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  1. Point of procedure, bro. IDAHOTop25's votes shall not count to final results moving forward (one exception below); RE sock accounts, I don't give a fuck, but you can only use one sock account - in other words, each person may only have two votes maximum. Again, IDAHOTop25 is not eligible; HOWEVER, if BSUTop25 wants to rejoin the class, then yes, conceivably he and IDAHOTop25 could both count - as each party has up to two votes maximum. That said, I will only apply this rule until this year's champion is crowned - it is your baby... *Edit, @IDAHOtop25 may vote, I
  2. Terms: Win/Loss only - no points (BSU wins- you lose; UCF wins - I lose); Thank God there aren't ties in CFB Signature is chosen by the winning party, who posts it to the game-thread; Loser must apply signature to their profile through their account settings; Signature chosen must not be NSFW; Loser must wear signature for no less than 1 week from the time it is applied to their profile; If loser objects substantially to the chosen signature, then, it's good form for the winner to have a plan B signature ready to rock; howeve
  3. That's my ruling; I understand how property ownership works. Don't run away from the forum if it displeases you. Don't worry, I still consider you a very good troll, and so with that, I present you with this: You too will get through this...
  4. My God, @happycamper, you're doing the Lord's work. Good on you. ..but, what team am I on?
  5. What is the American dying? I hope there's a 3rd party American, who's out of frame, but ready to neutralise the gunman with his thumb up.
  6. Just win it next year. Dude, if you were dominating then you wouldn't have lost. That shit's on you. It's like BSU losing the Rose bowl on two missed FG's, even though that shit's on Brotzman, it was still on the team for failing to dominate.
  7. Oh, shit. Poor Robert riding .500.. I'm pulling for you!
  8. Right. They didn't want to subject their guys to the vigors of the Big 12. That was a line he was instructed to make.
  9. A signature, brother.. For example, this is my current signature. It's a thing that happens all the time here. They're called sig bets, and they're pretty funny. Never content that's NSFW because many users have employers.
  10. @ph90702. Happy says to step-up your game. Regretfully, - Jeff
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