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  1. That referenced the first logo in the op..
  2. That’s all well and good, and I’m not sour. But that was kind of my point. Nevada, would have had a great claim before NCstate registered it... First to register beats first use and prior use with claimed TM.
  3. Riiiight, well, that little r with the circle around it means something... Go take a look at all the registered mark iterations NCstate owns, then report back RE which school owns the mark.. Are you implying Nevada has any such registered marks? I’d love to see one...
  4. Too bad NC State owns that mark.. Obviously, Reno missed out big time...
  5. The other great idea RE really the great trademarks, is to change them as much as possible over short periods of time - it’s the best way for people to easily identify and remember them.. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/apr/02/la-rams-redeesign-logo-criticism-fans-eric-dickerson
  6. You schools need to take a hard look at yourselves RE these reproachable logos..
  7. So everybody is clear, the idea to brand your sports program with non-verbal visual images, without the school's name... Like this: Here, we have the team's name in a feminine looking font without a non-verbal image - so it fails twice.. The reason, this logo is proper, is because at least then, unlike now, people aren't confusing you for NMSU - that's not good, you guys......
  8. Is this a joke? I'm sorry, but that's a fail. Perhaps for a women's basket weaving team, but not a FB team.
  9. Yeah, the video's older than your nana's tits, but you can't complain about the music...
  10. Don't give a +++++ that these videos are delinquent... The 20-21 video just didn't get my pumped... Not sure why...
  11. Just go ahead and turn it up.. Still a very enjoyable little video...
  12. Duuude, don't just soft-ball 'em in there like that...... You gotta start firing back with the prototypical quips involving you having sex with your fellow poster's mother, sister, wife, or even their grandmama - that's the ticket... It's a basic formula here: get blasted, then fire back with a joke about railing the poster's mother who wasn't just fat, but ugly too. Then, just sit back and laugh, while knowing you're now MWCboarding like a seasoned vet..
  13. Now, here's a guy you can get behind.... Roll with Dalton and spread that $40-45M around on the defense!!
  14. Take note of how a real QB actually takes over important games: Hell, I'd take a first round pick (#'s 18-24) in return for Dak... That, or I'd love to see him simply released...