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  1. Hope so too. It would be great to have the MWC be solid top to bottom in this sport. What's not to like? Cheap tickets, games are usually less than 2 hours, constant action, and you can usually sit close to courtside. The scenery isn't so bad either, unless good looking athletic women are not your thing (not that there's anything wrong with that).
  2. CSU's win against AFA last night was their 20th of the year. The streak is now at 24 straight 20+ win seasons.
  3. Just curious... maybe I wasn't paying attention to who was starting on your team, but I thought I saw that Fresno St has something like 7 seniors on this year's team? I thought your team played like a senior-led team too... not many unforced errors and good positioning. I'm not quite understanding your comment that it is a very young team. That said, Kava Durr is very good as a freshman. CSU certainly wanted her.
  4. CSU dropped out of the top 25 with a loss to Cincy, but beating Florida St and TCU. Both CSU and Wyo are now in "others receiving votes". https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/volleyball-women/d1/avca-coaches
  5. CSU is 1-1. Lost to #12 Illinois 3-2; then beat UNC Wilmington 3-0. Good test this weekend against Cincinnati, Florida St and TCU. Nice job Wyo on beating CU!
  6. If it's in watercolors, you know it's a done deal. Nice job Aztecs -- looks great.
  7. I didn't know that Nick Stevens was a cowboy. Huh, learn something new every day around here. On a side note, is it a guarantee that Josh Allen declares after this season? Part of me is starting to think he needs another year of development to get the discussion back in rounds 1-2. I have to think the NFL will view him as a "project" right now rather than a polished QB.
  8. Love the pumpkin orange and alfalfa green. It honors those who came before us and built the foundation for the following generations.
  9. Don't get people questioning kids storming the court. I never have a problem with people celebrating with their team. My only issues with celebrating is when it's done in a manner that puts down the other team. I love it when fans storm the court/field. It's one of the great things about college games.
  10. Invite has been sent. Congrats NDSU! NDSU invite.pdf