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  1. schmalls

    See you guys in 8 weeks

    Midgett(CC's got a kick out of that one), one of my shipmates from basic is going to the Polar Star
  2. schmalls

    See you guys in 8 weeks

  3. schmalls

    See you guys in 8 weeks

    Thanks for all the well wishes guys,Graduatedon Friday, gonna be headed up to Seattle at the end of this week
  4. schmalls

    See you guys in 8 weeks

    Heading out to USCG basic training Tuesday morning... gonna be missing march madness, signing day, the Superbowl and this board. Looking forward to graduation and wishing I could talk to Coastie about boot camp and his service. See you guys in 2 months
  5. schmalls

    Fire Dave Rice

    I like him, he looks like a nice boy, plus he's a good recruiter
  6. schmalls

    Sad news. This is coastie's son posting.

    RIP He will be missed