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  1. Okay, but why is gas a buck seventy higher in Needles than Kingman?
  2. Well, it's part of it. As is the summer blend switch we do every year in CA. Obviously Death Valley and even Ludlow you are going to pay a premium. But gas was significantly cheaper once I crossed the AZ border. Made a point to fill up in Kingman on the way back even though I had a half tank still.
  3. Is it 73? Damn, that's a lot. I buy about 50 gallons a week, my wife probably 15. That probably comes out to about 3 grand a year.
  4. That's the biggest damn racket. These guys, work 8 months making 50 or 60+ an hour, then go on unemployment for 4 months, then go back to work. Meanwhile the politicians keep raising taxes and costs on some framer driving to work every day. And then the unions pay the politicians off. It's garbage.
  5. Stop paying prevailing wage to Cal Trans workers and contractors.
  6. Well, Palmdale is still LA county. And again, which poor are we talking about? Are we talking welfare people? Or are we talking laborers, housekeepers, and babysitters? And the train services in LA don't seem to be disproportionately used by the poor. Lot of commuters from Simi and that area to Burbank use Amtrak. And the downtown stuff isn't really for poor people either. As far as "if it's good for the state"? Good for whom?
  7. Yah, I don't know. In general I support consumption taxes, especially ones that tax the users. But man, it really dings the gardeners and laborers driving from Palmdale to LA metro for work. And then they use some of the gas tax money for urban coastal transit projects, so now you have poor laborers subsidizing the transportation of wealthy suburbanites. I struggle to see the justice in that.
  8. I take it as capitalists are justifiably ranting about the capitalist consequence of non capitalist policies that they oppose.
  9. That's all true. Gas prices/taxes definitely disproportionately impact the working poor.
  10. I had to buy some gas in Ludlow (halfway between Barstow and Needles for inquiring minds) on Saturday, it was crazy expensive.
  11. Renoskier, did you just contradict yourself in consecutive posts? Or am I confused?
  12. My mom just picked up a week old abandoned stray. Damn thing is cute
  13. https://www.janes.com/article/87896/new-consignment-of-us-humvees-arrives-in-ukraine Reagan was a lot tougher, as was Kennedy, and a lot of others. Trump has definitely been tougher than Obama was though.
  14. All im saying is that its complicated, and there arent really any angels or villians in the deal. Ive argued with people on both sides of this issue. I dont have the energy to do it tonight.