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  1. Jeanty is due for some action here
  2. I was drinking some camp Lejeune water. Did I miss the commercial,?
  3. Green looked awful there
  4. I was thinking the same thing.
  5. OL did a great job on that drive
  6. Jeanty makes something out of nothing
  7. Just looked it up . Typical CFL head coach makes around 275,000 to 500,000. Could find no specifics on Dinwiddie salary. If he is the average that would be slightly higher than what Boise is currently paying fur an OC. We'll see. I think it would be a great fit.
  8. Had no idea he didn't graduate
  9. You think Dinwiddie wants to do it? He could win a grey cup , and have a great career in Canada. He would probably take a pay cut to come here, but he may want the challenge.
  10. What's everybody drinking tonight
  11. Watching this game is worse than drinking Camp Le Jeune water.
  12. Feels like one of those nights.
  13. We will get bear bad if we try to run it straight at em . Gotta use the short passes in lieu of a run game
  14. BSU Leads 14 to 3 at halftime. Wyoming gets a garbage tine touchdownste in the 4th. Boise State wins 24 to 10
  15. I think Duggan put himself as the front runner for the Heisman
  16. This TCU team is gonna win the natty. Special team
  17. It's crazy how the previous regime at Twitter created their own echo chamber, banned disagreeable thought, and played cover for the left, now under the new owner they are banning themselves. Twitter is the absolute best social media platform. I learn and participate in a lot of non political groups there.#taxtwitter is the best. Twitter will live on for a long time.
  18. This is not official advice, and cannot be relied upon without an official engagement. With that being said you should get stepped up basis which is usually the fair market value at the date of death. Go see a CPA , they will take care of you..
  19. Exactly. I work 80 hour weeks Feb - April 15th
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