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  1. Nah, that's not true. There are plenty of non Trumpers on Fox. That criticism might have been somewhat more valid when Dubya was in office. I can rattle off a bunch of Trump bashers or at least skeptics on Fox off the top of my head. Wallace isn't a Trump bashers, or a Trumper btw, he is a journalist. NeverTrumpers Goldberg Hayes Stoddard (I'm actually not sure her political leanings, she is pretty centrist and swings both ways), but she freaking hates Trump Dems who hate Trump Williams The guy from the Post on Special Report Woodward The chic from The Cook Report that's on all the time Mara Trump Skeptics Stirewalt Napoleano
  2. I just finished season 2 and you were right. It was good, but darker. Season 3 on the other hand isn't looking very promising. The star chamber scene at the casino with the four farmers is beyond weird. The scene with Patty breaking down is obviously in the high desert, not the San Joaquin Valley. They couldn't be bothered to film that little scene over the grapevine in the Valley instead of somewhere around Palmdale? And Bridges looks authentic as a central valley farmer but the rest don't. If they are going to do a "period" piece on the San Joaquin Valley , it needs to look and feel like The Valley not the Mojave desert. Quaid isn't at his best, and the sister and driver aren't realistic characters IMO. It's too bad, because lord knows there is enough dirt on water rights to make an interesting season. But so far I'm disappointed.
  3. Bud, I don't think you know what you are talking about here. The vast majority of Republican voters may support Trump but a majority of the republican elites (or intelligentsia if you prefer) do not. Hayes and Goldberg loathe Trump. That doesn't mean Hayes and Goldberg are objective journalists and Hannity is not. None of them are objective journalists, that's not their job. So you have two different issues here. One is are they journalists or commentators. The other is are they Trumpets or anti Trumpers, or somewhere in the middle. For instance Brit is now a commentator and has been since he turned Special Report over to Brett. He is somewhere in the middle. Hayes is anti Trump , the jackass from The Washington Times whose name I can't remember is a Trumper. So for starters, you need to realize there is a difference between a commentator and a journalist. And secondly, you need to realize that there are a wide range of conservative commentators positions on Trump.
  4. Nah, he's like Johnny, no one can replace him.
  5. Why is it funny? Trump isn't a conservative, and didn't run as an ideological conservative. What he proved is that the majority of Republican voters are not movement conservatives, if they were, he wouldn't have won the primary. Half the conservative intelligentsia was sent to the political wilderness when Trump was elected. So a lot of this is personal. Will is consistent, and very ideological. Trump is neither. But if you didn't give a shit what he thought when Will was defending Dubya, why do you give a shit when he is bombing on Trump?
  6. What's alarming is that apparently we had no Intel on this at all. Didn't know they were about to do it, didn't know they had the capability to be that accurate and precise on targeting, didn't know nothing. There was an interesting article in Israeli press about their alarm on our lack of intelligence on this. Btw, if someone launched a cruise missile at long beach tomorrow we wouldn't be able to stop it either. Unless we had an idea it was coming. It's a little more complicated than just saying the Saudi military is inept.
  7. I don't agree with Trump throwing the Kurds overboard. I didn't post in the other thread because I've had this same argument a hundred times on this board. And I'm not interested in having it again. Banging my head against a wall would be more productive. You guys know what I think and I know what you think. I will say that BR, Joe, and Happy are at least consistent on this ( Happy is somewhat closer to me on foreign policy than Joe or BR even though he is a Democrat). A lot of you are not consistent on this topic at all btw. And Stunner.... Your notion that Republicans are Hawks and Democrats are doves is a very naive view of history.
  8. When the power goes out in the summer in central CA in the summer it is no joke. Even for a day. Last year it happened at my parents. My dad was an invalid (he passed last June), and it was well over a hundred degrees in the house. I went to harbor freight and boutght a small generator just so we could power his chair and get him up and bathe him. It isn't a big deal for most people to be out of power for a short while, but for elderly it is life threatening. Sorry , I got sidetracked, I agree with your sentiment that a home generator is a major investment.
  9. nah, I don't believe that the GOP would have impeached Obama without some hard evidence that he personally directed the IRS to hold up the tea party approvals personally. BTW, I love that now you say the IRS thing wasn't even a legit scandal. You have moved a long ways politically from where you were not so many years ago. Look, Clapper just said on sunday they did what they did to Trump during the campaign because Obama told them to. No GOP elected officials are talking about putting Obama in jail. The democrats have been trying to impeach Trump since day 1. They really have. This is just the latest thing. They are so excited now, and as long as its in the house it will be fun for them. Once it goes to the senate, it will be very different. During the trial it's going to look like Trump was just trying to get to the bottom of Biden's dirt.
  10. The transcript isn't a smoking gun either. He didn't make an explicit quid pro quo.
  11. David Shaw after the game last night.
  12. My sis was at the game tonight, she's a Nationals season ticket holder. Game had me a little nervous early.
  13. Pitino reminds me of Pacino in the Devils Advocate. Especially after hearing the story about him railing his assistant coach's wife at a restraunt.
  14. Ah screw it. These phuckers deserve each other. Our lives won't change one bit if Pence becomes president. And even if Warren becomes president, most of her crazy shit would be blocked in the Senate and the Courts. Hey, how bout that Stanford win over UW last night? Vintage Shaw baby! No one takes the air out of the ball like him. That was beautiful.