be broken up or a team is going to get screwed in travel.
  10. TGIFaanes

    NHL is moving forward with Seattle expansion bid

    Its been talked about keeping Arizona in Pacific, moving Colorado to Pacific and moving the Alberta Teams to Central.
  11. TGIFaanes

    Nevada by the numbers

    Ya I personally know the Vice Chair of the Washoe County Libertarian Party and every year during their convention he complains on how badly disorganize the party is and how the state party leader is a pedophile.
  12. TGIFaanes

    The Kavanaughcalypse!

    Something on my mind. If they push this back a few weeks, would this run into the Government shutdown vote and the Dems force a shutdown to prevent the confirmation?
  13. TGIFaanes

    OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    From Vegas Golden Knights reddit,
  14. TGIFaanes

    Joe Dooley next Lobo BB coach?

    On Lobolair I'm seeing a thread for Mark Fox.
  15. TGIFaanes

    MW considers cutting the TV cord

    I would like to stream off Twitch.tv