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  1. And another thing just because a study got peer reviewed doesn’t mean it is valid. The peer review process could completely invalidate it. It could be peer reviewed bullshit, but hey @rebels 18 is too stupid to know the difference.
  2. You are a complete anti vax and anti science Ignorant fool. What’s worse is that you found some obscure research that you have no idea how to interpret, and you use it to boast confidently in your own ignorance. You are not just ignorant, you are proud of your ignorance.
  3. @Rebels18 you still haven’t answered my question you moron. Why is it that severe cases of Covid are almost nonexistent among the vaccinated, and ICUs are filling up across the country with unvaccinated ignorant fools like you.
  4. You are an ignorant fool who is humorously convinced of his own superiority despite all evidence to the contrary.
  5. You are an idiot. If you have to specifically point that you are demolishing me , you are not demolishing me. In today’s world it is not hard to find evidence that supports your opinion, and even call it peer reviewed. Not everybody is easily tricked by what they find from obscure places on the Internet like you. You are fool. Real independent thought doesn’t start with a conclusion and then seek out evidence that supports it, like you foolishly did. You begin with an unbiased mind and then let the facts lead you to a conclusion, I’ll admit I’m not qualified to speak on matters of health
  6. You are a complete fool , who is humorously convinced of your own brilliance.
  7. You are an easily tricked fool, who thinks they have done independent research by listening to quacks on YouTube. Do you have a family doctor, have you asked them if you should get the vaccine. They are actually qualified to speak on such matters. I listen to the experts , you listen to fools.
  8. EVERY respectable health authority is saying to get the vaccine. You think that because you can say fancy words like “spike protein’it makes you sound smarter, when you are really a complete fool. Care to explain why the hospitals are filling up with the unvaccinated. Care to explain why the vaccinated show no , or mild symptoms when infected with the Delta variant.
  9. I asked my doctor about the vaccine . You know , someone who has the credentials to speak on such matters. You get your information from phony idiots who can make a you tube video. You are an easily duped fool who humorously is convinced he is informed.
  10. There was a thread earlier about the Internet making society dumber instead of increasing human knowledge. You are what we were talking about. You have used the abu dance of information overload provided by modern society to actually regress and become dumber. You are an easily tricked moron.
  11. You are a fool. I get my information from legit sources. You get your information from quacks and phony YouTube idiots. EVERY respectable authority who has the credentials to speak on the vaccine recommends getting it. You are easily fooled.
  12. Do you have a background in organic chemistry, virology, medicine, biology, anything to back up what you are saying. I think you are just talking out your ass. I'm just a simple accountant and don't have knowledge of these things so I defer to the experts in the scientific fields. The experts are not saying any of what you said at all.
  13. I am right there with you. I did my part and got vaccinated. The full consequences of letting this pandemic rage on need to be put squarely in the laps of the @Bob's Pester the hell out of them, make life inconvenient, fine them for getting Covid, or needing hospitalization. Make life a giant pain in the ass until they get the vaccine.
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