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  1. I also think the UNLV coaches found something watching the tape. FFS, the Rebels gashed the Dogs all night on those screens. They found something that no one else has exploited yet. Fresno is going to have to make some adjustments, which I think this staff will do.
  2. Isn't Western Michigan who Perez beat in the 1986 Raison Bowl?
  3. great post you crazy lefty. Williams was muy macho tonight
  4. The Dogs giving up huge chunk plays to the Rebel screen game was alarming
  5. By, the Dogs are really good this year. They just didn’t play that well tonight. And, UNLV played well
  6. Good game Rebels, you played hard and smart and almost pulled that one out
  7. And that @retrofadeis why you don’t pluck with Jobu on a message board
  8. I think about that all the time with my boy. It could all end in an instant on some freak thing like that
  9. That was dumb. Coach was frustrated and swung at a bad pitch
  10. No one snatches tragedy from the jaws of glory quite like our bulldogs, I concede. But if we can get a td befor half I’ll feel ok. they were flat as a pancake to come out, hopefully they do a few lines at halftime and wake up
  11. Apollo’s trainer was the best part of rocky 3 and 4
  12. Fresno is flat early. I suspect they will be fine before it’s over
  13. It seems like it has been called weed rather than pot for the most part since the 90's, right? Boomers called it pot. And I mean real boomers, not 2021 definition of boomer as everyone over 30
  14. There is no whip, and no one is getting whipped.
  15. Don't you think there might be more to this incident than that?
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