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  1. Has Fresno ever thought about trying a fundraiser or sumpthin?
  2. Wake up already....Purdy has been gone and Nash plays receiver-wake up...dafuq going on with you besides little man's complex?
  3. Man you have no idea what you're talking about even when pretending to know sports. Could you be any more of a dork?
  4. Yea, no way a HC should get any credit for his assistants recruiting well..... punter or band member/male cheerleader in HS, Babs?
  5. Not really.....you, green infection?
  6. I was talking about Babs height-it obviously affects the way he writes and explains the anger he displays here.
  7. Oh Babs knew all along....hey, got any jokes you little serious angry guy?! Never been easier to see a terrible personality through a message board. Babs never been invited anywhere, ever.
  8. No way on Carter.....only reason Babs likes him is cuz he's only 4 inches shorter than him...dudes a shrimp.
  9. 2024 pre-season computer rankings has knocked down the Rebs overinflated pre-season positioning a smidge based on the mass exodus, and also due in part to Rebel18's annoyingness. **
  10. He lived in Fresno for four years-he's still angry...that stink doesn't leave you..he's still traumatized, and likely has breathing problems. Therapy would help
  11. Real poster comment or is this just computer generated?
  12. Yo, I told you, nobody cares AA. Go find a thread where someone may appreciate you for once, but that place isn't here-you're ruining the thread.
  13. Well one things for sure, you're not liked by many and your takes blow..... nobody cares, or has cared, about what it is you think anyway, as your unimportant and easily forgettable... "oh, it's so hard to pick who I dislike more"....shut it, and learn to like your self first, despite being dealt a poor hand in life.
  14. Of course....again, the OP, @Cincy @doggystyleu2 , just kinda embarrassing goofs. They aren't interested in facts, and they damn well ain't donating-nobody donates to that dumb school. Find some renovation facts gaucho, they were supposed to renovate 10 years ago, and then again five years ago, and both fundraisers were scratched along with the renovations....hmmm, cuz nobody cares or donates any money!!! so, now they've decided, well, we couldn't raise a few million, so let's try a $250 million dollar campaign!!! Lolololololololololo.... ....look for a 5 million dollar upgrade in the year 2104.... hahaha.... P5 here they come!
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