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  1. The Republicans kicked the crap out of the Democrats in 2010 midterms, yet they got whacked 2 years later in the presidential election. The republicans got beat badly in the 82 midterms, and Reagan came back and won 49 states. The Democrats got beaten badly in the 94 midterms , yet Clinton came back and won a second term easily. Midterm elections have always been a poor indicator of the upcoming presidential elections.
  2. This is why the Regressive democrats are going to get clobbered in the upcoming election. Their political stances are fine for New York, LA, San Francisco etc. They don't play well in Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Many parts of Michigan and Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio and many more. https://www.wsj.com/articles/do-democrats-hear-echoes-of-1972-today-11552312386 - Read the article
  3. We’re all going to die in 11.5 years anyways. Nothing we can do. Mine as well enjoy having a large Carbon Footprint for the last few years of humanity.
  4. If the tax code were simplified and corporations and high wealth individuals could do there tax return on a post card they would pay 0 income tax because it would be super easy to get your income to 0, or a loss. What makes the tax code so complex now is defining what is income, and what is allowed as a business deduction. It is complex to make sure high wealth individuals and corporations pay into the system. A simple post card return would do just fine for people who have W-2 income only.
  5. If they nominate Pocahontas Trump will definitely be a 2 term president.
  6. Out of curiosity where is the other armpit? Fresno? Pocatello?
  7. Any civilized society as wealthy as ours needs to have a generous safety net for its own citizens however it should not be a hammock. I know people who have spent years on welfare and their full time job is being poor to get every govt benefit they can. It is wasted human capital.
  8. https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-administration-makes-legal-immigrants-who-draw-from-social-programs-ineligible-for-green-cards-11565618625?mod=hp_lead_pos4 I don't t have a problem with this. Current law states that to be eligible for a green card you must be self sufficient. Its just simply enforcing the law. Every other country in the world requires that you do not burden their system to gain even temporary residency. We are the idiots who don't even enforce our own laws, until now.
  9. I was just up Kayaking on some beautiful lakes in the Sawtooth mountains. The highs were around 70, Some awesome thunderstorms came through each night. I love Idaho
  10. God @Orange you are a total shitbag. Please get back to you nasty theater floor. Your customers are waiting.
  11. Perhaps you should move to another country that is more suitable for you. Nobody will try to talk you out of leaving, nobody will miss you either.
  12. Both options are stupid. We live in one of the safest and most stable societies in the world, and the FBI statistics that show violent crime is at historic lows bear that out. I think we need to keep this in perspective when reacting to the chaos that Cable news, and social media like to spew around events such as these.
  13. Screw this, I am moving to Montana -- Go Griz!