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  1. Afib is treatable, it's the other heart related issues that can kill you.Tough times for Tedford and family; but he can walk away now and concentrate on the most important things. He had a good return and run (maybe the best year in program history), albeit a crappy way to have to leave what he loves. Best of health and luck to him. Ok, that was for you, Retro.
  2. Retroshorts, Don't be a little baby... we've seen your baby behavior in gameday threads, so quit crying and go mod that dumb board that drove out your boy Teddy, but don't you try to mod me you little goof
  3. F him.... terrible giffer; terrible city; terribly unlikeable; terribly in need of his batman (TTT); terrible football team, and hoop team; terribly short; terrible living situation; terribly sad; terribly unattractive; terrible at fortnite; terrible tooth care; terribly obese; terrible little hands....etc
  4. So judgmental, convert....tsk tsk.. curious, "people like you" make what exactly happen, other than slowing down the world with general dopiness? WTF is your problem with black people? And now you also hate polar bears??? Shame on you!
  5. Does this put Fresno any closer in fixing the leaks and cracks in Bulldog stadium, or is that on the back back back burner now?
  6. @Cincy should apply. A used 5th wheel and $500 and he’s in @retiredfordtrain - special ed coach
  7. I mean I wish the man well......he did look tired... the Fresno air and water could not have helped... I do think Taylor just makes too much sense.
  8. Relax convert and play along, kid. You have black friends?
  9. Yea, seems a little strong... .I could understand something more like: "I want to interview as many African American coaches as humanely possible and then hire an everyday, average white person, for this opportunity at this moment."
  10. 4-8, tired, living in Fresno..... Retreadford also reportedly interested in the Liberia Blood Diamonds job.
  11. ........start recruiting Texas and/or a Carr brother/son/cousin/nephew
  12. Of course..... We kicked @TheTedfordTrainand sidekick @Cincy out, now it's time to kick out the Dogs for their poor football and basketball play. No more travel to that third world city is a win for all!!! By the way, all Spartans are disappointed in our season and measly one point win over that terribly run Retreadford club-MFer obviously never coached outside WRs and is unqualified and very tired. Fresno fans seem content as the farmers continue to turn their collective dumb heads on any contributions to that leaky and smelly stadium-it's been 30 years since renovation-in shambles to match their City.