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  1. But what about 818suds blog? It’s a little about sports and a whole lot of stories about him... ...have you heard about his time in the Bay Area? Enthralling!
  2. Man, you seem to always be right-just ask you... Do you feel the hiring of Miles is analogous to the time you spent in the San Jose area 40 years ago?
  3. Oh really, then I guess you're just a dope looking to have your needle moved; how else could your stupidity be explained? Do you have your GED? If you do, you missed the definition of mediocrity, dummy.
  4. Maybe you didn't know Spartan hoops not very good for a very long time, needle d...
  5. Can you tell us about the time you spent in the Silicon Valley again, counselor? Maybe another odd analogy regarding your time 40 years ago here and Tim Miles?
  6. Oh please, please do well Spartans so we get this guy's props....please, he was in a band and stuff...
  7. Can't be any worse than his current affliction.
  8. Yea, how could anybody turn down that beautiful city and 1990 renovated stadium? Total head scratcher.
  9. Hall is a true junior....and he's short for an NFL DE. Great post season awards, an NFL pedigree, but, not even quite 6'2" will have NFL teams passing-at least likely until day 3. That said, All American honors and he may be thinking it can't get better than this. I expect OT Snyder and Gaither to come out. Wouldn't be surprised if the rest return, and Walker has to be excited to see his QB coming back-he also suffers from NFL size issues.
  10. Are the Aztec QBs returning or coming out?
  11. Similar yardage stats to a recent game I watched
  12. I still think Boise has a shot at this conference move. They did play hard and all the way to the end this past weekend against a legit top 20 team, even though they were obviously the inferior team and badly outmanned and out talented. Keep hitting send-your stock only went up with all that heart your team showed.
  13. OP simply forgot to add "championship run" to post. Misunderstanding.
  14. The "rehabilitating" Tedford Train bought a MWC championship ring off Amazon a few years back....but it was only $9.99 and @Cincy has borrowed it for big band performances...
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