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  1. He should bury himself under all his mini helmets and my little ponies in that stupid hut he calls home....his team's horrendous. At least they play in a much better stadium than previous.
  2. Warblow's rankings as bad as his rankulator BS, that he loves as much as mini helmets. Dope
  3. I think Retroshorts is right and he called it first, Fresno…FSU to a NY6, bitches!!!
  4. This guy don't get it....he's just a fun guy having a lot of fun... dope
  5. Retroshorts will be calling for his coach's head and calling his weather girl QB trash 3 min into next weekends game... you can see the meltdown here next weekend. Dude's like 5'4"
  6. Retroshorts feeling strong... whatta dik
  7. Don't go out on a limb....Arroyo's gonna make it happen...
  8. And Montana loves Bobby Hauck who just beat #20
  9. And those 22k who came to see the stadium now ain't ever coming back to watch that wreck of a losing squad.
  10. Was really overthinking and may have cost us
  11. And there goes the MoMo, cuz u sub out a QB who finally got things going
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