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  1. Hmmm, the peak of Maslow's hierarchy of human needs. Very , very few people ever reach that level. In fact a large part of the world stays stuck in the bottom two levels. I would say I am in 3.5
  2. I am just a harmless accountant from Idaho. Why you get so angry
  3. Yeah you are probably right. Keep in the safety of ETFs and mutual funds.
  4. You tapped out because my argument was superior. Hey look at that. You got your 100th post.
  5. Dude I flat out owned you in the real estate debate. You are WAY out of your league in debating this topic. I am trying to be nice about this.
  6. Back to picking stocks. @grandjean87what is your strategy to build a portfolio I was thinking of filtering stocks with by market capitalization with a high Schwaab rating, that pay a decent dividend, that are 20% off their 52 week high 65 Percent Large Cap 10 Percent Small Cap 10 Percent Foreign The rest would be income and cash investments Using this method and looking at large caps I get the following for large caps. I am open to any criticism or caution warnings
  7. Why you getting so angry? I am just a humble and harmless accountant. I am literally the most likeable person in this forum. ***Everybody*** loves me.
  8. I had a blue heeler/lab mix that I adopted from the shelter in 2008, Happiest dog I've ever had. Had to say goodbye to him last summer. It was fn hard.
  9. Can you please point out multiple examples where I raged about being a victim. You have less than 100 posts here. You have barely been here long enough to have a cup of coffee, and you think you know anybody well enough to say that.
  10. Cats are awesome. I’m debating going to the animal shelter and adopting one. If you get a good cat they are low maintenance pets.
  11. Ive started one these before but I’m too lazy to go back and find it. Let’s see your dogs , cats, horses , cows , pigs, snakes, birds, hamsters or fish. I’ll start it off, this is Molly 5 year old Labrador Retriever
  12. Anybody else here wear Doc Martens ? Ive been wearing them for so long that they have gone in and out of fashion like 3 times.
  13. I agree. Also all rental income is considered passive but they have a carveout for people under a certain AGI threshold to take a loss up to 25,000. A lot of investors don't qualify for that, so they carry forward unused losses from year to year. You can only uses the losses against other passive rental income, or when you sell the property.
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