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  1. YBU fans are always welcome I would say. Hey anyone know #1 stunner ? Maybe he will come out of retirement
  2. Well this board has gone to complete sh** Goodbye MWC board
  3. The cost of being wrong on that is very, very high. Better to assume they are fully operational.
  4. I hope they get it figured out. CA is a great state with great people.
  5. Your team started this, and you support them so you are no different than me.
  6. Not if you do it in backwoods Mississippi. or Texas. or Casper Wyoming. Kinda like prosecuting a republican in one of the most blue districts in the country .
  7. You know they have thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at us right? For that reason alone they need to be taken seriously.
  8. I saw that at the D-Day ceremony. Its like Biden was in a different universe. It's an embarrassment. According to greenbean though he is the picture of prime health.
  9. I see that it may have been a little too heavy reading for @retrofade Or maybe reading real analysis leads to conclusions that he doesn't want to conclude
  10. Whether there is anything there or not is irrelevant. What is important is getting the guilty verdict and the label felon, just like the democrats do. That is why we need to do this in Mississippi
  11. @grandjean87 try to read this. It may be a much for you though. It's not just some schmuck on twitter. Its an expert on federal law , and the appellate courts. It should be a gift article so no paywall. https://www.wsj.com/articles/trumps-trial-violated-due-process-76fae047?st=1e72i71luajtj0p&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink
  12. A couple new polls came out today. Trump's lead grew. These polls were conducted entirely after the sham trial in NY. Trump still has leads in all the swing states. Some of the swing states Trump's lead is beyond the margin of error. Minnesota and Virginia are trending toward swing states. Even in deep blue states Bidens margins are well below 2020. Everything is fine though , just ask all the Biden supporters.
  13. Mashed Potato Brains has got to go https://www.wsj.com/politics/policy/joe-biden-age-election-2024-8ee15246?mod=hp_lead_pos7
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