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  1. Selfie of him on his back after getting slapped around in the lot in front of his girl.... bitter since.
  2. Yea but their basketball team’s doing pretty well, no?
  3. OK. All knowing has spoken. Yea, ridiculous to think you've pretty much hit the top over the last decade, and that the recycle coach will turn out 10 win seasons every year. Again, you'll become more exciting, but likely lose more games, counselor. "Don't know what you got til it's gone."
  4. I mean as boring as SDSU won with Rocky, the likelihood going forward is they will now lose more frequently in a more exciting fashion. Them's the facts in G5 football. The ceiling has very likely been hit and only likely down goes Aztec football.
  5. Bay Area crazy.....if you're locked into a job and equity, then retirement elsewhere will be fruitful. All good, Les....we don't beat the Wolfpack ever, so it's a good one for the 269. Competitive basketball has been much, much, less frequent than even Spartan football has been, so forgive us. That all said, we aren't good, just can't take the Spartans lightly - and that's a start.
  6. This dude ain't stopping-you know me? Fkn SAN!!!!
  7. Come on dude-relax. Thanks for competing tonight. But have a drink, Les...I've had several since the final buzzer.
  8. I'm not dumb, LTM, just pointing out that we'd have loved your fellow NV fan to have made the trip from Alaska to increase our paltry attendance, Lester. You thin skinned little baby.....can you dribble and drive, cuz Alford trying nerds out tomorrow.
  9. I don't know about that, according to Lester the Molester you'd have been 270 and we'd have gained another fan-wish you could have made it.
  10. 269 watched a win....they'll be back
  11. from DeRudderless, to Retreadford, to DeBoeringst hire of them all...lol
  12. I’ve not considered it a rivalry over the last decade, or since entering the MWC, as you say, due to the dominance. That said, Fresno seems to always get up for this game; huge for them....they’ve always had this inferiority complex-farmers, the poor, living in a contaminated part of the country that a fever is named after...but they always scrounge up enough money, those few times a year, to bus and motel 6 it to the Silicon Valley....you have to hand it to them, they’re strong folk who always rise up for the big matchup. They have their bus tix at the ready for likely what will be another sad day in SJ as the hoop game approaches. A dim yet resilient bunch. Let’s hope they can get back to where they once were, which seems so long ago now.
  13. Yea, would have gone a long long way to get that one. Great shot from good player beats them