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  1. Didn't even watch the game... I only watched 2-3 games this year.
  2. Those are fine points, and I take them with the upmost sincerity. That said, I'll be taking additional precautions to ensure the forum doesn't experience any further downtime. It's funny....... .... SMH... Don't worry, I'll be having things automated and upgraded here asap. Hand in there MWC Boarders... The forum will be up and running just fine for many years to come.
  3. Give me a buzz if you will. Thanks, buddy I'd like to chat; I think you still have my number, yes? To everyone else. Keep it within the guidelines, and quit making personal implications about members personally, especially me... Tanks guys. I'm sure you might be capable of understanding. Yep I'm still running.
  4. My kid loves German Sheffards... 🇺🇸🍻😎
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