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  1. BR, how bout you live life the way you want, and let Spartan with no vowels live the life he wants. Why would it be fun to insult the man? That's all you are doing here. It's not kind, or mature. You are a smart and thoughtful guy when you choose to be, why do this?
  2. Good for him btw. Life is short, enjoy it. I will miss him, always rooted against his teams, but he is one hell of a coach.
  3. https://theweek.com/articles/880252/democrats-dont-hand-impeachment-mitch-mcconnell This guy wants the House to use the Energizer Bunny approach. I don't know, I think politically the house Dems have to impeach, and I think quickly because this inquiry is losing momentum. The author isn't wrong though, the music is going to stop the second it moves to the Senate
  4. Once it goes to the Senate, Mitch makes the rules, not Schiff.
  5. Wranglers suck btw. They are the OG skinny jeans. Unless you are built like Dwight Yoakam they are uncomfortable as hell. Yoakam is a damn stud regardless of his effimunate jeans
  6. http://www.barr-family.com/godsword/pg_logo.htm
  7. That means you worship the devil
  8. They used to say Crest was satanic when I was a kid because of that moon logo. I wonder if they still do. They used to say red M&Ms caused cancer too. We weren't very smart
  9. Well written article. Depressing as hell, but well written.
  10. https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/471262-is-joe-biden-finished I agree with Zogby
  11. Agreed. Wow, our founding fathers would be so proud! I can't really make friends here anymore. I find Trump repugnant, but I think what Brenner, Comey and the rest did was appalling too. And I think Schiff is a donkey. I was a political animal my whole life. American democracy was my religion, and I was devout. My mom grew up very poor and very religious. Her first trip to California was to a seminary school in SoCal in 1960. She lost her faith somewhere along the way, and isn't religious anymore. I kind of feel like that in regards to politics now.
  12. The OG Midway with Heston, Michum, and Fonda is a classic.
  13. What's funny is that the impeachment is over an alledged quid pro quo over providing lethal aid to the Ukraine that Obama and Jarret refused to provide for fear of angering the ruskies and Putin. There is plenty of shit to accurately bomb on Trump about. But Obama was a far bigger pussy about confronting Russia than Trump.