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  1. Finally, somebody just says it... To the smell of feces...
  2. If Kellen doesn’t make the NFL HC leap, he’d be going against the forces of good coaching for any other team than Boise... BSU, Dallas, BSU... That’s the pattern!!
  3. I’d say that’s typical. Tulane serves no actual function. BSU immediately turned about face whe Tulane of all schools was added... Either way, we wanted to be in the strongest football conference, and we are, so fu/ck the Pea 6..
  4. Other teams will be feeling like Donald - too much Blue for all those feeble-minded foes...
  5. Assuredly not; I simply want swift and substantial sanctions upon these villains... Forfeit their 2020 first rounder!! Goodell will probably fine Kraft like $50K, and then he'll erroneously suspend Zeke for 6 games...
  6. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/15/robert-kraft-tries-again-to-keep-surveillance-video-away-from-the-public-eye/ How hilarious would it be for an incredibly salacious video of Kraft to blow up all over TMZ?! You know that video has to be even more scandalous than the Spygate tapes.. Appropriately, I'd like to see them docked another 1st round pick for conduct detrimental to the league... Shame....