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  1. I think we all know what's up... Good problem to have, but I'd love to see Jack in action this year. Shit, I'm ready for BSU football regardless. We'd better be able to attend this year!!!
  2. General growth, along with property value, in the states mentioned, with Idaho leading the way, is severely outpacing all other stateside areas; irrefutable.. Common knowledge, yo..
  3. @Did I hear a WOOSH?, taking serious abuse... Well, at least he's in the lion's den, unlike ALL the other posters in his constituency.. Keep those hands up!!
  4. VERY true... Shit is a BIG deal.. Raiders are pretty much 2nd RE all NFL squads..
  5. Cheerleading in HS and college is a big deal. Sooo many girls don’t make the cut...
  6. Dude, there’s probably scores of LG phones better than yours, and they’ll probably still make phones on the side.. Still rocking Samsung Galaxy 9... No shame...
  7. I know you’d never do anything good unlawful, and that’s most important... Gonna reach out to you tomorrow...
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