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  1. Has Fresno ever thought about trying a fundraiser or sumpthin?
  2. Wake up already....Purdy has been gone and Nash plays receiver-wake up...dafuq going on with you besides little man's complex?
  3. Man you have no idea what you're talking about even when pretending to know sports. Could you be any more of a dork?
  4. 2024 pre-season computer rankings has knocked down the Rebs overinflated pre-season positioning a smidge based on the mass exodus, and also due in part to Rebel18's annoyingness. **
  5. Yea, plays like he’s in a roid rage at all times, which mostly works from whistle to whistle - he’s a tough player - but I hate the cheap shots. Reminds me of the old Boise teams and their players...#HGH
  6. Hey man, I’m just basing that on your handle - you seem like a bottom so it made sense.
  7. They done. No QBs will come to SDSU as Long plays 1970 ball and no HS QB worth a damn (Chapman and Agnew not worth that) want to sign with that club. Their run of quality RBs, ova....
  8. Then shut up already.....you insufferable loser...#RebsRMethcapitalkings
  9. Agnew throws a beautiful out of bounds fade....
  10. Shut your mouth and enjoy the taste the Rebs shoved down your throat.....by the way, this thread is your best effort ever here on the board, and it may be up for turd of the week....LMAO
  11. I re-read it, then realized you lost your rivalry game and you’re neither a FS or SJSU fan yet you are here....go to bed, weirdo!!!
  12. That’s it? Exactly what the Reb fan base is asking themselves. They’re salivating thinking lil sister hoop team will be entering their rivalry game as a a top 5 team....Rebs > packernation
  13. Wha??? PackNation’s team couldn’t beat’em....Bwahahahahahahahaha
  14. And neither was your effort against the Rebs, ya dope.....go to sleep, loser!!! #Sanchized
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