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  1. You perceived racism from my commentary?? That's not the point whatsoever. That's not even in the same universe of thought.. I sincerely encourage each and every one of you to sit down one day and actually read the constitution. Just nerd out to it; pretty sophisticated document. My entire OP is essentially like the entire first week, at least , in Con Law. My professor was more liberal than Cheech and Chong, and he nearly stoked out making us understand that point. It's pretty fundamental, bro. Let's see, the next source of human rights anywhere close is nothing other
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/youtube-extends-trump-suspension-slaps-new-restrictions-on-giuliani/ar-BB1d7taI?li=BBnb7Kz Yeah, so in Constitutional Law, they remind you that's essentially the holy grail of all freedom is being utterly murdered in front of the whole nation. Call me stupid, but political speech in such a public forum is supposed to be the MOST protected speech of all. Seriously, guns and religion even take the seat when dealing with the most patently obvious highly protected speech ever seen in this country. YouTube is essentially attempting to take aw
  3. They'll never die, and I'm the lets respect tradition guy anyway... https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=running+rebels A shot of whiskey says Google continues to list UNLV as the Rebels until the end of time... Accordingly, the embarrassing university change didn't and won't actually work, as UNLV BB will always be called the Rebels.. Hell, the only thing UNLV managed to do is downgrade their mascot.. See, if you win a NC being called your schools' original and only name, you don't just shun that history away; such frivolous change is only really suited fo
  4. I don't know, but I seriously abuse refs RE BSU & Cowboy games, and I'd just say, let's try not to rape my guys with bad calls, and I don't have to potentially harass her with all the same veracity, and then some, to haze her just a bit... Why don't they send this ref out there?
  5. It's a little trick called conveying an alternate/differing meaning via the use of sarcasm/language, which the target is meant to read in a non-literal way... It's a way to communicate directly RE why liability isn't applicable/attachable in such situations for the identified individuals therein, but I suppose I'm assuming a little bit too much RE the audience, in this circumstance... Next level stuff, I know... Perhaps, such communications aren't well-suited for a sports board.... Perhaps, if I used footnotes and sarcasm indicators, it'd be less confusing... It's e
  6. Dude......... Your confusion is the exact type directly responsible for perpetuating the same old BJC / Trucker University jokes that peaked and died some 35+ years ago.... I'm not like I'm using some ancient form of per-historic petroglyphs entirely comprised by a few disjointed and sparsely-placed irregular shapes... Seriously, no need be a MENSA member to solve the expert-level brain teaser..... Solution - without basis, you facepalmed my Jan 5 post - that's it, bro... That's the entire proof... LOL!!
  7. I don't know UNM's entire roundball history or anything, but I don't think they want that noise in the Pit...
  8. Hey, last time I checked, Joser beat BSU in the MWCG last year!! .... Sure, they lost the subsequent bowl game against tBSU, and yeah, maybe have a little less then like half of one whole FB stadium, but gosh dang-it, they did beat BSU Jr. in a FB game one time!!!!! Not like they're Oregon, or whatever...
  9. Yes, I am interested in that first Caddy - I'm only human... ...but, the Taurus likes to laugh at those Corvettes..... SHO has, like what, 2K+ pounds on those midlife crisis catastrophes? ...smoke my tires to warm 'em up??
  10. Praying this is a duplicate post, so the forum police can issue me an official MWC-Boarding citation... ...
  11. Good for you, dude. Seriously... Taking action for yourself like that is about the same damn thing guys like MJ or Kobe did did every time they tried to score: Turn it up... RIP
  12. Meanwhile, at the legion of incompetence:
  13. Pictures and words can be pretty tough, especially, on 1/5/21... No worries, hombre, my six year old used to have that same problem - like ~ 4.5 years ago...
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