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  1. That’s because of the tremendous crowd support.
  2. That weather was insane. Love did a great job of passing against it. He's really come a long way from a couple of years ago. It's a big loss, I have no idea who we have that can even come close to him.
  3. SBS is sending us out with a lovely day to watch some football.
  4. Defense is optional this game.
  5. One of these things is not like the others....
  6. What’s happened to the FSU quarterback whisperer?
  7. Army can’t stop the Spartan blitz
  8. These offenses are offensive.
  9. Actual, my earlier snarkiness not withstanding, Jones has brought some real energy into the game for the Lobos.
  10. I think your question has been answered.
  11. HI AA. Are you going to make it to the Event Center for the SJSU/USU BB game this year?
  12. Yeah, it’s horrible when people pronounce vowels the correct way for the language the word originated in. Nev-ah-da too.
  13. A local talk show, that generally just talks about NFL games, mentioned Boise against Marshall as their "liquidate" pick. In other words, liquidate all your assets and place it on Boise to cover.
  14. I think that he’s out for the first half. Not the entire game.
  15. 365 days until Rebel fans find out what it's like to have a NFL pro team in your backyard.
  16. I assume that by buying a home game you mean buying up all the tickets. A donation would be set up in such a way as to be tax deductible. Buying tickets wouldn't be tax deductible in most situations.
  17. At this game. It’s crazy!!’n
  18. Naw that's not it. Haters Gone Hate.
  19. Oh that's rich, coming from one of the biggest haters around.
  20. Coeur D'Alene is awesome. I love that area, and the best steak I've ever had was at Wolf Lodge Inn (the original, not the one in Spokane). I love me some of those cowgirls.