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  1. My company is using Cisco WebEx
  2. Wondering if the Virus is wreaking havoc in North Korea. That will kill hundreds of thousands easily there. https://www.foxnews.com/health/north-korea-clearly-lying-coronavirus-cases-expert
  3. Its 53-47. If Jones lose then Dems need to Pick up 4 to get the 50-50 tie and win the presidency.
  4. Still waiting for AT&T Sportsnet to be streamable........
  5. Have to use a VPN to a location outside of the territory map to get Stadium to stream.
  6. And Rep. Hill resigns https://www.politico.com/news/2019/10/27/rep-katie-hill-to-resign-amid-allegations-of-inappropriate-relationships-with-staffers-000301
  7. On Lobolair I'm seeing a thread for Mark Fox.
  8. I would like to stream off Twitch.tv
  9. My espn3 feed keeps cutting out
  10. I think Houston. Since BYU beat them and Boise, USU, and Nevada beat BYU.
  11. Ok question. Who do we want to win the AAC to assure MWC gets access bowl if Marshall does slip up.