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  1. Its a long way to go. Going into 2016 It was assumed Jeb Bush was going to be the nominee. A lot can happen.
  2. I don't think he will win either but the lefties are still terrified of him. I know very liberal people who are convinced he will be the next president. I do not see him winning a general election. WAY too much baggage.
  3. You seem like you are a miserable hate filled person.
  4. WTF? I can never take anything you say seriously again. If you ever accuse anybody in this forum of racism you should be kicked in the crotch repeatedly.
  5. Moderate politicians in general are a dying breed. 30 years ago it was politically beneficial for a politician to govern from the middle , but not in any more with todays outraged fueled shitshow that is politics. 30 years ago Idaho elected Cecil Andrus s Democrat. He’s be called an eco communist today
  6. I can watch the video tomorrow and post additional thoughts. This is very refreshing and this board sorely needs dialogue like this. I’m guilty of the nasty tone just at as much as any other around here. This board is just a microcosm for society at large though. I call it refreshing dialogue because I’m not necessarily sure I agree with everything you said, but you said it it in a non attacking manor that enduces further thought, and maybe I could be persuaded.
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