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  1. By that logic SJSU has an on-campus stadium.
  2. Exactly! Rookie mistake.
  3. Good ones! F-Troop was classic. I'd also add "Leave It To Beaver" to that list.
  4. This wording alone makes me suspect of the entire matter: "meetings between Mountain West and AAC". Are we to believe that this is happening at the conference level? Or is this just a poorly worded phrase? Or is it much ado about nothing (my take).
  5. Still a bad take. You don't have to win a super bowl to be relevant, and the Niners have been to two of them recently. Now, the team to correctly apply that logic to are the Dallas Cowboys. Being an irrelevant team and having delusional fans is the definition of the boys.
  6. Yes, Asterisk Boy, practice fields are like that.
  7. Muni Stadium, an "actual baseball stadium", is right next door. Eventually we will have to build one, but it's not the highest priority right now. Our sports facilities have needed a lot of work, but people have to admit that there has been a lot of renewal at SJSU recently: new golf hitting range, new softball field, new soccer field, new tennis courts, new sand volleyball courts, new stadium scoreboard, new intramural field, new parking garage, new swimming and diving facility, new football operations building and east side stadium renewal (in process). And more to come. Has anyo
  8. Well it's about 35 minutes to Santa Cruz; not too far. And the Alviso neighborhood is part of San Jose. It has a mud slough on the SF bay. Glorious!
  9. And that's why they call them the Big Uglies.
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