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  1. The refs call everything on the perimeter but let the bigs get pushed and have their shots altered. If they are going to call it tight for the guards, they need to call it tight in the paint.
  2. CPslograd

    AZ no longer has JuCo football.

    For the kids you are talking about, which by the way isn't a majority of juco players, how do you propose they get academically eligible while not earning credits at a JC?
  3. CPslograd

    AZ no longer has JuCo football.

    I don't agree with your supposition that most juco football players are impoverished. Half my buddies played juco football.
  4. CPslograd

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    No one in Las Vegas cares about MWC football, and no one in San Diego cares about MWC football other than cal state San Diego, so what's your point?
  5. CPslograd

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Carson would be the best venue.
  6. CPslograd

    Arguing outside of MWCboard

    They did screw the Kings in the western conference finals to ensure the Lakers got to the Finals. And they did put the Pat Ewing lottery envelope in the freezer so Stern could make sure the Knicks got Ewing. But they are clean on the LeBron Laker signing.
  7. CPslograd

    Arguing outside of MWCboard

    The NBA didn't do anything to get LeBron to sign with the Lakers. You're peddling conspiracy theories on this one
  8. CPslograd

    Kevin Hart

    You are a hard core lefty. But a good guy. I find this hard to reconcile.
  9. CPslograd

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    As an aside, occupancy taxes are often used to fund things like convention and visitors bureaus. Which in turn are expected to increase visitors that will spend money in your city, which increases sales tax revenues, and brings income to local employers, that at least is the theory.
  10. I watched some of that game. I had forgotten thats when UUs qb got hurt. I watched some of their game against SC too. Im really worried about them running on Fresno. Fresno is going to have to move the ball consistently and manage field position or ASU will wear them down.
  11. CPslograd

    Critiquing The Worst College Football Stadiums

    That video was actually kind of funny. His description of Yales made me laugh. Also made me think. Hawaii needs a new 32000 seat stadium with a retractable roof. Wouldnt something like that be useful for concerts and other events? Or does Hawaii not get those? They should rotate a World Baseball Classic regional site to Hawaii, that would be cool, and being some tourists.
  12. Im not sure they were when ASU played them. Seriously, in spurts this year the sun Devils looked damn good. Im telling you, other than boise at boise, this will be the toughest game all year.
  13. I was doing a job in Pasadena a few years ago, neither UCLA or ASU was very great. Saw a lot of Sun Devil gear on gameday in downtown Pasadena. They travel relatively well, especially compared to the Tree or the Golden Bears.
  14. CPslograd

    Boise State Fresno State Recent Games

    The logical favorite is San Diego cause they get the Dogs at home. But I wouldnt bet against Tedford. I could see Hawaii possibly forcing a 3 way tie. Reno is at Suds and at Fresno, thats tough.
  15. CPslograd

    Boise State Fresno State Recent Games

    Yah, but running back careers are so short. Gotta get to that second contract healthy. Edit. Hey Dos, do you think Alison is gone