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  1. The show on Fox News with all the musicians is +++++ing awesome ! Not political at all. Puts me in a good mood, we are going to get through this . Currently Playing Dave Grohl
  2. Called my mom today who has COPD. She is well stocked up , has no reason to leave the house for a good long time. I told her if she needs anything , don’t go out! I will go get it and overnight it to her if I have to.
  3. That is horrible! Hopefully somebody can interfere and block these assholes from doing this
  4. How would they even do that? The checks are being deposited into recipients personal bank accounts
  5. If this asshat pulls this stunt like large gatherings I hope the Governor has the state police arrest this mfu%er and breaks up the gathering with tear gas. https://www.ktvb.com/mobile/article/news/politics/amid-stay-home-order-ammon-bundy-hosts-meeting-calls-on-idahoans-to-defend-rights/277-17336eb9-e720-46c3-ab7f-de0ee1e8b556
  6. I think that is a good assessment if the Democrats had nominated a candidate like Tulsi Gabbard. Biden is a catastrophe and will fumble and folly his way through the fall election. It will be a total disaster for the Democrats.
  7. That is the part of this that will become embarrassingly apparent after this crises dies down is that Biden is an absolute disaster. I mean it’s really +++++ing embarrassing for a major party candidate.
  8. I think this is the most accurate.
  9. I’m on day three of staying at home and only leaving when absolutely necessary. I going +++++ing stir crazy. Three weeks of this is going to drive me insane lol