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  1. Only as good as your last rivalry game...1-0, ho!! Fix that squad already...
  2. Don't have to be an expert to see the complete failure that is FS basketball. It didn't even feel like much of an accomplishment last night. You guys didn't give up though, I admire that.
  3. Fresno hoops is awful...pick up your game, you're pulling this conference way, way down!
  4. It is weird...you'd think the Mayor in Fresno would work on clean air and water and dental care, before P5 admission. Priorities
  5. Thought this was a thread about your next conference hoop game on Tuesday.
  6. Fresno bringing down the hoop conference strength. Pick the sh*t up Dogs!
  7. Thread title edit: UNLV at San Jose State - MWC opener - San Jose State Has ARRIVED !!!
  8. Spartans are one of the tallest teams in the nation-that also helps. Mikes knows what the F he's doing. The Rebs will make a run and we'll see if SJS is ready to win a big opener like this.
  9. I dunno, not that unhappy with the early Spartan performance....
  10. And so many are grateful for it…you should be too counselor…look what I did for the 12000 in attendance last night-you’re welcome! Anything to tell us about you tonight?
  11. I take full responsibility. Sorry Spartan nation. Good job SDSU. Wow...
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