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  1. MLK talked about democratic socialism and class struggle, but he didnt really veer into marxism. You do realize that there is a long and complicated history of black nationalism and Marxism, right? And I assume you are aware that some of BLMs cofounders are avowed Marxists?
  2. Oh for+++++sake, if you cant figure out that shit in Seattle is the same crap as the WTO riots, and that it dates back to GreenPeace, you are dumber than I thought.
  3. The organized part of BLM is the same Marxist phuckers that have been around since forever. All they want to do is tear the country and capitalism down. There are a lot of well meaning people subscribing to BLM for the reasons you state. But make no mistake, there is a marxist core to the organization.
  4. How you holding up during the apocalypse my freind?
  5. Yep. Our school district's version of distance/hybrid learning sucks balls, so we are planning on having our two oldest go to private school next year. But we make north of 250k a year, so we have that option, working class dont. We dont have that option for our youngest, who is special ed, but thats a separate issue.
  6. You are a good guy halfmanhalfbronco. And props for taking in the cat. I gotta say though.... Insulin for a cat is crazy.
  7. When I went to football camp in the 80s they brought in a doctor to talk about the dangers of steroid use. He claimed there was no evidence it helped athletic performance in males in athletics. In retrospect it was preposterous. Reminds me of that when I hear people claim that there is no evidence transsexuals have an advantage competing against women and girls.
  8. There is all kinds of evidence of that. Don't be ridiculous.
  9. Yah, he's kind of like Janine Garapalo. An actor who didn't really do much acting. Bill Paxton was in that movie too, he was great. I'm trying to exercise my brain by remembering what it was called without looking it up.
  10. He was very funny in that movie he did with Arnie and Jamie Lee Curtis.
  11. Basically its hotter than a snakes ass in a wagon rut. But tbh, may wasn't bad until a week ago, which is about average. June can go either way. July will be hot, August will be worse. Only question is if there will be double days or will governor numbnuts shut down football.