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  1. No but really come on back home @SJSUMFA2013
  2. He is busy forming the armed resistance in CA to start a civil war when Trump becomes president.
  3. If this was 1899 you would be saying no way the internal combustion engine replaces an old fashioned horse.
  4. No, you fool, this isn’t 1994. You can tailor what AI says depending on how you ask the question , and it learns by patterns based on what it is being asked. Wr hired an inter from BSU for the tax season and he was showing me what he was doing in one of his classes. They had to generate a paper completely generated by AI. They had to learn get it to say what they wanted it to say by specifically tailoring how they ask the question. He said he spent many hours on the process. Then they had to write a traditional paper on their process and what they learned in the whole thing. Blew me away. We absolutely should be teaching this in high school because this is the world these kids are going to live in, so we better embrace it or get left behind
  5. We should be teaching kids to use AI even writing papers. We need to teach them how to get AI to say what you want it to say. That is the world they will be living in , need to embrace it.
  6. Yes, but I have clients who are complete dolts when doing their own accounting and wouldn’t know a bank Rec if you rolled it up and Smacked em with it. and AI can’t fix that. I do a tax return for one I of the brightest oncologists in the country and he thinks he can do his own accounting. His books are a complete disaster. AI can’t replace human interaction fixing this.
  7. It will be interesting to see if people will accept purely AI generated music with no human influence.
  8. What AI service do you use to generate images. Care to give a quick crash course in how to do it?
  9. What you said right there is the benefit that we all receive from immigration. People are willing to take enormous risks via human trafficking channels to get here and it is a really sad failure on our part that we allow it. We should be able to filter out the good and decent people who want to come here to work and thrive from the criminals who will attack police, and steal cars. There should be a system that if you can pass a background check, have an employer who is willing to pay for you to get here then you get residency, and a path to citizenship if you pay your taxes and obey the law for say like 5 years. The solution is simple, but like all things it gets politicized by both sides and we end up with the mess we currently have at the border.
  10. Without immigration legal or otherwise the dairy industry in Idaho would shut down. These guys are willing to work in the middle of nowhere that low skilled laborers from this country will not do. Enjoy some Chobani yogurt from Idaho cows all thanks to immigrants.
  11. I don't see AI completely taking over what I do for the duration of my career. I will definitely use it at making me a more efficient accountant for the time being though. It's a good tool, but not something that can be relied upon with 100% certainty. In 25 years when I am too old to give a shit who knows where things will be. As far as preparing taxes, AI was ready to do tax returns for about 85% of Americans 15 years ago. The clients we go after are in that 15 percent.
  12. So you wood be one of those old lady teachers squawking that we need to teach kids the same way we did in the 70s, because dammit that’s what I know and I fear change. Ok
  13. My wife is an educator and she is trying to convince the old guard that they need to embrace AI , and teach the kids to utilize it, rather than forcing the old tired traditional ways. It’s sn uphill battle
  14. @halfmanhalfbronco we had a great conversation about AI and the future of the accounting profession today. I also have a history degree and think of things from a comparable historical perspective. Lurches forward in technology often have short term turmoil before the benefits kick in. The printing press probably kicked off 200 years of social instability in Europe before the benefits kicked in on a wide scale that we have enjoyed for several hundred years. who the hell knows where this is headed, but it’s probably way better to embrace change then to fear it.
  15. The IRS is going to recoup $&&$$$$$ in the next few years just by getting aggressive in auditing so many businesses that were not qualified for the employee retention credit during COVID but claimed it anyways. People are going to end up in jail over that shit show
  16. If they go after big complex entities, and high wealth individuals There is no money in auditing Joe six pack who has a w2.
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