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  1. No we aren’t obsessed. Don’t flatter yourself. We just like to point out that you have demonstrated multiple times that you are an idiot.
  2. Depends on how much they are offering! Everything has a price lol 😂
  3. If you were to list the top 10,000 problems facing America climate change would be buried deep into the 9000's. The left keeps banging that climate change drum but the truth is most people don't care.
  4. I have never understood the stand in the middle of the road and block traffic strategy to protest. All it does is piss people off and make them hate you.
  5. Brisket is hard to get just right. I need more practice
  6. Not grand wizard, but how about creator of sensible policies that foster rapid economic recovery. Like deregulation, corporate tax reform, beneficial trade deals etc.
  7. You are the one who said in a previous conversation a while back that it takes years for economic policies to play out. Trump is proving you wrong, or should we give credit to president Eisenhower.
  8. It took Obama his whole presidency to recover from the recession he inherited, and he never quite got there. We will be back in economic expansion by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2020. That is the trend line I look at.
  9. Cheerleading the economy down. You are an ass because you don't want the orange man to get credit.
  10. Also, the recovery was broad based through the service and manufacturing sector. Most notably there were massive job gains on the lower end for those with only a high school diploma or less. It is definitely V shaped.
  11. The last two months jobs reports have been outstanding. Best in the history of our economy. Its a definite V shaped recovery. I know you don't like good news for the Orange man, but this is good news for all of us and should be celebrated.