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  1. The dancing in Chicago is really good. Thats the difference for me. And no, I can't dance worth a damn. My wife and daughter can though.
  2. Schumer and company were pushing for Russian investigations by December bro. So, you need to take a step off your highhorse too. Obama and his DOJ literally spied on a presidential candidate and president elect. Where was your outrage then? I dont remember it. Is Trumps handling of this ridiculous? Sure. But so was the last adminstration. And as much as you claim to be a guy that calls it both ways, im struggling to remember your concern with the whole Russia nonsense. If Im wrong, and the failure of the left and the media to accept election results bothered you, please let me
  3. Yep, they can go back to the Democrats if they'll have them.
  4. Okay,so you think the Democrats acknowledged Trump legitimately won the election? Ever? Cause I don't. The #resistance was as American as apple pie, but now we all need to come together as a country? Please. I'm not terribly distraught to see Trump gone, but gimme a break. You and Mug waxing on about our long national nightmare finally ending is a little over the top.
  5. I'm with you, phuck the neocons and their high horse riding sympathizers.
  6. He could just blame the Russians like Hillary did.
  7. The beauty of this is you know damn well the Dodgers will be back. Hey, quick question bud. When's the last time the Giants won the West?
  8. I take it back, my all time favorite is Wizard of Oz with my daughter playing the Japanese munchkin.
  9. Les Misables is good. But Chicago with Jasmine Guy is my all time favorite. The movie with Zeta Jones was soso, but the performance I saw in DC was the best show Ive seen. Think that was spring of '98.
  10. Phantom>Hamilton Chicago>Hamilton (especially when Whitley from Different World was in the cast, I saw that at the Kennedy Center before it hit Broadway). Jasmine Guy was crazy talented. https://images.app.goo.gl/JJv3Z2tHENd73ueG8 Music is just so so, acting and story are good but not great. Ive seen about half of it, I keep leaving the room when my kids have it on.
  11. The men and women who show up to the plant every day and give me a product to sell.
  12. That article is trash. I've seen better Trump bashing on this board. Btw, his top line debt number doesn't mean one damn thing without knowing a lot of other stuff. If you have three rental houses, with 30% LTV, you have a lot less debt than someone who owns 30 rentals with 30% LTV. But you're also a lot less wealthy.
  13. I think you are likely correct. And right now its still the heat of the election and his supporters are energized and bitter, there will be pushback from the right against Trump at some point.
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