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  1. Starting to worry about you crixus...Cincy may be onto something after all, which would be a first....#flimsy?
  2. More like it's raining poison in that godforsaken City.... #acidrain
  3. Well hello der you two dopes. How long you two been dating?
  4. Fresno State’s big issue is they are located in Fresno. Until there’s a plan to re-locate campus, it’s inevitable the air and water quality will catch up with the younger players and it’s back to the bottom. Slowly poisoned. #SAN!!
  5. If anybody wondered whether it was a moderate or severe mental illness I’d say wonder no more. This MFer ill!!!
  6. I heard lot, and saw on doc, Fresno dirty
  7. I’m not, this VICE team is....meth capital. They had a choice to show any terribly drug infested city in the world and they chose beautiful Fresno. I’m just the messenger.
  8. Look at this guy digging hard....2012 articles, hahahaha... VICE just released this little doc a few days ago-millions of hits already,flattering scenery of this third world city-still hooked on meth; the city’s even behind on the drug addiction. When will the Fentanyl hit Fresno, 2030? GET OUT while you can!! Any parent not currently living in that pit o’ hell city should be brought up on child abuse charges if they allow their kid to apply to Fresno State. Shameful. #walkingdead
  9. We won the 2nd half...clean it up please, a lot of people read these threads.
  10. 2 for 99? What Fresno shot today?
  11. And 7th in recruiting just this year following the best year in their little history. So there.
  12. Yea, he’s killing it....superior wit and intellect coming from the both of you on the daily.....bwahahahahahaha
  13. Cincy improvised as a young boy in his mobile home community by using a switch and tallboy of Schlitz. #effortless