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  1. schmalls

    San Diego State vs Houston Game Thread

    Thanks bros, just tryna rep for the MWC
  2. schmalls

    TBS went and made it worse

    yeah, not like the game isnt winnable but Houston is a tough 6 seed
  3. schmalls

    SDSU '18

    MCTEAR !!!!
  4. schmalls

    SDSU '18

    OT William Dunkle commits 6'5 345 lbs local kid outta Eastlake Held offers from Illinois, UCF, CSU, Fresno, UTEP, ETC... https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2018/william-dunkle-187692
  5. schmalls

    See you guys in 8 weeks

    Midgett(CC's got a kick out of that one), one of my shipmates from basic is going to the Polar Star
  6. schmalls

    See you guys in 8 weeks

  7. schmalls

    See you guys in 8 weeks

    Thanks for all the well wishes guys,Graduatedon Friday, gonna be headed up to Seattle at the end of this week
  8. schmalls

    See you guys in 8 weeks

    Heading out to USCG basic training Tuesday morning... gonna be missing march madness, signing day, the Superbowl and this board. Looking forward to graduation and wishing I could talk to Coastie about boot camp and his service. See you guys in 2 months
  9. schmalls

    Fire Dave Rice

    I like him, he looks like a nice boy, plus he's a good recruiter
  10. schmalls

    Sad news. This is coastie's son posting.

    RIP He will be missed