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  1. Your old lady’s vag is worn after we met last night.
  2. I want to see like a 15 yard penalty for minor targeting, and ejection for agregious targeting.
  3. These targeting calls are getting ridiculous. let’s just switch to flag Football
  4. Iowa in Trouble. Cincinnati will probably be #2
  5. Did you watch the Dodgers/GiAnts game with the game ending Check swing call
  6. They need to rethink the targeting penalty. Instead of getting kicked out of the game , maybe just 30 minutes , and any minutes leftover rollover yo the next game. Unfair to players early in the game.
  7. It can’t be judged on just a single factor. Gas prices were inflationary in 2008, but in a recession , and the malaise that lasted most of Obama’s presidency the economy actually faced deflationary pressures. That is why thr fed starting aggressive bond buying after they dropped the rate to zero. They were purposely trying to cause inflation.
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