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  1. This is what Stanford did to us... UNLV stopping the run, but not Timmy
  2. 8 for me... All P5 Champs get in, highest ranked G5 Champ get in, last 2 spots are at large bids
  3. exactly... i want my boys to f##k up your boys
  4. Your locker room material is that an opposing team LB intends to be in QBs face all night? what else would you expect?
  5. this is it chief, we have a really really good defense, offense not so much
  6. Midgett(CC's got a kick out of that one), one of my shipmates from basic is going to the Polar Star
  7. Thanks for all the well wishes guys,Graduatedon Friday, gonna be headed up to Seattle at the end of this week
  8. Heading out to USCG basic training Tuesday morning... gonna be missing march madness, signing day, the Superbowl and this board. Looking forward to graduation and wishing I could talk to Coastie about boot camp and his service. See you guys in 2 months
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