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  1. Fresno's red zone struggles last week look a little more understandable after seeing how well ASU is holding down the Trojans.
  2. Does UNLV have a decent football team this year?
  3. I know Kent State is a weak opponent. But regardless you can definitely see the difference in temp and timing between Fresno as opposed to Boise and San Diego at this point in the season on offense
  4. Dude, easy. Last sentence not appropriate. Comeon man, it’s a sports message board.
  5. SJS looks solid on their triple option assignments. Coaches had them ready.
  6. We all get rope a doped by SDS and their sluggish starts to the season. They almost always are a handful for Boise and Fresno. Physically they are tough, big, and athletic. I’m not getting suckered by them again.
  7. I know most of the board is rooting for full merger, and I think that’s as likely to happen as anything else, but when I read things like this, I’m still not sure it won’t be a PacX instead of a full merger. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/38456400/wsu-osu-anticipate-fuller-pac-12-picture-next-month
  8. Thanks for posting that. It will be interesting to see how PAC Mountain goes forward, and whether it is equal or unequal revenue
  9. Gotta root for the Aztecs, right?
  10. I hear you, not trying to pick a petty argument. Schedule is so much of it though. Hayner got hurt against SC, then Fresno lost to UCONN and Boise when he was gone. I don’t think they lose those games iif Hayner was playing. Fresno would have beat ASU and Purdue with a healthy Hayner last year too. Boise fans are all in the dumps, due to a game that got out of hand against a n elite Washington team, and a heartbreaker against a good UCF team. Not really referencing you there. It’s still early, Boise could come on, I have to say that Greene doesn’t scare me at all as a Fresno fan though. I just don’t think he’s that good.
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