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  1. I like Colorado State and they have huge potential they haven’t lived up to in a long time. Going to the AAC won’t solve their problems
  2. Try being relevant in the conference you are already in first. Or go be irrelevant in the AAC.
  3. I had no idea Willie Taggert was now at FAU
  4. I love watching teams that don’t play AF regularly try to figure them out. I think AF wins big
  5. Mabehe can be the Goalie for team USA in the World Cup
  6. Yeah, he dropped a couple he should have gotten. If I recall correctly. Dirk is that you ?
  7. Davis Koetter had gotten too many chances. Not impressed
  8. We will take it it is crucial we put 7 on the board here to mske that sting
  9. Again a drive stalls out after we run it up the gut on 3rd and short
  10. Being a raging lunatic on the sidelines is not good coaching IMO. This isn’t.t the 1970’s
  11. I’ll say 20 Hail Mary’s to cover all the bases
  12. Boise states red zone defense has been very good lately. 0 points allowed in the last 4 quarters of football.
  13. How many times have drives stalled out because we tried to ru it between the Tavkles on 3 and 5
  14. Getting it to wide receivers with medium range passes. Letting them make Yards after catch. Run the football to the edges using wide receivers. We do not have the oline to have a traditional ground game
  15. Our offensive line cannot push people the hell out of the way. Why do we try it up the middle.
  16. So stones our old calling baffles me. STICK WITH WHAT IS WORKING !!!!
  17. The one bright spot on defense this year. Turnovers
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