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  1. I could see him going to ISU. I think he has a girlfriend who is enrolled at Boise State, or was a student. Not sure if she graduated.
  2. Well he did come out and pass for 450 yards on Florida State in his first college game
  3. He will probably end up at an FCS school. I hope he finds a place he likes, and has an amazing 2 years there, He is a good person, too bad it didn't work out here.
  4. Every team in the MW to every other team in the MW
  5. I agree. The biggest difference will be the Instant injection of accountability into the locker room. No more O line half assing it, or WR just just going through the motions. Mediocrity will not be tolerated. 100% effort will be expected Also, who knows if he will start Green, which adds a whole new level of Athleticism into the mix.
  6. Crazy thing is how does SDSU prepare for this. Whst the hell is the offense gonna look like in next week's game.
  7. Wait , I thought Utah State was fat chicks, or maybe that was Wyoming.
  8. Yeah, I know that joke will never go away. My degree in accounting came with a CDL license,
  9. Offered That program went to the community college years ago.
  10. Guys, I think we can go undefeated the rest of the way. The coaches will figure it out by next Saturday. They will figure it out right ?
  11. Hmm. Do you even have a degree? A certificate?! Anything?
  12. Prater just called for Tim Plough to get canned
  13. I don't think Avalos has it in him to make the needed changes
  14. I want to give my degree back right now
  15. Get the kboi app I the apple or Google play store . The call in show should be fireworks
  16. Listening to Avalos post game I don't think Andy had it in him to fire Plough. IF plough is not fired by Morning , it's an Andy problem .
  17. This is the week that the fury turns to Andy. So far the shit had been directed at Plough. Andy has to do something or he is fired. .
  18. Andy has to fire Plough. What is the upside to keeping him on on a long futile losing season. Miller can be the interim , until we can get Dinwiddie in here
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