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  1. Willie Cee

    Returning Production - Tackles, Yards, OL Starts

    That is just rubbish. QB has got to be the straw the stirs the drink. Chapman knows his role, he understands the concept of "not losing a game" and he does not deserve to be relegated to some sort of bystander who has had nothing to do with a 30 plus win cycle. I think he gets a bad rap, not just here, but from the hometown folks as well. If anyone doubts this, talk with Rocky, he is not prone to Hyperbole, particularly when it comes to describing players, and he loves having Christian Chapman as his QB.
  2. Willie Cee

    Returning Production - Tackles, Yards, OL Starts

    How many stud/stat heavy/strong-armed guys have we seen in the last 20 years, that either folded under the bright lights, got injured or just plain lacked a winning gene? Once again, I will take a 5-11 average armed QB who stays in games through frustration and injury and deliver wins, then all the 4* manilla folders the conference has seen in recent years.
  3. Willie Cee

    Returning Production - Tackles, Yards, OL Starts

    This school of thought (Chapman is a bum) is tired and flies in the face of the ONLY truly meaningful QB stat - "Wins while you were the starter". By this measure (Rocky as often cited it as the true measure of the value of any QB) Chapman has engineered the most successful career ever on the Mesa. Nobody, not Dennis Shaw, Brian Sipe, Dan McGuire, Ryan Lindley or Todd Santos has won (on average) 10 games per season for three straight years. I doubt anyone in the history of the WAC or MWC can claim to have won 40 games in a career (very possible by the end of this season) I think it is about time to acknowledge that Christian Chapman is a valuable Quarterback, that most MWC members would love to have behind center. To deny this or claim he could not play for 50% of this sorry conference, is simply absurd.
  4. Willie Cee

    Top QBs for 2018

    Yeah, now there is a pot calling the kettle black, remind me, how many championships were achieved under this guy?
  5. Willie Cee

    Top QBs for 2018

    Most important QB stat? Passing Yards? Completion %? Interception to completion %......According to Rocky (not exactly objective) the ONLY stat that matters for a QB is wins/losses while he is running the team. Chapman may have the record for the most wins per start at plus 32 in three years. Sometimes it is not the stat leader but the guy who gets you in the win column that matters.
  6. Willie Cee

    SDSU to remain the Aztecs

    Looks like the Aztec mascot and name will survive. Outgoing President and gang of PC police failed in the face of overwhelming pressure from donors and past alumni. Resores my faith in human kind. Go Aztecs