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  1. Reverse Google Image Search shows it as being from Michigan on a few different pages. One example: https://studentlife.umich.edu/parents/article/tips-thanksgiving-break-2018
  2. Needed that 3. Good to see grinding out the last few games (not that this one is over) without perimeter shooting being good but that needs to turn around.
  3. Freakboy! Yes, that name is definitely ringing a bell to me. Thanks for that. Even if RPI is a deprecated metric it would be nice to have RPI Forecast around, especially for the outcome simulations. I don't know how he had the underlying system architected to produce the results, but I can imagine it wasn't inexpensive to maintain. Maybe he'll surprise us and release NETForcast in the future!
  4. Speaking of RPI, has RPI Forecast been abandoned (in light of the new NET Rankings)? It's still showing results from the end of last season. IIRC it was a USU fan (AggieSox maybe?) that was responsible for it.
  5. 11 in 4:03. At this pace no one will be left to play by the U8 in the second half.
  6. NordVPN has phone apps available that work pretty well. I think it is available for a 7day free trial too. That might satisfy your needs?
  7. Depends on how long you're looking to be doing it for. Short term? The aforementioned works well enough but have had holes in the broadcast schedule in the past. Longer term (like me), I've ended up with a VPN and Hulu Live TV so I can get all of the channels Nevada (and MWC, and other college and pro teams) will be playing on and it has been working well enough so far. CBSSN has been the biggest issue trying to find reliably. Downside is it isn't super cheap -- $40/mo for Hulu, plus a few bucks for the VPN.