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  1. I’m all for it if it has intrinsic value and increases productivity. I’d far rather have tax dollars spent on something tangible rather than just mailing people $1200 checks. But too often infrastructure projects become boondoggles like high speed rail from Bako to Merced.
  2. Sorry bud. You'll be fine, but I know how scramble mode is.
  3. A lot. Even when I ran my own business a lot of it was bullshit. Part of the key is to spend as little time as possible on the bullshit. I had this wonderful few years, where there was almost no bullshit. I spent 90% of my time selling windows. And I freaking killed it. Ive been up 50% year over year for four years in a row. Because I was out selling windows while my competitors were pecking away at Salesforce. But then the company I work for bought another company ((who is larger in this market) so the organization is kind of folding into the company we bought (in the west
  4. Well said. Thats pretty much how I felt. The parts I'll miss the most are his jokes and some of his takes on non beltway stuff. He had a good way of putting things sometimes, I loved his railing away at the everybody gets a ribbon mentality. And just recently regarding Gamestop, he put it that the hedge fund guys had been creating their own weather for years and making money off it, but went crying to Uncle Sam when they got squeezed by individual investors. He could be very funny. He was his own entity, he wasn't a creation of Fox News. And he could be more independent than
  5. Lol. Yah, because labor shortages arent an issue right now. I know you are consistent on this ideologically, but honestly you are out of touch a little bit on this, and not aware of facts on the ground.
  6. The juiced UEI is the biggest problem in the whole deal. And then subsidizing home buying? In this housing market is pure madness. The last industry that needs further subsidizing right now is new home single family construction. They are creating another bubble.
  7. Remember how huge Blockbuster was in the late nineties?
  8. Sony and MS sell online direct, and essentially every console owner has a subscription. How is Gamestop supposed to compete with that? The amazing thing is they did as well as long as they did. Gamers were very reluctant to move away from physical games. It was expected to happen an the onset of the PS4 and Xbox1 generation, but it didn't happen. Now, it is finally happening, and Covid is hasting it. Not trying to pick a fight, but their situation is a little different than Blockbuster. Blockbuster should have seen it coming, and could have been Netflix before Netflix was Netflix.
  9. Damn, its hard not to get cynical as you get older. Politics. Work. The stock market. Its all dirty as shit. Im really starting to understand what Tolkein was talking about when he wrote mans gift was mortality. They are manipulating the market, and this will end badly. But it sure illustrates how the insiders have been manipulating the market all along.
  10. I am starting to think this is a major event with long term ramifications. It seems like the current arrangement in the stock market has been disrupted almost like taxis and Uber. Not sure the genie can be put back in the bottle.
  11. Plus, it kind of makes the point that the market inherently favors institutional inverstors to begin with. I suspect after the stock collapses Microsoft will buy Gamestop outright.
  12. Well, I could see a Barnes team winning a game or two in the tournament. I was at Jackie Robinson wihen Kernens tem sold the place out against UCLA in a great college baseball game,then beat Ole Miss to knock them out of the regionals the next day. So athletically they have a lot of potential. One of the Runners fans on the Big West board is a friend of mine I met going to baseball games, there is another one who is obnoxious. Do they both still post over there? Picture below is my daughter at the regional almost 6 years ago now, the boy was one of the players kid, cant remember h
  13. I had a Microsoft band, and my wife has an apple watch. I hated charging it, and syncing it and all that. I'm not into the smart watches myself, but my wife likes hers. I like wearing a quality analog watch when wearing a suit like you mentioned. A digital Timex or Casio is also a tool when camping or hiking.
  14. those are handsome watches. If your wedding ring is silver, I'd get that one. If it's gold, the other one.
  15. I pretty much agree with all of this. Ive had nice watches in the past. its like jewelry. I love my timex for a few reasons. One, like you mentioned it never needs charging. Its always there and working, regardless of my internet status. Also, very importantly. I see customers every day. Pulling out my phone while talking to them is very rude. Sneaking a peak at my wrist to see what time it is, not rude at all.
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