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  1. To my untrained eye, he seems to have a bit of a wind-up before he throws, not that tight quick, by the ear release.
  2. Agreed, bringing in the talent (as UNLV has discovered) is only part of the formula for winning, so far Dutch has proven to be pretty good at that end of it as well, case in point, the Aztecs have very few outbound transfers over the years.
  3. During this recruiting season, Brian Dutcher and staff identified 3 top 150 high school players and landed all three: Starting with top 150 4* stud Elijah Sanders (6-8 and built like an NFL tight end) Followed by 4* top 100 shooting guard (6-7) Miles Bird Finishing yesterday with yet another 4* combo guard Koren Johnson All three had multiple Power 5 offers and all three are great gets by themselves. Combine this with a cream of the crop transfer options and the league should prepare to battle it our for #2 for the next 4 or 5 years. Go Aztecs (who continue to conduc
  4. Ahead of schedule and looking awesome!
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