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  1. Check Out Scotty Kilmers videos on you tube. He gives great advice for which cars are garbage, and which are great ones.
  2. Avoid Mitsubishi, Chrysler, GM, Nissan all garbage. If you want a vehicle that will be problem free, for a long damn time your best bet is Toyota. I really like the Toyota 4 Runner, but I like the utility of a pickup so I drive a Tacoma. I just bought a 2019 Taco after putting over 300,000 miles on the previous one.
  3. @#1Stunner underneath the angry facade of @Orange is a little guy carrying a lot of hurt from something in the past.
  4. I think that in the past someone really hurt Orange's feelings and he tries to compensate with a hateful bravado. Deep under the angry facade their is a hurt little guy. Cmon @Orange meet up with @#1Stunner for some hugs and ice cream. You can let down your guard around us. We are family here.
  5. A tax return wont really reveal that much information. Their CPA's workpapers would be much more telling. Those belong to the CPA though and they won't give them up.
  6. It’s funny when people make a public display of their own ignorance. Pointless to try and correct him.
  7. Religion on the off topic board... @mugtang said we were supposed to be good today so is this a topic to bring up lol. The Old Testament serves the purpose of showing how God prepare the way for the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  8. I believe in what Jesus taught as the highest law Love one another... Do not judge... treat others as you would want to be treated. It is not my job to condemn or judge anyone's lifestyle.
  9. You idiot! This in now way represents Christianity. Many Christians myself included condemn this type of behavior. The next time a LGBTQ person is arrested can I just broadly pain them all as criminals, or the next time I see a black person get arrested I can broadly paint them all as lawbreakers. Some of the most hate filled people I know are left wing regressive's like @Orange
  10. @Orange We don't use that word anymore. You should be ashamed of yourself
  11. Excuse me , but Cliff Burton of Metallica is the best bass guitarist ever
  12. Yeah, he was really counting on that too.