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  1. Something tells me that if Trump had mailed you a mask you would have said the president was causing unnecessary panic and should resign lol
  2. Income earned on 401(k)s is tax deferred until you withdraw the money. There are annual max contributions which I can’t remember right off the top of my head. In the 24k ballpark I think. It’s not a huge tax shelter for extreme high wealth individuals. It’s a great tax shelter for middle class wage earners. if the money is contributed to the 401(k) while you are a resident of CA, it’s tax deferred, so if you retire to Idaho , Idaho gets to tax it instead of California. This has been fought in the courts and domicile for tax purposes is well established.
  3. I’ll join in too. I think it’s unlikely that Trump wins by a larger margin than 2016 but I’ll happily donate to a good cause. My charity is https://camprainbowgold.org/
  4. You may be required to file a CA tax return but whatever tax you pay to CA you should get back as a credit on your ID tax return.
  5. Lots of CA public employees move out of of CA after they retire and CA tried to go after them to tax their pension benefits even though they didn’t live there anymore. I believed the Supreme Court threw out their case.
  6. Lots of clients from CA. Lots have moved away from CA. CA and NY are the worst state taxing agencies to deal with. They are horrible.
  7. I’m not that confident in a Trump victory. I would say he has 50/50 odds right now. I will say that the last three presidential elections have been decided by whatever candidate had the enthusiasm advantage. Trump definitely has the enthusiasm advantage over Biden. If Trump was able to increase his margin of victory over 2016 , Democrats would literally have seizures and shit themselves. If would be very entertaining to watch.
  8. The electorate is shifting. Some western states and southern states have been trending blue (NC, GA, TX, AZ, NV), but still could , or likely will go red. Some western states are reliably blue now ( CO, NM). The Upper Midwest used to be locked in for the Democrats because of union support from working class white voters. These voters have long been neglected by the Democrats, and were very keen on Trumps focus on economic policies that promote economic growth and jobs. The Democrats have instead tried to build a patchwork coalition of Minorities, and Urban voters. It worked out great f
  9. How many supporters show up at a Biden event? He couldn't even fill up a Jr High Gymnasium. Trump will bring in thousands to a rally on short notice. Biden has nowhere close to Trump's enthusiasm from the base You are right Nevada leans Blue AZ- **May** go blue. It has been trending that way but we don't know. MI & WI - Did you read what I said earlier about Upper midwest Rust belt states. The democrats have lost their edge in that part of the country. 2016 wasn't a fluke here, but the start of a trend.
  10. I am willing to consider supporting a tax increase however that is only a portion of the problem. The government pisses away billions of dollars a daily in waste and nonsense. We need to go back to what balanced the budget in the late 90s which was a PAYGO system. If you want to increase government funding for something cut it out if the budget somewhere else.
  11. I don’t think owing a tax to California after you are no longer a resident would hold up in court. It would quickly be challenged in Federal Court. Domicile has been very clearly defined In previous tax court cases.
  12. What the hell is wrong with these people.
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