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  1. https://www.change.org/start-a-petition https://www.socialbrite.org/2010/07/20/9-online-petition-tools-how-to-make-a-difference/ https://www.thepetitionsite.com/create-a-petition.html Apparently, it's pretty easy... Everyone here better sign.. We need to circulate whichever one is chosen on BC, OBNUG, Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else the kids do these days...
  2. https://www.ktvb.com/article/sports/ncaa/ncaaf/boise-state-football/boise-state-football-fan-cut-outs-for-sale-albertsons-stadium/277-b35473a1-a9c8-4c24-8e39-572620fd4b8a If this remains true, then it's utterly unacceptable. I'm going to be drafting a letter and sending it to everyone within BSU's Admin office. I'll try to figure out a way to get as many signatures as possible on some form of a PDF.. This shit is not happening without some hell being raised... If anybody knows how to get a rolling PDF petition, or some variant in place, please link that shit here... D
  3. No shit... The fear mongering RE Carona is totally out of hand... here’s hoping it’s not too impossible to attend BSU games this year...
  4. At least we replaced the Lobos w BYU... Fingers crossed additional MW games don’t go tits up....
  5. I love this mentality. Especially when the people involved might perhaps be proximate to your loved ones... Re-evaluate the other perspective, perhaps in another context, and you should understand what I mean..
  6. At least then I can tow one of these around: My buddy already has a sweet boat... I'm gonna let him handle the boating....
  7. Well..... I'm thinking I'll skip the boat... Instead.... I'm gonna head off the beaten path!! Right?
  8. What’s the endgame? Cars on fire?
  9. Maybe if the MW’s incompetent leadership would’ve accommodated BYU, they’d still be in our conference... BSU has nothing against BYU, or any other team, for that matter... half you guys sound like bitter ex girlfriends..
  10. Haven't you heard? BYU's the word... Hands down, the funnest game on the Blue when the Zoobs come to town...
  11. Come on down, brohammers....
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