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  1. OK, AA, that's good to know. Too bad we don't have you and the Aggies coming to SJSU for basketball again this year. You could annoy me just like the last time you were here, and I could give you the bird again. Good times.....good times!
  2. That's a cool memory for you. I was only there once; in 2012. That was the David Fales led 38-34 comeback victory. We took the green line trolley from our hotel in Mission Valley to the stadium. That trip is a good memory for me.
  3. Those lower seats had incredibly bad sight lines. It was no wonder that they tarped them off for SDSU games.
  4. The SJSU concept drawing showed no sideline seating? I guess it's all the rage nowadays.
  5. Outstanding Bows! MWC West rules! Hopefully we're gonna be 3-0 by the time this is over.
  6. Everyone gets another year. If they want and the coaches agree.
  7. Now that SJSU football is in decent shape I sure hope that our AD starts working on improving basketball.
  8. Congrats Pack. It’s always great for your team, and your seniors, to win the last game of the year.
  9. I believe that he was alluding to the fireworks show, for which SDSU is famous.
  10. Thanks Wyovanian. I thought that it was something like what you posted. I don't think that schools are just on their own, as some seem to feel they are.
  11. Can anyone enlighten me regarding how the bowl payouts work in our conference? Is this year any different than normal. Do the teams that play at least get their costs covered?
  12. In fact you could say the opposite- that COVID added even more obstacles to overcome. Asterisk that.
  13. No doubt. I was following this thread during the game primarily to follow the Destiny story. The ebbs and flows were outstanding.
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