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  1. Joe Biden Hates America and is a probably a child molester. calm down. I am only kidding
  2. Convert , we do not live in a bubble. Decisions we make have consequences that affect others, sometimes with catastrophic consequences. Take your argument and apply it to traffic laws. Everybody has the right to drive the way the way that makes them feel comfortable. If you are comfortable doing 145 down the freeway, cutting off drivers, and not obeying basic traffic laws then its ok because you are within your comfort zone. If a business feels no shame in dumping chemical waste in the river that provides drinking water for everybody its ok, because it is a personal decision. Nah, we have standards to govern even personal behavior when the community is put at risk. There are many instances of society imposing minimum levels of behavior when their are negative consequences to the whole community.
  3. More like a sacrifice fly that gets the runner in from third in the 8th inning to go ahead late in the game It was the idiots lik @Bob who didn't get the vaccine that really caused a lot of problems during the delta wave. What they did was inexcusable, and incredibly selfish.
  4. Flu vaccine is hit and miss. It is basically an educated guess at what the current strain will be.
  5. SO if you gave 250 million people at random a 325 mg aspirin tablet , approximately 6,000 of them would die from it. The vaccine is probably safer than a common aspirin tablet that everybody has in their homes. We should politicize aspirin!!!!!@
  6. Boob, if you were to give 250, million people a dose of aspirin there would be an immaterial amount of people who croaked over and died from it. Where are your threads about aspirin killing people?
  7. Does anybody here know anybody that dropped dead and the cause of death was specifically attributed to the MRNA vaccine? It is all urban legend, old wives tales. The vaccines are not killing people.
  8. Yeah, this place is a leftist circle jerk bro.
  9. Pfft. You can get PAC 12 Network with FUBO TV
  10. Who the hell still has Direct TV??? Get with the times people !!!!
  11. Every president & vice president takes shit they are not supposed to. Trump was just too stupid to say oops and give them back.
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