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  1. Not feeling your best, huh? Good times..
  2. What the hell... Lobos, baby! @bigd, you're up. @B_Lootz, you're next.
  3. Missou: @Super six, you're up. @East Coast Aztec, you're next.
  4. Ohio Bobcats @bigd, you’re up. @B_Lootz, you’re next.
  5. West Virgina: @Super six - You're up. @East Coast Aztec - You're next.
  6. Simmer down... I'm picking... I'm picking..
  7. Wtf is this shit? Thought you said Joser got picked.
  8. Georgia Tech! @bigd, you're on! @B_Lootz, quit pulling my pants up...
  9. Choo Choo @bigd, you're on! @B_Lootz, pull your pants up.
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