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  1. I have answered that question multiple times. Young people just starting our, students. Hell, I left a decent paying job that I hated and delivered pizzas and earned 7.25 an hour while I went back to college and earned my CPA license. This was about 15 years ago. Many people are in the jobs for many reasons including people who don't want to advance beyond them. No, I am perplexed by this. How does our society mandate joblessness maybe in isolated rare circumstances I might buy it, but mandated joblessness is not a pervasive problem. In fact we have the opposite problem. There are not enough workers to fill the jobs we need. I'm not convinced a mild or sharp recession will cause the huge jumps in unemployment like we used to see because of demographic issues. Lack of workers is going to be a big problem going forward.
  2. In my opinion any able bodied person capable of earning a living , or at least gain the skills to be fully self sufficient and decides to remain on welfare long term is committing fraud.
  3. How exactly does our system mandate joblessness? You are crazy
  4. No you fool. There are many paths to well paying jobs besides accounting, especially in this tight labor market. These entry level jobs are certainly necessary and are a great stepping stone to advance into other better paying jobs. If a person decides to stay at the bottom rung because of lack of initiative that's on them. Society is not responsible for supplementing their income. It is a tremendous waste of resources to reward lack of initiative. Well running countries don't do this.
  5. 0% unemployment is not how economists measure full employment. We are at full employment right now dude. The 3.5 percent rate is mostly transitional workers that have recently come Into the workforce. Moms that have no more kids at home during the workday that want to go back to a career, students who have just graduated and want full time work. People for whatever reason who were out of the labor force and want back in. There are currently more jobs open than workers available to fill them.
  6. Because Walmart employees, even ugly weird ones are fully capable of taking steps to advance their economic prospects. Lack of initiative to do so is not societies responsibility. Some people have bigger obstacles than others, I get that, but there is always a way to add value to your labor, even if you are ugly fat and weird.
  7. We are desperate to hire anybody with an accounting degree and the desire to learn and work at it. It's a ticket directly into the middle class , and the upper middle class eventually. We would definitely hire an ugly CPA if they did good work. Hell, I'm far from the most attractive person and I've made a good accounting career. I'm not saying everyone needs to learn accounting, but there are multiple paths to success even for ugly, fat, weird people.
  8. I've seen enough of our education system , and experienced it personally to know that we are definitely not getting young people ready with the right skills to move forward. Our education system is more of daycare , more interested in keeping the bureaucracy funded than getting young people ready.
  9. Also , I grew in utter poverty. Dropped out of high school, was homeless off and on for a few years. I've worked some shitty jobs , for shitty pay. Not gonna give you my whole life story, but if an idiot like me can overcome a lot of obstacles then most people can do it.
  10. A person who works at Walmart for several years is probably making enough to sustain themselves especially if they are a two household income. It won't be extravagant but enough to get by. If someone doesn't have the ambition to improve their own economic circumstances why am I and other taxpayers responsible for subsidizing them?? We shouldn't be, and people should take responsibility for achieving their own good fortune. There are multiple paths to get ahead in life, most people are fully capable of doing it, and society benefits tremendously when they do.
  11. Paying people not to work is not a good idea. Would you go to BSU game this Friday and hand out a 20 dollar bill to everyone you see with no expectation of anything in return. Why would you expect everyone else to do it?
  12. I agree , but you are missing my point. Most people in these jobs are not working them to survive. Most are students. Or kids who are just starting out and living with their parents.
  13. Ok true. However most of the people who work these jobs are people who have other arrangements to get by and are in a transitioning phase . My daughter makes about 16 dollars an hour as a part time barista and pretty much uses it for fun money, and to save. She has a full scholarship at The College of Idaho and lives with us on the weekends and the summer. She will be probably be your kids boss someday ( just kidding) but she is not using the job as a means to survive. A lot of people who work these entry level jobs aren't trying to survive on them. We have all started out at an entry level and worked to improve the value of our labor. There are some people like @halfmanhalfbronco said that are incapable of advancing past the entry level stage. If it is a true disability then I have no problem with cash support to supplement them If the economy goes to shit and people can't find jobs I have no problem with cash support to them either. But it's gotta be temporary. Our country is better off when people are using their skills and labor to add value to the economy.
  14. Ok. Is that a factor of genetics, or society poorly preparing them to fly on their own? Probably more of the latter.
  15. Minimum wage jobs are very rare. The price point for unskilled labor moved well beyond 7.25 an hour years ago. Entry level workers are definitely important in our economy. You know what else is important in our economy people improving the value of their labor through experience and learning new skills. Hardly anyone stays at the entry level wage for unskilled labor. Most people earn a much better living through individual effort and initiative. Everybody starts out working for cheap as an unskilled laborer, very few stay there, and if they do its usually because they have made terrible decisions with their lives.
  16. I would support this as long as it was temporary for people who are able to get back on their feet, which is almost everybody. We should not be funding permanent lazy lifestyles.
  17. I know people whose full time job is remaining poor to keep all this benefits coming in. Earned income credits, and refundable child tax credits are not free money? Its not hard to live work free if you your rent and food are covered 100% , and you get thousands of dollars from having negative effective tax rates. I have family members who haven't worked substantially in their whole adult lives , they got section 8 housing quickly, they survive of Pell grants, and earned income credits, refundable child tax credits student loans, EBT, any benefit they can get. They have a three bedroom apartment and haven't written a rent check ever. They would definitley abuse UBI as well. I have no problem with benefits being available for when shit happens, but we should not be funding a lifestyle. Society is better served by sending their asses back to work.
  18. Any welfare. I have no problem for it being available when it is needed because shit happens, but it should be temporary, not a lifestyle. There is no good reason for allowing people to be on government assistance for 20-30 years when they are fully capable of living a much higher quality of life if they figured out how to improve the value of their own labor like normal people do.
  19. No it wasn't. You may disagree with his argument, but that doesn't make it invalid.
  20. That's what I think it is too. you used to be able to carryforward an NOL for up to twenty years. Nothing wrong or illegal about it at all. Many small businesses use NOL's to offset taxable income in future years.
  21. Paying people not to work is terrible for society. Society loses out on the foregone production of goods and services that make all of our lives better. It also discourages people from taking steps to increase the value of their labor by gaining experience, and new skills that are tremendously beneficial to all of us. With that being said we need to have a safety net that catches people and bounces those who can provide for themselves quickly back to self reliance. I have no problem providing a safety net for the very few number of people who are actually incapable of providing for themselves.
  22. Sort of. There are many different forms of the Corona virus and humans have been exposed to them for a long time now. Prior exposure to other respiratory viruses can provide your immune system with the tools to fight a similar , but new Virus. Here read this article https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abd3871 Remember it is not COVID -19 that kills you, it is the extremely aggressive response of your immune system that kills you, Maybe cause by lack of exposure to similar viruses. There is research that having been exposed to similar viruses in the past can leave a blueprint for fighting a new, but similar one.
  23. Here is an example, there are many more especially in 2017, and 2018 Trump tried to make a deal that would codify into statute Obama's DACA executive order. Instead of taking the deal that would have helped many , many people the Democrats were not interested in giving the other team a win. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/26/trump-daca-deal-is-a-dream-come-true-for-democrats-commentary.html Here is an example of Trump trying to reach out to Democrats for input on the TCJA https://nypost.com/2017/09/12/trump-tries-wooing-democrats-over-tax-reform-bill/ Here is an example of the government shut down where the Democrats flat out refused to talk to the president to reach an agreement. Instead the Democrats were more interested in prolonging the shutdown, and harming real people because they thought they could gain political leverage by extending the pain. https://redstate.com/brandon_morse/2019/01/15/democrats-refuse-white-house-shutdown-meeting-giving-claim-shutdown-trumps-n99727
  24. The Democrats in 2018 were never interested in holding hands with the GOP in the senate and the white house to try to do some good things for the country. In fact they pulled about every dirty trick you can think of to undermine, make them look bad, embarrass, investigate , and just be a constant pain in the ass. The Democrats chose party over country, and you cheered them on. Now when the tables our turned we are suppose to sing songs , hold hands with the democrats and play nice. Nah, that is not the way it works. The Democrats will eventually get full control of Congress again. Maybe your team can do the right thing at that time and actually work together to do some good things for the country , rather than trying to own the other team. Until then we just play the game the way it has always been played.
  25. Its actually good these illnesses are spreading. Its good for "the herd" to get sick once in a while. If we constantly shelter our immune systems from any type of exposure we are actually leaving ourselves very vulnerable when something like March of 2020 actually happens. I am not saying be careless when you are sick, stay at home. But it is also not selfish at this point to get out and live your life, it is actually helping the herd fight off illnesses.
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