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  1. CPslograd

    HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    I love Ron Howard movies. Simple, tight narratives, that delve into the characters. Billy Bob was really good in the Alamo, loved the scene where he talked about sneaking over the wall. The Missing was better though. Howard is better than Spielberg because he doesn't oversell it. Private Ryan was great, but the cut scene at the Cemetary at the end was too much. Same with Schindlers List and the scene with Oscar fumbling around for his watch at the end. Howard usually does smaller scale movies, which are more relatable. But even when he does "big Movies" like Apollo 13, he makes it feel more relatable by focusing on the individuals and not overselling it.
  2. this reminds me of good will hunting saying "you got all these books, but they're the wrong Phucking books" your take is basically you got all these drugs, but they're the wrong drugs. Might be something to that.
  3. The Dead had a way of of telling stories too. It was different, its not a narrative, its more of a theme that makes you think. black muddy river is great. and i know Deadheads dont claim Touch of Gray too much, but it has two of my all time favorite lines. "Must be getting early" And "Every silver lining has a touch of gray"
  4. I listened to the first part of that. That guy is good. Interesting takes and good sense of humor. That podcast is long. Ill listen to the rest later. Thank you for posting that. To his point, when you listen to Marvin, or Johnny Cash, its like reading a novel. But I like the "other half" he talks about too. I like Motley Crue and ACDC too. And i think he is too hard on Dillon.
  5. CPslograd

    Political speech on college campuses

    My personal Palantir tells me that you had a bad week at work. You almost never get mad, but here, you are mad. Spartan with no vowels is kind of an apologist for liberal journalists and academics. And it can be irritating because he is good at it and cant be dismissed out of hand. He is wrong, but he usually presents his case pretty well, and he is stubborn as hell. There, now ive managed to insult both you guys, which wasnt really my intent. Im not sure how much has really changed at colleges since I was there. Its not like it would have been a good idea to stroll around Cal Poly (a relatively conservative school btw) in 1994 with a pro prop 187 shirt. Its been like this for a long time. Its irritating, so I prefer not to think about it because it just gets me mad.
  6. I like it because good Motown is like good country, the songs tells a story.
  7. CPslograd

    Political speech on college campuses

    I dont understand how two normally amiable posters have gotten to this point in this thread. Lighten up guys.
  8. This post depresses me. Look man, if Urban Myer can bring back the phucking veer option, then there is still hope for rock and roll.
  9. Gotta love the democrat party these days with all their bad candidates. According to this WaPo article, a no good very bad primary day..... https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/daily-202/2018/05/16/daily-202-the-far-left-is-winning-the-democratic-civil-war/5afb5fe230fb042588799528/?utm_term=.b4fa987768c8 Further evidence that centrists have been overrun in the democrat party. 😀. My chrystal ball says if the economy holds, the GOP holds the house and gains senate seats.
  10. The IPA beer phenomenon reminds me of the popularity of alternative music in the nineties.
  11. CPslograd

    Political speech on college campuses

    I read the whole thing. All it did was bore me. What am I not getting? I dont understand why spartan with no vowels likes it, or why you think its a strawman. It just makes me sleepy.