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  1. A tax return wouldn’t be very telling there either. The deduction is just a number on a form. The real data is in the CPAs workpapers and those belong to the CPA. A CPA will not give those up unless ordered to do so by a judge, who has reason to believe a crime was committed. The IRS can also ask for substantiation in an audit.
  2. Individual tax returns don’t show debt owed. They really offer very little information
  3. I don't buy that most economists believe that. Maybe some do. What do you do when the interest on the debt exceeds revenue because it will get there at some point. You have to cut spending, raise taxes, or print more money.
  4. Has Trump tweeted anything yet. I will believe it when I see his tweet, lol.
  5. There are so many science denying wack jobs out there that think Vaccines are alien DNA meant to track your movement paid for with Bill gates money. Expect many video clips on Facebook from ignorant Karen's throwing fits because they were denied access to an airplane.
  6. Its a damn good start. I would be willing to support tax hikes if there was also a true effort to be more prudent with the federal budget.
  7. No it probably wouldn't but you can take a good chunk out of the federal budget by eliminating waste, and combining duplicate programs. Balancing the budget is probably going to require a combination of cutting spending, and raising taxes. There is no political will to do this however, until the interest on the debt is so burdensome that our hand is forced. The debt will have to be paid either through cutbacks and tax hikes, or though devaluation of the dollar. Both are bad.
  8. There is probably a lot of bloat in the Other , Non Defense, & Defense and the category labeled 375 Billion. Those categories make up 2.35 Trillion in spending. Lets say we find ways to consolidate duplicate programs, and get rid of things we don't need and we could cut that 2.35 trillion by 15% that would be 350 Billion dollars saved for taxpayers, all done without sending grandmas or children to the streets. Not every penny of the federal budget is sacrosanct. There is plenty of fat that can be cut, it is just that every penny of the federal budget is someones sacred cow, that they will
  9. Let's be honest here, the government pisses away billions of dollars daily on unnecessary bloat. Not every dollar in the federal budget prevents women and children from starving in the streets.
  10. Me trying to stay awake the last few minutes of the BSU/Hawaii Game Avery Williams Co State Coaching Staff in a bye week
  11. Did this amateur RV crew screw this up. How did Van Buren get a TD?
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