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  1. I’ve played this mission before in GTA V.
  2. She wants to tax unrealized gains lol. I doubt we would be able to deduct unrealized losses . https://www.wsj.com/articles/elizabeth-warrens-tax-plan-would-bring-rates-over-100-for-some-11573819200?mod=hp_lead_pos8
  3. Lol. Al Gore, and AOC are religious nuts ok??? BY AOCs count we only have 11 year’s left , or is it 10 before we are all fried
  4. I am just saying that the doomsayers have predicted the imminent end of humanity within the next few years. You would think you would be able to notice impending doom. A flood here or there, or a fire, or a hurricane are normal weather phenomenon so they don't count
  5. If there were impending ecological doom you would think one could look out the window and at least notice something unusual. I just looked out over downtown Boise and everything seems fine. I am not saying that man made climate change isn't a thing, just that the catastrophe they try to peddle is stupid.
  6. Wages are actually rising. Low unemployment is forcing employers to raise wages to compete for labor.
  7. Remember when we had a Freshman QB that just suited up and got the job done, beat the Ducks in his freshman year
  8. Well at least we got something out of that
  9. Prediction : Hank comes in after HT throws 4 TD's and 350 Yards. You heard it here first