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  1. Can't be any worse than his current affliction.
  2. Yea, how could anybody turn down that beautiful city and 1990 renovated stadium? Total head scratcher.
  3. Hall is a true junior....and he's short for an NFL DE. Great post season awards, an NFL pedigree, but, not even quite 6'2" will have NFL teams passing-at least likely until day 3. That said, All American honors and he may be thinking it can't get better than this. I expect OT Snyder and Gaither to come out. Wouldn't be surprised if the rest return, and Walker has to be excited to see his QB coming back-he also suffers from NFL size issues.
  4. Are the Aztec QBs returning or coming out?
  5. Similar yardage stats to a recent game I watched
  6. I still think Boise has a shot at this conference move. They did play hard and all the way to the end this past weekend against a legit top 20 team, even though they were obviously the inferior team and badly outmanned and out talented. Keep hitting send-your stock only went up with all that heart your team showed.
  7. OP simply forgot to add "championship run" to post. Misunderstanding.
  8. The "rehabilitating" Tedford Train bought a MWC championship ring off Amazon a few years back....but it was only $9.99 and @Cincy has borrowed it for big band performances...
  9. People gonna hate this fat band boy more than ever...go to bed, you dope... @Cincy how stoopid must you feel...hahahahahahahaha!!!
  10. Where this MFing thread started....Boise, answer Jeff's question... https://www.espn.com/college-football/matchup?gameId=401249043
  11. @Cincy and I support you and your coming out
  12. SJSU adds nothing to this conference.......... BUT BEATINGS!!!!!!!
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