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  1. CPslograd

    Operation Red Sea

    To quote Jim Kirk.... WE COME IN PEACE! shoot to kill, shoot to kill For those trekkies who have never had the pleasure, here you go.
  2. Remember those patches our moms would put on our jeans when the knees wore out? That was middle class shit, not just for poor people. You see any middle class kids doing that today? No, because jeans cost the same phucking 45 bucks they cost 35 years ago. get out of here with our standard of living is the same, thats absolute crap. You know what middle class vacation was in the eighties? A week camping in the mountains or in a motel at the nearest beach. Shit, check out your friends on facebook in 2018, they all went to hawaii or italy or back east for a week. And I didnt grow up poor. Complete nonsense.
  3. All I know is families have bigger houses than when I was a kid, more cars than when I was a kid, have more shit than when I was a kid, and take fancier vacations than when I was a kid. So, I think that stat is horseshit.
  4. CPslograd


    Sime the end of the shuttle program more and are nasa functions have been shifted to the usaf. this had been talked about for a long time, and it is ignorant of king to think this is some harebrained trump idea. this will be a huge longterm restructuring of DOD, akin to the army air force being made it's own branch, and was always going to become a DoD turfwar eventually personally I think it is too early for this.
  5. CPslograd

    Favorite movies!

    I love that movie
  6. CPslograd

    Favorite movies!

    1. Casablanca 2. Rocky 3. A Perfect World 4. Wrath of Khan 5. Dark Knight 6. Old School 7. Midway 8. Unforgiven 9. Airplane! 10.Red Dawn (the OG)
  7. CPslograd

    Eating meat renforces toxic masculinity ...

    oh, FFS, lighten up Francis. yes, vegetarianism is girly, WE AGREE! Yes, fast food advertising targets men, remember that jack in the box commercial joking about that? the problem with sociology is they will make theories like Asian cultures are more collectivist than western ones because of the infrastructure required for rice farming. I remember reading that thinking that makes a lot of sense. The only problem with that theory is that in huge swaths of China the primary historical staple crop is wheat, not rice. You get lots of things like that in sociology. and yes, meat is vqgue as hell. When companies market chicken wraps they are typically targeting women. not sure why you are so militantly defensive of this broad.
  8. CPslograd

    Eating meat renforces toxic masculinity ...

    Things like how east asian cultures pull portions off of the same plate on the table as opposed to a western style entree are sociological things ive read about. The impact of rice farming as opposed to wheat or maize seem to effect how cultures develop. Obviously diet and methods of subsistence effect gender roles. But "meat" is so vague, as to be kind of worthless. Are we talking buffalo, or domesticated pigs? Sociology was fun, but its one of the softest of all the social sciences. Lots of conjecture and hypothesizing without a lot of postulates.
  9. CPslograd

    Eating meat renforces toxic masculinity ...

    Nevermind. In the pic she looked hot, but in the video not so much.
  10. CPslograd

    Eating meat renforces toxic masculinity ...

    That girl is fine.
  11. CPslograd

    Saudi Arabia Suspends Diplomatic Ties with Canada

    Shit. Just read the article and find myself siding with canada. And i hate canada.
  12. CPslograd

    Democratic Socialism - No way to pay for it

    Shirley, you cant be serious. the reason you see so many medical palaces isnt capitalism or monetization of the healthcare industry. Ill let you try to figure it out, but ill give you a hint. Its the same reason you see $1500 von duprin panic bars on public works and $200 taiwanese panic bars on private works.
  13. Yes. But that doesnt mean they shouldnt be deported when they dont follow the rules. I love my buddy Fidel, but I dont have a problem with him being deported. Look my DUI where I blew a .09 in 2007 didnt hurt anybody. As circumstances played out it probably cost me 300 or 400 grand because of lost job opportunities. If I had been pulled over a mile away in LA county instead of ventura county it would have been a wet reckless instead of DUI and would have been no big deal. Does that mean I got screwed? Of course not. I phucked up, and and circumstances made me pay in spades. Same thing as Fidel. Same thing as this Haitian in the story.
  14. Here is my point, and why I pretty much hate politics and the media at this point in my life. This author is just pushing a narrative. Whether I agree with the larger points, is not my issue. But I don't have any confidence at all that this story is an accurate depiction of that specific case, in fact I'd bet a lot of money it's not. One of my guys, came here as a teenager with his family on a lawful green card. He is Mexican, not Guatemalan like most of the installers I've worked with. (which is actually relevant at the end of this story). Anyway, he got busted for being a mule and carrying drugs, when he was 18 and got 4 months in jail for it. He was not deported after that. But his residency status and probation were linked somehow, I can't remember the exact details. Anyway, at some point he failed to live up to all his probation requirements (he wasn't arrested for another crime, it was failure to appear in court for something (can't remember if it was immigration court or just his probation stuff). That resulted in his green card being revoked. Several years later, he came home from work one night with his wife and kids (by this time he was in his mide twenties), and immigration was waiting at his door. They gave him time to get money and a bag from his house, then an hour later he was on a bus. They dropped him off in the middle of the night on a street corner in TJ. He came back illegally. At some point in the past decade his status became legal again. He is a good installer, smart businessman, and good dad. I like him a lot. These kind of stories are super common. It is seldom a clear cut thing and residency status can be in limbo for years. My ears just went up when I saw "cleared of all wrongdoing" in the piece above, because I am sure it is more complicated than that. Not being deported is not the same thing as having false entry impact your application for citizenship.
  15. who eats baked beans at a movie theater?