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  1. I lost a lot of money on that one, I won't make that mistake again.
  2. Hey everybody I just wanted to let you know that there is a great investment opportunity. I already cashed in my savings for Trump Bucks and I am going to go deposit them in the bank on Tuesday morning. Get em while you can. Scammers are conning Trump supporters out of thousands with 'Trump Bucks' they claim can be exchanged for real cash (msn.com) Disclaimer: This post should not be construed as investment advice. Investment in Trump Bucks could result in significant losses.
  3. I will accept that later distinction. It's a very careful fine line IMO, and I err on the side of not being judgmental.
  4. I have my way of living and honoring God and part of that is not judging people whatever their place in life is. If I feel I need to judge someone I instead show the them kindness , respect, and love. That is the way I feel I can live and show honor to God, by showing kindness to all of his children I'm far from perfect at this, and I need to work on it daily. I feel this is consistent with scripture. HMHB feels differently and I respect that.
  5. No there is no vast majority that agrees with you on this. There are some people who take your position. I absolutely judge people, I never claimed I didn't in fact I have stated in this thread I fail many times daily at it. I fail many times hourly at it. Yes I am confident my position is correct , and even moreso after reading John 7:24. I agree no minds are getting changed and the conversation has turned unproductive. If you feel like you need the last word I'll let you have it.
  6. I read one analysis that supported your position compared to the multiple that supported mine . Christ is saying use your judgment, drop your fixation on the burdensome rules of they day and correctly judge who I am
  7. Again you are taking a passage way out of context. Paul is talking about disputes among believers over trivial matters. The church in Corinth had a problem with believers settling disputes with each other in court in a public manner. Paul is saying that they are capable of judging and settling trivial disputes internally inside the church, and not in public. Again, this passage does not give us permission to judge others, and it does not contradict Christ's sayings in Matthew regarding judging and hypocrisy.
  8. No that is not what John 7:24 is saying. People were in shock that someone would so blatantly violate the religious rules of the day, and the rule makers were furious about it. Jesus is saying they you are so preoccupied with the burdensome rules of the era that they couldn't judge for themselves who it was right on front of them. Thank you for sharing this scripture. We should absolutely not get caught up in the mundane, and burdensome technicalities of religion that we become blinded to the work that Jesus is doing right in front of us. this passage in no way gives us permission to be judgemental towards others.
  9. After reading John 7:24 Jesus is not talking about judging others.it certainly does not provide permission to judge others Full context is necessary here. Jesus use of the term judging here is not in context of judging other people, but used in the context of the people who witnessed Jesus ministry and them judging who Jesus actually is, the Messiah What is going on in John 7:24 is that a crowd was astonished that Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath, and the religious rule keepers were pissed about it. Christ is telling them you use their judgement and see that they are so blinded by the strict religious order of the day that the actual Christ was performing healing miracles in front of them and they didn't have the judgement to see it Perhaps discernment is a better word than judgement, and maybe it is used in other versions, IDK. One thing after reading John 7:24 in full context is that it certainly does not give us permission to judge others, and it certainly does not contradict Mathew 7
  10. Do you feel you can judge others without being a hypocrite. Because that's what Jesus would call you
  11. It's ok to be critical of sin, never ok to judge others, because we are all deserving of that same judgement.I will never back down from that point, and we should never think so highly of ourselves that we feel we can pass judgement on anybody. I understand you feel differently and that's ok. I don't judge you fur having different beliefs. Christ provided numerous examples in his ministry. The speck in your brothers eye, telling the men that only those without sin could stone the woman, reserving his harshest judgement for the religious establishment who sought to harass the so called undesirable sinners. Those undesirable sinners were instead given , love, mercy, and kindness by Jesus. as far as my daughter goes ok fine, you want to go there. I still would not judge her. Knowing my daughter that would absolutely make our relationship worse. If she chose that lifestyle I would show kindness and love and my door and heart would always be open.
  12. The words of Jesus are clear and succinct. We are not to judge period. I have absolutely come to that conclusion through what the scriptures say. I have come to that conclusion by what Jesus himself says. Now you are just hodgepodging randomly gathered together pieces of scripture that only add shallow support to your argument. If you feel you can judge others , and the scriptures support that well have at it, live according to your beliefs. I won't judge you for it.
  13. Christ literally says those who judge are hypocrites I'm a believing Christian and I am in no place to judge anybody else for sins they are struggling with because I'm just as guilty as they are, and equally deserving of the same judgement. Im commanded to show love, and kindness, and mercy to all of gods children, even those who have done horrible, terrible things.
  14. Christ was in a position to judge because he was perfect. He could judge others without being a hypocrite. In fact his harshest judgement was reserved for the religious establishment of the day who actively sought to judge and harass others. Would you be one of those who sought to harass others because of their Sinfulness, it kind of sounds like you would have been. The actual people that were outcast as sinners deserving of judgement by the religious establishment of the day were the people that Jesus served and showed kindness and mercy too. Would you be one of the men who was about to stone to death the adulteress woman because she needed to judged . Christ certainly wasn't about that. If s convicted felon came to your church and wanted to pray and ask God for forgiveness would you tell him what a shitty piece of shit he is or would you pray with him , and lead him to christs love and forgiveness
  15. Jesus never said we MUST remove the speck from our brothers eye. I can't take this Theologian seriously if they are going to Insert meaning that is clearly is not there. In fact Jesus himself had a specific word for those who call out the speck in their brothers eye. Hypocrite. Go read it again. The meaning of the words of Jesus is clearly evident and does not require a theologian to interpret, and it means none of us are in a position to criticize (Judge) the sinfulness of others , because we probably are more sinful than the one you are criticizing. We have a duty to love and serve our brothers and sisters in Christ, and even love and serve those who don't believe. Jesus himself was especially critical of the religious establishment of the 1dt century for judging others instead of accepting them and loving them . None of us are in a position where we can judge anyone else without being a hypocrite.
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