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  1. Your honor, at this time we’d like to introduce Exhibit A... Okay, so now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’ll just go ahead and rest...
  2. Yep, those words on contracts really do mean stuff... I’m wondering which teams will pay our legal expenses, Hawaii?!?! Perhaps everyone will pitch in... Hair is seriously incompetent...
  3. From the last time our lawyers interacted with Hair, you’d of think he’d learned his lesson... How stupid can that guy be??? Remember when he broke the news that Gonzaga wasn’t coming BEFORE it even made any such determination??? Hair is a total and complete catastrophie.. Oh well, in honor of taking candy from babies:
  4. Too bad, we didn't do anything. I hope the Whiners lose, so they remain at 5 SB's with us. I'd hate to be behind Shitsburgh, The Cheaters, and San Fran... I hope they lose, but then have a stong enough team to meet us in the NFCCG next year; that's some must watch TV!! Gotta give John Lynch credit - that dude was a badass...
  5. Don’t care; not watching. Get those players haircuts.
  6. Anybody have any experience getting their pilot's license? Apparently I only need 40 hours, and that blows my mind! So, anyone want to drop me knowledge with any tips, tricks, or any words of wisdom to a guy who wants to get in the air? Are their restrictions RE aircraft classifications associated with various license clearance levels? I already know I can't roll to Mountain Home AF base and just lease an F-22, but what about various other jets? Speed restrictions??
  7. Let's not be silly. He's already signed off on the various alternate contracts Jerry presented him. Guy is a puppet, and we all knoiw that.
  8. Praise his name!! KM takes a back seat to nobody! https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/16/kellen-moore-will-call-plays-for-the-cowboys/
  9. Yes............ You sound like my step dad. I hate him too, but what are you gonna do, guy won’t sell the team. I yelled it at him during the Washington game, and everyone could hear - the guy won’t take a hint...
  10. No, Colombo was a good player, and I liked his intensity, but the line played like trash... Guy was awesome as a player, that’s for sure... Needed to be done...