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  1. Larry the cable guy is repetitive and boring
  2. Well, it is two totally separate bills. The infrastructure bill has bipartisan support and is mostly infrastructure. The Build Back Better is the big government wealth distribution legislation which is being pared down by SinaManchin
  3. I just don’t think he is that funny, not my type of humor I guess. Space Jews made me chuckle though.
  4. Any time you handle a gun you are responsible for its safety. Even the actors guild seems to recognize this to a degree. The Actors' Equity Association's guidelines state that, “Before each use, make sure the gun has been test-fired off stage and then ask to test fire it yourself. Watch the prop master check the cylinders and barrel to be sure no foreign object or dummy bullet has become lodged inside.
  5. I just finished my 2020 taxes a couple weeks ago. The Trump "tax cuts" phucked me. But it does seem like taxes are a lot easier to do than they were before Ryan's tax reform passed, at least for me.
  6. I would prefer we tax consumption more and income less. But the politics are hard on that But the progressives are having fever dreams of taxing wealth, although not their own or their friends wealth, the other rich guys. Kind of like don't go to mass gatherings, unless it's Obamas birthday, or a chance for AOC to go to a gala at the Met. Keep kids home because of Covid, unless it's their kids, and on and on.
  7. San Jose and UNM are plenty losable too, but I agree with your point that it would be awfully nice to have him the next two weeks. that damned Hawaii game. I kind of expect Fresno to be SDS next week, although I assume the Aztecs will be favored by a couple points. But I would be pleasantly surprised if the Bulldogs win out.
  8. Hey guys, I was doing dad shit and only got to see the second quarter. I followed on that maddening ESPN game cast feature in the second half. can somebody please recap the 4th quarter for me? How did the dogs cough up the lead late? I assume it was turnovers? And what was the two point conversion play?
  9. Taiwan is perfectly capable of building the surface ships they need, although they benefit from Western systems, and often use them. Not always though, domestic politics often mandate their own products even though buying Western rsystems would be better and cheaper in most cases. Submarines are what they really need to import, specifically relatively small conventional subs. Which we don’t build. And no one else will sell to them for fear of economic sanctions from 🇨🇳 . Dubya agreed to build and sell them SSKs, but for multiple reasons it never happened. I can dig up some old li
  10. That question requires an essay to answer. Cliff notes version is that when the navy designed the Burke replacement there were no other blue water navies of note that weren’t allies. So they designed a ship for a world that no longer exists. Google Zumwalt DDG and there is lots of additional info on that fiasco. also, it’s not the same Burke as the original, just like the B52s are t the same planes they were when they were built. It’s a truck to carry sensors and missile.
  11. https://news.usni.org/2021/10/20/senate-appropriators-call-for-gao-probe-into-navys-budget-tactic-to-deliberately-underfund-programs Congress getting fed up. Everyone always wants to blame The Hill for procurement issues but the services deserve their share of the blame too. I’m with Congress on this one. https://news.usni.org/2021/10/20/senate-appropriators-call-for-gao-probe-into-navys-budget-tactic-to-deliberately-underfund-programs
  12. That’s more of a policy question than what I’m getting at here in the thread. By the DoDs and USNs own strategic requirements analysis they need the destroyer. If they want to procure less destroyers they need to change the strategic requirements and deployment schedules of the Navy. It’s the same deal with CVNs. People always ask do we really need 10 aircraft carriers? Well, no , if we are going to keep up our current deployment schedule we need 12. If you want less carriers then change the deployment schedule and reduce presence. Those are the options.
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