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  1. Yeah, this place is a leftist circle jerk bro.
  2. Who the hell still has Direct TV??? Get with the times people !!!!
  3. Every president & vice president takes shit they are not supposed to. Trump was just too stupid to say oops and give them back.
  4. Impeach, prosecute & Imprison Hillary Trump Biden Pence
  5. He will be charged the day after they find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
  6. When Is Biden getting charged. ?? Never. One standard for republicans and a different standard for politicians you like. You can't call yourself objective anymore. You and @GoDogs22 should be best friends
  7. What is this test called. I've taken it before but I can't remember my results
  8. They are all out there in the culture wars. Some are on team D, some are on team R
  9. Post of the day !!!!!! You win an all expenses paid vacation to Winnemucca Nevada.
  10. His right wing polarizing blah, blah, blah is only offensive to put people who are just going to vote against him any ways and live in that bubble. More independent minded people have shown a tendency to vote for him as evidenced by the last election in Florida, with blue counties being flipped red. The media will try to make a circus show out of him anyways , and hopefully he will not be a fool and take the bait every damn time like Trump who couldn't help himself. With all things remaining constant, and if Desantis can run a well disciplined campaign he will defeat Biden, who is FAR from a popular incumbent. There is a lot of time though, and things won't remain constant, so we will see.
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