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  1. Couple things here: The Constitution gives the President authority to carry out military actions as needed. If the president receives a call at 2:30 in the morning saying that Russia just launched nukes they will hit their targets in 5 minutes we need decisive action to be taken NOW . We cant be bogged down in committee for weeks deciding how to respond. Again, the Democrats are stupid. Biden would be correct in telling them to go pound sand, but he probably has no clue what he is doing. Someone will just hand him the order and say here sign this , and he will.
  2. This. 1 - I voted for Trump 2x. Because of the way he handled the election I won't vote for him again. Trump had his time, let's move on. 2. - I will not vote for a spineless loser Like Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney. I wan't a conservative fighter, not a focus group approved stuffed suit that will little by little cave to the left. 3. If the GOP nominates Trump or stuffed suit like Romney or Jeb Bush I will vote Libertarian, or for the guy with a boot on his head.
  3. Didn't University of Wyoming just cut a bunch of programs because state revenues are plummeting. That's the way it is when your state is largely dependent one source of revenue. Feast or famine.
  4. Gasoline, Petrol.... not natural gas.
  5. This is how I picture @happycamper every time he reads a hot topic on the non sports board:
  6. If they extend it for everyone I will benefit by not having to work 70+ hours a week until 4/15 The downside is that I won't have as much free time this summer.
  7. I don't really think it is a partisan issue, but hey lets make it one anyway.
  8. Under normal circumstances you still have to pay what you think you might owe by April 15,even if you do extend. If you underestimate the penalties and interest start racking up. If they extend it to July the penalties and interest won;t start accruing until then. If you expect a refund, well it doesn't really matter then.
  9. Your CPA makes quarterly estimates for you? That is a big part of my job in the summer and fall
  10. You need a new CPA ....lol Just Kidding
  11. You need a new CPA, lol Message me
  12. The House Ways and Means Committee has asked the Treasury Department to extend the tax filing deadline to July 15th again. I am not sure how I feel about this.
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