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  1. This is how I imagine all the Russia Collusion conspiracy theorists look like when they discuss the Mueller investigation
  2. You fool!! There is no slaughter. Stop using this rhetoric!! We live in a very safe and stable country. Violent crime is at historic lows according to FBI statistics
  3. Today I did something I’m very proud of!

    Welcome to the organization.
  4. I am in the thick of tax season and taking a short lunch break as I read this. **most** people will save next year, especially small business owners that turn a good profit, invest in a lot of assets, or pay a lot of wages. From what I have seen so far about 10% of individuals could see a tax increase. Also I have noticed this year doing my tax returns that most small businesses did a lot better financially in 2017 compared to the last few years. Ok I am back to the bean counting.
  5. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    I have used Playstation Vue, and Hulu on my Roku, for a while now, it works great. Also sign up for the ESPN 3 app and sometimes you can get different MWC games there too.
  6. Sports Camps

    I need to send my daughter to gymnastics camp, and my son to a good football camp this summer. I was thinking Penn State for my son, and Michigan State for my daughter. Anybody have any good recommendations?
  7. There are two types of people in this world that I cannot stand. Those who are intolerant of other peoples cultures and the Dutch.
  8. I'm too busy for this **@!

    Its tax season and I'm too busy to mwcboard.com. for now you all can go %@$# yourselves especially @DesVandal. Go Boise State Broncos win the MW basketball championship and get that auto bid and a 1st round tourney victory. Ill see everybody in mid April!!! Go Boise State Broncos !!
  9. Yep, that tax cut sure was for the middle class....

    I think those layoffs had to do more with the cable TV dying a slow miserable death , rather than evil rich businessmen trying to save a a few bucks.
  10. Yep, that tax cut sure was for the middle class....

    It makes no difference if the tax savings are paid out as dividends , or reinvested back into the business. Both activities are good for the economy. If they are paid out in dividends Uncle Sam gets a cut as well.
  11. Yep, that tax cut sure was for the middle class....

    this has nothing to do with the tax cuts. Companies make decisions like this all the time and allocate resources where they think they will be used most effectively.
  12. UCF National Champions -

    Apparently they don't have to play the game on Monday. The championship has already been decided. They have the shirts and the banner to prove it. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/21951014/ucf-knights-raise-national-championship-banner
  13. Sessions clears the path for the Feds to go after weed

    It is not that hard. Marijuana is not against the constitution so you don't have to overcome the steep hurdles of a constitutional amendment. Convince Congress to pass a law, and the president to sign it. I have no problem with recreational marijuana, although I would never use it. I do have a problem with not enforcing the rule of law.
  14. Sessions clears the path for the Feds to go after weed

    I am assuming you meant enforce federal law,
  15. Sessions clears the path for the Feds to go after weed

    So the state of Idaho could pass a law that all Idahoans are exempt from paying federal income taxes, or that we don;t have to follow the Civil Rights act??? By your own argument states should have the right to do this