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  1. Nah, it hasn’t been that long. I was living in Camarillo the year SOCal had more rain than Seattle. That was some time in the 00’s btw, props on representing the San Fernando Valley with the 818 handle. I like the Valley, really wish secession had passed, would have been good for the Valley..
  2. The Valley uses drip and other modern methods. Drip has drawbacks too, it salinates the soil a lot faster than flood irrigation
  3. I was ok with Manny moving along. I think we will miss Seager in October.
  4. It's kind of a one way rivalry. Padres fans care, and Dodgers fans pay attention the one year a decade the Padres are in the hunt.
  5. Fair enough. Can we bring back OTA TV then? My old man had the sweet set up back in the day, big ass antenna on the roof, got Bako channels (Rams games) and Fresno channels (Niners games) SC/UCLA games, and Stanford/Cal games. Then State games on KMPH local 26 at night. That wasn't so bad. Cable was cool, when Prime Ticket had all the Pac 12 games that weren't on network. But it kept getting more and more fragmented and now it sucks. I'm tired of streaming subscriptions for one good show too though. Streaming was great at first, lots of new content, but now it's fragmenting, new content is drying up, and its getting expensive.
  6. Sac area gets legit rain. And when it does rain in SoCal, it can rain really hard, which causes serious issues because of drainage. Everything is paved, so the water turns into urban rivers in a hurry. I"m not disagreeing with your point about Cali's and rain, but I've been in SoCal when the rain is no joke.
  7. I've never been to Death Valley, but am looking to do a buddies trip there and stay at the resort. Welcome - The Oasis at Death Valley Take pictures at sunrise, play golf, drink and hang out at the pool, take pictures at sunset, drink and play cornhole till we pass out.
  8. On the other hand, when you drive through the Mojave for hours, then come over the hill and drop into the tree and row cropped San Joaquin Valley it takes my breath away too
  9. Sometimes in the spring you get a feel for how spectacular it must have been here at certain times of the year.
  10. https://www.tularebasinwatershedpartnership.org/history.html Largest lake by surface area west of the Mississippi. Build more water now to prepare for the 100 year flood.
  11. This scene reminds me of how Biden's DOJ and FBI is handling a NARA dispute with Trump.
  12. My dad was on heavy narcotics for pain his last couple years. It was frustrating, taking him to see the pain doctor/norco merchant periodically. Seriously, it was major effort and required a special vehicle when he was no longer mobile. The pain people literally came before his body was cold in the family room to count and collect the meds. It didn't bother me at the time, now it kind of does when I think about it.
  13. I guess this is just going to be one more crazy thing without resolution. I highly doubt there is some smoking gun in those 12 boxes. So Trump will keep breaking norms, the democrats will keep breaking norms, and we will keep edging towards societal collapse one stupid step at a time
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