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  1. Timex Ironman baby! Indiglo is key more middle aged eyes.
  2. Cancelling all "elective" surgeries nationwide may not be the greatest idea in the world. Cleveland-based St. Vincent Charity Medical Center has furloughed about 70 employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to local news station Fox 8. The hospital, complying with an order from Ohio, has canceled elective surgeries, which generate about half of St. Vincent's revenue, according to the report. Affected employees include nurses, surgical assistants, clerical and other support staff, according to St. Vincent 'sPresident and CEO Janice Murph https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/cleveland-hospital-furloughs-70-staffers.html Fyi, it asks for your email but there isn't a paywall.
  3. Maui is the character who grows. He's Han, Moana is Luke.
  4. I'm really tired of white collar workers who are able to work from home, talking about their shared sacrifice. While blue collar workers are either being layed off, or if they are lucky enough to work in an "essential industry" most of them are doing their gig and showing up to work every day. My kids swim coach is out of work because the gym is closed, so she got a job as a runner at the hospital. One of my buddies is a window manufacturers rep, he got his hours reduced, so he is working 3 days a week at Lowes now, to make up for the lost income. Those there are my people.
  5. The actor who played Jewell did a great job playing a high functioning autistic person.
  6. Who do you think I am talking about when I say the government is misleading people intentionally? It's at all levels, federal, state, and local. Most of your babble above is rambling non sequiter. I'm not going to waste my or others time responding to it.
  7. There is judicial precedent for enforcing quarantine of people known to be a hazard to the public. I don't have any issue with the State of Kentucky on the instances you are citing.
  8. The temporary suspension of rights argument is the same one made at Manzanar. I don't consider myself a radical, and I don't think most board members think of me that way either. But when I listen to people say things like it's only temporary, or it's in the common interest. I literally see words from history books I've read about how societies made terrible mistakes and went down a dark path without intending to. Make no mistake, many officials, many in the government and much of the media are trying to manipulate you. In most instances they are doing it for what they see as a just cause, and it may be. But there is an intentional effort to distort information to get the public to do what they want. People will give up their and especially others freedom in a heartbeat for their families safety, we have to be taught to do otherwise. If we are going to give up our civil rights, each and every one we surrender needs to be justified and debated, and done so in a measured and legal framework.
  9. Why is this taking so long? https://thehill.com/homenews/media/490166-foxs-boothe-wh-looking-into-random-coronavirus-test-sampling-of-us-population
  10. https://patch.com/california/venice/flu-deaths-peak-california-coronavirus-takes-root I'm sure a lot of Corona virus cases and deaths were attributed to the flu in CA the first three months of the year.
  11. Completely disagree with you about having the Feds take over everything. The best thing Trump has done is allow governors manage their own states, instead of having them all look to the feds to do everything for them.
  12. FFS. Do you know how long CA put shelter in place before NY? Two days. There are hundreds of factors, most of which we don't understand. And of course there is luck. That go into why some states or countries aren't getting hit as hard as others.
  13. Gavin is a lying asshole who has encouraged people to narc out their neighbors for going outside, threatened martial law, and talked about this being an opportunity to move the country towards socialism.. You like him now just cause he said something nice about Trump? Phuck both of them.