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  1. Fresno needs to install new water, air and people to impress anybody. Til then, third world city with new turf; who gives a sh*t who gives a F!!!
  2. I’d like to see both of them in a tag team against those two Fresno weirdos, TT and Cincy. The former two definitely with the height advantage, and likely much healthier not having been exposed to that pit o’hell city.
  3. You shut your mouth and for once worry about your own mediocre program, who’s a Spartan sister. We love the MWC and have decided to stay.
  4. What a disgusting video.....attempting to sell that city...baahahahhaha Only shot to ever be taken seriously is to move that school to a non-third world place. Lol
  5. First thing I’d do is give you and convert your sparklers so you’d STFU for awhile..... #twocuties
  6. You guys are both cute...
  7. Which third world country that in?
  8. Fresno is possibly the worst city in America. Air and water quality similar to Liberia. You’re always swiped left if you tell the truth regarding your Fresno citizenship; it’s as bad as listing a BS/BA from Boise. #learn2lie
  9. The youth and the dumb and you’d have something.
  10. Still stuck in the Valley in a swamp cooler less mobile, I see....now that’s stupid... Drive around in your home and roll the windows down...take in some of that toxic air...#valleyfever
  11. I thought Fresno was recruiting in Texas? Seemed DaRudderless had a good thing going when he would recruit TX kids with no knowledge of what a pit ‘o hell the city of Fresno was, making sure he didn’t have them visit campus and that horribly run down stadium and non fund raising alum, and just had them sign the papers stealing them away from UTEP and North TX. Take heed, Retreadford. We got the Valley locked.
  12. “I live in the South Bay and work the pole at the Pink Poodle.” #gogodancer #lies hahahaha..... get
  13. Sure you do.... But if you do, do your four roommates make fun of you and your Fresno ties when you leave your rented room to get something to eat?
  14. Yea, crazy, who would target the beautiful city and posters of Fresno? Now fire up that swamp cooler and put on that protective mask. #valleyfever