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  1. Jeffkills

    OT - Taurus SHO

    One thing to consider: Ford sponsors not only the Dallas Cowboys, but also, Boise State.... ....Sooo...... Furthermore, I really like the lines.. Rides almost as tall as some SUV's... Giant car..
  2. Jeffkills

    OT - Taurus SHO

    Sounds good to me!
  3. Jeffkills

    OT - Taurus SHO

    I think you've resolved the issue for me... BTW, this car, stock without any mods, will smoke most anything off the line... The AWD puts down some insane torque very fast...
  4. Jeffkills

    OT - Taurus SHO

    To everyone choosing not to vote: may you each burn for eternity... To anyone who ends up voting: may good luck and great prosperity swiftly find you..
  5. I’d be nice to beat Oregon another couple times...
  6. Jeffkills

    I blame you Boise, its a runaway train at this point

    We set the trends in the West... Ah, BSU football... @#1Stunner, can’t wait for a BSU victory on the Blue!
  7. Jeffkills

    OT - Taurus SHO

    What do you think? Thanks..
  8. Jeffkills

    Question for Mugtang

    He was talking about voice to text like text messaging.
  9. Have you guys seen UCF’s schedule?? They literally play NOBODY the entire year, not even BYU.
  10. Jeffkills

    Anyone want some BSU/OkieLight Action?

    Pm me your PayPal info, and we’ll settle up..
  11. Jeffkills

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State Game Thread

    It would seem this loss would be superior or better than any of their losses..
  12. Jeffkills

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State Game Thread

    BYU needs to win that game!!
  13. Jeffkills

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State Game Thread

    Not if UCF loses a game and we win out..