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  1. I can't see any truth in this whatsoever... It is, however, interesting to wonder RE the former player's motivation for such libel...
  2. Missurah!! @East Coast Aztec, it's serious business time again! I know you have this!! @bornsilverandblue, keep loose - you're in the bullpen..
  3. Whoa!! Calm down there, Maverick!! You know, we've these things called rules..... SMH.. I just gotta say, you'd better take long, hard look at your life before you end up living in a van, down by the river - psycho!! #truecharacter
  4. It's time for Belichick to hoodie-up and win a SB without Brady, Gronk, or any WR's.... If so, he'd clearly prove himself to be the single greatest coach in the history of the game... Did he cheat a bunch, sure - WTF do you want from him?
  5. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-wide-receiver-rankings-all-32-units-2020-nfl-season Lol at the Redskins!! Make the season happen, Jerry!!!!!!!
  6. ........ starting to think it'll be quite a while before I'm falling asleep on my couch to the sound of CFB/NFL games.. Bad times.....
  7. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29524343/washington-nfl-team-use-washington-football-team-now-sources-say "The Washington Football Team" Oh, shit yeah!!! I hope they keep this interim name until the end of time.... Keep the exact colors, and just use a cursive R on the side of the helmets... . . . The team's new acronym is WTF, which is exemplary...
  8. Just don’t let your mother see... Tell that ho to just keep on stepping:
  9. I’ve never seen it look more regal.