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  1. Needing to schedule fewer teams is harder?
  2. Yep, could just be a function of not all entities reporting on the weekend.
  3. One more for you: 5) A re-examination of the European Union super-state model. It was already under stress from fiscal differences between countries with frugal and profligate fiscal policies, uncontrolled migration, Brexit and the rise of anti-EU populist parties across Europe, and troubles between liberal western societies and Turkey. Now Italy and Spain feel like they’ve been left on their own in dealing with the virus contagion. And countries that told their citizens that they couldn’t possibly close the borders to control the movement of people (migrants) have (surprise, surprise) now closed their borders to control the movement of people. There’s lots of pressure building for an EU that returns closer to its origin as a single trade market and less of a political and financial union.
  4. Regarding the original topic of this thread I wouldn't be surprised by any of the following" 1) A push for repatriation of critical manufacturing including drug and medical, and high tech. 2) The death of any serious consideration of open border policies. 3) More government involvement in health care. I'm just not sure how that will look. 4) A strong movement towards on-line education, at all levels. The teacher unions have been resisting this, but that genie is out of the bottle.
  5. Maybe the Ty-D-Bowl Cleaner Bowl
  6. That’s because of the tremendous crowd support.
  7. I assume that by buying a home game you mean buying up all the tickets. A donation would be set up in such a way as to be tax deductible. Buying tickets wouldn't be tax deductible in most situations.
  8. At this game. It’s crazy!!’n
  9. Naw that's not it. Haters Gone Hate.
  10. Oh that's rich, coming from one of the biggest haters around.
  11. Coeur D'Alene is awesome. I love that area, and the best steak I've ever had was at Wolf Lodge Inn (the original, not the one in Spokane). I love me some of those cowgirls.