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  1. These are the two best teams, even if a larger playoff was in place. No debate. That said, F Alabama!
  2. Yea, with two years to play no way could Cordeiro get any better.
  3. Cincy fire in this thread....one after another. Have to appreciate his fight..can't help him else today-must be free trailer park Folgers today.
  4. Come on man, quit with the BS…SDSU needs a QB like Fresno needs clean water. Cordeiro would be a large upgrade for the Aztecs, and while I agree, he’s not been great in his collegiate career as of yet, he has two years to go with many starts under his belt…. you pulled up his HS rating? lol. Tell us how highly your recent HS QB recruits have been rated-now tell us WTF that matters when they can’t throw the ball in college… lol
  5. We know you and tedford partake in a little leash play…
  6. Looks like Cincy got good sleep last night....posting like a maniac-no restraint-angry little guy.....now go get in line for the community trailer park bathroom...don't worry, this site and thread aren't going anywhere. Hurry back, band boy....
  7. I know your sight isn't great, but your grandson should know we don't speak this way any longer.
  8. Yea, about yer mom....but I didn't start the 'running the train' thread. Blame that Wyoming guy. So calm down.
  9. You may be the oddest guy to ever grace this site. Lolololololol…..We have a real Weirdo! Bwahhahah Such a predictable mental midget. Hi dopey! Hahaha
  10. Several, yea, it was TTT’s mom, but that was established in another thread. Don’t blame me, but thanks for the explanation.
  11. Is your grandson also posting for you? cuz I dunno what in dafuq you be trying to convey.
  12. Well that’s untrue-just more anger posts from you. Everyone knows you’d paste those right here if true. AFib is no joke.
  13. That post is not very controlled or composed. Slow down and realize fellow Fresno fans are here observing your behavior. It’s a bad look-as bad as the brawl in your stadium. Do you want to bring your beautiful fan base and city down further? I think not. Take a breath, or even a break, like you did recently for several months. It’s embarrassing and you’re likely, if only slightly, better than that.
  14. I love when you and Cincy lose it and go the disgustingly inappropriate route. Stay composed, Amazon ring wearer. Just like composed Jake telling Fresno lies; all them dopes gonna believe it. "Hey Re-Re you think they bought it? Of course Jakey, look how excited they are to have me back after splitting from this pit o' hell. Didn't you see those primates spilling onto the 50 yrd line? They're a dopey bunch, Jakey."
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