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  1. bornontheblue

    Plane hijacked at Seattle airport

    I have done this mission several times in GTA 5 seriously though WTF
  2. bornontheblue

    Social Media Giants Shut Down Infowars

    Nailed it !!!! Alex Jones and anybody who takes him seriously is an idiot
  3. bornontheblue

    Trump Confesses Intent of Tower Meeting

    Skipping this thread altogether. Same people debating the same BS over , and over, and over, and over, and over, and over , and over , and over , and over, and over ......... It is all just a small step in the never ending road to nowhere called the Mueller Investigation.
  4. bornontheblue

    Good Job GOP and Trump

    That is just not true. Accelerated depreciation is available to any business. If you set up a business in your garage you could be eligible for sec 179 and bonus depreciation. GAAP depreciation is much slower which can result in higher GAAP income and lower tax income initially, and will reverse itself over time. A lot of the accelerated depreciation benefits are phased out for large corporations. Most deductions for all business large and small are legitimate business expenses. It’s risky to claim business expenses that are questionable. Not only the business could get hammered with heavy penalties, but so can the CPA who signs the return. I am not naive enough to think that there are some politically motivated tax laws because there are. They are just not very commonly used. They are usually for particular niche industries not for business tax returns as a whole.
  5. bornontheblue

    About letting that cat or dog lick you.......

    Gross 🤮
  6. bornontheblue

    ******Trump Approval Rating Back To 50%!!!******

    Ok , I can buy that argument. I never thought of it that way.
  7. bornontheblue

    ******Trump Approval Rating Back To 50%!!!******

    How can you get a composite score for these polls. They are all using different sample selection techniques and methodologies. You have to have an apples to apples comparison. I don't trust them.
  8. bornontheblue

    ******Trump Approval Rating Back To 50%!!!******

    If I remember correctly Rasmussen was the most accurate poll for the 2016 election. The LA times also had a tracking poll of a sample of voters that were originally undecided that proved to be pretty close. As far as all the other polls go, there credibility took a big hit after the 2016 election. I don't trust any of them.
  9. 0% chance of winning the election. The Democrat brand is trashed in Idaho, and it used to not be that way. 25 years ago Idaho was pretty balanced before politics got so polarized. She will win the North end of Boise precincts, Blaine & Latah counties, and that is it.
  10. bornontheblue

    Medicare for all would... save money?

    So if they charged 500 billion dollars paid in cash upfront for an appendectomy you argue people would pay it?
  11. bornontheblue

    Medicare for all would... save money?

    Please google price elasticity of demand. If the surgeons got together and said we want all your money for surgery very few people would pay and they would have less money.
  12. bornontheblue

    Medicare for all would... save money?

    Because their is a huge difference between buying a car, and having a surgeon work on your child. I can live without the latest features. If my child needs emergency care I want the best and the brightest, and the latest technology.
  13. bornontheblue

    “Boise is America’s Ultimate Hidden Gem”

    SHHHH!!! We don't want more people to know.
  14. bornontheblue

    There is football this month!

    I'd put money on the Jr High team
  15. bornontheblue

    Urban Myer might be bye bye