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  1. WyomingCoog

    Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    Hold up.....ur argument is that the names of people on a future roster is more important than actual wins and losses? Uh.....that literally has never been said by anybody. If that were true, Texas has been a top 5 team for the last 10 years straight.
  2. WyomingCoog

    Boise gets a new helmet. Just for the spring game.

    What the hell is going on with that facemask design?
  3. I understand your point.....I agree that it's wrong to use the OT to justify those types of behavior. Jesus clearly set a new tone in the NT and I think that when people do what you're talking about, that's wrong. On the other side of that coin, you have the people that take the NT and Jesus' teachings to say that everybody is great, Jesus wants us to be rich, we're all going to heaven and it doesn't rally matter what he Bible says, we can work out our own plan for salvation. I don't like either side of that coin.
  4. I feel like now you're saying exactly what I'm saying.....as a Christian, do you follow anything that is exclusively found in the OT as law? I think the OT is very important as stated perfectly in 2 Timothy 3:16-17
  5. I'd agree with you....I think in God's eyes all sin is the same. I think adultery is the same as murder to him.....homosexuality is as bad as lying. The reason I (possibly others) don't discuss the others is because nobody debates the others. If I start a thread on is adultery or murder a bad thing, the majority are going to agree. It's not a hot button social topic. That's not being hypocritical, that's discussing topics that are more interesting. I agree with that last point as well.....which is why I believe strongly in Matthew 7:13-14......
  6. Well I would disagree with those people that do that and can't speak for people that think the OT is anything more than a historical book.......I disagree with a lot of religious people. If a fellow Christian were to site an OT scripture as their reason for doing/believing something, I'd tell them I disagreed and don't practice anything based solely in the OT. Take the 10 commandments for example.....as an actual rule of law for today's Christians, I think it is completely irrelevant and not to be followed based on it's presence in the OT......the only reason I and many Christians still follow 9 of the 10 laws (outside of Country law) is because they are also discussed again as law in the NT. So that's not me picking and choosing which 10 commandments to follow......that's the apostles carrying those parts over and me saying I don't follow any OT and follow all NT.
  7. Not sure what you're getting at here. Pharisees can reference Leviticus all they want....but they don't write/make Christian law. I've already stated that the OT is a useful guide for providing context and being used as a learning tool....still has absolutely nothing to do with Christian Law. It's like the US Constitution vs. a historical reference book. One makes and defines law....one is a nice point of reference for things. You can also purchase a bible that is just the NT.
  8. The style of delivery wasn't what you discussed....your point was that a sinner discussing sin is a hypocrite....now it seems you're changing it. Now a sinner with a delivery style you don't agree with is a hypocrite.....but if you like their delivery it's ok.
  9. Nothing....this thread was hijacked a long time ago....
  10. Well then every apostle, preacher and teacher is a hypocrite and judgmental by your standard. Should none of those exist? Should the apostles have not gone out and spread the word of Jesus as commanded, since they themselves were sinners? According to you, only perfect people can discuss sin......
  11. Then that's no longer exclusively part of Leviticus.....anything brought up in the NT is new law. Christians follow as law 0% of Leviticus and 100% of the NT.....that's pretty black and white....not sure how you're so confused by this.
  12. You're funny.... Using the OT as a reference, guide, teaching tool, etc. to provide context is completely different than using it as Law. It's important to understand the OT as it is referenced throughout the NT and was the law that Jesus was under......But Christianity, by definition says a new law was established with Christ's death and that's what we follow. Show me a Christian that uses the OT as law and proper order of worship and I'll show you a Jew.....
  13. That wasn't what was being discussed......Me (as a sinner) calling other people sinners isn't hypocritical....it's factual.....the apostles were sinners, yet traveled around from place to place trying to correct the sin of others. That's not being hypocritical....that's just identifying what is sinful.
  14. So then I didn't miss his point....it appears it's you who missed mine. My point was Christians don't just ignore parts of Leviticus as he wants people to think....Christians ignore all of Leviticus as it relates to law.....because Christians, by definition follow the law of the new testament (and Leviticus is old testament)....that's what makes them Christians. So he can throw Leviticus around all he wants, but the fact is, Christians don't follow the law of Leviticus, and the fact that he doesn't even understand the basic principle laws of Christianity, tells me he knows very little, if anything about Christianity or the Bible.
  15. His point was to say it's hypocritical to ignore Leviticus, while condemning homosexuality....therefore picking and choosing which part of Leviticus to follow, no?