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  1. CSU Uniforms - copycats

    Nice to have a consistent brand - Black on Black for the last 50 years. Revolving clown suits are great if you really don't know who you are and seek some magical fan or player surge from a new combination of your school colors (or anyone else's school colors in many cases) but. Like I said, it's nice to have a brand.
  2. I'll take Chapman over Golden Boy any day

    Note: Turnover margin is only one of several attributes I cited. The others are wins and championships (one was head to head with the Wyoming QB) so yes, I am pretty happy with Chapman's production and therefore happy he is behind center. Rosen? irrelevant, I suppose I would rather have Tom Brady over Chapman, but what is the value of this sort of speculation?
  3. I'll take Chapman over Golden Boy any day

    Throw out all of the stats used to establish QB value and focus on the only stats that matter - Back to back 11 win seasons, two straight conference title games and two straight dominant bowl wins against solid teams with more renowned QB's. Oh, one more thing to measure.......Turnover margin. Now tell me who is the guy you really want behind the Center??
  4. Arizona State vs San Diego State game thread

    I did not witness, nor do I have any personal information on the incident that Swoll references (if true, I would question whether this individual was retained as a crew member). What I do know and can say pretty conclusively is that every call/no call is graded by at least one or more supervisors or film reviewers and anyone in the crew who has demonstrated poor judgment or incompetence (let alone bias) will find themselves very rapidly assigned to Pop Warner football on Saturday mornings. Like I said earlier, I assure you all that these are coveted positions (full-time crew membership) in the referee world and are subject to rapid termination for any consistent failure to deliver objective and skillful performance. Note: Although I am somewhat familiar with basketball officiating, my post is directed at football related scenarios.
  5. Arizona State vs San Diego State game thread

    Officials have no such thought process, it is simply too difficult to work a game with any other agenda than getting the call right. You are graded and evaluated and your assignments depend on getting most of the calls correct. Guys that have been on crews for years are working because they get most of the calls correct. It is almost impossible to work college football as an official and apply prejudice in your judgments. In all due respect, to think otherwise is just silly. Do refs screw up calls? YES, Do refs get thing backward? YES, are refs purposefully looking to benefit a favored team or hurt an unfavoured team? Ridiculous!
  6. Arizona State vs San Diego State game thread

    Just a little educational piece on officiating for those of you who have never officiated a high-level high school or college football game (I have and still do) You simply do not have the time or the bandwidth to process any sort of prejudice as the game is unfolding before you. I will admit it is possible for a replay booth to inject some bias, but the guys on the field are simply too busy processing what is before them (dark colors vs. light colors) to entertain anything else, including who they might favor. Furthermore, anyone with a built in bias (graduate or family member or a player) is excluded from that particular game anyway. Lastly, these guys really like their jobs and would instantly lose said job if guilty of any of the nonsense internet posters regularly assign to them. The "refs are cheating us" idea is purely for the entertainment value of the viewer and does nothing more than offer some solace for a loss or poor play from his favorite team that day. Arguments like these are groundless, stupid and illogical. You would know this if you ever donned the stripes in a fast moving competitive game.
  7. Week 1 Attendance

    Well, you can almost guarantee there will be a comment about exaggerated crowd count in any conference thread on attendance, if SDSU was to average over 40,000 this year (very likely with the combination of home schedule and visiting teams as you point out) someone (usually a Wyoming poster) will attempt to diminish the achievement with a mention of the "fireworks boost" or some sarcastic remark about how they count (tickets distributed) attendance in San Diego vs everyone else. I just wanted to set the record straight that every team in existence puts on promotions to boost attendance, nothing is different about the Sky Show except it is more successful than most promotions.
  8. Week 1 Attendance

    Regarding Fireworks - It is always a mystery why some will diminish crowd counts that result from a successful promotion. A fireworks show is no more or less what every entertainment oriented sponsor (including every college and pro sports enterprise) invests in to build a crowd at their event. If, for example, Fresno State offers a free bobble head night for Derrick Carr that attracts a full house, should we diminish the result because it was gained using a promotion? It always seems that others on this board would somehow differentiate average attendance that includes a fireworks show from average attendance without including it, why? The Aztecs lead this conference in attendance and with Stanford and Boise State on the home schedule, will do so again. Also, just in case you doubt the crowd count, take a look at some of the pictures suggesting 3/4 full in a 70,000 seat stadium. It's always been a specious argument to suggest SDSU fakes larger crowds, when in fact it uses the same standards as all other conference mates employ.