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  1. You guys need to come together and bring some gorilla glue and fix those cracks...maybe tighten some sewer lines in that stadium to stop the stench, cuz we know your asses are too broke to hire anybody. 1992 was the last work done, oh, and your LED lights of course.
  2. Them suckers didn't want to lose us, obviously. "You'll wait 10+ years MFers, than we'll tear down a side and plant lawn. Now let us the F in! FU and like it!"
  3. Any word on whether that will help with the stench, water leakage and cracks in the stadium?
  4. About as closeted as Magic's son. That girl bleeds blue and gold...
  5. What about Bulldog stadium? Other than installing Costco LED lights, they've done nothing on that stadium since the early 90s...here's an article about a leaky, cracked, smelly stadium in need of fixing when it was thought they'd be renovating soon.... https://amp.fresnobee.com/sports/college/mountain-west/fresno-state/bulldogs-football/article169560152.html ...well that was 5 years ago! Leaky, smelly, cracked stadiums don't usually fix themselves...no bueno. MWC deserves better, should be ashamed, farm boys. Eat your dried fruit though...hahaha...speaking of fruits, where's lil train and the band boy? Send your school some of that free govt money, you dopes...
  6. What do you mean, AD said in 2017 the renovation would possibly be pushed back to 2019, 2020 or even 2021 due to cracks-has to be fixed by now, right? ...read article below, I'd imagine they must be unveiling something big time for the '22 opener after 5 years of renovation talk, right? Hopefully they'll be no more leaky, smelly, cracked bulldog stadium in 2022? https://amp.fresnobee.com/sports/college/mountain-west/fresno-state/bulldogs-football/article169560152.html
  7. Hahaha....as if you have a choice. Obviously your raisin diet, and the bad air and water is negatively impacting your health...now go bag some fruit and send it our way...
  8. Tell your grandson to proofread before he posts next time, doggystyled. Or just do what Cincy does -either go completely the homophobic route, or stick to posting pictures-you gotta know your limitations and stick to your strengths.
  9. Great that we got these two dopes to bite like clockwork.....biggest game in their school's history and they get 62 hung on them and the BCS dream is over. They'll never be in that position again and they still live in Fresno.
  10. Congrats on the impressive losing….including the got dam spread! 3 seconds left and you foul? Dafuq is that? Came from that idiot you wanna re-up. Or was it the obese assistants who wanna fight? Oh how far you’ve fallen.
  11. Yea, plays like he’s in a roid rage at all times, which mostly works from whistle to whistle - he’s a tough player - but I hate the cheap shots. Reminds me of the old Boise teams and their players...#HGH
  12. Hey man, I’m just basing that on your handle - you seem like a bottom so it made sense.
  13. They done. No QBs will come to SDSU as Long plays 1970 ball and no HS QB worth a damn (Chapman and Agnew not worth that) want to sign with that club. Their run of quality RBs, ova....
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