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  1. Yeah, it’s horrible when people pronounce vowels the correct way for the language the word originated in. Nev-ah-da too.
  2. A local talk show, that generally just talks about NFL games, mentioned Boise against Marshall as their "liquidate" pick. In other words, liquidate all your assets and place it on Boise to cover.
  3. I think that he’s out for the first half. Not the entire game.
  4. For a short time I had a girlfriend who lived in Brookings SD, while I lived in San Jose. She came out to work in the cannery (when we still had a remnant of our agricultural past) and I met her there, I flew back to see her in South Dakota. Her dad was a mathematics professor at the university.
  5. 365 days until Rebel fans find out what it's like to have a NFL pro team in your backyard.
  6. That's a cool idea, but it's too steep of an incline for that.
  7. Looking at that picture the coin collector in me thinks that one could find a small trove of silver and other old coins that have fallen through the cracks over the years.
  8. An annnouncement just made by both schools: There is no doubt that the late Dick Tomey left a long-lasting impact on the University of Hawaii and San Jose State, but now that legacy will be remembered each time the two football programs meet. On Monday, UH and SJSU jointly announced that the two teams will play for the Dick Tomey Legacy Trophy.
  9. Albertsons divested it’s Nor Cal and Nor Nevada stores to Save Mart a while back. Save Mart has renamed some of them as Lucky Supermarkets, but they carry the Save Mart private label merchandise.
  10. The entire east side will be rebuilt as part of this project. New stands, better facilities for televised games, better speakers, and hopefully improved lighting are all part of this project. It's half a new stadium and a new football operations center rolled into one project.
  11. I don't think so. The AD said today that they looked into hosting a game at Avaya Stadium. It won't happen this season. The reasons: 1) the stadium has never hosted a football game, even high school. I guess there's some concern on both parties' part about hosting a Div. 1 game first. 2) There is a major soccer event happening after the date that the school and Quakes were discussing. The Quakes were concerned about what shape the field might be in for that event.
  12. I assume that by buying a home game you mean buying up all the tickets. A donation would be set up in such a way as to be tax deductible. Buying tickets wouldn't be tax deductible in most situations.
  13. At this game. It’s crazy!!’n
  14. Naw that's not it. Haters Gone Hate.
  15. Oh that's rich, coming from one of the biggest haters around.
  16. Coeur D'Alene is awesome. I love that area, and the best steak I've ever had was at Wolf Lodge Inn (the original, not the one in Spokane). I love me some of those cowgirls.
  17. Next year Fresno is going with the Transformers theme. Perhaps Dora the Explorer after that.
  18. Sheesh, who was their QB, Terry Bradshaw?
  19. Wow, this insultathon is still going on?
  20. Yeah, that's a real bad habit.
  21. Clavell and Omogbo are among the best players in the league. There, FIFY