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  1. The Democrats will cling to any bit of hope that there is something, anything , dear God please something to bring down this presidency. They will pay for it in the next election too.
  2. That is where I stopped taking what you said seriously. Obama knew in the summer of 2016 that the Russians were up to no good. Why didn't he do anything about it then, instead of self righteously holding a press conference to announce sanctions after Trump had won. Why didn't he warn the Trump campaign as he should have before the actual election. Because he thought it would help Hillary to let them interfere, that is why! They were trying to Pin the Russia nonsense on him in the last few weeks of the election if you can remember back that far.
  3. Wrong! The investigation started in the summer of 2016 with a phony dossier used to gain a warrant. after Trump won the election (fairly) it pivoted from trying to stop him from winning, into trying to impeach him.
  4. Yes, People want results from the politicians not endless, pointless wastes of time investigating the president. If the Democrats keep barking up the collusion/obstruction tree then they will get whacked in the 2020 election, and lose the house majority. Americans are tired of this pointless BS.
  5. I have no idea why any young person would want to go to YBU.
  6. Cable news is the source of division and political hatred in this country. They are not interested in objective fair reporting. They are interested in stirring shit up because that is what puts eyeballs on their shows. I quit watching cable news years ago, because all it did was make me pissed off .
  7. @Akkula is scared of the Republican boogeyman, that only exists in his own mind.
  8. Some of the most hateful people I know are regressive commies.
  9. I am going to have a Trump gets arrested for collusion & obstruction party at my house. You are invited.
  10. Lol. I have never driven a big rig, or been in one for that matter. I actually an accountant working in downtown Boise, which is a much nicer city than the dumps you see in in interior California.
  11. No I’m pretty sure Inland California looks just like Barstow.
  12. Doesn't all of inland California look like Fresno, or Rancho Cucamonga? - Both Shitholes
  13. As a general rule California is a paradise if you are at least a multi millionaire and live on the coast. Get inland, and the rest of the state is a Shithole.
  14. The regressives in blue cities should be cheering this news. More immigrants to welcome into their caring loving cities. They can take care of all their needs and snobbishly look down on us who oppose illegal immigration.