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  1. The court literally kicked the power to legislate on abortion back to the people. The people gained political power here. You are being crazy
  2. A state can split itself as long as the state and federal legislatures allow it. West Virginia was formed this way in the 1860s. Im thinking if people want to add states to pad their numbers in Congress, we can play that game too .
  3. Lol. You gonna make all that happen before November when the Republicans take over.
  4. So you can just make up rights as you go along? Wish it into existence?
  5. #1. Roe didn't legalize abortion. Abortion was already legal in many states at that time. Roe took away the rightful authority for the legislative branch to decide on this issue. The current court is giving it back. #2 I believe that those who create law on abortion should be subject to electoral recourse, yes.
  6. Ok. What are you going to do when the republican in congress split Mississippi, Alabama, Idaho, and Oklahoma into a 100 different red states each with two representatives, and two senators. This game is fun.
  7. We are going to fight out the abortion battle now in the legislative branches at the federal and state level, and that is the way our system is designed to settle these matters. Our country should have had this fight 40-50 years ago.
  8. What ya gonna do when the next Republican senate and president want to pack it back , and add an additional 100 young conservative justices fresh out of law school to the court for good measure?
  9. I am not sure what you mean here by codified but I will try. If the ID state legislature say banned all handguns in Idaho, and the governor signed the bill, they would no longer be the legislators and the governor after the next election. The next legislator and governor would promptly get rid of the law banning handguns in Idaho. This all of course is assuming there would not be any court challenges to this hypothetical law, which in light of yesterdays decision would probably succeed.
  10. Legislators who make laws are not subject to elections???
  11. No it doesn't. Catholics aren't even the larges religion in the US. Mainline and evangelical protestants are the predominant Christian religion.
  12. The second amendment is an explicit right. It is actually written down in the bill of rights
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