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  1. So this just went across my twitter...........

    That's true. But is has to be thought out. There are a lot of parallels to this proposal and the Patriot Act.
  2. So this just went across my twitter...........

    In theory yes, but Bauer brings up a good point. Implementing it is harder than it seems. Think about the people that get stuck on the terror watch list through bureaucratic incompetence.
  3. So this just went across my twitter...........

    I don't think the NRA will fight Trump on the bumpstocks or raising the legal age, but we will see.
  4. So this just went across my twitter...........

    I didn't see this thread, sorry, I wouldn't have started the other one.
  5. Trump will be proposing gun control legislation

    so, rather than address the issue at the margins at least, they'll do nothing?
  6. Immigration Reform

    there is plenty of literature about the democrats and "establishment" republicans abandoning the white working class, a quick internet search will give you lots of reading material, from lots of different perspectives. as far as abandoning the middle class, thats a little fuzzier, because public workers are a big component of the middle class, and the dems certainly havent forgotten them, as evidenced by the stimulus payouts.
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-citing-‘evil-massacre’-in-florida-starts-talking-about-gun-control/ar-BBJobt2?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp I would be good with limited restrictions such as being 21, magazine limits, and bump stocks. I don't expect it to make a huge difference, but it might help in some instances. Would be interested to see how it goes down politically if he moves forward with it. The left will say its a sham even though it would be more than Obama ever did, even when he had both houses. The right, I think will be more split. The Members of Congress will likely support it, but the libertarians and others will hate it.
  8. Jimyma Crow Laws

    great post
  9. Immigration Reform

    I'm probably the biggest dubya homer on the board, but I didnt dig his criticism of trumps immigration policy while overseas. not cool for ex presidents to criticize the POTUS while on foreign soil. Then to boot, he went with the old jobs Americans dont want card, which has always been the wrong way to sell immigration reform. arnie still gives the best pitch for immigration reform from anyone on the right.
  10. Trump Approval Rating Just Under 50%

  11. Horses

    any of you guys have any experience with barrel racing and rodeo riding? ive never been around it. i hear it is expensive if you really get into it.
  12. Horses

    Never been a horse guy, i fell off one when i was a kid, broke my nose, and have never gotten on one again. But my type A daughter begged me for horseriding lessons, and I finally caved. Best decision I ever made, I love watching her ride. and now my normally unmotivated boy is into it too. People mock the central valley, and granted august in the san joaquin is no bed of roses, but the eastern side in the late winter\early spring is gorgeous. My kids teacher is awesome. And when the weather is good, I take my youngest to see the horses. She is special needs and loves to see the animals. its really good for her, and it makes me happy to see her happy. I know this isnt facebook, its just reading the thread about companies overworking employees made me think about it. Friday at 4pm, I'm taking my kids to Whitney Ranch. If I have advance notice about something for work?, then sure, I will make other arrangements. But if my boss or a customer call me on Friday, and say I have to do something to miss this? They can buzz off, I have a prior commitment.
  13. So have I, we all have. Its not just private sector either, I worked insane hours for the Congressman. At some point you just say no, cant do it, and let the chips fall where they may. The hardest part isnt letting your boss or company down, its letting your customers down. But sometimes you just have to say it is what it is, I'm going to my daughter's recital and youre just going to have to wait. its not my bosses job to maintain my life balance, its mine. As far as your and twenty fives point about companies abusing your time, its like complaining that water is wet. Sure, its true, but thats what companies and organizations do.
  14. Looks like only one Senator is worth a shit

    this budget deal is a disgrace. makes me sick.