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  1. CDC says masks aren't necessary for those who are fully vaccinated. https://www.wsj.com/articles/fully-vaccinated-people-can-stop-wearing-face-masks-physical-distancing-in-most-settings-cdc-says-11620928800?mod=hp_lead_pos1
  2. It is early but I believe the era of cheap money that we have been on since the 90's is coming to an end. This will probably significantly pair down Biden's "infrastructure" plan or kill it all together. The economy is too juiced. We have the demand side figured out, now time to fix the supply side.
  3. That made me so mad. Took me so long to get to work
  4. Reminds me of my kid. I try to impart knowledge to her that I learned by suffering through some hard knocks , but sometimes she just thinks I’m an old dad and my generation has nothing to teach the new generation. Sometimes the young kids gotta figure it out on their own the hard way.
  5. Look , I said it was early , but you have to admit warning lights are going off that haven’t been lit up since my parents were young.
  6. It’s way too early , but alarm bells are going off that haven’t gone off in 40 years. The era of cheap money could be coming to an end.
  7. Do you ever get single moms who are willing to pay the rent by exchanging alternate forms of value if you get my drift, lol.
  8. 7 pages of picking on Convert. Why? I don't get it. I am surprised he still sticks around.
  9. Not unless inflation gets so out of hand we are reduced to a system of bartering for trade, lol
  10. You don't think the person who is paying the rent receives value in return? Would buildings and houses exist if there was no inherent value in them? I own my own home now, but when I rented, the roof over my families head was pretty damn valuable. If a manufacturing company leases an industrial warehouse where they produce goods , you don't think they receive value from paying the rent. Paying rent is not a transfer of wealth, it is an exchange of value. Someone needs a building because it provides value, someone else has a building that is valuable and wants to exchange that value for inco
  11. No. I do no think there is a net loss of value in renting. Rents are reflective of the value received in relation to what is being offered in a given market. If I rent a historic mansion on Warm Springs ave in Boise, as compared to a brand new double wide in Garden City I can expect to pay a ton more because the value I receive in exchange for the rent is much , much higher. Also the income producing value of the property has not diminished at all. I have no idea what you mean by a rioting underclass, or how that fits into this conversation.
  12. No. When people get paid unemployment value is only flowing one way, and that is to the recipient of it. Do the taxpayers receive any benefit in the form of goods exchanged or labor performed? No!
  13. No goods may be further produced, but value is being exchanged. What Bob is doing is very good for the economy. Keep it up. Bob how many rental properties do you own? how much time do you spend managing them? You may be able to qualify as a real estate professional and avoid the passive income limitations. Find a good CPA.
  14. What happened to the last cyber security manager job?
  15. @Jeffkills thanks for keeping this place going. Drop in on the off topic board once in a while. Can somebody tell @Orange he can come back now.
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